The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 163

  1. Like a Miracle

Unable to withstand Luciarose’s magic power, the fire spirit’s mineral ore shattered into pieces.

Looking at that, Keith laughed.


“Hah, the powers of kids are so great and scary, right? Gnome.”

“…That cannot be…”


Gnome had his hands on the ground and he’s in despair.

The plan was to pour Luciarose’s magic power into the fire spirit’s mineral ore and he expected that the hundred years’ worth of magic would be restored.

However, rather than revitalizing it… if this continues, the Eluty kingdom will collapse.


“No matter what choice I choose, the result is the same… it seems.”


He thought that the happening could be due to his inexperience; or rather he should have chosen a path where he’d coexist with human beings with better communication.

Well, either way, it’s too late.


“Ehh!? For now, Lucia looks fine… she’s sleeping so soundly.”

“Her magic response seems normal too; I guess things have settled down.”


Akari was also looking out for Luciarose and said that everything’s fine.


“Well, with that, Lady Luciarose’s magic power did not go out of control.”

“I’m relieved.”


Elliot and Tarmo were with them too; they looked at Luciarose’s sleeping face and smiled. Everyone was worried for Luciarose.

They tried to gather as many information as possible on the spirit and looked for the best option all for the sake of Luciarose.

Even so, what’s happening now is totally out of their expectation…


“Well, everything seems to be over so it’s our complete victory!”


Akari said that as though everything’s done, but Slyph told her in a panicking voice that they have to run.



“The mineral ore of the fire spirit is used to create the base of this kingdom; now that it has shattered into pieces, this country is going to collapse!! If this goes on, everyone would be buried alive.”



Akari raised her voice saying that it’s a big problem.

However, now that they are deep underground, Akari wondered if it’s possible to escape.

If they were to teleport and dash, they might be able to save themselves.


However, it’d take time for all the dwarfs to escape.


“This kind of ending is definitely not appropriate for this happy game!”


Akari thought that the dwarfs ought to have a happy ending too.


“Even if we run away, the country of the dwarfs will collapse… in that case, what if we try to do something to the mineral ore of the fire spirit?”

“Lady Akari!?”


Tiararose was surprised at the reckless remark made by her.

Tiararose did not think of fixing the broken mineral ore at all. In the first place, wouldn’t some tools be required to do that?

Tiararose was thinking of various things, and Akari decided to ask Gnome directly.


“Gnome, is there any other way?”



Akari shook Gnome, who has collapsed onto the ground, and told him that they should not give up.


“I’m the heroine, so everything’s definitely going to be fine! We are not going to die!!”

“Eh, ah… yes… erm, er if there’s a mineral stone or jewel with powerful magic, then I could use my magic to repair the mineral ore of the fire spirit…”


However, unfortunately, there’s nothing like that here.


“Something like that is very rare and we don’t come across it easily. Therefore, it’s impossible to fix the mineral ore of the fire spirit… so escape quickly.”


Gnome told Akari that it’s not realistic. If they stay on, they are all going to die here so they should go back to the land- even so, it seems that Gnome is going to stay there and face the end with the Eluty kingdom.


That sight of Gnome made Akari puff her cheeks.


“If you die, there’s nothing you can do…”


Akari clenched a fist and said that they have to treat life preciously.

However, it’s also true that the inability to save one’s friends would lead to hopelessness.

Akari also thought that if only she had more power, she’d be able to save the Eluty kingdom and Gnome.


“Even though I’m the heroine… I’m not of help.”

“…That’s not true, Lady Akari.”

“Lady Tiara…?”


It’s rare for Akari to be depressed and Tiararose placed her hand on her shoulder and smiled telling her that it’d be fine.

Akari rubbed her tearful eyes and looked at Tiararose.


“Could it be that Lady Tiara has some plan?”

“…yes for now.”

“A-A-As expected of the villainess who overcame the sequel’s main!! To think that you’ve come up with a solution, that’s amazing of you, Lady Tiara~~!”


Akari was moved and hugged Tiararose tightly. With that, everyone, including the dwarfs, would be saved.


However, what method would that be? Akari tilted her head.


Tiararose took out something that she has carried over just in case something happens…

It’s a bright red jewel.


“Can you fix it with this?”



Looking at what Tiararose has brought out, Gnome immediately got up and rushed over to her.

He swept aside his long fringe and looked at that with both eyes carefully.


“Eh, this has to be a lie… is that the tear of… that Salamander…?”

“I received it so I don’t really know the details.”

