The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 175

  1. Power of Luca and Leo

Luca and Leo are identical twins and they can sort of communicate with each other telepathically. It’s difficult to put it in exact terms, but broadly speaking, they are “linked”.


There’s an invisible connection between them and they both can use magic in a unique manner.

Luca could pass his magic power to Leo and this would increase the physical ability to an explosive level; the movement is so quick like the lightning and it’s hard for the mind to process the imagery.

Both Luca and Leo take pride of this special skill; however it’s a different matter when it comes to the feasibility of using this skill.


Both of them tried using the skill but it’s difficult to control the magic power and would end up in explosions.


After all, magic power of Luca is being passed to Leo, who already has enormous amount of magic power; it’s more difficult to control it compared to one’s own magic power.

However, if they are able to control it-they’d probably be invincible.





Luca carefully and quickly scaled up the mountain in the heavy lightning rain as he called out Leo’s name.

Since he has been training quite a bit, he has a certain amount of stamina, but since it’s mountainous he’s already out of breath; he’s started to regret spending so much time on researching magic power as he felt that he ought to have trained more at this point of time.


“Hah, ha…”


Luca wanted to take a break but he pushed on and moved his legs as he felt that he would end up losing the momentum if he were to stop.

From the gaps of sky that’s exposed between the trees, it’s clear that the lightning clouds are still there; furthermore it has grown in size and if this continues on, the entirety of Marineforest would be covered by it.


-If only I have more power-


Luca often thought about that.

Whenever he tries to use magic power, he couldn’t be able to control it and end up causing explosions… while he’s happy about the fact that he possesses great amount of magic power, he’s irritated by the fact that he’s not able to control them according to his own will.


“I will meet up with Leo soon-”



With such thoughts, Luca looked around and witnessed Leo being cornered by a huge bird; from its size, it’s probably the boss of the flock.


“Did it come to threaten and get rid of us…?”


Luca showed a smirked and controlled his erratic breath within seconds before shooting an arrow with the bow; however, it did not hit the huge bird.


“-Tsk, it escaped, huh?”


What a pity.


The huge bird soared up to the sky, and at the same time Leo noticed Luca’s presence.


“Luca! I’ve been waiting for you!”

“It’s good that you’re waiting for me, but wouldn’t it be better if you give me a heads up before acting on the plan?”


Luca smiled wryly at how Leo would always act rashly like that.


“But Luca came over after all right? I’m already sure that Luca would have figured out my thoughts.”

“Tsk… nothing good would happen even if you praised me, you know?”

“Eh, nothing?”


Leo showed an extremely disappointed look when Luca said that- both of them immediately burst out into laughter.


“Well, if there’s something good that’d happen… it’s probably the Marineforest’s sky after it has cleared up.”

“That’d be good.”


They wanted to do something about the strange sky.

Both of them touched the bracelets around their wrists and prayed for their victory.






Tiararose removed the usual dress and put on the knight outfit that’s easy to move in; as the long boots were well-made, it’s not slippery even if one walks on the wet ground.

Tiararose took a huge breath before looking to the front.


“Are you fine, Tiara”



Tiararose took the hand of Aquasteed, who’s walking in front, and replied promptly.



They are at the mountain in the back of the royal castle.

The ground’s wet from the lightning rain and the visibility is really bad; it’s not the place where Tiararose should be in.

It’d be fine on clear days, but Aquasteed would stop her even if there’s a slight rain.


However, right now, Tiararose is walking in the mountains.


“Hah, hah… the ring seems to be pointing towards the peak of the mountain.”

“The peak of the mountain….”


Aquasteed let out a wry laughter


“However, what’s going on? The ring of the starry sky king has never reacted like this before.”


The glowing ring of the starry sky king on Tiararose’s left ring finger is connected to Aquasteed’s power.

Through this ring, Aquasteed’s power is flowing into Tiararose and when this happens, nothing could be felt and it’s like another ordinary ring.


-What’s the ring pointing to?


Rather than knowing about it… Tiararose has a feeling about it.

The thing that the ring is leading them to is probably something very important; the ring of the starry sky king is pointing them towards it as if to indicate that it’s urgent.


Tiararose must have been too absorbed in her thoughts as her leg was caught up by one of the tree roots and she was about to trip over.



“Tiara! I think it’s best for me to piggyback you-”

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want to pose a burden to Aqua.”


Tiararose shook her head and repeatedly said that she’s fine.


“Even so, I’m really sorry that I’m slow…”


Of course, it’s unexpected for her to climb the mountain in this lightning rain.

There’s quite a distance to the peak of the mountain, and at this pace, it’d take several hours; Tiararose’s starting to worry if she’d be able to make it to the top of the mountain.


“There’s nothing to apologize about; in this situation, even the trained ones would find it difficult to proceed on.”

“Even so…”


I feel bad- when Tiararose was about to say that, the tree root that her leg was caught up in started moving.





Aquasteed immediately covered Tiararose’s back and grabbed the sheath of the sword while being cautious of the surroundings.

If the bird in the sky is not the only enemy, and if there’re also enemies emerging from the ground- it’d be extremely troublesome.


However, the attack that they were fearful of did not come.




