The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 181

  1. Lively Days

The clear skies, colorful fishes swimming in the sea, and green forest filled with abundant fruits; this beautiful country is Marineforest which has been blessed by the starry sky king and the three fairy kings.

The queen is Tiararose, who has married in from the neighboring country, the Lapis Lazuli kingdom, and she’s spending her days raising her children up.



It has been three years since the twin princes, her second child and third child respectively, have been born.

Right now, she’s in her own room in the royal castle, looking at the sweets catalog while wondering which one she would decide on. Sweets are an important source of nutrition for Tiararose.


Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

She’s the queen of this country and the villainess of the maiden game “The Ring of the Lapis Lazuli.” Now, she’s the mother to three. She has fluffy honey pink hair and clear blue eyes. Her sweet gentle smile looks like one of a holy mother.



And the three kids – Luciarose, Stiftluca and Stiftleo are having an afternoon nap together.

Luciarose’s having a pleasant sleep but she made a muffled sound, tossed in the bed and got out of her blanket.

Tiararose noticed her voice, lifted her head from the catalog and headed towards her cute daughter.


She covered her with the blanket and gently rubbed her forehead. She looked so comfortable sleeping that any doting parent would have thought that it’s possible to look at that forever.


There’s another person who’s looking at Tiararose and the kids.


“Hah, it’s wonderful today too!”


Olivia was looking at them with a satisfied look.

She placed her hands in front of her chest and tried to imprint this scene into her mind forever; meanwhile she hoped that if only the camera would be invented quickly…

After that, she took out a handkerchief from the pocket and placed it on her nose. In a moment, the handkerchief was soaked with blood.


“What a beautiful scene, Lady Tiararose!”

“Lady Olivia… I thought your nose stopped bleeding for a while.”

“No no! Thanks to the practice, I’ve not had nosebleeds for a while normally, but once I feel reverence towards something, it’d flow out…!”


Tiararose smiled wryly at Olivia’s words and thinking about it, indeed her nosebleed was rather in control compared to before so there’s no helping it, and she returned to her seat.



Olivia Ariadale is the villainess of the sequel who loves this world too much.

Philiane is now having her maternity leave, so she became a temporary servant for Tiararose. She exclaimed that “It’s a pleasure to be able to serve my senior!”

Although she’s the servant, her butler Levy is always by her side, so the dynamics is rather unique.



Levy is the butler of Olivia.

His black hair is groomed properly and his eyes are of the same rose-red color as that of Olivia’s hair. He’s wearing a butler outfit and looks extremely elegant. He thinks about Olivia more than anyone else- no, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he only thinks of Olivia.



Olivia enjoyed the sight of the sleeping kids for a while before she recalled something.


“Oh right! Lady Tiararose, the design for the store is ready.”

“Lady Olivia, thank you very much.”


Tiararose placed the catalog on the table and received the floor plan from Olivia. In it, there’s the architectural specification for the store as well as both the interior and exterior designs.

It’s a red brick building which looks rather cute on the outside. There are tables with fifty seats on the first floor and five private rooms on the second floor.

While she really wanted to make it small and cozy, there’ll probably be a long queue so she decided to make it larger.



-This is the “Fairy Dust Sweets.”

It’s the sweets store that has been produced by Tiararose.

She wanted to create a store that can be frequented by both nobles and commoners, regardless of their statuses. There are sweets of reasonable prices and even sweets courses.

The first floor is designed to be like a restaurant where anyone could feel free to drop in and eat sweets while the private rooms on the second floor cater to the nobles.



“It’s a very cute design, right?!”

“Yes! The private rooms on the second floor are all reserved-only, so we can use it for our tea parties.”


Tiararose looked at the specification plan with excitement and Olivia nodded too.

Tiararose has always thought of creating a sweets store all these while, but due to work and child-rearing, she was not able to put it into action.

Philiane’s younger brother Alan in Marineforest has already created a ‘Flower Sugar Store No. 2’ which is catered for the commoners and receives a lot of visitors each day.


-Once it’s done, I have to invite Mister Alan too.

Tiararose thought that it would be good if the sweets industry would expand even further.

If that happens, the annual sweets competition would probably become livelier than ever. The sweets competition itself has already received a lot of attention and there were increasing number of visitors from other countries.


“Well then, shall we have tea together?”



Tiararose nodded at Olivia’s suggestion and Levy has already started to prepare the black tea. It seems like this butler is able to read his master’s mind before she even talk about it.

Tiararose released the strains in her shoulders and turned her head as she took in the aroma of the tea leaves. There were many documents that she had to check which led to stiff shoulders.




