The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 167

  1. Lasting Thoughts

Tiararose and the others enjoyed the festival and returned to the royal castle; Hartnight and Darel were waiting for them. They have street stalls snacks and souvenirs in their hands, so it seems like they both went to the festival too.


Hartnight might have seen Akari as he walked quickly towards them; there were fried potatoes in his hands.


“Akari, you went ahead like that again…!”

“Hartnight also seemed to have had fun so it is fine, isn’t it~!”

“That’s because you went ahead first!”



Hartnight was angry that she did not wait for them.

Tiararose smiled wryly at the situation; Aquasteed carried Luciarose and covered her eyes telling her that she shouldn’t look.


Right then, Philiane and Elliot immediately came over.


“Welcome back, Lady Tiararose, King Aquasteed.”

“It seems like you’ve had fun.”

“I’m back.”

“Yes. Philiane, can I leave Lucia to you?”


After Philiane nodded, Aquasteed passed Luciarose to her.


“She seems sleepy.”

“She had a lot of fun at the festival after all.”



The person, who was looking at the sleepy girl sweetly, was Philiane Coralsia.

She’s the attendant of Tiararose and the wife of Elliot. The couple serves Tiararose and Aquasteed.



The guy, who was doting on Luciarose in the same manner, was Elliot Coralsia.

He’s a follower of Aquasteed and became a count with his efforts; he may be clumsy somehow, but he’s good at swords and spying activities and is relied upon a lot.


Looking at Aquasteed and the others, Hartnight lowered his head frantically.


“… I-I’m sorry. I messed things up…”

“No, I’m just glad you’re fine.”


After that, Darel headed towards Tiararose and Aquasteed and said that it’s been a while before bowing his head.


“I was looking forward to meeting Big Sis Tiara and Big Bro Aqua!”

“I’m glad you look fine, Darel. Could it be that you’ve grown taller again?”


Tiararose placed her hand on Darel’s head and smiled saying that she’d soon be surpassed by him.


“I want to grow quickly! So that I can protect a lot of things”

“Oh wow… you have become quite a guy, aren’t you- Darel?”


Darel seemed to have diverted from the topic as he looked at Tiararose’s stomach. His rather serious look prompted Tiararose to wonder what’s wrong and she’s panicking.


“Ah… I’m sorry. Big Sis Tiara, I was impolite.”

“No, it’s fine. But, was there something wrong with me?”


Tiararose tilted her head wondering if there’s dirt on her clothes. Aquasteed looked at Darel saying “could it be”.


“Ah… yes, it’s what Big Bro’s thinking right now, um”



Tiararose has no idea at all; Aquasteed and Darel exchanged looks.

Darel has no idea whether he should talk about it and secretly whispered to Aquasteed.


“Eh? Eh? Eh? What’s going on, Aqua?”


This time round, Aquasteed placed his lips near Tiararose’s ears.



“It’s fine, just listen to me.”




Right now, everyone’s around so Tiararose was befuddled; she braced herself and upon hearing Aquasteed’s words, it felt as though the world has changed.


“-There’s a baby in your womb.”

“E-Ehhh!?? I second child…!?”


Tiararose was at a loss for words and covered her mouth.

Her heart was pounding heart and she subconsciously touched her stomach; she began to tear up at the thought that there’s a new life residing in there.


-I’m happy.

It’s just one sentence, but it contains a lot of Tiararose’s thoughts; she’s thankful that the child has come to them.


Akari and Hartnight have an inkling of what’s going on from Tiararose’s words and gesture; Akari immediately dashed towards Tiararose.


“Congratulations~~! Lady Tiara~~~~!”

“T-Thank you very much. I-I still can’t get around it…”


Tiararose said shyly and thought that she should report to her father and the others. She’s sure they’d be overjoyed like they were when they had Luciarose.

She could easily imagine that and it made her laugh.


However, Darel looked at Tiararose with worried eyes.


“It’s the same as little Lucia… I sense enormous magic power. That’s why I’m a little nervous, but there aren’t any external disturbances to the magic… as long as we are careful it should be fine.”

“This child also has magic power…”


Tiararose naturally had a wry smile when Darel said that.


-It’s Aqua’s child after all.

The child would probably look good and be exceptional.


According to Darel, he could sense huge magic power like he did from Luciarose. However, this time round there is no external factors like the spirit’s magic power so there probably wouldn’t be any terrible happening…

That made her relieved.






