The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 184

  1. Aquasteed’s Magic Power

The sweets store “Fairy Dust Fairy” has launched as planned and it’s finally time for the relaxing days… or so Tiararose thought but she’s having a difficult time recently because of how Luciarose was into her knight-role these days.


“Hah~ I’m deadbeat tired.”


Tiararose dived into the bed where Stiftluca and Stiftleo were sleeping and took a deep breath.

She has accompanied Luciarose all day- with her playing the knight.


“Have a good rest, Tiara.”

“Aqua… Aqua, the knights and you are amazing. I’m all tired just by moving around a little.”


Even though Tiararose did some stretching and a bit of muscle training, she cannot keep up with Luciarose’s stamina.

Perhaps he was woken up by the tremble caused when Tiararose dived into the bed, she heard groaning “mmm~?” from beside her.


“Did I wake you up, Luca?”



Stiftluca took a large yawn and inched towards Tiararose; he then stretched his hands and hugged her tightly. It seems like he’s still half-asleep.


“I’m sorry, you’re still sleepy, right?”


Tiararose rubbed Stiftluca’s head and called him a good kid. After that, she lied down on her sides and sang a lullaby.


“Rocking the flower cradle, sweet child, sweet child, go to sleep♪”


After that, Stiftluca’s eyelids slowly lowered and he started making a comfortable sleeping breathing sound.

Looking at that cuteness, Tiararose was in love. She’s still in her dress and has to remove her make-up though…


-I got to get up.


She exerted strength on her arms to get off the bed, when someone rubbed her head gently.


“! Aqua, if you do something like that, I’d end up falling asleep.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I mind!”


Tiararose would definitely fall asleep since this is too comfortable.

She thought that this would be bad and tried to stand up, but Aquasteed tried to make her go to sleep.


“I’ll do everything for you, so it’s fine.”



She blushed at once at Aquasteed’s words.


-Isn’t this something that’s totally not fine!?


She felt bad just by the thought of making Aquasteed change her clothes into the sleeping-wear and remove her makeup.

However, since it is Aquasteed, he’d probably do a perfect job with the facial lotions and all.


-I’ll end up as a useless person if he does that to me!


Tiararose shook her head forcefully and tried to get up.

Aquasteed looked disappointed but Tiararose too had the same feelings; therefore she hugged Aquasteed tightly.


“…I want to enjoy your sweetness while I’m still awake.”

“Yes. Sleeping Tiara is cute too, but as expected Tiara who clings to me like this while awake is the best.”


Aquasteed grinned and gently kissed Tiararose while saying “please cling to me more.”




Tiararose received his kisses and they became deeper. If this continues, she will land on her back- while thinking of that, Aquasteed suddenly stopped.

It seems like he was surprised by something.



“Ah, no… I just felt like the magic power in Tiara suddenly grew larger.”


It seems like that’s the reason why he froze.


“Ah… that’s indeed the case, it seems to have increased recently. However, there isn’t any abnormality though?”

“It’s good that your health was not affected, Tiara…. But if anything happens, please tell me alright? I’m worried.”



Tiararose simply nodded and she thought that she wanted the magic power to increase even further; she does not want to be protected by Aquasteed forever and wants to stand by his side as equal powers.


-However, if I say something like that, he’d probably get worried.


It’s easy to imagine how he’d react and she laughed out loud without realizing.

However, Aquasteed did not miss that.




Aquasteed leaned his face towards her as though to ask her what she’s thinking about; his hands were reaching her sides and he’s probably going to tickle her until she gives up.


“I just thought that I wanted to become stronger…!”

“You said that with no hesitations…”

“…Well, you’ll probably tickle me if I don’t say it, no?”


If that happens, she will eventually have to give up.

In that case, Tiararose decided that it’s better for her to say it first. However, Aquasteed was severely disappointed as he felt a little lonely with his hands that have no place to go to.



“…W-wait, Aqua! Don’t tickle me without saying anything…! H-Haha”


Even though Tiararose gave up, she was still being tickled.


“If Aqua’s going to tickle me, I’m going to do the same-!”



Tiararose thought that she’s going to tickle him back, but she suddenly stopped. She’s looking at the ring of the starry sky king on her left hand’s ring finger.

It’s shining slightly.


-Is my magic power overflowing?


It’s not an ordinary sight and Tiararose stared at it.

Aquasteed also seemed to have noticed it and looked at Tiararose’s ring. At the same time, he probably realized that something is amiss.


-However, it’s not an awful feeling.


The ring of the starry sky has probably just received Aquasteed’s magic power.


-Does that mean that while I might have thought that my magic power has increased… it was Aqua’s magic power that has increased instead?

This ring allowed Tiararose to absorb some of the overpowering Aquasteed’s power.

In other words, Aquasteed has become even stronger.


“I guess this is the reason why Tiara’s magic power increased…”

“It seems so; Aqua, do you feel unwell anywhere?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me… however, I think I better come up with a solution if it’s becoming a burden to you, Tiara.”


Aquasteed said that and placed his hand on his chin while being engrossed in his thoughts.

Tiararose has experienced herself too awfully well about how tricky magic power issues can be when she was pregnant.

She wondered what’s going to happen this time round.


Aquasteed hugged Tiararose rightly and placed his head on her shoulder.


“I’m sorry for being useless all the time.“

“You’re not useless, Aqua. You’re my wonderful husband after all. You’ve worked hard more than everyone else and I know that clearly.”


Tiararose said that with a smile and it seems like Aquasteed, who was hugging her, has relaxed.


“Thank you, Tiara.”

“No. It’s rare for you to show your weak side. Shall I spoil you?”

“Tiara… you’re having fun despite this situation, right?”



Tiararose turned her face away as he has hit the bull’s eye.


“Tiara, you always become positive when it comes to matters of your own, and you would always put things off.”

“…I cannot deny that, but I’m really fine, you know? I am not really bothered by the magic power either.”


Instead, Tiararose was a little happy that she seems to be better at using magic… although Aquasteed cannot help but worry.


-I understand Aqua’s feelings but…!


However, she has not really been good at using magic all these while so she cannot deny how she’s a little happy about that.

After that, Tiararose thought about something; her expression must have brightened up suddenly as Aquasteed asked her what she’s thinking of.


“…you could just teach me how to use magic, Aqua…”


“Yes. I’ve been using magic when making sweets only, but if my magic power were to increase, I might be able to use it in a different way.”


Tiararose held the jug which was placed on the side table and used magic to replenish the water in it. She would not be able to do this in the past.


“I see… indeed, it might not be a bad idea for you to learn how to use magic power properly. If you don’t mind, I’ll teach you anytime.”

“Thank you very much.”


Aquasteed readily agreed and Tiararose thanked him with a hug; the sensation of her body weight being supported was very relaxing.


-Aqua’s embrace is so comfortable.


She thought that she wanted this moment to last forever.

As though Aquasteed has read Tiararose’s mind, he rubbed her hair. Her fluffy hair was very comfortable and he thought that he wanted to touch it forever.





Tiararose placed her hands on Aquasteed’s chest and slowly distanced herself from him after he called her name.

She looked at how his gentle golden eyes narrowed and kissed him-




-When Tiararose was about to kiss him, she suddenly turned into a cute white cat.

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