The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 170

  1. Strange Changes of the Sky

Tiararose and Elaine looked at each other and then outside of the windows.

It seems like the explosion took place within the area.


“What happened?!”

“I’ll go and check it out immediately!”

“Wait, I’ll go too!”


Elaine was stopped when she was about to head out of the room, but she shook her head and said no as it might be dangerous.


“Lady Tiararose, please wait in the room. I’ll come back immediately after checking it out…”



Indeed, she’s pregnant now so it might be better for her to wait obediently in the room. However, her chest is throbbing as though she has to go and check it out.

Tiararose looked outside the window; the wind blew and cleared the clouds produced by the explosion.


Right there, stood two young men whom she’s familiar with.


“Luca and Leo!?”

“Eh, Sir Luca and Sir Leo!? Those two again…!”


Elaine sighed deeply after looking out of the window and immediately headed out; she probably headed to where Luca and Leo were.


“Um… what should I do?”


She was left alone.

Tiararose looked around in the room and the dress she had worn was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a beautiful dress with dark blue skirt prepared; it was probably prepared for Tiararose.


“For now, I’ll change my clothes and head towards them…!”




“Sir Luca, Sir Leo, did you guys use magic again…?!”


Tiararose changed her clothes and arrived at the scene, where she witnessed Elaine scolding Luca and Leo with puffed up cheeks.


“I thought it went well though.”

“I guess the control is still lacking.”


Luca and Leo laughed in response to Elaine’s words. However, Elaine’s face was red from anger and Tiararose was troubled as to what she should do.

For now, she decided to hide behind the pillar and observe the situation.


-She said “again” so I guess this occurs every time…

Tiararose laughed wryly at how the duo was reckless.


What she knows for now’s that the explosion earlier was a result from Luca and Leo’s magic.


“Even though it’s a training area and there’s no damages caused, everyone will be shocked from the sudden explosion!”

“Yes, we’ll be careful… ah”


Tiararose was observing them from a distance away when her eyes suddenly met those of Luca’s; it seems like she was spotted. Luca widened his eyes with surprise and immediately looked at Elaine with a wry smile.


“We intended to have you rest well in the room… but we caused this ruckus instead so we have no excuses…”

“I’m sorry, I’m just curious after seeing you guys… are you guys okay?”


Luca and Leo’s faces were a bit charred and there were dirt on their clothes too; they were not stained with blood, but there was an explosion so she’s worried.


“Yes, we are not injured.”

“Not injured at all! We are fine.”

“I’m glad.”


Tiararose’s relieved after confirming that they are fine. However, Elaine looked pale and covered her mouth with her hand.


“I left Lady Tiararose behind in the room… I’m sorry!!”

“No, it’s fine Elaine. I’m already well.”

“Lady Tiararose…”


Elaine looked teary and Tiararose smiled. It was just a short walk so it’s not that much of a problem.

The magic power and her stomach are fine now too.

The same thing happened when she was pregnant with Luciarose so she’s a little used to the baby’s magic power.


“…For now, let’s head back to the room. Even though your body condition has settled down, it’d be a big problem if it worsens.”

“Thank you.”


After saying that, Luca escorted Tiararose back to the room.




After returning to the room, Elaine prepared black tea for her. She also prepared bit-sized scones which are easy to grab. After sipping the black tea and taking a deep breath, Luca and Leo explained about the explosion.


“Actually, right now there’s something strange happening.”



Tiararose furrowed her eyebrows and Luca nodded.


“This started three days ago; the color of the sky changed.”


The sky of this country’s beautiful-

The sky stretched wide across the horizons and when it’s night-time, it’s filled with stars. Just by breathing in the air, it has a therapeutic effect.


After taking a glance outside the window- Tiararose thought that there wasn’t anything particularly off.


“It’s beautiful now though…?“

“Yes. It has calmed down for now so it’s the usual beautiful sky.”


However, according to Luca, after a slight lightning rain, a bird monster went out of control and attacked them… and a chain of unfortunate happenings occurred.

They had a few knights deployed to deal with the bird which they have never seen before and it was quite tough.


“There were a few strange occurrences, but there weren’t much harm incurred; a few knights were injured though.”


Leo explained about what happened to the knights and Luca nodded.


