The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 164

  1. Revitalized Flame

After the flames of the fire spirit has its new life back, Tiararose and the other headed to the mineral ore castle; the Gnome has opened a banquet to express his gratitude.

The dwarfs in the streets were excited over the revitalized – no that was an understatement as the flame of the fire spirit was burning even more beautifully than before with the Salamander’s Tear.



In the midst of that, Tiararose and Akari looked over Luciarose who was playing in the balcony.



“Wow, what amazing force…!!”


Luciarose was riding on the lion stone statue; it was made by the dwarfs and so life-like that it looked like it’s going to move any time soon.

Akari’s tension rose and she happily said that she wants one too.

However, Tiararose was worried as it would be dangerous if she hits her head against the stone statue.


“It’d be fine, we are looking after her while she’s playing after all.”

“…That’s true. We just have to look over and protect Lucia as she plays.”


Tiararose thought that she has to be careful not to be so overprotective.


While looking over Luciarose as she plays with the lion stone statue, Tiararose thought about Aquasteed and Keith who are currently not with them.

Both of them are talking to Gnome; of course there’s no way they’d let him scoff free from all that happened.


-I hope they would not impose a several punishment on the Gnome…


However, that would not be a good example.

Luciarose is the princess of Marineforest and the first heiress candidate to the throne. Of course, that’s not all, she’s their precious daughter and it’s normal to be furious.


-Even so


“A light punishment would be good enough.”



While they were in the balcony for a while, the lion stone statue that Luciarose was riding on started moving.




Luciarose was smiling happily so it was probably her manipulating the movement of the stone statue.

Tiararose thought that she could only move soft toys with her magic… and was thoroughly impressed by the growth of kids.


-Ah, but then she did make the bed float in the air before.


“Wow~! Little Lucia, you are incredibly cool! I want to ride on the lion too~”

“Lady Akari, that’d be a little…”


Tiararose thought that if Akari was to sit on the moving lion, they’d end up going somewhere else.

Also, it’s easy to imagine how the surrounding people would end up being tired because of her.


The lion started trotting off with Luciarose riding on its back; she thought that they were going to go rounds in the balcony, but they entered into the room- the party venue.

There were the invited dwarfs in the party venue and they were happily having conversations; it seems like they are rather esteemed guests akin to the nobles in terms of the human society.


After they saw Luciarose riding on the lion, the dwarfs cheered and headed towards her.


“You are the princess who revitalized the flames of the fire spirit?!”

“Could that lion stone statue be the one that was made by Gnome…? That’s very fantastic!”

“Thank you, it was thanks to you that the fire of the Eluty kingdom was revitalized!”

“Long live, Lady Luciarose!”


The dwarfs started expressing their thanks and honored Luciarose. The flames of the fire spirit were clearly held with high importance by the dwarfs.

Looking at how Luciarose has become a rather popular figure, Akari smiled happily saying that she’s amazing.


“Indeed, it was a big problem when Little Lucia was kidnapped by the Gnome, but she has totally become a heroine to the dwarfs.”


Luciarose was able to use the magic that was about to go out of control, and looking at the overall result, they can say that everything has went well.


“Furthermore, it’s fun having events like this, no?!”

“That’s only for Lady Akari!”


Tiararose immediately opposed and made it clear she did not share the same thoughts. Indeed, it might be fun for a game lover but as a mother, it was totally not fun at all.

Tiararose sighed and looked at Luciarose while saying that she’s glad that she’s fine.



“It’s nothing. Lucia has taken a liking to the lion, right?”



Luciarose showed a smile and patted on the lion.


-This would definitely rouse some feelings of jealousy in her dad.

If he gets to learn of this fact, he would probably present her with a truckload of soft toys, Tiararose smiled wryly at the thought of that.


“Once you get a little bigger, let’s ride on this lion and go somewhere else.”

“Please refrain from saying something terrifying like that…”


If the princess were to ride on the lion and go somewhere else, it would definitely cause a big hoo-ha. Tiararose imagined a bunch of defense knights chasing after her with horses and that made her dizzy.



While they were having such conversations, there was a commotion rousing near the entrance.

Aquasteed, Keith and Gnome have ended their talks and their entrance into the party venue has attracted all the attention.

It seems like the talk has ended without issues and it made Tiararose relieved.


