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The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 185


  1. Mom is so cute!




“Meow meow!? (Huh? What just happened!?”


Tiararose’s sudden transformation not only took her by surprise, but Aquasteed as well. After all, witnessing a human being transformed into a cat wasn’t something he would see everyday.


Tiararose looked at the fluffy paws her hands had turned into and quickly went pale

She hurried to a full-length mirror to see for herself what had happened to her entire body.



What she saw reflected in the mirror was the image of a fluffy white cat.

She looked similar to a Persian cat, complete with a coat of long hair all over her body. Her large and bright light-blue eyes were the only thing that remained unchanged from Tiararose’s original form.


“Meow meow meow~! (I’ve turned into a cat!!)”


–And a very cute one at that!!

It was definitely the kind of cat that would cause anyone to drop whatever they were doing in order to hold it in their arms. Though having turned into said cat herself, Tiararose probably couldn’t afford to think about such frivolous things.


“Myamyameowww! (What am I going to do!?)”


While Tiararose was still trying to figure out what was going on and what to do next in front of the mirror, she was suddenly picked up from behind and firmly held from both her armpits and her buttocks.

Of course, the one who had lifted her had been none other than Aquasteed.


“Is that you, Tiara…?”

“Meowwww (Yes.)”

“But how… Ah, the King of the Starry Sky’s Ring was shining just before this happened, so no doubt it has something to do with it. I’m sorry, Tiara…”

“Meow Meow~! (It’s not your fault, Aqua!)”


Tiararose shook her head in an attempt to let the apologetic Aquasteed know that there was nothing for him to be sorry about.

She felt that if the King of the Starry Sky’s Ring was involved, then it wasn’t only Aquasteed’s fault. it’s not just Aquasteed’s fault. Her own power must have been lacking as well..


“I can only hear your meowing, but… I understand what you’re trying to say. Thank you, Tiara.”

“Meow (Whew, I’m glad.)”


As Tiararose felt her chest lighter, she suddenly felt tickles. Aquasteed had started to stroke her forehead.




This tickling sensation of being stroked with fingertips was completely different from how she would feel it as a human. It made her feel inexplicably itchy and happy at the same time.

It also made her want to be stroked more and more.


–No, I can’t get carried away!


Though she was ashamed to admit it, she wished Aquasteed’s stroking would never stopped, and found herself unconsciously pushing her head into his hand and rubbing it against it to mark him as her husband.


“…Aw, Tiara, you’re so cute.”

“Mmmyaaaa~ (Aaah, I can’t get carried away!!)”

“You’re so fluffy and your fur so beautiful.”



This time he tickled her under her chin, and as a result, Tiararose threw herself down onto the floor in complete submission. Aquasteed then stroked her exposed belly, making her melt even more.


“Meowww~ (I’m going to lose my mind!)”




Stiftluca and Stiftleo had woken up, perhaps because Tiararose was being a bit too loud.


“Meow meow! (Oh no, I have to hide!!)”


Tiararose hurriedly tried to find somewhere to run away to, but before she could even move, Stiftluca said “A kitty cat?” and grabbed her.



“…Luca, Leo, be gentle when petting her.”

“Meowww!? (Aqua!?”


“Meow meow kitty cat!”


Stiftluca replied cheerfully, and Stiftleo hugged the fluffy Tiararose tight.


–Ow, that may be a little too tight, young man!


Fortunately, they didn’t know they were actually petting her mother, and maybe it was better for them that she was just a normal cat for the time being.

Aquasteed was also watching the kids play with a smile, so that was probably his intention as well.


–Then the best I can do for now is to keep acting like a regular cat.


Tiararose had wanted to indulge that thought… But then the door was vigorously opened and Luciarose burst into the room.


“Mother, are you… huh?”


However, her eyes started to blink repeatedly after having failed to find Tiararose.

The maid that had been keeping herself behind Luciarose at all times made a quick bow to Aquasteed and excused herself.


Luciarose surveyed the room, looking at Aquasteed, Stiftluca, and Stiftleo one after the other.

Then, her eyes met the cute white fluffy cat.








Everyone was surprised by Luciarose’s words.

After all, who would have thought of someone realizing that a fluffy white cat was actually their own mother with a mere glimpse? Normally, anyone would be fooled by her appearance and just perceive her as a cute cat.

Stiftluca and Stiftleo also stared at Tiararose and their eyes started to shine as they both said “Mama!” in unison.


“Meoooowww~!? (How did you realize!?)”


Tiararose escaped from Stiftluca’s grasp and was promptly picked up by Aquasteed.


“Perhaps she’s noticed thanks to her own magical power. You may look like a cat now, Tiara, but your magical power and aura haven’t changed at all.”


Aquasteed was impressed to see their child being able to perceive such things, which are not apparent to someone fixed in looking at things at a superficial level.


“Meow… (I see…)”

“Mother, you’re so cute~!”


Luciarose smiled and held Tiararose tightly. She had such a happy expression on her face that Tiararose couldn’t help but let her daughter do as she pleased.



“Aaah, so cute~!”

“Let me hold her for a bit~!


Stiftluca and Stiftleo began claim their share, and unconsciously started to lean on Tiararose more and more.




As expected, having the three children weighing on her was a bit too much for Tiararose’s tiny feline body.

As Tiararose hurriedly tried to escape from their grasp, Luciarose quickly called Stiftluca and Stiftleo out.


“Wait, mother is going to be crushed if we’re not careful, okay?”




After being reprimanded by Luciarose, Stiftluca and Stiftleo both frowned at first, but then obediently moved away from Tiararose.


