The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 179

  1. Pyjamas Party after a Long Time

“Eeehhh~!? There’s such an amazing adventure?!”


-It’s night time now.

As expected, Akari came to visit Tiararose and she brought Olivia along.

Both of them were in pyjamas and they were chatting on top of the bed while having sweets like their usual ladies talk party.


Luciarose was taken care of by Aquasteed.


“Nice, I wish I could have gone too~!”

“It might sound easy, but it was really tough… Lady Akari”


It was not a place to visit for fun, but it seems like Akari wouldn’t agree to that no matter what.


“I didn’t know that there’s such a place…! I want to go too!!”

“Lady Olivia too…”



The lady whose eyes were bright and shiny was Olivia Ariadale.

She has a glossy rose-red long hair that stretches to her waist and a pair of strong eyes. She was taken in with round glasses that she used as a disguise and has it on ever since then.

Olivia’s the daughter of the Ariadale count family, but she has another important role in this world and that’s the villainess of the sequel to “the Ring of Lapis Lazuli”.

However, she isn’t particularly bad and is just a serious lover of this maiden game world.

Often, she would have serious nosebleeds from excitement to the point of looking like she’d die from the lack of blood; Olivia’s hobby is to travel around the game world and she’s the epitome of an avid fan.



Olivia always thought that it’s difficult to travel to every corners of this world.


“I want to go too, but I guess I have to borrow the power of the fairy king… the hurdle is too high. I wonder if Levy would do something about it.”

“It’s not something that can be done just by borrowing their power…”


Since she was sent to the other world by mere accident, it’s not a place that one can go to just by wishing.

Pearl and Grail probably have no idea about the other side of the world.


Olivia sighed and said that it’s a pity when she heard what Tiararose has said.


“However, however, I think it’s good to travel to every corners of this world! There are fairies, spirits and dwarfs after all. I think it’d be nice if there are more mysterious entities like them in this world!”


Akari was excited and imagined the unknown world.

Indeed, it does sound fun and Tiararose thought that she should travel the world one day. However, for that, there’s a serious problem.


“We cannot easily go out with our positions…”


Tiararose’s the queen of Marineforest and Akari’s the princess of Lapis Lazuli kingdom. Olivia’s not married but she has many things she has to do as the daughter of the count family.


“That’s true~”

“It’s really inconvenient~”


Akari and Olivia lowered their heads at the same time.


“How about escaping at night? That’s not right, right?”

“I guess it’d be fine if I get exiled at the end of the game… but it’s not coming.”

“Wait, Lady Akari and Lady Olivia! Don’t say that even if it’s a joke…”


Are there any royal family members who would escape in the middle of the night?

Also, it’s just too sad to be exiled at the end of the game. Or rather, no matter what the ending would be, Aquasteed and Tiararose would never let her be exiled.

Tiararose pressed her head which is starting to hurt and took a small breath.


“For now, let’s bear with no travels for now.”

“That’s right… I haven’t covered all corners of Marineforest too and recently, I’ve been trying to look around the neighbourhood!”


Akari raised her fist and Olivia’s also excited.


“There’s the kingdom of Gnome- dwarfs underground of Lapis Lazuli kingdom, right? Maybe there’s something under Marineforest too!”



Tiararose and Akari were shocked when Olivia said that. However, they cannot deny it completely since they have not checked it out yet.

In the first place, this royal castle was created underground based on a part of the game’s scenario.


“Recently, I have been addicted to reading books on underground ruins. Perhaps, there might be something about a path that leads one to the underground. I’ll have Levy check it out too.”


Olivia was very enthusiastic about it and she probably has the best understanding of the geography in Marineforest more than everyone else.

Tiararose thought that it was amazing of Levy to share her hobby.



They changed the topic and begun talking about Tiararose’s second child.


“The baby’s magic power is still huge, right? I wonder what the next baby would be like; it’ll definitely be good looking no matter who it takes after- Lady Tiararose or King Aquasteed.”


Olivia’s eyes were shiny and she was drowning in her own imaginations.


“If only I have a child, I’ll arrange for a marriage proposal~! Lady Tiara, let’s marry in the future, alright?!”

