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The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 168

  1. Meeting the Twins

When Grail called Pearl out and confessed to her, Tiararose and Aquasteed were gazing at the shooting stars in the forest.

The sight of shooting stars could only be seen during Marineforest’s star festival; no matter how many times she has seen it, she always looked forward to seeing it again the following year.


Tiararose leaned against Aquasteed and talked about Luciarose, who was left behind in the royal castle.


“I want to show this scene to Lucia too.”

“That’s right. Once she gets a little older, we will be able to watch it together.”


At that time, the three of them- or perhaps with the additional baby coming along, they’d be able to see it together.


“It’s not just tomorrow or next year… there are so many things I’m looking forward to in the future.”

“Right- hm?”


Aquasteed was about to nod when he felt the sea magic power. Tiararose probably felt the same as she looked around with an anxious look.

Furthermore, the magic was rather overwhelming and it was never like that before.


“The magic power is getting bigger and bigger…!”



This is bad if it continues- thought Aquasteed and he immediately hugged Tiararose.






The soft touch on the cheek and smell of the greens; morning dews dripped onto her fingertips and her eyelids twitched… but she’s not awake yet.

The forest fairies approached her.


“Oh~? Isn’t she Tiara?”

“She’s taking an afternoon nap in the middle of the forest; I wonder what’s wrong?”

“For now, shall we prepare a flower bed?”

“That sounds good~!”


The cheerful fairies prepared a flower bed with joyful laughter. Tiararose was sleeping so soundly as though she’s a sleeping princess.


“But, isn’t it strange?”

“For now, let’s inform the king?”


The fairies were discussing about what they should do when two young men came over and inquired what’s wrong.




“Mm, mm…?”


Tiararose finally woke up and she blinked several times; she widened her eyes at the sight of the surroundings which became clear to sight.

The warm sunlight through the gaps of the trees glowing in the morning mist, and comfortable wind; the ceiling was made of tree branches and leaves and the walls were also made of live trees.

It’s probably a building made from magic.


Tiararose got up and the smell of soup wafted to her nose.


“Good morning, how are you feeling?”


After which, a warm and gentle voice reached her ears. It was so assuring as though it’s Aquasteed-


“Why am I…!? I was looking at the stars with Aqua.”


There were two young men in front of Tiararose who has just woken up.

The young man who called out to Tiararose had ash pink hair; the other guy had ash blue hair and he’s preparing a soup with firewood.

She could not comprehend what’s going on- but what she does know was that the two people in front of her saved her. There was a warm blanket on Tiararose and the forest, sky and sea fairies were by their sides.


Tiararose was about to get up when the ash pink-haired young man told her to stay as she is.


“It’s still hard on your body, right?”


The ash pink young man told her not to overexert herself and smiled gently.


“Thank you very much for saving me.”

“…No. I’m glad you’re fine.”


Tiararose expressed her thanks coolly, but her heart is beating hard; that’s because the young man’s eyes are of the same color as that of Aquasteed – gold.

To be precise, it’s a mix of gold and blue.


-Golden eyes are the proofs of a king.

Could it be that, these two people are also kings? However, Tiararose does not know them.


There’s no way she doesn’t know anyone from Marineforest.


The ash pink-haired young man put his outer coat over Tiararose and told her that it’s not good for her body to get cold.



“I’m Luca.”

“I’m Leo. The soup is ready so if you have the appetite-”



The young man with a gentle voice is Luca.

He has ash pink hair with blue-colored left eye and gold-colored right eye.

His robe’s white and he is dressed like a knight; there’s a bracelet on his left hand with the moon as motif.



The young man who made soup is Leo.

He has ash blue hair with gold-colored left eye and blue-colored right eye.

He is dressed in black like a knight; there’s a bracelet on his right hand with the sun as motif.



“I’m… Tiararose. Thanks, I’ll have it.”

“Have this.”


The soup that was handed to her was filled with ingredients – vegetables, mushrooms and meat. After taking a sip, she felt her body being warmed to the core, it was very comforting.




Luca and Leo sat down on the chairs nearby and started drinking the soup.

Both of them look similar down to their statures.