Aquasteed narrowed his eyes and looked around but there’s only movement from the tree root on the ground; it slowly moved and cut into the tree trunk- which became an entrance.


“Eh… what’s this?


Tiararose was perplexed and looked at the entrance in the tree trunk together with Aquasteed. Right then, there’s a flower blooming in it and light started to glow from its centre.

Tiararose has recollections of seeing this before; it’s the blooming flower which she has seen in Keith’s castle and the passageway of the forest fairies.


Tiararose and Aquasteed opened their eyes widely and looked at each other.


“I wonder if it’s Keith”



They could not see him physically but they could sense his presence; it seems like he’s helping them out.


“It’d be good if he’d be able to show himself though.”


That’s what they ended up thinking.


“However, I’m sure there’s some reason for that; for the unrestrained Keith to not show himself, there must be some circumstances behind…”

“That’s true.”


Even if there’s some reason, the image of Keith saying that it’s fine and appearing before themselves, popped up in their minds.

The forest fairy king, who blessed Tiararose, was to her knowledge one of the most carefree and unrestrained person ever; by the way the other top contestant would obviously be Akari.


Aquasteed took a step into the tree trunk and check if it’s safe.


“Seems like it’s safe; rather than proceeding on outside, it might be better to do so in here.”


They are not sure what route the tree trunk would lead them to, but since they could sense Keith’s presence and coupled with the fact that it’s raining outside, it’s probably a safe route.

Tiararose nodded and took Aquasteed’s outstretched hand before walking into the tree trunk.



It’s a strange and peaceful route.

It’s not raining and there’s no need to worry about the lightning rain; there’s no strong wind, or rather there’s no wind at all. It’s easy to confirm the surroundings as it’s lit up but in the first place, there’s only one route.

As the route’s slightly upwards sloping, it probably leads the way to the peak of the mountain.


“The ring seems to be pointed towards the end of this route too.”

“I guess there’s something on the top of the mountain.”



After walking for another twenty minutes or so, they arrived at the exit.

At the same time, Tiararose’s eardrum was struck by the huge wailing “Kyuaa”; she covered her ears instinctively and squatted down.


-What’s there!?


Tiararose thought that it’s probably the bird in the sky, but from the sound of the wailings and the impact, it’s probably not the same bird.

Aquasteed stepped forward to protect Tiararose and peeked at the situation outside.


“Luca and Leo…? They are fighting with the huge bird?!”



Aquasteed relayed what he saw and Tiararose started to tremble.


“Are there no other knights around? They are dealing with that huge bird by themselves-!?”


Tiararose gulped her saliva and widened her eyes; the huge bird was probably 3 metres long.

There were only Luca and Leo who fought against it.


-If this continues, both of them will be in danger!


Tiararose tried to think of a way to save them; however, she does not have the power to protect them.

Of course, it’s not possible for her to make a dessert that could increase the physical ability right on the spot and feed them now.



Leo stood in front and Luca was protecting him at the back with some distance between them. He’s holding a bow but there’s no arrow.

In place of that, there’s a dim light from the ring on his left finger; this reflects the state of Luca’s magic power.


“Phew… this is unnerving”

“It’s rare for Luca to be nervous.”

“Who’d you think I am, Leo?”


Luca shrugged his shoulders but he immediately narrows his eyes and fixed his gaze on the huge bird enemy; he did not divert his gaze as he quietly announced that he’s going for it before using his magic.


The huge bird spread its wide wings and attacked them with it- but it was too late.


Luca used his magic and it was absorbed into Leo’s body quickly at lightning speed; in a moment the body thrusts up into the sky and went up above the huge bird’s head.

As expected, even Luca was surprised of this.

“I did not expect you to fly that far.”


It’d be good if everything could be settled with that, but unfortunately it’s not that easy; their biggest enemy is not the huge bird but their difficulty in controlling their magic.


-To be honest, it’s difficult to even stand up.


Even though they tried to simulate it in their minds several time, it’s difficult when it comes to the execution. They usually use a small amount of power during their practices and this time round, they are putting on several times worth of burden on their bodies.

Luca gritted and tried to withstand it.


“It’s just not enough; it might be sufficient to destroy the bird, but… if we don’t use even more power, this lightning cloud would not clear up–!”


Luca grabbed onto the ring tightly and took a deep breath.


“It’s okay if the body could withstand it for now. Oh forest, sky, sea- and the power of magic which resides within me, respond to me and expand the magic power to its greatest limit.”



Magic power was overflowing from Leo’s floating body and light shone out from him.

Luca’s magic power probably flowed into Leo’s body successfully; however, if they lose concentration for even a moment- the magic power would grow out of control and cause an enormous explosion.


Leo took short breaths and focused.

He then tried to slash the huge bird in one stroke- the wings gave way with the slight wind pressure that resulted from it.




They probably let go of their focus for a moment.


The matching bracelet on Leo’s right arm suddenly stopped shining; the bracelet was a tool to control their magic power and since it lost its effect, it meant that they were unable to control their magic power and it has grown out of control.


-This is bad.


Luca and Leo arrived at the same conclusion and they tried their best not to be caught up in the magic power that has grown out of control.

Right at that moment, they heard Tiararose’s voice echoing from the vicinity.


“Both of you, we’re here to save you!”

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