“Right now, we are trying to deal with that. –ah, look it’s come by again, that bird.”



After hearing that, Tiararose looked up to the sky and the bird chirped “Kyui-”


The long-feathered white bird has red wings with black-tipped which flapped vigorously in the air; the multiple wings flapped and blocked the blue sky.

It was spine-chilling.



“I’ve never seen that bird before…”

“Yes, we too. We only got to know of its existence these few days.”


Luca stood up from the sofa and said that it’s troubling.


“We cannot possibly leave it alone, so please excuse me for while.”



Tiararose was perplexed as to what he has intended to do. Luca took the bow that’s hanging on the wall.


-Could it be that, you’re going to shoot that bird from here?


Tiararose was frantic and Leo told her that it’s fine before looking at Luca.


“If it’s an opponent in the sky, it’d be faster this way than to depend on the knights.”


Leo said that and at the same time, Luca pulled the arrow in a beautiful posture before releasing it.

The arrow then flew in a trajectory and easily hit the bird.


It all happened in a split moment and Tiararose could not hide her surprise. She has never seen such wonderful skills before.

However, Luca himself was quite nonchalant.


“This should be fine. I’m sorry, shall we continue the conversation?”

“Ah, yes…”


Luca grinned; Tiararose was surprised at his bravery and nodded.

After that, they resumed their conversation.

The bird which was shot down by Luca was dealt with the knights who gathered by it.


“The explosion was due to the excessive magic power of Leo and mine.”


After hearing the story in detail, Luca and Leo do not usually use magic power; the reason was because it’d cause explosions like it did before.

Leo rolled up his sleeves so that his bracelet could be seen clearly.


“Normally, our magic power would be suppressed with this. We could not control our magic well and it’d break loose if we do not have this on.”

“The magic power would grow further as both of us grow older, right?”


Luca laughed saying that he has no idea about the limits it could go to.


“However, if we put this on… we would not be able to use our power; all these while, we were not really bothered by it, but with the current circumstances the same cannot be said.”


Luca and Leo smiled as they said that it’s necessary for defense.


After hearing them out, Tiararose thought about Luciarose. Her daughter also had problems because of her overwhelming magic power; it has calmed down now, but they cannot be too optimistic about it.


“I wish I could be of some help, but I’m not sure about what I can do. I’ve tried searching about it but…”


There isn’t any good way.

There are ring items which could absorb magic power, but they could probably not contain Luca and Leo’s magic power.


Or rather-


“That bracelet is wonderful.”


Tiararose has never heard of bracelets which could suppress magic power.

She glanced at Leo’s bracelet; Luca showed his own bracelet and explained about it.


“I made them.”

“Eh, Luca did!? You’re still so young too, how great…”

“Even though you call me young, I’m already 19, you know?”


He laughed saying that he’s quite an adult and is of a marriageable age; although he does not have a marriage partner for now.


“I love researching on magic and often make things like this.”

“He’d be so absorbed in researching that he’d forget to sleep and would often be scolded for it.”

“Leo, it’s not necessary to say that, right?”


Leo laughed and added his remark, Luca showed his anger with a smile. He then apologized and Elaine was nodding next to him, so Luca was probably scolded by everyone for staying up the whole night.


“Well, putting that aside…”


Luca placed something on Leo’s knee and looked outside the window.


“-Or rather, about the current situation, it seems like the weather is rather unstable and it might cause your body condition to worsen easily since you’re pregnant. We had the doctor check you out and confirmed that the baby’s fine.”


That’s why she should be fine for now, said Luca with a smile.


“Is that so? Thank you. The health of the baby in my womb is the most important after all. I’m glad.”


Tiararose said that with a smile; Luca and Leo’s overlapped as they said that she’s wrong.


“Your body is equally as important.”

“That’s right. Please place yourself as the top priority.”

“…That’s right. I’m sorry. I should look over myself first right?”


Even though they are both much younger than her, they are very reliable. Tiararose reflected on her words and nodded saying that she’d take care of herself.


-That’s right, I’m fine because everyone’s here with me.


“For that, I have to rejoin Aqua soon… hey Luca, Leo and Elaine. Please tell me more about this place. I thought this is the Marineforest royal castle… but it’s different from the one in my memory…”


It felt like she has entered into an unknown world somehow.

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