Their clothes were different in shape but they had the same designs and it’s clear that they were intentionally coordinated.


“Are the both of you… twins?”

“That’s right. I’m the older brother and Leo is the younger.”

“Both of you sure get along well.”


Luca and Leo nodded at Tiararose.

After that Leo opened his mouth.


“How’s your body condition? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. However, if the both of you were not there to save me… Did I collapse in the forest?”

“That’s right.”


Leo explained about the situation.


“We were taking a walk in the forest when we noticed the stir among the forest fairies. After closer inspection, you were on the ground; well to be precise you were sleeping on a flower bed.”

“Is that so? Thanks, forest fairies.”


The fairies were sitting on the tree branches which extended from the wall. They showed a smile and told Tiararose not to mind when she thanked them.


“It’s nothing much!”

“I’m glad Tiara’s fine~!”


The forest fairies laughed cheerfully and went out of the windows saying that they have to take care of the flowers.

The forest and sea fairies also went out after them.




The abruptness surprised Tiararose and Luca laughed.


“The fairies act on their whims after all.”

“…That’s right. Um, Mister Luca-”

“Please just call me Luca.”


Being troubled by Tiararose’s way of calling him, he immediately corrected her.


“Well then, Luca.”


“Was there a guy with me? Perhaps, he might have also lost conscious too…”


Right now, she’s most worried about Aquasteed.

They were supposed to be together, but when she opened her eyes, he’s not there; it’d be good if he was protected like how Tiararose was helped by Luca and Leo…


Luca and Leo tilted their heads when they heard what Tiararose said.


“No, we only saw you in the forest.”

“The fairies did not say anything too, so there was probably no one else.”

“No way…”


The hopes that he’s saved… was dashed. They were supposed to be together, but it seems that they’ve become separated.


-Where are you, Aqua…


Tiararose looked serious; Luca and Leo looked at each other with troubled expressions.


“This forest… country is peaceful, so that person would probably be fine. That’s why, please be more optimistic.”

“That’s right. There are no dangerous creatures so I’m sure that person would be found soon.”

“That’s right, Aqua’s strong after all. Thank you.”


Tiararose loosened the strength in her shoulders and took a slow deep breath.

Since she’s fine, Aquasteed should be fine.


-Aqua will definitely be fine.


After taking a short rest, she’s going to search for Aquasteed. Since there’s a baby in her womb, she cannot overexert herself; however she wanted to search for him immediately and it’s vexing.


“We are in the middle of the forest… and it’s supposed to be a secret, but this is our secret hideout so please take your time here.”

“That’s right. We have food and drinks so please take a rest.”

“Secret hideout…! That sounds exciting.”


Indeed, it’s made of vegetations and does look like a secret hideout. Since it’s not made of normal building materials, it’s rare and fun.

Tiararose nodded and both Luca and Leo smiled too.


“Rather than a troubled look, a smile is better. Shall I pour some black tea?”

“The soup alone probably was not enough, so I’ll prepare some scones now.”

“Um, t-thanks.”


Tiararose thought that she was treated really well for someone they have not seen before. Both of them looked so cheerful that it made her feel comfortable too.


They prepared earl grey tea and scones with berries jams and cream.


“Wow, it looks delicious…”

“Sweet stuffs make one happy, right?”



Luciarose smiled at Luca’s words. Indeed, as long as there are sweet stuffs, one would get better.

Leo also smiled when he saw the way Tiararose nodded.


“Mother always said that after all.”

“She loves sweets.”

“Is that so? I’m sure your mother is a wonderful person.”


Tiararose thought that she would get along with her as sweets comrade if she gets to meet her.


“Is your mother at home?”

“Mother went on a trip with father; I wonder when they will be back…”



It seems like the couple have a rather good relationship and since they said they’re going to take a break, Luca said that it would probably be a long journey.


-What a close couple, how wonderful.


Tiararose and Aquasteed are the king and queen so they are not able to travel much.

The number of countries they have visited for diplomacy and various reasons could be counted with one hand.


I wish we could do that when thing settle down in the future.


-I want to go on a world trip.


Tiararose started to dream.

After a few decades, once their kids have grown up and gotten independent- that might be possible, thought Tiararose.


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