The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 166

  1. Summer Festival of the Fairies

Blessed with lush forest and earth, ocean with colorful corals and fishes, and the never ending wide sky-

Marineforest is the name of this country that’s beloved by the fairies.


From the rooftop of the royal castle, the bustling streets could be seen.



“Hehe, you look happy.”


Tiararose’s carrying her daughter Luciarose in her arms and told her the places of the streets like the square.

Luciarose seemed happy throughout and was in high tension.


It is summer and it has been five years since Tiararose has married in Marineforest.


“The festival is going to be especially grand this year. Let’s go together, Lucia, alright?”



Tiararose smiled at how energetic her beloved daughter response was.



Tiararose Lapis Marineforest is the queen of Marineforest.

She has fluffy honey pink hair and blue eyes; she’s wearing a blue outfit with flower embroideries on the sleeves and a white tuck skirt.

Tiararose was looking at her daughter with a gentle expression and her motherly love is evident in her eyes.

She’s such a pure lady, but in actual fact she’s the villainess who has reincarnated into the sequel of the maiden game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”.



Luciarose Marineforest is looking at the street with excitement.

She’s the firstborn child of Tiararose and Aquasteed, and accordingly, the first princess. She has slightly dark pink hair with bright gold-honey pink eyes.

Her magic power has been calmed down and she leads a stable life these days.


-Well then.

Speaking of summer in Marineforest, the Star Festival of the Fairies would be held. It’s the fifth year since Tiararose has married in, and they have decided to make the three-day event a grand one this year.

The preparations have already started and the event will be held from tomorrow onwards.


“I heard that there are many sweets street stores this year so I’m excited; I wonder what Lucia would like”


“That’s right, let’s have cookies together, alright?”



Tiararose loves sweets a lot, and her daughter Luciarose has started to remember words bit by bit lately. Recently, she looks forward to having conversations with her like this.


Tiararose put Luciarose down and held her hand.


“Let’s return to our room soon; if we stay here any longer we’d melt from the heat.”



Looking forward to the event tomorrow, Tiararose and Luciarose returned to their room.






It’s the next day.


“Wow, how amazing, it’s so lively in the streets.”


Tiararose looked down at the streets from the royal castle’s balcony and was impressed.

There were many sweets street stores opened for this festival and Tiararose’s eyes were shining brightly; if only she could try all of the sweets.

Aquasteed laughed when he saw Tiararose behaving like that.


“Well then, shall we hurry and buy all of them?”


If they were to take away the food, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Luciarose would be able to enjoy them together in the royal castle.

It’d probably become a fun family event.


“That sounds extremely good… but realistically we can’t eat all of them.”

“What a pity.”



The person, who was teasing Tiararose, was Aquasteed Marineforest.

He’s the husband of Tiararose and the king of Marineforest.

He has dark blue hair and golden eyes which proves his status as the king. Right now, he’s looking at his wife and daughter who sat down opposite of him, and his smiling eyes were in crescent shape.

He’s the main strategy character of the sequel game but he chose Tiararose.



Tiararose smiled at Aquasteed’s words and thought that how good it would be if she has a huge appetite.

However, rather than having all the sweets brought to the royal castle, there’s another way to enjoy it more.


Tiararose tied the ribbon on Luciarose’s hair; after which she looked at not just the sweets street stores but at the festival location as a whole.



“Lucia has become quite cute right… I want Lucia to enjoy the festival a lot.”


It’s good to eat the sweets at the royal castle, but Tiararose smiled saying that it’s better if the three of them spend some time together outside as a family.


“That’s true. I want Lucia to have plenty of experiences.”





After they have prepared for the trip, they headed to the entrance hall of the royal castle where they heard a high-spirited voice.


“Lady Tiara~! Thank you for inviting me to the festival! I flew over here~~!”

“Lady Akari, welcome.”


As the star festival is rather special this time, Tiararose sent invitation cards to Akari, Hartnight and Darel.

