The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 178

  1. Return Home

When Tiararose blinked at the brightness of the rainbow glow, Pearl appeared before herself. The rainbow faded from the sky and all that’s left in her sight was the usual Marineforest sky.


Right then, Tiararose received an impact.


“Ah, I’m glad… you guys returned safely!!”

“Welcome back, both of you.”

“Pearl! And Grail too!”


Pearl hugged Tiararose with such strength that she staggered… but she’s immediately supported by Aquasteed.

Tiararose and Aquasteed looked at each other and smiled wryly; it seems that Pearl and Grail have been seriously worried.


“I’m sorry. I’m back, Pearl and Grail.”

“I’m glad you came back safely… however it’s my fault for losing control of my power; I should be the one apologizing. Sorry, Tiara and Aqua.”


Pearl sincerely apologized and Tiararose shook her head.

The cause might be due to Pearl, however thanks to that she had several unforgettable wonderful meetings and experience.


-If only I had more time to talk to them.


Tiararose thought of Luca and Leo whom she would probably never meet again and a sense of nostalgia washed over her.

She also wanted to greet Elaine but never had the chance to meet her.

Thinking of that, each and every encounter she had was precious.


“I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about us, Pearl.”

“You are just too kind, Tiara. It’s my fault though… Also, it’s thanks to Grail’s sky magic that we managed to create a route for you guys to return.”


Pearl said that they should thank Grail only instead; however Tiararose had feelings of gratitude for both of them as they were worried for them.

Tiararose respected Pearl’s intention and said that she got it with a smile.


“Thank you for saving us, Grail.”

“I really appreciate it. Thanks, Grail.”

“…I didn’t do anything great. Either way, I wouldn’t be able to do anything by myself if it weren’t for Pearl’s ability to spot the warp.”


Grail might have put on a strong front, but his legs were shaking slightly.



“Wait, Grail!!”


Pearl hurriedly supported him and Grail smiled wryly.


“I might have used up too much magic power at the end. I’ll recover after taking a rest.”

“Tsk… you should have said that so earlier!”

“Haha, sorry Pearl. I just wanted to look cool for a bit.”



Pearl’s face blushed at Grail’s words. She pinched his cheeks as if warning him not to say such embarrassing things in front of other people.


“Pearl, it hwurts.”

“Tsk! Tiara, Aqua. I’ll bring Grail back to the temple; everyone’s searching for you both of you over there, so you guys should join them and return to the castle together.”

“Ah, yes. I got it. Both of you should take your time and rest slowly, Pearl and Grail.”


Tiararose said that and Pearl’s ears turned red.


“I-I’m not going rest! It’s my fault for making him use up too much of his magic power so I’m just going let him rest in the temple.”



Pearl rebuked but Tiararose just grinned happily.

She smiled as though she has seen through all and that made Pearl so embarrassed to the point of tearing up; she carried Grail and teleported.


Right then, Tiararose suddenly thought of what would have happened if Grail did not meddle and dealt with the weird sky happening- just the thought of it was so horrifying that she shook her head.





“Lady Tiararoseeeeee!!”


Upon returning to the royal castle, Philiane hugged her while crying; it seems like she’s more worried than she’d expected.


After Pearl and Grail have teleported away, Tiararose and Aquasteed met up with Akari and the others in the mountain, and returned to the royal castle.

Akari wanted to know more of the events that have happened, but she refused as she wants to check Luciarose’s condition first. However, she’d probably barge in at night.


“Sorry for causing you to worry, Philiane. Both Aqua and I are fine.”

“Phew, I’m really glad you’re fine…”


Tiararose wiped Philiane’s unstoppable tears with a handkerchief and thanked her with a smile.

Right at the corner of the room, Luciarose was sleeping on top of the napping bed with a comfortable look. Thanks to Philiane’s care, Luciarose was not in an anxious state.


Philiane shook her head when Tiararose said that.


“No, that’s natural. Lady Luciarose’s a really good kid.”

“Yes, once the baby in the womb is born, she’d become an older sister.”

“Ah, that’s right… Without us realizing, she has matured so much huh…”


It’s something worth being happy about, but Philiane felt lonely at the same time and furrowed her eyebrows with a sigh.


“Lady Tiararose, that appearance…”



Tiararose only started to remember it when Philiane said that.

There’s nothing wrong with the knight outfit which she has borrowed over there, but it’s all dirty with mud from the lightning rain.


“I’m sorry for not realizing it immediately…! I’ll immediately prepare a bath!!”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


Philiane hurriedly went to prepare and Tiararose grinned; it seems like all her tears have stopped.


