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The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 169

  1. Perfection

“And so, father had a flower plantation made just so that mother could have the highest-grade honey.”

“Apparently, honey is required to make sweets.”

“Flower plantation? That’s wonderful.”


Tiararose’s eyes were shining when Luca and Leo talked about their parents.

To think that he did not search for honey but make a flower plantation…


-However, depending on the flower types, the honey produced are different…


To obtain the ideal honey, this is probably the best way. However, considering the time and cost that it requires, it’s definitely not easy.


-I wonder who the parents of these two are…


“I’m sure the honey would be very delicious. How wonderful-”

“It’s delicious. I like adding it into hot milk.”

“I prefer it with hotcakes.”

“Both sound delicious.”


Tiararose smiled at their responses and thought about what she would make if it’s her- cookies, muffins, tarts, she has so many things she want to make that she cannot really settle on one.



“-Oops it’s so fun that I kept talking.”


Having spent the time leisurely with the tea prepared by Luca and Leo, Tiararose thought that it’s probably the time to go.

She has to find Aquasteed or return to the royal castle; either way, there would be no progress if she does not take action.


“Thank you two for saving me; please allow me to express my gratitude again in the future.”

“Please do not mind, we just did what’s natural.”



Tiararose thanked them again, but they refused her offer of gratitude.


“…Tsk. But since I’ve to hurry for now, I shall do as said.”


“However, please allow me to do something if we meet again in the future.”



They’re not sure when they’d be able to meet the next time, but she promised to reward them then.


“Well then- ugh!”


However, in that moment, Tiararose’s stomach started to hurt.

It seems like the magic power which went out of control earlier has caused the magic power of the baby to be unstable.


“Ugh, it hurts…!”



Tiararose placed her hand on her stomach; Luca and Leo immediately stood up and supported Tiararose.


“Are you find!? Mo-”


“… I’m sorry. I’ll immediately find a doctor.”

“Yes; it’d be bad if something goes wrong, let’s move her slowly…”


Luca and Leo were panicking when the door to the secret hideout suddenly opened. One man came in with an angry look.


“Both of you are here after all! We had a plan this morning… eh!? Um-”



The man who arrived was about to raise his voice, when Leo hurriedly covered his mouth.


“She cannot be agitated now, so please keep quiet!! She seems to be in a pain so don’t shout!!”

“Eh, ah… Y-Yes.”


The man replied with haste and Luca immediately shouted.


“Rather than that, take a look!”

“I got it, Sir Luca, please move aside.”


The man immediately kneeled down beside Tiararose and used water magic power. The quiet and gentle water covered Tiararose and did the diagnosis.

The three of them had a serious look and Tiararose painful groans echoed in the room. However, that too subsided over time.


The water magic power has calmed things down and the man sigh a breath of relief.


“…The reason is due to external magic influences; due to that the magic power of the baby in the womb was about to go out of control…”

“Is she fine now?”

“Are there other necessary precautions?”


Luca and Leo asked worriedly and the man laughed.


“Since she has calmed down, she’s fine. However, it’s my first time witnessing a baby with such tremendous power. What kind of- ah…”



“I did not blow the whistle…”


After saying that, the man took a deep sigh.






Luca and Leo carried Tiararose to their room.

Since she’s not feeling well and pregnant, they decided that she has to rest in a proper environment.

After laying her down on the bed, they took a breath of relief.


“However, really what’s going on? Darel, do you know anything?”


Luca tilted her head and looked at the man – Darel.


“No, I don’t really know anything…”


Instead, Darel was the one who wanted to know what’s going on.

Luca took a deep sigh and sink into the sofa. Leo seemed to be worried about Tiararose and was sitting down on the chair beside the bed.


“…Before I met her, I felt the sea magic power.”


Luca thought about what he felt just moments before meeting Tiararose; when it comes to sensing magic power, Luca is better than Leo.

After hearing that, Leo also shared what he remembered.


“I noticed the magic power that went out of control, but I did not realize it is of the sea type”

“That’s right. Normally, it wouldn’t cause any problem… but Pearl is not around now.”


Originally, if anything happens, Pearl would immediately come and settle things down.

However, she’s currently not around to do that. Therefore, the interference was left to its own devices- thought Luca.


“…Let’s write a letter to father and mother immediately.”