Akari seemed to looking forward to this as she’s grinning a lot.

However, for some reason, Hartnight and Darel could not been seen.


”Um… Lady Akari, are you alone?”


Tiararose tilted her head and Akari replied “eh?” and looked behind her. Of course, there’s no one around.


“Oh no, I have left them behind!”



Akari was behaving as usual and Tiararose could only smile wryly.



Akari Lapis Lazuli Lactomut stuck out her tongue.

She has glossy black hair which reaches down her waist and black eyes. She’s the heroine of this game and married to the first prince of the Lapis Lazuli kingdom, Hartnight; they are leading a happy life now.

Her cute peach-colored dress has star-shaped laces on it and it’s evident that she prepared this especially for the festival.



Akari laughed and explained the reason why she was alone.


“I’m the only one who rode a horse midway into the journey here… well, it’s fine. Sir Hartnight and Darel would arrive soon!”



Even though the inheritance to the royal position was snatched away, she’s still the wife of the firstborn prince so she ought to behave a little more demurely… thought Tiararose; however it’s useless to tell that to Akari so she did not say it out loud.


Akari then greeted Aquasteed and Luciarose.


“It has been a while, Sir Aqua! Little Lucia!”

“Lady Akari is still the same as before. You have come from a far distance.”

“Big sis- cha!”


Aquasteed did a light greeting and Luciarose did her best to call Akari; she probably remembered the time when they played together in the past as she’s ginning when she saw Akari.

Akari was head over heels over Luciarose who called her big sis.


“Wow! Little Lucia has become even prettier and cuter…! I have brought some souvenirs with me, but they are in the horse wagon… I’ll pass it to you tonight, alright?”

“Ai! Thank-kyu!”

“You can even say thank you properly, what a good kid!! Well then let’s head to the festival! Big Sis will buy everything that you want!!”


Akari was totally going to spoil Luciarose and pointed outside as she said let’s go!

Tiararose thought that it might be better to wait for Hartnight and Darel, but since it’s Akari they’d probably end up going ahead first.

Tiararose could only give in and nodded.


“Well then, let’s go to the festival first by ourselves.”






Luciarose could walk a little now and she is in the middle of Tiararose and Aquasteed while holding their hands.


“Lucia, let’s walk slowly, alright?”



Luciarose responded actively, but it seems like she was very taken in by the festival. Everything’s new to her and it seems like she’d dash ahead if they let go of her hands.

Akari was the same as her, and she’s walking left and right.


“The food at every street stores look delicious! For now, let’s drink tapioca drink… Hmm, I want to play shooting games, but it seems like there’s none? Lady Tiararose, are there shooting games or super ball scooping games~!?”

“There are no shooting games in this world!”


In the first place, there’re no guns so of course there’re no shooting games. Akari cluck her tongue and filled her cheeks with tapioca milk tea.


“Mm~ delicious! It’s still a little too early for Little Lucia to have it, right…?”

“It’s dangerous if the pearls get stuck in her throat so fruit juice might be better.”

“Fruits… ah, I see that there’s a stall for that! For the sake of little Lucia, Big Sis Akari is going to buy it immediately!!”


Akari dashed to the street store; Tiararose and Aquasteed faced each other and smiled wryly.


“Lady Akari doesn’t get tired… being that active.”

“Tsk, Aqua… but still the scale of the festival this time round is quite huge so I understand her excitement.”


Normally they’d be in the royal castle and they rarely have fun outside like this.

Actually, Tiararose too was taken by the sights. There were so many cute looking sweets and she’s been checking them out secretly.


“Tiara, how about the candied fruits over there-”

“Wow, it looks delicious! Furthermore it’s cute too.”


Tiny berries were covered in candy and it can be eaten easily in a mouthful; berries are specialties of Marineforest and there were many street stalls using them.

Other than that, there were also street stalls selling crepes and pound cakes.


