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The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 183

  1. Opening of the Fairy Dust Sweets!

Time flies and it’s the day of the opening of Tiararose’s store “Fairy Dust Sweets.”

Tiararose entrusted the children to Aquasteed and headed to the store with Olivia and Levy.


They will be opening at eleven o’ clock and there’s one more hour left.

“Wow, the aroma is so fragrant”


The shop is filled with the scent of sweet desserts which is enough to make one feel blissful just by taking a whiff of it.

There are the usual baked sweets like cookies and madeleine; but other than that, there are also Tiararose’s latest berry cake work, ice cream and parfaits.

There are a few non-sweet options for light meals like sandwiches and galettes.

Hence, it’s a place where guys who are not fond of sweets can drop by too.


A lady with a chef hat came over to them and bowed. She’s holding a tray filled with freshly made cakes and cream puffs.


“Chef head! Thank you, I think you have done a really good job.”

“I’m glad you’re happy with it. I put in all my effort in making all the sweets.”


It’s evident just by looking at the sweets on the tray that she has really put in a lot of effort; it’s not just the appearances, she has done a lot of trial-and-errors from the choices of ingredients to the methods of preparation just for this very day.


-There’s no way it’s not going to be delicious!

Tiararose hoped that a lot of people would eat her sweets as soon as possible.


The chef head smiled happily when she saw how Tiararose’s eyes were shining.


“Lady Tiararose, I’ve prepared a sweets set for you, so please have it.”

“Hmm that’s right… there’s only an hour left till the opening of the store, so let’s eat.”


Tiararose thought that she’d only be interfering into their work if she were to look around the kitchen and the store, so she decided to have the sweets, which will be on sales today, with Olivia and the others in the reception room.



“Mm~~~~, this is too delicious!”


Olivia looked as though she’s going to melt from the deliciousness after she took a bite of the cake; she could probably have plenty of them without getting sick.


“It’s worth all the effort.”


Tiararose also took a bite of the cake and smacked her lips together at the deliciousness. It’s a cake that she came up with, but with the head chef’s skills, it tasted several times more delicious.


-I’m so blessed to be able to open my own sweets store like this…

Tiararose has always liked sweets since her previous life and this very situation is like a dream to her.

If things go well, it’s plausible for her to open more branches. Also, there’s a possibility of her opening up stores in other countries and spread the love for sweets.

Tiararose’s dreams expanded more and more.


“However, I do feel a little bad leaving the kids behind just to eat sweets by myself…”

“Hehe, Lady Luciarose loves sweets after all, right?”

“That’s right.”


Tiararose thought about Luciarose when she heard what Olivia said and smiled. She’s sure that Luciarose would puff her cheeks and exclaim “that’s not fair~!”

I guess I will ask the chef head to prepare some sweets for me to bring home.


After they were done with the sweets, it’s just the right time.

It’s the opening of the store soon.


“Lady Tiararose, you will make your greetings first, so let’s complete the preparations.”

“Yes. Before that, let’s clean up first.”


All of the staffs are busy on this opening day.

Tiararose took the towel and used the water magic to clean up the table.


“…Senior Tiararose’s magic! Amazing!!”

“This is amazing… but I thought Lady Tiararose does not really use magic often?”


Levy placed a handkerchief on Olivia’s nose while asking if something happened.


“Actually, my magic power has increased recently so it has become easier to use them.”

“Wow, something like that has happened…! Maybe I might be able to use magic if I were to practice a lot.”


When Tiararose said that, Olivia, who could not use magic at all, held some hopes.


“I’ve heard that magic power does not really grow when one reaches adulthood… but well, Lady Tiararose might be different since she has received the blessings from the fairy king.”

“Levy, are you trying to tell me that I would not be able to use magic in a roundabout way…?”

“Well, I’ll protect Olivia so there wouldn’t be a problem if you cannot use magic.”



Olivia revealed a look of dissatisfaction at Tiararose as though that’s not what she wanted.


“However, it’s a little worrying since the reason is unknown, right? Although it’s a happy matter if it’s just a sign of growth.”

“That’s right… I don’t feel any abnormalities for now, so I think it’d be fine.”


Tiararose has always worried about the magic power issues of her children when she’s pregnant and she thought that it might be one of the reasons…


“Well then, it’s time to open the store. Shall we go?”







The interior of the store is cutely decorated with motifs of the forests and fairies; it is also warmly lit by the starry chandelier that’s hanging from the ceiling.

The staffs had uniforms which were in relaxing sepia color.


When it’s time to open the store, a large number of customers flooded into the store.

For the first day of opening, the seats were fully filled with reservations and that’s enough to keep them busy; however it’s also possible for customers without reservations to purchase and take out.


Tiararose and the others were quietly looking at how the customers take their seats; they’d probably shock them if they were to appear right from the start.


“It’s very popular, right, Lady Tiararose?”

“Yes, the reservations for the coming three months have been completely filled.”


It’s quite a large store so it should be fine, but Tiararose’s influence was far greater than she thought it was.

For now, it’s a reservation-only system where first-time customers would be given the priority.


When all the customers have seated, the staff called for Tiararose.


“Lady Tiararose, please come over here. It’s time for the greetings.”



Among the guests who were here on the opening day, there were a few noble ladies and couples even though they’re seated in the public area; there were a few people whom Tiararose’s familiar with and she smiled.

Furthermore, she realized that Alan’s there too. Even though she sent an invitation card, it seems like he has personally made a reservation and came here for a meal.


When Tiararose stood in front of them, roars of applause echoed.


“Everyone, thank you for coming to ‘Fairy Dust Sweets’ today”


When she looked around inside the store, everyone’s showing looks of excitement. That’s what Tiararose was looking forward to for her sweets store.