“Is that so…”


Even though it’s a very rude thing to say, indeed it’s rare for the strong-minded her to cry in front of others.



Tiararose has brought out the jewel she’s received from Saravia before- the Salamander’s Tear.



“Is it possible to fix the fire spirit’s mineral ore with this?”

“If it’s the Salamander’s tear, that’s possible… however, is that really fine? This is an extremely rare jewel. Perhaps, there’s only one in this world…”


With the way Gnome’s voice was trembling, Tiararose reaffirmed that it’s a really precious thing.

However, if that’s true, then the Salamander’s Tear ought to be used in moments like this.


“I don’t mind. I’m sure this is given to me for the situation we’re facing today.”

“…Even though I was the one who kidnapped Luciarose… Thank you. Thank you, Tiararose…”



Gnome received the Salamander’s Tear from Tiararose and got up.


“With this… the flames of fire spirit’s mineral ore would reignite.”

“Please let us help out too.”



Tiararose said that and stood up, Aquasteed and Luciarose too touched the Salamander’s tear together.

Luciarose’s magic power originally came from Salamander; therefore it’d be able to blend in more compared to having the Gnome do it himself.


Looking at Tiararose, Keith scratched his head thinking that it cannot be helped it.


“Tiara, you are too nice; I guess there’s no choice, I’m helping out too. It’d leave a bad taste afterwards if the country were to collapse after all… oh trees, use your roots to support this country and create a throne for the fire spirit!!”


Keith called out to the ground and the roots of the trees supported the collapsing cliffs. Right then, ivy stretched out to form a throne for the mineral ore of the fire spirit.

Originally, the throne is the seat of Gnome, but since the fire spirit’s mineral ore is a part of Gnome’s power, he prepared a throne for it too.


“…Tsk, Tiara really makes me nervous.”

“I’m sorry, Aqua.”

“No, thank you for saving Lucia, Tiara.”


Aquasteed smiled and grabbed the hands of Tiararose and Luciarose; the three of them touched the fire spirit’s mineral ore. On top of that, Gnome placed his hand on it too.


“…The power of generations of Gnome, which has supported Eluty Kingdom, revive the brilliance of the absolute flame Salamander’s power; Such that it would not meet its end and shine forever, I once again put my hand on-”



After Gnome finished chanting, the shattered fire spirit’s mineral ore and Salamander’s Tear started to shine brilliantly. After that, floating sensations overcome them.

The cliff and mineral ore castle, which were on the brink of collapsing earlier, slowly returned to their original shapes.

It’s as though the world was being made.


The ground where the flame of fire spirit was on started to rise up in heights; in a short moment, it has grown so high that it could be seen from all spots of the Eluty kingdom.

The cool air was perfect for the warm body.


“What an amazing view”

“I did not expect that a country would be created like this.”



Tiararose looked over the Eluty kingdom while being hugged by Aquasteed. The scenery invoked some feelings in her no matter how many times she has seen it.


“Ah-, ah-!”

“It seems that Lucia likes the scenery here.”

“It’s quite high, but Lucia’s not scared…?”


Looking straight down, they are quite high up there and it seems like Luciarose’s quite fearless from her nonchalant look.

Tiararose leaned towards Aquasteed and smiled saying that it’s because papa’s around.


“It’s the same for me too, I’m not afraid as long as Aqua’s there… Because I have faith that Aqua will definitely protect us.”


That’s why Luciarose was able to relax now and have fun.


“Yes, I’d definitely protect you.”


Aquasteed smiled and pecked Tiararose and Luciarose with gentle kisses.

As everyone’s around, she’s a little embarrassed, but everyone’s entranced by the formation of the new Eluty kingdom… no one is looking at them.


-I guess just a little bit doesn’t hurt.


Tiararose was waiting with Luciarose in Lapis Lazuli, and was separated from Aquasteed for a while.

Therefore, she was a little lonely.



“Hm? What’s-”



A kiss.



Tiararose’s lips gently reached out to Aquasteed’s lips; it was an unexpected kiss from Tiararose.

However, she immediately backed off after that and it was really for a moment.


“…Is it okay if I kiss you too?”

“No, Aqua’s not allowed to do so.”


That’s because he’d definitely not do it for a short brief moment.

Looking at the blushing Tiararose, he thought that it’s definitely hard for him to stop and he smiled wryly.


“…Let’s return back, shall we? To our home.”



While Tiararose was looking at the scenery, Gnome’s “Thank you” reached her ears.

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