“My eyes end up wandering all over the place.”

“That’s right.”


Tiararose was troubled as to what she should choose when Akari returned energetically saying that she has bought them.

There were four berry juices in her hands; she bought not only Luciarose’s share but everyone’s too.

By the way, Akari has already finished the tapioca drink.


“Thank you very much, Lady Akari.”

“No no! Little Lucia have it too~!”



Luciarose took the juice that’s filled with berries with a smile and had a sip; it was so delicious that she’s hopping around.



“You like it? I’m glad~! It’s delicious right?”



Akari was also full of smiles.

Tiararose and Aquasteed also drank the berry juice and they smiled as it was indeed delicious. After that, Tiararose was wondering what food she should buy when three people, who were having fun at the festival, walked towards them.


“Oh, isn’t it Tiara?”

“Keith…! Grail and Pearl too”

“You guys have come too huh.”

“The festival was fun right?”


The three of them are the fairy kings who live in this country.

They wear sloppier outfits than usual and were enjoying the festival. They had masks on their head and were holding food and drinks.


-They’re totally having fun…!!


Tiararose was surprised that the fairy kings were so interested in the humans’ festival, but she did a maiden greeting.


“Ah, you don’t have to be so formal; we’d stand out if you greet us like that.”

“Keith… but in the first place you guys are already standing out.”



With the good-looking fairy kings, they have caught the attention of the people around them. The ladies were looking at Keith and Grail intensely and the guys were glancing at Pearl.

Grail noticed the stares and covered Pearl with his outer wear; he also put on the hood.


“What are you doing, Grail!”

“Pearl, you should be a little more aware of your beauty.”

“…Hmph. You are probably the only one who likes me this much.”


While Pearl faced away, she grabbed Grail’s outer wear tightly and looked happily.



The guy who has a bear mask is the forest fairy king Keith.

Keith has dark green hair and golden eyes; he’s wearing a black tank top with a rough light green outer wear. There’s a loose ribbon on his waist and there’s a fan there as usual.

Keith has sausages in his hands and it seems like he’s enjoying the festival.



The guy who has a fish mask is the sky fairy king Grail.

Grail has sky-colored hair and golden eyes; he’s wearing a light blue shirt and black pants. Since he lent his outer wear to Pearl, his lean physique stood out.

In his hands was the same berry juice that Tiararose and the others have.



The lady who has a bird mask is the sea fairy king Pearl.

Pearl has white silver hair and golden eyes. Right now she’s wearing Grail’s outer jacket and hood, but her Japanese-styled one piece dress was gorgeous and it makes her stand out.

She’s holding her favorite tapioca drink.



“I didn’t expect us to meet on the streets like this.”

“Stuff like this is good occasionally.”


Keith grinned and said that they ate a lot as they walked. It seems like they really liked humans’ food a lot.


“It seems like you guys are having fun, I’m glad.”


Tiararose smiled and Keith replied that’s true.


“Also, if I don’t do this, the both of them would not go out.”



Tiararose looked at Grail and Pearl and smiled wryly. Keith said that they should leave him alone, but it seems like he’s concerned about them.


Right then, Keith said “speaking of which” and pointed his finger to a direction.


“It seems like there’s a magic shoot over there. Aqua, let’s have a battle.”

“Magic shoot?”



They headed over there and it’s a street stall with shooting-like games. The rewards were lined up and it’s a game where they’d use magic to shoot them down.


“Eh, so there are games like these…”

“Let’s bet on Tiara’s sweets.”


Aquasteed was impressed and Keith selfishly said that they should bet with Tiararose’s sweets.

As Tiararose usually makes sweets, it’s not really appropriate as a reward for a bet, but she agreed to it.


“Papa, go for it~!”

“I’m going to win a stuffed toy for Lucia.”

“Idiot, I’m the one who’s going to get a huge toy!”


Just like that, Tiararose and the others enjoyed the festival thoroughly.

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