The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 182

  1. Relaxing Tea Time

“Mother, look at this~!”

“Eek-! Lucia, what are you doing?!!”


Tiararose’s mouth gaped open in surprise when she looked at her daughter who called her happily.

When she looked at Luciarose, she has already climbed up the tree in the garden. Tarmo is nervously pacing around below the tree, as he tried to look after her.

Right after that, from behind her, Olivia exclaimed “What a genius!” with shiny excited eyes.



Lucia Marineforest is the princess who plays in the garden every day.

She’s the first child of Tiararose and Aquasteed, and also the first princess of Marineforest.

She has honey pink eyes with a tint of gold, and her dark-pink coloured hair is tied up on two sides as buns.

She holds the magic of Salamander spirit within her, and has the potential of fire-related magic. Even so, Luciarose’s still small so she does not really use magic.


Luciarose has become five-year-old already and spends time running around in the garden every day. If they were in Japan, she’d probably be enrolled into the kindergarten as a senior.

Luciarose has often seen the knights around and recently, she often says “I’ll bcom a knight!” as she wanted to protect her mama and papa.


-It makes me happy that she wants to protect us but…

Tiararose hoped that she’d not play in such a reckless manner.


“It’s fine, Lucia is a knight after all!”


Her daughter exclaimed with a proud look as she stood on top of the tree.

Her athletic ability must have come from Aquasteed. Tiararose thought that it’s impossible for her to be able to climb up the tree skilfully like this.


Right then, a third party’s voice could be heard shouting “Eek-! Lady Luciarose-!?”

Tiararose turned around to the source of the voice and it was Philiane whose face was pale. Right in her arms was her eldest son, Christoa.


“Somehow looking at your reaction calms me down, Philiane…”

“Lady Tiararose, it’s not the time to say that…!”


However, despite Philiane’s anxiousness, Luciarose showed a joyful smile as she shouted “Philiane! Chris!” and jumped off the tree.





This time round, Tiararose screamed silently, but right before Luciarose hits the ground, Tarmo caught her.


“Hah… I thought my heart was going to stop.”

“Really… if Tarmo wasn’t there, what would have happened…”


Tiararose and Philiane were so anxious that their hearts thumped with an awry sound.

However, the person herself, Luciarose, was so nonchalant as though she has not noticed how worried her mother was.



The person who collapsed onto the ground with relief was Philiane Coralsia.

She has beautiful yellow-green hair and sepia coloured eyes. She has served Tiararose for a long time since the past, and is a reliable lady.

Right now, she’s the wife of Elliot, the closest aide of Aquasteed, and between then they have a two-year-old son, Christoa, one-year-old daughter Fin, and another girl Elaine who was recently just born.



Christoa Coralsia is the eldest son of the Coralsia family.

He inherited his silky light yellow-green hair from Philiane, and calm deep green eyes from Elliot.

Elliot wanted him to serve Stiftluca and Stiftleo, but his personality was so calm that Philiane’s worried if he’d be up for the job.



“Are you alright, Philiane? It seems like Chris was also frightened.”

“Thank you very much.”


Tiararose lent her hand to Philiane who was sitting on the ground and helped her up; she looked at Luciarose who’s running around energetically with a wry smile.

Luciarose came toward Christoa, held the hem of her dress and bowed cutely.

Luciarose might be tomboyish, but she was taught to greet properly under the education of Tiararose.


“Welcome! Philiane, Chris!”

“Good day, Lady Luciarose.”

“…Good afternoon.”


Philiane greeted with a smile and Christoa too did a greeting, but he immediately hid behind Philiane.

Perhaps, he might have been frightened because of how Luciarose jumped off the tree.

However, Luciarose took Christoa’s hand and happily exclaimed “Let’s play!” with a smile.




Christoa nodded and came out from behind Philiane. Just like that, he held hand with Luciarose and sat on top of the lawn.

Tiararose was looking at them as she wondered what they’d be playing with, when she noticed the soft toys walking towards them.



“It’s Lady Luciarose’s soft toys, right?”

“It seems like she moved them from the room in order to play with Chris.”


Luciarose normally does not use her magic, but it’s a different matter when it comes to moving her soft toys.


It seems like she’s moving them as she treat them as playing partners like friends.


Previously, Tiararose asked her how did she manage to move them, but she explained vaguely that “I just tell them to come over~”


“It’s the soft toys~!”


Christoa’s face brightened up and he walked towards the soft toys. Luciarose’s holding his hand like an elder sister.


“Haah~ how cute!”


Olivia thought that she could watch over them like this forever as she became out of breath. It seems like blood is on the brink of spurting out of her nose.


“They’re playing with soft toys, so shall we have tea together?”

“Yes, let’s do that. Levy!”

“Wow, already!”


At Tiararose’s proposal, Levy has already finished the setting for the tea party.

There were light snacks like sandwiches to cakes; when did he start preparing them? No, it’s pointless to think about it when it comes to him.