Tiararose sighed and Olivia went behind her to massage her shoulders. It was the right spot and felt very comfortable.


“You’ve worked hard.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”

“Your shoulders are so stiff!”

“Ah, it hurts…”


Olivia rotated Tiararose’s shoulder joints and she screamed. To think that she has exerted so much strain on her shoulders for it to hurt this much…

Tiararose thought that she has to take her time in the bath and sleep early tonight to relax her body.


“I’ll always be here to massage you, so please ask me to without reservation!”



Olivia looked motivated and Tiararose nodded with a smile.

Initially, when Olivia said that she’d become her servant while Philiane’s having her maternity leave, she was shocked, but everyday’s fun now.


-Sometimes she’d have nose bleeds though…


“Oh right, wouldn’t it be good if there’s a hot spring which helps in relaxing stiff shoulders, no..?”

“As expected of Olivia, that’s a good idea!”

“W-Wait, what are the two of you talking about?”


Olivia said what she had on mind and Levy totally agreed with her; Tiararose alone was not enough to stop them.


-If it’s Levy, it wouldn’t be surprising if he started to dig a hot spring!


“It’d be fine! Lady Tiararose, please do not mind us and wait for the hot spring to be dug out.”

“That’s definitely not right…!”


Tiararose shook her head but Aquasteed entered into the room and said “Sounds like you guys are having a fun conversation.”

It seems like he’s done for his work today.


“I’m back, Tiara.”

“Aqua, you’ve worked hard.”


Tiararose fetched Aquasteed in and he gently kissed her; she was a little embarrassed since Olivia and the others were around, but she’s happy.



Aquasteed Marineforest is someone who treasures his time with his wife and kids.

He has dark blue hair and gentle golden eyes. His looks are well-defined and to this day, it makes Tiararose’s heart beat fast.

He’s the king of Marineforest and an important person blessed by the starry sky king who protects this land and its people which includes Tiararose.



“You’ve worked hard, King Aquasteed.”

“Yes. Was there anything out of usual today?”

“Everything’s as usual today. It’s just that Lady Tiararose’s stiff shoulders are rather serious and even during the massage earlier…”

“Lady Olivia!”


Tiararose was panicking as she did not want it to be made known to Aquasteed; once he knows of this, he’d definitely initiate to massage her happily.

Also, that’d not end there, it’d definitely be ticklish and Tiararose’s face turned red.

Looking at that, Olivia smiled and thought quietly “That was a good sight to behold”, Tiararose probably have had no idea that that’s what she has in mind.


Looking at Tiararose, Aquasteed deepened his smile.


“It’s my role to relax my wife who’s busy with work and child-rearing after all.”

“Hehe, it’s time for you couple to spend time together, so we shall leave. Please excuse us.”

“Yes, thanks.”


Olivia and Levy elegantly bowed and left the room.

Everything progressed so fast like the passing wind and Tiararose held onto her cheek that’s getting hot.

Olivia’s proper and elegant, but for some reason she has a pushy side to her.

She probably purposely made sure that Tiararose would have some me-time with Aquasteed.


Aquasteed headed towards the sleeping kids and sat down on the bed.


“They’re sleeping soundly, right?”

“Lucia’s very energetic and played around a lot just now.”


She’s probably tired, Tiararose suggested with a smile. Recently, she’d run around once she’s free and sometimes Tarmo would be forced to go along with her. Stiftluca and Stiftleo’s both three-year-old so it was cute to see them trying their best to follow Luciarose.


Right then, Aquasteed beckoned Tiararose over with his hand.




When Tiararose sat down beside Aquasteed, he held onto her hand. She tilted her head and wondered what’s wrong and he placed her hand onto his cheek.


”If possible, I’d like to follow after Tiara too.”


Aquasteed has been busy with administrative works recently and was not able to spend time together with Tiararose.

That’s why, it seems like he’s a little envious of the kids.

His slightly sulky look was very cute and Tiararose thought that the sight of her husband following after her was funny that she laughed.


“Tsk, Aqua.”

“Even so, I’m trying to bear with it, you know?”


That’s why he wanted her to understand him for speaking about it.

However, Tiararose felt the same way too. She wanted to see Aquasteed together with her kids all day long.

She wanted the kids to see how hard their father is working.


However, the kids would definitely chase after Aqua’s back once they’ve grown up.

As a mother she understands that somewhat.


“Once Tiara’s store is ready, I’ll make some time so let’s go there for a meal together with everyone.”



Aquasteed cuddled up against Tiararose and she hugged him back in return with a blissful smile.

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