The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 176

  1. Blessing of the Starry Sky

Tiararose and Aquasteed noticed that Luca and Leo’s magic powers are running out of control and immediately dashed towards them.

Leo descended from the sky and he kneeled onto the ground; his body was not badly damaged but his expressions were wry due to the overflowing magic power.


“Luca, Leo, get a grip…! Aqua, the magic power is running out of control- the ring!!


Tiararose was desperately thinking of a solution when the glow from the ring suddenly grew more intense.

Of the two rings on her left ring fingers, the one that’s shining since before was the Ring of the Starry Sky King.


“The ring was pointing towards Luca and Leo…?

“Tiara, strange things are happening through the ring-!



The light was shining as though it’s trying to guide Tiararose to something and she gulped. However, at the same time, something weird happened to Aquasteed, probably due to the influence of the ring.

Aquasteed pressed onto his chest and kneeled down on the ground.


“…My body is hot.”

“No way, Aqua!? Get a grip!”


Tiararose hurriedly stretched her hands out; when her eyes met the golden eyes of Aquasteed; it’s as though magic power was flowing out of them and it’s shining even brighter than ever before.

It’s shining like the stars in the night sky.


-It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this happening to Aqua’s eyes.


Even though it’s such a crucial moment, she cannot help but was captivated by those eyes for an instance.

Tiararose shook her head to get rid of those thoughts and supported Aquasteed’s body.


“Are you fine? Aqua!”

“…Hah, hah, I’m fine.”


Aquasteed repeated several shallow breathings and he seems to be slightly better.


“Perhaps, we have come to this world for this purpose.”

“Eh…? What do you mean…?”


Aquasteed suddenly came to a realization and slowly got up by borrowing Tiararose’s shoulders; he then directed his gaze to Luca and Leo.

Following him, Tiararose also looked at the two.


“We have to hurry and save those two…!”


There’s a gigantic bird above them and were about to attack them any moment; however as the magic power was overflowing from Luca and Leo, the bird could not approach them.


“—It’s the power of the starry sky.”


Aquasteed said that with a calm voice and touched the Ring of the Starry Sky King on Tiararose’s ring finger.

After that, Aquasteed’s magic power flowed into Tiararose and although it’s slightly different than usual, it’s of a notable amount.


-Aqua’s magic power is warm.


Tiararose naturally released the strength from her shoulders.

At the same time, she instinctively knew how to use the inflowing starry sky magic power.


-We came here to save Luca and Leo.


Aquasteed took Tiararose’s hands and said that.


“Oh the power of the starry sky that shines so brightly in the night sky, under the name of Aquasteed, please lend thou power; the power to read the stars to Luca and the power to lead the stars to Leo.”


Right then, the light flowed to Luca and Leo through Tiararose’s ring; that light struck the bracelets of the two and made them shine too.

Tiararose and Aquasteed faced each other before saying the last phrases.



“Bless the two with the power of the starry sky.”



With the phrase, light reflected off Luca and Leo’s bracelets and the shine of their golden eyes increased in intensity.

Through the bracelets, the blessings of the starry sky have been absorbed into them.



“Ah, this is….!?”


Luca and Leo opened their eyes widely and were shocked at their own states; however, they immediately understood what’s going on- that’s right, the gigantic bird was still above them.

It’s the gigantic bird which they thought they cannot defeat any longer with their powers running loose. However, right now, with the help of Tiararose and Aquasteed, they’re blessed with the starry sky powers and can easily control their powers.


Looking at how the two were standing up against the gigantic bird, Tiararose sighed a breath of relief; this time round, Aquasteed’s supporting her shoulders.


“Both of them should be fine now.”

“Yes, I was shocked but I’m glad we’re able to save them with our powers.”



Tiararose looked at the two; Luca was holding his bow and Leo was holding his sword, both ready to attack.


“We’re able to control the overflowing magic power… Oh the power of moon; be an arrow to defeat the enemy.”

“I think we’ll be able to defeat the bird alone with the current state! Oh the power of sun; release the light in this sword!”


Luca’s magic power became an arrow and Leo’s magic power increased the attack stats of the sword; both of them aligned their power and defeated the gigantic bird in one stroke.


The sky cleared up and a rainbow was drawn across the sky.


The strange sky reverted to its original state.

Looking at this moving scenery, tears welled up in Tiararose’s eyes.


However, it could be a rebound of the enormous magic power as huge vibrations rolled through the sky.


“—Could it be that our attack has caused some warps?”

“That could be possible, but that’s not just it; this is the power of the sky.”


Leo became flustered and noticed the presence of Tiararose and Aquasteed. Luca also noticed them but his response was calmer compared to Leo’s.