Tiararose had distributed some of her cake during the previous sweets competition and some of the customers might be here to have them and some of them might even be pastry chefs themselves.


“Compared to the time when I’ve moved to Marineforest for marriage, there have been an increasing number of sweets-related stores. There are sweets competitions and the sweets-making skills of this country have developed rapidly. Even so, most of the ingredients for sweets are rather expensive and there are times when it’s difficult to purchase them.”


Although it might be difficult to hope for a solution to be found this early, but with the development of skills, Tiararose thought that the day, when ingredients like honey would become affordable, would come.

It might take some time, but as long as there are sweets-lovers, there will be greater hope to realize it.


“…I might take up too much time for you to enjoy the sweets with my talk so I will end it here, please enjoy.”


Tiararose finished her greetings and it’s time for the chef head to introduce the sweets- or that’s supposed to happen but someone else appeared.



“Congrats on the store, Tiararose.”

“Aqua- Sir Aquasteed!”


Aquasteed appeared with a bouquet of dark blue roses and happily walked towards Tiararose.

He looked as though he’s pleased with how he has succeeded with his surprise. In the corner of the store, Olivia’s looking over them with an excited grin.


It’s too sudden that Tiararose could not hide her surprise.


-Eek, that’s dangerous, I was almost about to call Aqua’s nickname casually…!


She tried her best to calm down her rapidly beating heart, but it seems like Aquasteed would not allow her to do so.

He came to her side and showed her a charming smile.


“I’ve always looked forward to the opening day of the store.”

“T…Thank you.”


Tiararose received the blue roses with red cheeks and the applause from the crowd was even louder than earlier.






“I didn’t expect you to come. I didn’t hear anything about it…!”


They headed to the reception room after that and Tiararose questioned Aquasteed who has appeared suddenly.

She thought that she has disgraced herself after being too happy.

However, Aquasteed just laughed happily as he looked at Tiararose behaving that way.


“Well, I also wanted to celebrate the opening of Tiara’s store.”


He said that and gently pecked Tiararose.


“Am I not allowed to do that?”

“…You’re sly with that question.”


Of course, she’s happy that Aquasteed came.

Tiararose released the strain on her shoulders and leaned onto Aquasteed who’s sitting next to her; she then caught a whiff of the roses that she has received earlier.


“Aqua, you smell good.”

“Is that so? Tiara… you smell like sweet desserts. You smell so delicious to the point that I want to eat you.”



Aquasteed grinned and kissed Tiararose as though he’s taking a bite of her lips. To Aquasteed, Tiararose’s sweeter than any sugary sweets.


“Hmm…. I’m not a dessert, you know? I thought I was about to be eaten.”

“Sorry, sorry. I just lose control of myself when it comes to Tiara.”



Aquasteed’s straightforward words made Tiararose hide her face with her hands. No matter how many times she has heard his sweet phrases, she’d never get used to it.


-I’m happy but I’m embarrassed!

However, she cannot tell him to stop it and it’s troubling.



The sound of knock reverberated through the room and it seems like Olivia has arrived after checking the situation in the store. Right beside her was Alan.


“Things are going smoothly in the store, Lady Tiararose. Also, Sir Alan said that he wanted to greet you so I brought him here.”

“It has been a while, King Aquasteed and Lady Tiararose.”

“Welcome to Marineforest.”

“Sir Alan! I was thinking of finding you later to greet you…”


Tiararose hurriedly stood up and Alan shook his head as he doesn’t think that it’s right for the queen of a country to come to him for a greeting.



Alan Sunfist has recently become much manlier than before.

He’s the younger brother of Philiane and the eldest son of the Sunfist family.

He manages the sweets store in Marineforest called “Flower Sugar” and the store sales have been increasing day after day; it has become a very popular brand in Marineforest too.



“I was surprised that you came since I’ve sent you a separate invitation letter.”

“I also thought of giving you a surprise, Lady Tiararose… well, I don’t think I can outdo King Aquasteed in that aspect though”


Alan thought about what happened earlier and laughed. Tiararose thought about the surprise and her face turned red again.


“All of the new sweets are really delicious! The berry cake was especially delicious and as expected Marineforest’s berries are the best. I also want to import some into Lapis Lazuli, but I guess it’s difficult to maintain its freshness… jams might be an option but still nothing can beat fresh berries…!”


Alan was really passionate about making delicious berry cakes and Tiararose desperately nodded along.


“I understand, I understand you!”


Unlike the modern days, in this world, the primary mode of transportation is by horse- in other words, horse wagons.

Therefore, it’s difficult to move food while maintaining its freshness. The transportation mostly takes place in room temperature and it will be difficult to bring fruits like berries to a faraway place.

Although a fridge-like magic tool exists, the transportation time is too long so it’s not a viable option.


“I guess it’s important to have the right environment. I can try to make it, but I guess there’ll be a difference in the taste depending on the place…”


Alan’s troubled over it as it’s a difficult issue to resolve.


In that case, why don’t we have each region create respective brands of berries? For example, we could name the berries after the village”

”That sounds great! In that case, it’ll become a specialty to that village and create a boom. As expected of Lady Tiararose!”


Alan could not help it but write it down on a memo with excitement.


“It’d be good if there’d be a berry branding competition like the usual sweets one in the future, right?”

“That’s wonderful…!”


Tiararose placed her palms together at that inviting proposal. It’s fun enough to eat and compare the berries, what’s more at a competition where the greatest berries would be gathered…

There will be more varieties and each region will have their own characteristics.


“-oops, sorry for talking too much by myself. I just can’t help but talk incessantly when it comes to sweets.”

“Tsk, Sir Alan-”


Tiararose and Alan had a conversation like that with smiles but Aquasteed, Olivia and Levy were just left behind in the conversation and could only smile wryly…

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