The three fairy kings who have enjoyed the festival have gone their own ways; Keith and Grail were looking at the streets from the rooftop of the royal castle.


Keith took a breath and said his mind.


“Marineforest is a great country.”

“That’s right; it’s a country that Pheles and Lilia have done their best to establish, so it’d be bad if it isn’t this good.”

“…Well that’s true.”


The fairy kings have been looking over Marineforest.

There were many close calls but it seems like the country has managed to develop bit by bit.


Right now, Aquasteed is around so Marineforest would probably be peaceful for a while; however there’s something that Keith has been thinking about.

Recently, the mood between Grail and Pearl has been rather good.


“Hey, Grail, since it’s the festival, why don’t you confess to Pearl?”

“…I guess so.”


Keith was going to say that he’s joking, but before he could Grail replied with affirmation.


“Eh, are you serious…? The coward and immature Grail…? Are you seriously going to confess to her?”


Keith blinked his eyes thinking that perhaps he’s been teased right now.


“…Keith asked me what if I confess, right. Well, Pearl might be troubled if I confess though.”


Keith thought that that would not be the case and sighed. How can he be so pessimistic about himself.


“…Recently, Tiara and Aqua look so happy right. Are you envious of them?”

“Well, that goes for you too, Keith. You have done so much for Tiararose…”



Keith laughed thinking that it’s true.

Sometimes he hopes that she’s his, but recently she’s been smiling so much by Aquasteed’s side and that’s enough for him.


“—I see.”



Grail nodded and Keith smiled quietly.






It’s the last day of the star festival – the third day.


The starry sky and mountain were very relaxing; this place, which is close to the temple of Grail, is his favorite place in Marineforest

The star festival has reached its climax and stars began falling from the sky.


Grail invited Pearl to that place.


“The stars seen from this location are exceptionally beautiful.”

“Yes. I always thought of seeing it with Pearl someday.”

“Is that so? In that case, you should have just invited me.”


Pearl puffed her cheeks as there were plenty of chances since the star festival have been held multiple times. However, Grail could not do that easily.


“I was afraid of being rejected.”



Pearl widened her eyes and looked at Grail. However, he only looked downwards and she could not read his expression.

There’s a silence for a while between them.




Pearl has not noticed it all these while.

The fact that it’s blissful to love someone and it fills the heart; however, at the same time, when one becomes alone, the sense of loneliness becomes even more amplified than ever.

In the past, in Pearl land, she was betrayed by the man who gave her the name Pearl- how many years have passed since then.


She knows that Grail is not that kind of man. However, this feeling is illogical- still-


Always, always, Grail is….


“Thank you for loving me, Grail.”



Pearl confessed and hugged Grail.

Thank you for always loving me.


It’s probably only Grail who has such lasting thoughts for Pearl.


“Ah tsk, Pearl you have stolen everything from me.”


Grail grinned and looked at Pearl.


“I love you, Pearl. All these while and for eternity”




Grail’s low-voiced whispers made Pearl blush. To be told like that makes her shy.


Grail grabbed Pearl’s hand as she stood next to him and linked fingers with her. He called her name “Pearl” ever so sweetly and smiled.


“I can finally stand beside Pearl with confidence.”

“…! D-Don’t whisper into my ears!!”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”


Pearl’s innocent response was very cute and it filled Grail’s heart; he has never seen this side of Pearl before and she’s in his arms.

That fact alone made him glad that he worked so hard to approach her.


“Tsk! Grail, you could be a little more positive!”

“Pearl… If you say so, I’m going to go for it, you know?”

“You can go ahead!”


Even though Grail’s usually confident, he becomes weak when it comes to Pearl. However, since he received a positive response from Pearl- he’s going to go for it from now on.


“…Can I pat your head?”

“Do as you wish.”

“Well then…”


Having received Pearl’s permission, Grail touched her head carefully. Her smooth hair was on his palm and it felt really good.


“…I’m happy.”

“Tsk, you’re easily contented.”


Pearl said that and laughed, she also stretched her back and placed her hand on Grail’s head when–


“You guys are finally together.”


-Keith’s voice could be heard.




At the unexpected appearance, Pearl froze.


“How nice.”


Keith said that nonchalantly and Pearl was embarrassed being seen flirting.




Pearl’s so embarrassed that her magic power went out of control–!!

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