The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 177

  1. Respective Thoughts

“Lady Tiara~! Sir Aqua~! Where are you-!!”


Akari’s voice echoed in the mountain behind the royal castle of Marineforest; as though influenced by her tearful calls, the fairies too called the names of Tiararose and Aquasteed in the same manner.


“Tiara, where are you~!?”

“We’ll present you the new dessert flowers~~!”


Akari and the forest fairies do not usually come into contact with each other, but today their feelings matched. They called Tiararose’s name loudly and searched for her in the middle of the forest.


Right behind them were Hartnight and Darel.

Both of them were also worried about Tiararose and Aquasteed so they came to search for them.


Akari and the others knew that Tiararose and Aquasteed went to gaze at the starry sky. In fact, Akari was looking at the starry sky with Hartnight too at another location.

At that time, they did felt the sea magic power in the middle. However, since it’s the star festival of the fairies, Akari did not give much thought to it.

When morning has arrived and it’s time for breakfast with Tiararose and the others, they noticed that they were missing.


“Hah, hah… they’re not here, Big Sis Tiara…”

“Darel, please do not force yourself. It’s an unmarked route so it’s dangerous.”


Hartnight was concerned about Darel who was out of breath, but the latter immediately shook his head.


“I’m just lacking in stamina… I’m used to unmarked routes so it’s fine. I’m sure the one who’s not used to it the most is Big Sis Tiara…”


Although Aquasteed was there with her, there’s a possibility that she’s in danger. No, since it’s Tiararose, she might be involved in some circumstances.


Akari ran around in the mountain and cried saying that they’re not around as she returned to where Hartnight and Darel were.

Since Akari was unable to sense her presence, she came into the conclusion that she’s not nearby.


“I see…”


Hartnight clenched his fist and tried to think of what he could do.

In the first place, the reason was due to the fact that sea fairy king Pearl’s magic power went out of control.

Hartnight, Akari and Darel are skilled users of magic; or rather they are probably within the top ten in the country.

They knew very well that they were transported to some other place when they were struck by the magic of Pearl which went out of control.

However, they still held on to a strand of hope and tried searching around for them.


“I wonder where Lady Tiara is at; I’m sure it’d be a fun maiden game development.”

“Wait a minute, Akari. Aren’t you worried about Tiara and Aqua?”


Perhaps she’s calling out Tiararose’s name sadly because she wanted to join her too.

Hartnight asked her with a stern expression and Akari diverted her gaze away for a moment. She then grinned and said that that’s not the case.


“…you’re lying.”

“It must be a lie.”

“Darel, you too!?”


Akari was shocked- but well it cannot be helped it.






“We should have confirmed clearly last night…”


Philiane looked despondent as she called out Tiararose’s name while looking at the wall.

Since it’s the star festivals, Tiararose and Aquasteed gave the permission for Philiane to watch the starry sky with Elliot.

For that sake, Philiane did not send her greetings to Tiararose before she goes to sleep as per usual customs.


When she arrived at the castle the next morning, Tiararose and Aquasteed were not there.



“Hah, excuse me, Lady Luciarose. Lady Tiararose and King Aquasteed are out for a while so please play with Philiane for now, alright?”



Luciarose nodded with a smile in response to Philiane.。

Philiane thought that she’s such a good kid, and prayed in her heart for Tiararose and Aqua to be found as soon as possible by Elliot who went out to search for them.






“You came here by your own power huh…”


Keith muttered as he saw the person in front of him.


“Well, I’ve done my best. The situation was too huge to be dealt with human’s power alone.”

Elliot continued his words while bearing the intense stare of Keith.

As for the current situation, he decided that the power of fairy king is required in order to resolve the issue quickly and came to visit the single Keith.


However, Keith just sighed loudly.


“Well, I want to help too… but this time round there’s no role for me. I’ll be scolded by Grail if I do anything.”

“Sir Grail…?”


Elliot thought that the reason could be due to Pearl, however he recalled that the two of them were in mutual love.

Indeed, even if the problem cannot be resolved immediately, Grail will be upset about his loss of prestige if some other guy managed to resolve it.


Elliot hoped that the situation could be resolved quickly, but the parties involved are the fairy kings. Even if he managed to get through thus far, he could not push any further.


Several expressions flashed across on Elliot’s face and Keith snickered.


“Well, don’t worry that much. Grail is an excellent sky fairy king, you know?”


Furthermore, he has some responsibility for Pearl’s blunder so he’d probably accept the request to help out. Keith has a feeling that it’d be resolved quickly so there’s no need to worry.


On the other hand, the person who’s flustered and worried the most is-




“Argh, why can’t I control the magic power skillfully!!”


Pearl’s flustered voice could be heard on top of the mountain at the back of the royal castle.


“Calm down, it’d be fine.”

“~~There’s no way I can calm down! Tiara was involved in the magic warp all because of my fault, you know!? Where are they…”

All they knew was that they were not in Marineforest. Pearl who blessed them with happiness would have known if they were in Marineforest by sensing their presences.

However, right now she cannot feel that and was panicking.


Grail thought of a solution and voiced it out.


“Since you used up your magic power, you cannot produce the same amount of magic power as you did earlier, Pearl.”

“No way…”


Pearl looked at Grail in despair.



“What, are you saying that there’s a solution?”

“Pearl and I, if both of us use the magic power, we’d be able to cause a warp once again. However, I think it’d produce some effect to the other side though…”


It’s not a safe method, but the best method currently, said Grail.


“Sigh… well, that’s indeed logical. In the first place, Grail’s more powerful than I am.”

“That’s right. That’s why you can just leave everything to me, Pearl.”



Grail said that happily and Pearl stared at him with fierce eyes.


“In the first place… nope, it’d fine. Sorry but please lend me your power.’


Pearl wanted to complain that Grail’s the reason why her magic power went out of control, but she thought that either way it’s her fault for being inexperienced so she swallowed her words.


“Of course.”



Pearl’s cheeks were reddening as she took Grail’s hand; his hand was larger and was not as soft as hers… it’s clearly a man’s hand.

Pearl’s hand trembled a bit probably due to shyness.



“…I-It’s nothing. I’ll look for the same warp with the sea magic power so I hope you’d force it open with the sky magic power.”

“I got it.”


After hearing Grail’s reply, Pearl took a small deep breath; Right now she can just sense the warp in the magic power, but it’d probably fade away with time.

-I cannot fail.


Pearl focused and her magic power gradually increased; with that, the warp became clearer and she poured in magic power to maintain that state.

This is the most Pearl can do at her current state.



“-Yes. Leave the rest to me, Pearl.”


Grail replied quietly and poured the cultivated sky magic power into the warp- a route led them to Tiararose’s location.

However, it’s difficult to control the magic power at that point of time; if it’s too strong or too weak, it’d affect the other side.

Thankfully, Grail’s good at controlling his magic power; Keith could have done something with his power, but Pearl is not so good at distributing her magic power.


“Well then, come back… Tiararose and Aquasteed-”


Grail quietly muttered; Pearl was emotional and grabbed onto his hand tightly. Tears could be seen welling up in her eyes.

Well, he cannot betray her expectation, while thinking of that… he felt the heat from Pearl’s hand.


That’s why, he unexpectedly let down his guard for a bit; well in other words due to happiness, Grail released far much greater magic power than he meant to.




Pearl’s mouth gaped open.


“Sorry, no, but… it’s fine. Probably, the weather on the other side was a little strange and that’s it.”

“A little…?”


In actual fact, he’s not too sure of himself and when he saw the honey pink hair he snapped out of it.

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