“But, their travel destination is quite far… I don’t think they can come back soon.”

“That’s right.”


Even though Luca said that, he sent a letter with magic.


“Sorry to trouble you while you’re busy, but would you look at this person for a while more, Darel? The pain might come back soon.”

“Of course.”


Luca was worried and Darel nodded.




When he became conscious again, the blurry unfamiliar ceiling came to his sight. Aquasteed widened his eyes after blinking his eyes several times.

“…? This is- Tiara!?”


He immediately got up and looked at the surroundings. He was supposed to be in the forest, but it seems like he’s in a room right now.

The room had a green-color tone with expensive furniture; the sunlight shone in from the huge windows and it’s clear that he lost conscious for quite a while.


-This is the not the castle.


“I have to search for Tiara immediately…”


Aquasteed hurriedly got up when a knock reverberated through the room. Right after that, a middle-aged man in a butler outfit came in. In his hand was a tea set.


“Ah, are you awake?”



It’s the first time he’s seen him, but this guy looks familiar… or was it an illusion. No, from the vibe this person’s emanating, it’s probably the same person.


-However, that butler should only be a few years older than me.

Even if he’s wrong, he shouldn’t be this much older than him.


He seems to have understood what’s going on in Aquasteed’s mind as he poured black tea and gave it to Aquasteed while telling him to calm down for now.


“Y-Yes… thanks.”


Aquasteed took a sip of the black tea and relaxed his body. Right then, he thought about what could have happened.


-At that time, I felt the movement of magic.


Aquasteed was also blessed with the sea- Pearl’s magic power.

He was probably struck by that and lost conscious; he was with Tiararose too so he thought that he was rather pathetic.

He quickly downed the black tea and called out to the butler.


“Sorry, my wife is waiting for me, so I have to return soon. I’ll thank you again later, may I ask for your name?”

“You don’t have to go that far. Even so, what should I do… even if you managed to meet madam, would you be able to return safely…”



Aquasteed furrowed his eyebrows when the man said that.

Could not return- what does that mean? After all, he could see the royal castle from the window.


Once he gets out of the mansion, he’ll probably be able to return immediately.

However, the man laughed with a troubled look.








Perhaps her body has calmed down or it’s the effect of having taken a rest, but Tiararose woke up in a better condition than before.

She stretched her body subconsciously to loosen her stiff body.

However, right after that, she widened her eyes at the surrounding.


“Eh, this is…?”


She was supposed to be in the secret hideout in the forest, but right now she’s on a luxurious canopy bed. There were some snacks and drinks prepared by the bedside.

Tiararose’s outfit was also changed into a loose nightwear; it seems like someone changed it for her.


Right now- she’s in a room of the Marineforest royal castle… or so it looks like, but Tiararose does not know of this room.


She got up while being confused when a lady called out to her; Tiararose looked at her and it’s a teenager girl who is wearing a dress.


“I’m Elaine. Sir Luca and Sir Leo told me to look after you. Both of them were extremely worried.”

“Both of them…? Ah, I’m Tiararose.”

“Lady Tiararose, right? Please excuse me for having changed your clothes.”


Elaine skillfully prepared hot water for her to wash her face and clothes to change into; then a nice scent of black tea wafted to her nose.


“How are you feeling?”

“Um, I have gotten better quite a bit.”

“That’s great. You can just stay in bed so please wash your face.”


After washing her face with the prepared hot water, Tiararose sigh a breath of relief.

Placing her hand on her stomach, she took several slow and deep breaths. For now, she gets that her body condition is fine now.


Elaine was also relieved after knowing that Tiararose’s body condition was fine.


“I’ll call the doctor, so please relax in the meantime.”

“…Thank you. However, where is this place? I’ve not informed anyone about my location so I’m sure they must be worried.”


Elaine looked a little troubled when she said that she wants to return quickly…


“I understand Lady Tiararose’s feelings very well. Right now, Sir Luca and Sir Leo are looking into it, so would you please wait for a while?”


Elaine poured black tea and prepared milk and honey in a small cute pot beside it.


“This honey was made by Sir Luca and Sir Leo’s father; it’s delicious so please do have it.”

“It’s that honey, huh? Thank you.”


However, when Tiararose took the honey, there’s a loud sound of explosion coming outside the windows.


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