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  1. Color of the King




When Tiararose was about to take a bite of her breakfast, she suddenly froze; to be more precise, she cannot move because of the discomfort in her stomach.

There are five days left till the expected delivery date, but inaccuracy is not rare.


Aquasteed immediately stood up and supported Tiararose’s body; he knows that she’s not going to give birth on the spot.

He calmed Tiararose down but gently placing his hand over her back.


“Elliot, call the doctor and Philiane, contact Darel.”


“At once!”


Aquasteed slowly carried Tiararose up and got out of the room; there’s already a room prepared for her delivery.

Aquasteed was careful of his walking speed while being ahead of Tarmo.




For the delivery this time round, Aquasteed will also be there to watch.

The doctor advised against it, but since Tiararose was okay with it, they decided to see through it.


Tiararose breathed repeatedly in a painful manner; Aquasteed held her hand and told her that she’d be fine.

Tiararose laughed as she looked at Aquasteed’s face.


“There are wrinkles between your eyebrows, papa.”

“…I can’t help but be nervous; how I wished I can take some of your pain in your stead, Tiara.”


Aquasteed was waiting nervously in the next room for their first child, but being together like this makes him even more nervous.

Tiararose tried to speak louder but her heart started pumping loudly.


“-Ah, ugh”


“Ha, hah, I’m f-fine. I’ll give birth to a healthy baby… right?”



Aquasteed grabbed Tiararose’s hand and prayed for her safe delivery; Darel and the others, who’re waiting in the next room, are probably doing the same.


Right after that- the sound of cries could be heard.


“Fueee, fuee”

“The baby’s born…!”

“I’m gla… d…”


However, the discomfort in Tiararose’s body did not disappear. After that the doctor said “one more baby!”

Tiararose took a breath and at the same time, another wailing sound could be heard.


“Fueee, fuee”



After giving birth to two babies, Tiararose let out a big breath; she did not expect it to be a twin so her eyes widened when she looked at them.


“Male twin- two princes!!”


The voice of the doctor stirred up a commotion in the room.

It’s the first princes of Marineforest; this happy news made Tiararose tear up and she tried to lift her body up.





Aquasteed supported her back and took the babies from the doctor; upon carrying them, he could feel their softness and living heartbeats.

It seems like they were both born healthily and that fact alone makes him happy.


However, that only lasted for a moment.


Both of the babies’ magic power suddenly started to swell up; it’s probably a result of them receiving some external influences after being delivered out of the womb.

The doctor immediately shouted for them to call Darel.


Aquasteed rolled up the sleeves and put bracelets on their wrists.


“That is…”


Tiararose have seen those bracelets before.

Those are the magic bracelets she received from Luca and Leo when they separated from each other; they told her that they are effective at controlling magic power.


Many thoughts started running in Tiararose’s mind and she came to a conclusion that they gave her the bracelets for her babies.

With these bracelets, the babies’ magic power could be controlled; Tiararose was grateful to the both of them and upon looking at the babies in her arms- she gulped.


The colors of those eyes were those that Tiararose has seen before.

They were shiny and odd-colored eyes.

The blue and green color jewel-like eyes were exactly the same as those of Luca and Leo.



“The moon bracelet on Stiftluca and sun bracelet on Stiftleo”



Aquasteed named the babies and placed the bracelets on their thin wrists; the magic powers were controlled immediately.

The babies- Stiftluca and Stiftleo looked comfortable as they slept.


“That world… was the future, huh?”


Tiararose immediately understood why they refused to reveal their identities to her; Luca and Leo knew what’s going to happen to Tiararose and the others in the future after all.


Tiararose leaned against Aquasteed and peeked at his expression.


“Aqua, did you know about that?”


Tiararose was a little displeased as she hoped he’d tell her about it; however, Aquasteed shook his head.


“I just thought that it might be possible; I wasn’t exactly sure about it either.”

“…I see. However, Luca and Leo knew about us… they knew that we needed these bracelets and gave them to us, right?”


Tiararose smiled wryly at how competent her sons were even before they were born; she did not expected to be helped by her newborn sons so many times.

Tiararose swore to protect them with all her might from now on.


“Let’s get along well in the future, Luca, Leo.”


Tiararose kissed both of their foreheads.






In order to see the healthy newborn princes, many people dropped by.


“Ah, for the time being, we’ll refuse visitors other than people whom Lady Tiararose are closely acquainted with.”


Philiane was dealing with the visit requests.

Her eyes shone as she’s determined not to allow anyone, who’d trouble Tiararose, into the room.

The visits are held one, two months after with a loose schedule so that it would not pose a burden on Tiararose.



“The births of the princes are amazing”

“Furthermore, it’s a twin.”



While drinking tea on the bed, she looked at the large flower cradle placed beside it; right there Stiftluca and Stiftleo were sleeping soundly.