“Lady Akari, I’ll respectfully reject that…”


Or rather, Akari sounded like she’s proposing to Tiararose.

Tiararose delivered both the thoughts of hers and Aquasteed to them with a wry smile.


“I want the children to have the freedom to love- to a certain extent; of course, that doesn’t mean that everything will do…”


It’s just that she wouldn’t want to force them to marry people against their own wishes.

However, that doesn’t mean that anyone would be fine. As royal family members, there ought to be some boundaries; that could mean social statuses or the ability to love this country.


“How amazing of you to think that deeply…”

“Lady Akari…”

“Ah, it’s fine. I love Lapis Lazuli- or rather, this world after all!”


Akari married Hartnight and placed pride on the fact that she had protected what she believes in.


-Lady Akari’s rather easygoing.


If it’s Akari, she’ll probably side with her children no matter what; she’ll probably support them even if they were to throw away their statuses as the royal family members in order to be with their loved ones.

Tiararose could not do that and thought that the pure Akari’s wonderful.


“Still, it’s something that’s in the far future; what’s most important now is to raise her up healthily.”

“That’s right! Ah, I can’t wait for Little Lucia’s social debut…!! If only video cameras would be invented by then…”


Olivia said with tears that she wants to record everything.

After that, they continued chatting and the three of them lied down side by side on the bed so that they wouldn’t talk too late into the night; they don’t want to let Tiararose, who’s pregnant, to stay up late.

They each imagined how the baby would be like and fell asleep.






“Both mother and child are healthy.”


Tiararose rubbed her chest in relief when Darel said that. The magic power of the baby in her womb has stabilized and it seems like the baby has been growing up well.

Tiararose’s stomach has grown quite a bit and it’s a month before her expected due date.


Darel has stayed behind in Marineforest ever since the starry festival of the fairies to look after Tiararose’s body condition.


“Thank you, Darel, it’s very reassuring.”

“No. I’m glad to be of some help to Big Sis Tiara.”


Darel smiled and Aquasteed, who’s sitting next to Tiararose, smiled too and said that he’s very reliable.


“Big Sis Tiara’s my precious elder sister after all. I’ll protect and take care of the baby too!”


Darel said that with force and Tiararose was moved by how capable her younger brother is.

It was the same too during the time when she had Luciarose; Darel had save her several times and she’s nothing but grateful for that.


“Thank you, Darel!”


Tiararose hugged Darel tightly, and he returned the hug happily. However, right after that, he immediately said something in a calm tone.


“It’s not good to carry heavy stuffs around but it’s not good to not exercise too; please take walks around the garden with Big Bro Aqua. Also, don’t approach strangers; they might have strong magic power after all… and”


Darel advised her not to take in caffeine or stay up overnight and everything he could think of.


“…it’s only a month left before the delivery. I sent a letter to father and he replied saying that he’d definitely come.”

“Tsk, father…”


Tiararose smiled wryly as he’s probably busy with work in Lapis Lazuli. However, she understands that he just love her and his grandchild.

Tiararose smiled saying that she wished to see him soon.




After the body examination, Tiararose and the two had tea time together.

She’s relaxed by the luxurious flower tea scent; her favourite sweets were also lined up and she’s excited over choosing which one to eat first.


When she was pregnant with Luciarose, she could not stand sweets, but this time round she’s fine with them.

Her body might feel fatigue and she might lose her appetite sometimes… but sweets are another different matter.

She’s grateful to god for that.


As long as she can eat sweets, everything would be fine.


“By the way, Darel, is there anything different? I’m worried about the water spirit Undine matter.”

“Hmm… there’s not much progress. Also, since I’m still small, there’s not much I can do. I hope to trace after my master’s trail in the future though.”


However, Darel said that that’s probably a matter of the future.


“The existence of spirits was only made known to us recently… I thought that it was just a fairytale before I met the Salamander.”

“That’s right. Thinking about it, since there are fairies, it should not be strange for spirits to exist.”


Tiararose said that and smile.


“We’ll let you know if we got to know anything. Darel, too, please consult me if there’s anything. I’ll definitely help you.”

“Thank you very much, Big Sis Tiara!”


After that, they continued chatting till the end of the tea time.

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