Therefore, the adults decided to have a relaxing tea time.


Philiane looked at how Christoa and Luciarose were playing together and it seemed like the load on her shoulder has been lightened. She’s in the middle of raising her children, and her face looked slightly tired.


“Everyone’s here today, so you should take your time, Philiane.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Tiararose. I knew about it since Lady Luciarose was born, but child-raising is such a difficult task isn’t it? …of course there are a lot of happy moments too.”


Philiane laughed as she said she’s not used to it yet.


“Lady Olivia, thank you for becoming the servant in place of me.”

“No, no. I’m spending my days fruitfully and it’s fun so Philiane, you should just prioritize on yourself.”



Although it’s going to be for a short period of time, Philiane found it uneasy for Olivia, the lady of the count family, to take over her, but she has already gotten used to it by now.

Even so, Olivia’s always in high tension when it comes to Tiararose, Aquasteed and the kids. Also, with Levy around, there’s no problem when it comes to the basic works that has to be done.

Philiane sipped onto the black tea and changed the topic by saying “Speaking of which.”


“Alan said he would come over soon.”

“Oh, Mister Alan would?”

“It seems like he’s really curious about the ‘Fairy Dust Sweets’ store that’s created by Lady Tiararose and wanted to celebrate it.”

“That makes me happy. I was thinking of sending him an invitation card.”


Tiararose smiled at the thought of how Alan took the initiate to come first.

She’s motivated to welcome him with the best sweets course ever.

She wants to feed Alan both the noble-catered sweets as well as the new commoner-catered sweets that Alan specializes in.


-Ah, there are so many things to do!


“Lady Tiararose, don’t go overboard, alright?”

“O-Of course!”


Tiararose thought about adding a few more sweets to the menu, but she could not say that out loud in front of Philiane who’s putting pressure onto her with a grin.


“It’s alright, I’m resting properly. Otherwise, Lady Olivia would say something to Aqua.”

“Of course! I’m going to punish you accordingly if you’re naughty.”

“Well, that’s great.”

“Both of you…”


Tiararose thought that she’s in the palms of her servants…






It’s afternoon now. Since she has some work to do with Aquasteed today, both of them headed to the reception room.


“Speaking of which, it has been a long time since Tiara has met that person, right?”

“It’s been a couple of months since.”


However, Tiararose has no idea what they’re meeting to discuss about. There aren’t any problems recently so there’s nothing much she could say.

The person who they’ve been waiting for has finally entered into the reception room.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, Lady Aishira.”

“It has been a while, Lady Aishira.”

“It has been a while.”


Aishira slowly greeted them and smiled “thank you for taking the time.”



Aishira Pearlant is the heroine of the sequel game who is loved by the sea.

She has light blue hair and orange eyes. She’s a slender lady but has enough physical stamina and strength to swim endlessly for hours.

She has been blessed by the sea fairy and currently oversees the management of Marineforest’s sea.



Aishira sat down and waited for the maid to be done with the preparation of the black tea as she opened her mouth.


“Once again… thank you again for taking the time today.”

“Is there any problem?”

“No, today, um… It’s about a matter of mine but…”



Aishira seemed like she’s having a hard time saying what she wanted to say; Tiararose and Aquasteed both looked at each other.


“…I’m getting married and I’m here to announce it today.”

“! Congratulations.”

“Congratulations, Lady Aishira.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed were surprised about the sudden matter, but they immediately sent their words of blessings.

However, at the same time, Tiararose was wondering in her mind ‘with who?’ While thinking about the strategy characters of the sequel game, Aishira revealed the name of her partner.


“…I’m going to marry Kyle.”


Aishira’s cheeks turned pink when she announced that and she looked like she’s in bliss.

It has taken quite a while for her to reach this state since she always have had fond feelings for Aquasteed, but Aquasteed was happy that she was able to announce her marriage with a smile like this.


-Kyle is Lady Aishira’s butler and one of the strategy characters.


Kyle has always been by Aishira’s side and their love grew slowly over time.

However, if there’s a problem, that’d be the fact that Kyle is not a noble…

Tiararose has never played the sequel to the game, so she does not know about it, but it must have been a rather difficult path.


“What did the Pearlant count say?”


Tiararose herself gulped at Aquasteed’s question.

They’re curious whether the strict count would grant permission to this marriage. For a moment, they’re worried if she would say that she’s going to elope with him.


Aishira smiled wryly as she replied “he has given us the permission.”


“Of course, it was difficult to persuade father… however, Kyle has always been by my side and helped me so much.”


Aishira revealed that the Pearlant count himself too adored Kyle like his own son.


“Initially, he scolded me by saying ‘don’t say something stupid!’ though…”

“That must have been quite tough…”

“I’m glad he acknowledges both of you now.”

“Thank you very much.”


Aishira looked like she’s relieved and then she looked at Aquasteed.

Aishira probably have tidied up her feelings for him; she left the reception room with a bright look.

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