Luca took Leo’s hand and dashed towards Tiararose; right then he removed his bracelet from his own arm and passed it to Tiararose.


“It seems like there’s not enough time so I’ll jump straight to the topic; thanks to the blessings from both of you, we managed to control our magic power… as thanks please accept this bracelet.”

“We have caused you to worry all these while but it’s fine now.”


Luca continued his words and Leo too passed his bracelet to Tiararose.


“I’m sure this will be of use to you someday.”

“Eh, eh, eh!? Wait a minute, both of you should explain-”



Tiararose was about to say that when both hers and Aquasteed’s physical bodies disappeared.


They left behind Luca and Leo on the mountain top with a rainbow above them.

Leo removed his soaked outfit and took lots of deep breath; he felt the tension released from this body and sat down before lying on the ground.


“…they’re gone.”

“…that’s right.”


After a short moment of silence, Leo muttered that in a lonely manner and Luca nodded.


“Both of them probably came to allow us to control our magic power…”

“I wonder… I mean in that case father could have just asked mother to do so….”


Luca thought that there’s no need for Tiararose and Aquasteed to come here just for that purpose.

In the first place, this whole incident sparked off from a warp in the sea magic power; and thinking along that line, it could just be a coincidence.


“…I’m tired. I think I’ll end up dozing off like this.”

“Wait a minute, Luca, please don’t sleep in a place like this. If you fall asleep, I’d have to carry you down the mountain, no?”


Leo forbade Luca to fall asleep… but in actual fact Leo was also sleepy himself.

The reason for that was due to the new starry sky blessing that they have obtained… which has caused them to use up all of their energy.


“Don’t fall asleep, Luca.”

“Leo, aren’t you sleepy too…?”

“That’s not true….”


While saying that, both of their focus started to go away.

Before realizing it, both of them closed their eyes and their sleeping breaths could be heard; they have ended up sleeping after they managed to calm down from their nervous states.


A shadow casts over them.


“—Tsk, don’t fall asleep in a place like this.”


Tsking and scratching his head was the forest fairy king Keith.

He held both Luca and Leo under his arms and sighed while transporting.


Keith transported them to their rooms in the royal castle.

It’s troublesome to place them on their respective beds so he just threw them to Luca’s bed; however, they did not move an inch and continued to sleep peacefully.


That sight made Keith laugh and he heard someone saying thanks from behind him.


“Oh, so you are back already?”

“We just arrived… how are the two? I’ve always been worried after that.”


While touching her honey pink hair, the lady asked Keith.

Looking at their relaxed sleeping expressions, it’s clear that they’re fine, but it’s a mother’s nature to worry.


“They are probably fine. Both of them are tough as they look… plus they have our blessings too.”


Keith laughed and said that they’re brave.


“Haha, that’s true. Keith, thank you for saving me at that time.”

“It’s fine; of course I’m going to save the lady whom I have blessed.”

“You’re so reliable.”


That lady giggled and Keith laughed with a hint of shyness.


“…So, how was your trip? I didn’t expect the six of you to travel together; please think of how lonely I was, being left behind alone to look over things.”

“It was very fun. It’s fine, we have brought souvenirs for you!”

“Souvenirs, huh”


Keith has a feeling that it’s some rare sweets and desserts from other countries.

That’s how much that lady loves sweets.


“Sigh, why are you showing a look that you are not impressed; we brought a luxurious looking glass that’s perfect for drinking alcohol.”

“Oh so it’s a glass.”


Keith thought that it’s good.

He wants to have wine together and relax.


“Also, we brought chocolate that’d suit alcohol!”

“I knew it”

“What’s with that…”


Keith snickered as his prediction was spot on.


“Well, that’s fine. I’ll just eat them together with delicious wine; of course you’d have them with us, won’t you? The fairies would be happy.”

“That’s right, it has been a while since I’ve met the fairies, so it’s kind of lonely… is everyone not around now?”


That lady searched around for fairies, and Keith told her the reason for that.


“They’re tending the overgrown forests; the sky and sea fairies are tending to their places too.”

“Ah, is that so…? We’re going to help out too once we’re done dealing with the stuffs here.”


The lady clenched her fists to show her determination; that sight was so cute that it made Keith smile. He then stretched his hand to touch her head- when someone grabbed onto his wrist.


“Keith, don’t touch someone’s wife.”

“You are back again at such a good timing huh…”


Keith shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand as though he’s saying that he’s not going to touch her.


“Well, both of them seem to be fine.”

“Yes. I’m grateful for that. Thank you, Keith.”


After saying his thanks, he rubbed Luca and Leo’s heads; with this, it seems like both of them can stand up to any adversary they face in the future.

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