–-Aww, they’re actually listening to their big sister…!


She wouldn’t normally get that feeling all that well, but she was still deeply moved by this interaction, which showed her that the children were growing up so much with every passing day.


Luciarose undid her hair bun and placed the ribbon that had kept it together over Tiararose’s neck.

Aquasteed looked at the gesture with a smile.


“Would you like me to tie it up for you?”



With an even deeper smile caused by Luciarose’s energetic reply, Aquasteed tied the ribbon around the tiara rose’s neck.

The cute light-blue laced ribbon looked great over her pure white hair.


“So cute!”



“Meow meow~! (Thank you, Lucia).”


Since her words of appreciation wouldn’t reach her ears, Tiararose placed her face on Luciarose’s cheek and rubbed it around.


“Meow meow”

“Ahh, it tickles!”


After seeing that, Stiftluca and Stiftleo said “Me too, me too”, wishing their mother would give them cheek rubs as well, and thus parents and children enjoyed some quality time frolicking about together.







“Huh!? Lady Tiararose!?”

“This is most unexpected…”



Tiararose had not turned back into a human the following day, so Olivia, Levi, Elliot, and Tarmo were filled in regarding Tiararose’s sudden transformation.


“If anyone else asks, Tiararose is sick in bed and not to be disturbed.”



Tiararose was relieved to see that her transformation hadn’t caused a big uproar so far.


“Meoww~ (Thank you, Lady Olivia.)”

“Lady Tiararose… Ah, you’re so cute as a cat! I would have expected no less from my senior! So fluffy… Ahh…”



As Olivia expressed her feelings about Tiararose having turned into a cat, Levi took out a handkerchief and gently placed it over her nose.


“Meoww… (I hope she’s in good health… That nosebleed doesn’t look good…)”


Worried about seeing the handkerchief becoming red-stained, Levi immediately replaced it with a new one. He truly was an exceptionally calm butler.


Now that her nosebleed had stopped, Olivia cleared her throat and called out Levi’s name.

As a result, Levi produced several kinds of brushes for cats, as well as a cat teaser and a small plushie.


“Meow!? (Why were you carrying those things with you!?)”


The fact that Tiararose had been turned into a cat had been revealed just a mere moments ago, and they already had all these items for cats on them… This butler was indeed pretty unusual.

Even Olivia was surprised. She went on saying “And here I was thinking about getting some toys ready!”


“This one here is the finest cat brush I have, so I’m sure Tiararose will like it.”

“Just as I’d expect from you, Levi!”

“Well, he is Olivia’s butler after all, so it’s only natural.”


Olivia received the cat brush that Levi had picked from the rest and began to gently brush Tiararose’s back.

Back when she was a human, a comb would have been enough, but now that she was a cat, she needed to get her entire body brushed.



“Rest assured, Lady Tiararose! Even if you look like a cat now, I’ll still make sure you always look gorgeous.”


Though she looked a bit worried at first, Olivia seemed to be quite motivated. She was actually very good with the brush.




–It feels good…

While some cats actually enjoy being brushed, there are some others that absolutely hate it. Luckily, Tiararose seemed to be the kind of cat that liked being brushed.

The urge to lie down and let herself be petted was too strong.

But then, Olivia stopped.


“Miss Olivia, let me do the brushing for a bit.”

“Certainly, Your Majesty Aquasteed.”


Apparently, Aquasteed wasn’t content with just watching Tiararose be brushed like that. He seemed to want to do the brushing himself.

Olivia nodded, her eyes shining as she basked in the love for Tiararose that Aquasteed emanated like an aura.


“Then I’ll go make the necessary adjustments to Tiararose’s schedule.”

“I’ll help you out, as well as look for records of similar cases to this in the library.”

“Let me walk you to the door.”

“Thank you.”


After everyone had left the room, Aquasteed finally let the tension out of his shoulders. He sat down on the couch, completely relaxeed.


“Meow? (You seem so tired, Aqua…)”


The worried Tiararose jumped on Aquasteed’s lap, and he in turn started to stroke her fur gently.

Then she felt a sudden shock as his earnest eyes turned away from her.


“Um, Tiara… Ah…”


“This is too defenseless of you, even against someone like Miss Olivia.”



Elliot and the others had been into the room, and they must have become restless after seeing Tiararose being brushed with such leisure.


–Certainly! I can’t allow myself to behave like this in front of another man, even if I’m a cat…!


Shocked by this realization, Tiararose found herself unable to resist the urge to quickly escape under the couch.

The bright side of being a cat was that she could run and hide in very narrow and dark places humans could never fit.


“Wait, Tiara!”

“Meow meow~! (I don’t dare face anyone right now!)”


Her tail was also swaying left and right uncontrollably.

Aquasteed crouched down and looked under the couch, and called Tiararose to come out.


“Meoooow! (I can’t have Aqua crouch under a sofa like this…!)”


Instantly realizing what was going on, Tiararose popped out from her hiding spot. Then she quickly settled on Aquasteed’s chest, causing him to giggle.



“Oh, not at all, I think you’re absolutely cute. Let’s give you another nice brush.”


Aquasteed went back to the couch, placed Tiararose over his lap and started brushing her again.


“Meow~ (It feels so good…)”

–You’re so good with that brush, Aqua…!


Before she realized, Tiararose had fallen asleep.



“…Oh, she fell asleep.”


Aquasteed gently stroked the forehead of the sleeping Tiararose. However, the gentle smile on his face was now gone, and had given way to a more worried expression.




Aquasteed’s calm voice was sucked into the silent room.

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