Right near them was Luciarose who’s looking at her newborn younger brothers happily; it seems like the relationship between the siblings would be good.


“Ha~ the princes were very cute! I’m sure they’d become handsome like Sir Aqua in the future!”


Akari was excited and grinned as she looked at Stiftluca and Stiftleo.

Philiane only allowed closed ones into the room and that includes Akari, Darel, Olivia and Tiararose’s parents.


“Just by the fact that they’re the sons of Lady Tiararose and King Aquasteed… wow how wonderful!!”


Olivia leaned forward and held a handkerchief on her nose; she’s so awed by Stiftluca and Stiftleo that her nose is starting to bleed!


Looking at that, Philiane raised her voice.


“Lady Olivia, please refrain from having nosebleeds near the newborn princes!”

“Ah, that’s right, that’s right! Lady Akari, I’ll retreat from the frontline for now! I’ll leave the rest to you!”

“Lady Olivia~! I’ll do my best to complete my duty for the sake of Lady Olivia, I’ll definitely push on!!”


Olivia left as she held onto her nose and Akari was entrusted with her thoughts; Tiararose laughed wryly thinking about what kind of duty would what be.


“It’s very lively here right, Big Sis Tiara.”

“That’s right, and also it’s thanks to Darel that I’m able to give birth safely, thank you!”

“No. I’m just glad that Big Sis Tiara is healthy.”


Darel was worried about her body condition after birth too but it seems like she’s fine; of course she’s a little tired, but she still had appetite and was not feeling bad.

This is all thanks to the support provided by Darel on the daily basis. Darel had studied a lot and were tracking her nutritional intake.


After that, they continued talking for a while before Philiane suggested for her to rest for a while and they left.



Taking a sip of Rooibos tea prepared by Philiane, Tiararose took a breath.

Right then, she realized that it’s unusually quiet… it might be a rude thing to say, but that’s when she realized that the three fairy kings were not around.


“Aqua, I wonder if Keith and the others were not around.”


It seemed like they’d fly over though.


“Yes, the three of them said that they’d be here at night; they were probably worried that Tiara would be tired immediately after giving birth to twins and were considerate about it.”

“I see.”


In that case, she decided that it’s better to take a short nap before nighttime.

Tiararose placed the teacup on the side table and Aquasteed immediately placed a blanket on her.


“I’ll always be by your side, so please take a rest.”



After Tiararose lied down, Aquasteed carried Luciarose, who’s dozing off, and placed her in the bed.


“It’s also time for an afternoon nap for Lucia, right?”

“Have a proper rest and recover quickly; have a good sleep, Tiara and Lucia.”


Aquasteed said that and kissed Tiararose and Luciarose’s forehead.






“The forest fairy king blesses the both of them!”


Right after entering the room, Keith blessed Stiftluca and Stiftleo with happiness. Grail was smiling wryly behind him, so they probably decided on the order beforehand.


“Accept the blessings from Grail and me.”



Pearl and Grail blessed Stiftluca and Stiftleo too.

In other words, the twins were blessed by the three fairy kings.



“They have strong magic power… and to add onto that, blessings from the fairy kings…”

Tiararose smiled wryly and was convinced by how they’d become part of the strongest class; both of them must have gained power from their experience in dealing with the strange sky happening which they encountered with Tiararose and Aquasteed.


-It will take a long time till then.


However, right now Tiararose and Aquasteed do not have the power to bless them with the starry sky power.

It’s probably because they used up much of the blessings that they have parted to the both of them in the future; they could not predict how long it’d take before they have enough power to bless someone else again.


-We can only entrust fate to the both of them in the future.


Tiararose thought that it was just an accident, but it seems like there were many intricate links between what happened.



Grail teleported to the window and opened the curtain.

The sun has already set and it’s night time. The sky was filled with stars and it was as though they were celebrating Stiftluca and Stiftleo’s birth.


The night breeze was comfortable.


Aquasteed was sitting on the bedside and he asked Grail, who’s watching at the night sky, what’s wrong.

Keith guessed that he’s moon-watching and Pearl looked a little uncertain.


“It’s the third time I have seen this sky.”



Tiararose’s curiosity was piqued when she heard what Grail said. The sky fairy Grail has lived for a really long time and since he’s a fairy, he must have seen the sky for thousands of times.

Grail leaned onto the window frame and turned behind.



“It’s the same starry sky that appeared on the day Aquasteed was born.”



Those words were suggestive and those who got it understood what he meant.

Tiararose was racking up her brains thinking of what it could mean and Keith said that it’s indeed the same as he recalled the past. Pearl seemed to have seen this sky for the first time but she appeared to understand the significance behind it.


“The twin will be the next kings huh.”


Keith said that and smiled.

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