The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 165

  1. Call My Name

After spending a day at the mineral ore castle and a few days in the Phylargia kingdom, Tiararose and the others prepared to return to Marineforest.


While looking at the prepared horse carriages, Akari looked pretty dejected.


“You guys are going already… I wanted to play more with Lady Tiara and the others and I was thinking of travelling in the country of Gnome and having a sword made for me!!”

“Lady Akari…”


Akari shook her head and Tiararose smiled wryly. Or rather, Tiararose has never seen Akari used a sword before…


“Let’s come back again. Eluty kingdom is not a known country and it’s important to deepen our ties in the future.”


There might be some refutations from other countries though.

In that case, Marineforest and Lapis Lazuli will become strong allies; even if there are people who are strongly against the acceptance of the foreign dwarfs.

Tiararose said that and Akari nodded strongly.


“That’s right; it seems like there are many mineral mountains of Eluty kingdom in the undergrounds of Lapis Lazuli so it might be a good idea to make an official entrance. Yes, let’s do that! There are many skilled workers in Lapis Lazuli so I’m sure they’d get along well with the dwarfs! I’ll have it arranged immediately!”


Lapis Lazuli has a lot of skilled workers who specializes in processing corals and such, so it would be a good judgment to have the dwarfs create the weapons and the workers armors.

Indeed, they might come up with something new and wonderful.


Akari’s tension rose up sharply and Tiararose thought that things are going to be hectic once she’s back in Lapis Lazuli.

Of course, the people who are mainly affected would be the ones around Akari.



“Lady Tiararose, Lady Akari”

“Princess Emerald!”


Having their names being called, they turned around and it seems like Emerald, Slyph and Gnome have come to see them off.

Emerald took Tiararose’s hand and said thanks with a smile.


“I have been helped out by you a lot; if Lady Tiararose and the others were not around, I wonder what would have happened.”

“No, Princess Emerald. In the first place, I should have told you the truth from the start.”


Or rather, I should be the one apologizing for involving Emerald into the matters.

Tiararose looked sorry and Emerald smiled.


“Since it’s a matter about the spirits, it cannot be helped it; I mean I myself had no intention to reveal Slyph’s existence to anyone after all.”


Emerald said that Tiararose probably shared the same feelings; since it was true, Tiararose could only nod.

However, from now on, the existence of the dwarfs would be acknowledged from the people and the matters of spirits would probably come to surface.


-Of course, I had no plans to reveal it publicly recklessly.

Sandrose also kept the existence of Salamander as a national secret. They are not going to reveal frankly of the existence of spirits.


Tiararose was pondering about it when Emerald pushed Slyph and Gnome to the front and prompted them to say something too.


“Slyph, Gnome”

“…Gnome has caused a lot of troubles. Furthermore, I caused resonance with Lucia in the end too… sorry about that.”

“Me too… It’s probably not something that could be forgiven with just a sorry… but I’m really sorry.”


Slyph and Gnome once again apologized to Tiararose.


“Those words are enough. Gnome made the judgment as the king to protect the country, right? I’m sure it was a painful decision.”



He acted upon to protect his precious things and is currently reflecting on his misdeeds. Thinking about that, there’s no way she could blame him for that.

Tiararose smiled and Gnome hugged her.


“Thank you, Tiararose. I’m definitely going to your ally… please rely on me if there’s anything.”

“…Yes, thank you very much, Gnome.”


The sound of wheezing from the nose and a sincere apology-

The soil spirit has said that he’d be an ally with such strong convictions that it kinds of make her feel secure.


After Gnome separated from Tiararose, he called for the dwarf maid who was standing behind him. She was holding a box.


“I heard that Tiararose loves making sweets so… I put in all my effort making tools for sweets-making… please accept it.”



Tiararose blinked her eyes in surprise at the unexpected development.


-Tools for sweets-making that the Gnome has put in all his effort in making it?


Those must definitely be wonderful.

Or rather, is it really fine to put Gnome’s skills into that?

Tiararose was so pleasantly surprised that she froze; Gnome peeked at her reaction and was worried if she would like it.


“Um… it’s mostly molds for cookies and cakes, but I also made some spoons and strainer for cream…”


The maid opened the box and showed the contents to Tiararose.


“That’s wonderful…”


Gnome said “molds” as though it was simple but they were very exquisite and detailed; only a skilled worker could make something as fine as these.