Aquasteed immediately spotted Tiararose and headed over to her.


“Did anything happen when I was away?”

“No, or rather, it seems like Lucia has become the center of the spotlight.”


While saying that, both of them looked at Luciarose who was surrounded by dwarfs. The dwarfs were friendly and Luciarose looked happy too.


“It’s not the time to chat, Aqua and Tiara.”



Keith came over and he was referring to Gnome who was waiting for them.

Since it’s time for the greeting speech, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Keith attended it.


The speech probably includes the announcement of the punishment that has been decided by Aquasteed and the others…


-I don’t know the details.

However, as the queen, Tiararose thought that she’d go along with Aquasteed’s decision.


“Let’s link hands, Tiara.”



Aquasteed escorted her and they headed up the stage. Luciarose, who was riding on the lion, along with Akari followed after them.

Gnome, who invited them, bowed his head deeply towards Tiararose and Luciarose. The dwarfs started chattering when they saw that.


“…Luciarose, Tiararose. All that happened was entirely due to my fault. I was being too selfish.”


Gnome’s apology was met with silence.

The dwarf maids in the mineral ore castle know what happened, but the other dwarfs had no idea that Luciarose was kidnapped.


“I… was just bad at things like relying on others and asking for help… I thought that I have to do everything, all of it, by myself…”


When that happened, Slyph was there to reprimand Gnome.

Thinking of Slyph’s face from that time, he felt frustrated again by his terrible acts. However, he could not turn back the time.


Gnome’s eyes, which were covered by his hair, started tearing up.


“I kidnapped Luciarose, who had the fire magic power, in order to revitalize the flames of the fire spirit…”


Gnome’s confession caused even greater confusions among the crowd.

They did not expect that something big like this has happened without them knowing it at all.

The dwarfs looked at each other as they wondered what they should do. However, they could not come up with an answer quickly.


That’s because the dwarfs knew that the Gnome regards the flames of the fire spirit as something very important, as they are blacksmiths themselves too.


“…as a result, the flames of the fire spirit were revitalized with Luciarose’s power. However, that was all thanks to the agreement of Luciarose, Aquasteed… King Aquasteed… Queen Tiararose and Forest Fairy King Keith.”


Gnome stood in front of Aquasteed and bowed deeply again.



“I pledge to support the Marineforest kingdom with the flames of fire spirit.”

“I shall receive your sincere offer; Marineforest will cherish its bond with the Eluty kingdom.”



Everyone was at a loss of words when they heard Gnome’s unexpected announcement; sounds of claps slowly emerged from the crowd.

They started getting louder and louder and the applause echoed throughout the Eluty kingdom.






After the end of the party, Tiararose and Aquasteed were able to take a rest in the guestroom of the mineral ore castle.

Luciarose played a lot so she’s sleeping from the fatigue.


“…I was wondering what would happen, so I’m glad that everything ended up fine. Also, it seems like Lucia’s magic power has calmed down quite a bit.”

“That’s right; that’s the best thing out of all that happened… I guess.”


Aquasteed sat down on the sofa and sighed. Even though the result was fine, it still did not erase the fact that Luciarose was kidnapped.

After they return to Marineforest, he thought that they have to review the security, but it would be difficult to mete out punishment to the spirit.

There are a lot of issues that’s waiting for them once they are back.


Aquasteed looked tired and Tiararose wondered what she should do.


-I want to help him out too.


However, Tiararose could not do much. Tiararose has no idea about matters of security and her help would only become hindrance.


Tiararose was troubling over it and in turn, Aquasteed was worried about her and asked her what happened.


“…I wanted to become help to you, Aqua, as you looked tired, but I don’t know what I can do.”

“I’m always helped out by Tiara.”


Aquasteed said that and leaned towards Tiararose’s shoulders; her dark blue hair tickled his chin.



“I always rely on you, Tiara.”


“Being by your side blows away all my fatigue and it makes me feel energetic and blissful.”


Aquasteed stared at Tiararose and he showed a dashing smile; that made her blush.


-That’s my line.


Tiararose also released the strength from her shoulder and leaned towards Aquasteed.


“With the both- three of us including Lucia, it makes me feel that I can live life happily forever.”

“Yes, we will always be together.”



Looking at Aquasteed, as he inched slowly towards her, Tiararose closed her eyes and received the kiss.

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