Tiararose headed towards Luciarose and peeked at her sleeping face. Her chubby cheeks and cute small hand on it; she was so small back then but she has grown quite a bit now.

Tiararose wanted to touch that cheek, but she’s dirty now so she’s bearing with the sight of her lovable sleeping for now.


“Speaking of which, I wonder if Aqua’s fine”


He said that he’d bath and change his clothes after checking the current situation with Elliot; she wondered if he managed to meet him.

The office was just nearby so he should be back if he’s not there…

Tiararose was having such thoughts when Philiane returned and apologized that she has caused her to wait. As expected of an excellent attendant, she’s quick.


“Thank you, Philiane. Also, Aqua went to meet Elliot… was he in the office?”

“Eh? Elliot, didn’t he come back together with Lady Tiararose?”



Tiararose and Philiane tilted their heads.

She totally thought that he remained in the royal castle and was working to keep things moving, but it seems like that wasn’t the case.


“Elliot went to search for Lady Tiararose. Therefore I thought that he came back with Lady Tiararose and Lady Akari and the others…”

“Elliot was not with Lady Akari and the others though?”



Thinking that he might be in the mountains searching for Tiararose and the others, she headed for the door saying that she has to search for him immediately- when Keith appeared in front of her.


“Whoa, Keith! That’s sudden again- eh, Elliot?”



Elliot appeared together with Keith.


“It seems like you’ve returned safely, Tiara.”

“Eh, yes. Speaking of which, Keith, why did you appear with Elliot?”


Tiararose thought that it was a rare combination.


“Yes. He came to me to ask for help in finding you guys; Elliot was more capable than I thought.”

“Haha, thank you very much.”


Elliot was embarrassed at Keith’s words and he said that he’s back.


“I’m glad Lady Tiararose’s fine. Where’s Sir Aquasteed…?”

“Aqua went to the office to look for Elliot.”

“Eh, I’ll head over immediately!!”



Elliot rushed out of the room in a hurry and the sight of that made Philiane face-palm; it’s hard to tell if he’s reliable or clumsy.


“Even so, you’re in a bad state…”

“Ah.. it’s due to the lightning rain. I’ll bathe now.”

“It’s bad to catch a cold so you should hurry. Fairies.”


Keith snapped his finger and a forest fairy appeared and said “yes!” In its hand was a bottle with flower filled liquid.


“I’ll add flowers to the bathtub~!”



The forest fairy smiled cheerfully and flew to the bathtub. It was so fast that it cannot be seen.


“It’s a special forest flower bath edition. Please take a slow rest.”

“I’ll wash your back for you, Lady Tiararose.”

“Keith, Philiane… Thank you, I’ll take a rest for a bit.”


Tiararose thanked them and Keith only replied with “Roger” before teleporting off; it seems like he was being considerate so that Tiararose can rest.


“…It was frantic, right?”

“That’s right. Well then, let’s head to the bathtub, Lady Tiararose.”





After reaching the bathtub, the fairy has already disappeared; it seems like it returned immediately after preparing the flower bathtub.

The fairy was probably showing consideration so that Tiararose can rest well.


After taking off the knight outfit and stepping into the bathtub room, the sweet floral scent wafted in the air; the fairy forest king said that it’s a flower bathtub, but it was a grand sight to behold.

The hot water was in a pale peach colour and instead of air bubbles, flowers floated up, before disappearing instantly. Flowers were blooming on the green bathtub and under it there were tree roots which circulated the hot water.




This kind of bathroom could only be witnessed in nature itself.

When she put her fingertips in the hot water, it was warm and comfortable. The temperature was slightly lower to allow her to enjoy a long bath.


Tiararose thought that she has to clear up the dirt quickly so that she can enter into it; right then she heard Philiane’s voice coming from the changing room.


“Shall I wash your back for you, Lady Tiararose?”


She’s thinking about what she should answer.

Usually when she’s tired, she’d ask Philiane for help, but she likes resting alone too.




When she looked at her own hair in the mirror, it was dirtier than expected; dirt has splattered to various parts and it might be difficult for her to wash them off by herself.

She decided to rely on Philiane for now.


“My hair’s incredibly dirty so I wonder if I can have your help.”

“Of course! I’ll make sure that the top of your head to your toenails would be- ah”



Philiane sounded so confident that she’d scrub her clean, when her voice suddenly stopped; she looked at the door towards the changing room while wondering what’s wrong and instead of Philiane, Aquasteed appeared.



“I’ll wash Tiara’s hair.”


Aquasteed said that and wrapped his waist with a towel before entering. Aquasteed was also covered with dirt.


“Um… yes.”


Tiararose turned red and she could only nod.

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