-It’s as though those were works of god.


“Thank you very much, Gnome. I’ll use them preciously.”



Tiararose thanked him happily and Gnome showed a smile back too. It was the first time she saw him smile.



After their conversations have ended, Aquasteed came over while carrying Luciarose in his arms; it’s time for them to depart soon.


Gnome headed towards Aquasteed and kneeled down.


“Luciarose, Gnome and the dwarfs would always regard you as our savior; also, I want to make a sword for you some day….”


“…Thank you very much.”


Luciarose looked surprised and did not seem to understand the meaning behind Gnome’s words. Aquasteed responded on her behalf and thanked him.


“Well then, we shall take our leave.”

“…Yes. Please take care on your journey.”


After they bade farewells, Tiararose and the others left the Phylargia kingdom.






“Hmm, we are finally back.”


Keith stretched his body after he got down the horse wagon to release the tension from his body; while remarking that humans are amazing to be able to ride on horse wagons for a long period of time…


Tiararose smiled wryly and said that it’s been a long journey before getting down the horse wagon. Aquasteed followed behind her while he’s carrying Luciarose.

Luciarose seemed to be tired as she looked drowsy.


“-Welcome back.”


After everyone got off the horse wagon, Grail teleported and appeared from thin air.


“I’m glad you guys are back safe and sound. I heard about what happened from Keith so explanations are unnecessary.”

“Yes, we have settled all the things. From now on, the dwarfs would probably come to visit Marineforest too.”


Aquasteed smiled saying that things are probably going to be livelier than ever.


“Even so, to think that the issue of Lucia’s magic power has been settled too…”


It’s a good thing, but Keith scratched his head as he lost his timing to send his blessings… well, in the future it might be needed once again.

Keith touched Luciarose’s cheeks with his fingertips as she’s dozing off in Aquasteed’s arms; it was squishy.



“Keith, if you do that, Lucia’s going to wake up…”


Aquasteed was about to brush Keith’s hand off, but his hand was grabbed by Luciarose’s small hand.




By the unexpected action, Aquasteed peeked at Luciarose’s face and wondered what happened.

Right then, she revealed a smile like a blooming flower.








Aquasteed was at a loss of words at his daughter’s sudden words.

She could not speak properly yet, and it’s probably the first time he heard her being so coherent. Aquasteed was so touched that he’s shivering… Tiararose noticed that and came to his side.

Right then, Luciarose looked at Tiararose and stretched her hand out.








Tiararose was so moved at how she was called for the first time and covered her mouth. She was so, so happy that she could not suppress it.

Their daughter, who they felt was just newborn, has grown up wonderfully like this.


“Aqua, she called you Papa, didn’t she?”

“She also called Tiara Mama, right?”


Both of them smiled at each other and hugged Luciarose; being called like this in such a cute manner blew off all the fatigue they have accumulated from the long horse wagon journey.


“Will you call me, Lucia?”



Keith peeked at Luciarose’s face with a sulky look; it seems like he wanted to be called in similar ways.


“Hey, Lucia, it’s Keith. Keith. Can you call me?”


“Oh! You called me, didn’t you?”


Keith rubbed Luciarose’s head and called her a good kid.





Keith grinned as Luciarose called his name.


After that, Philiane and Elliot, who were watching them, dashed over.


“Lady Luciarose, I’m Philiane.”

“I’m Elliot.”

“Tsk, the both of you.”


Philiane and Elliot wanted their names to be called and Tiararose smiled at them. They looked at Luciarose with expectations.


“Phine, Elel!”

“Yes, it’s Phine, Lady Luciarose~!”

“Elel…!? I guess my name is hard to pronounce…”


Philiane was very pleased and Elliot put on an ambiguous face for a moment but he immediately smiled after that; more importantly than that, they were happy to be called.


After that, Grail also suddenly appeared; he did not say anything but they all knew that he wanted to be called too.

Tiararose called Luciarose’s name and made her face Grail.


“Lucia, it’s Grail.”



Luciarose called Grail’s name and his smile widened; his expression did not change much but he seems to be very happy.


“You did well in calling me, Lucia.”

“With this, it would be soon before she can speak.”



Just like this, the number of things she can do would probably increase as time passes.

Tiararose and the others smiled as they were looking forward to Luciarose’s growth.


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