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Doted Villainess

Chapter 192 – Relaxing while making sweets

Thirteenth arc – Twelfth chapter


Based on the information she got from the forest’s library, Tiararose decided to pour magic onto a Tiararose flower in order to give birth to a new fairy.

Seeing the potted Tiararose flowers that were prepared in her room, Tiararose started getting a bit nervous, wondering if it would really go well.

“To think I’d be able to witness the birth of a new fairy! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Olivia exclaimed.

“The flower fairy will surely be cute, won’t it!?” Akari exclaimed.

“Lady Olivia!? Lady Akari too!? Please calm down, you two.” Tiararose told them.

Seeing the two of them frolicking around in front of the Tiararose flowers made Tiararose feel stupid for worrying this much.

She thought she should try relaxing a bit, so Tiararose took a deep breath, went to Akari’s side, then crouched down in front of the flowers.

Those large flowers were always beautiful to look at.

“… I want to meet the fairy soon.” Tiararose muttered.

“Then there’s only one thing you should do!” Akari pushed Tiararose’s back, “Come on, come on!”

Pushing her back didn’t really give her any magic, but what mattered at this moment was to create the right mood.

“To put magical power in flowers… I feel like it would be kinda hard to do that, but I guess it would be fine to just try replicating what I do when I make sweets?” Tiararose wondered out loud.

She basically needed to imagine pouring her magic onto the object in front of her, and it should work out somehow in that case.

So, Tiararose cautiously started putting the magical power of the Starry Sky onto the Tiararose flower, and she felt her body lighten a bit from doing that.

‘I see! If I can pass my magic to a fairy on a daily basis like this, then I won’t turn into a cat!’ Tiararose thought.

And as pouring magic onto the flowers wasn’t much different from pouring magic when making sweets, Tiararose was able to do it with some ease.

She may have not been able to control her large amount of magical power, but Tiararose still got excited with how this would work out.

“You’re doing well, lady Tiara!” Akari exclaimed.

“As expected of milady!” Olivia exclaimed.

Akari, who is good at magic, got excited as she noticed Tiara’s magical power flowing to the flower, while Olivia devoted herself to giving emotional support.

“Put more and more magic onto it!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Go go, lady Tiara!” Akari exclaimed.

But even though they were excited… “No matter how much magic I poured, nothing happened…” Tiararose muttered after a while.

It was good that the magical power within her body had calmed down a bit, but there was still no sign of a fairy being born.

Tiararose wondered if she had done something wrong, or if she maybe didn’t put enough magical power to make a fairy be born.

“Oh, come on! According to the original plan, I should have already been blessed by the flower fairy by now!” Akari exclaimed.

“Lady Akari, you thought of such a thing…!” Olivia suddenly shivered at those words.

But Olivia was quite excited inside, as she realized that she also wanted a blessing of a flower fairy.

Tiararose understood their feelings, as she was very happy when she was blessed by the fairies, and even happier to get along well with them.

“Well, Aqua told me to not overdo it, so let’s leave this at that for today.” Tiararose decided.

“That’s good enough. Your magic has calmed down for now anyways, so we can try it again tomorrow.” Akari replied.

“Okay.” Olivia said.

Olivia then checked the schedule for the rest of the day and made sure that Tiararose could rest plenty.

This day had been difficult, but Aquasteed said he’d be there for Tiararose once he was free, so that reassured Tiararose.

“Ah, what a beautiful sunset… Ah!” Akari suddenly exclaimed.

“Lady Akari?” Tiararose asked.

“I just remembered it! wanna go to lady Tiara’s candy shop!” Akari clapped her hands.

Akari kept on hearing rumors about how great the sweets of Tiararose’s store were from the moment that she entered the royal castle, so she was really eager to go visit it.

And while looking at such an eager Akari, Tiararose wondered about what she should do.

Even though Tiararose doesn’t visit the store all the time, she receives reports on the status of the shop every day, so she knew that the store was incredibly busy right now, with a long lined formed in front of it, and with all private rooms already booked.

It would be troublesome to suddenly invite Akari inside under those circumstances. It would be much easier if she had contacted Tiararose in advance, as she could have reserved a seat then.

However, as this was Tiararose’s own store, she still wanted to invite Akari to visit it.

And then, while she thought about what to do, Levy suddenly appeared and suggested, “Why don’t you go there after the store has closed?

“If you’re okay with it, I can make the necessary arrangements.”

Levy had also already prepared a cup of tea without any of them noticing.

“… Then, please go ahead and do it.” Tiararose nodded.

“Kyaa! I’m looking forward to it!” Akari jumped in joy.

“But it will be after the closing hours, so the pastry chefs won’t be there anymore… Ah!” Tiararose clapped her hands.

Akari and Olivia tilted their heads at Tiararose sudden action, while Levy had already gone to the store.

“Would you be okay with me making the sweets for you? I’m not as good as the chefs I hired, but I can still make all sweets that are served at the store.” Tiararose suggested.

Tiararose had been quite busy lately, so she hasn’t been able to make sweets at all; and while she may love eating sweets, she also loved making them, so she thought this was just the right opportunity to do it.

“Of course that’s fine! I love lady Tiara’s sweets!” Akari exclaimed.

“Me too.” Olivia nodded.

Both of them smiled at the idea of eating Tiararose’s sweets.

“Then, I’ll give it my all.” Tiararose said.


Tiararose, Akari and Olivia came to the Fairy Dust Sweets.

Even though the store is usually packed during the day, it was empty and somewhat lonesome now that it was nighttime.

The staff had just finished cleaning everything up, so Tiararose was able to exchange greetings with them as they left, before she, Akari and Olivia went inside.

But then, they saw shadows wriggling around in the store.

Tiararose braced herself for a moment, wondering if it was a thief or something, but she quickly relaxed as she found out who the culprits were.

“It smells good!” A forest fairy exclaimed.

“I want to eat sweets!” Another fairy said.

“Last I came, Tiara wasn’t here!” A third fairy said.

“Where was she!?” A fourth fairy exclaimed.

On a table of the store, the forest fairies were happily chatting about how they wanted to eat sweets.

“I’m surprised to see you all in this kind of place. Nice seeing you again.” Tiararose said.

“It’s Tiara!” The fairies quickly gathered under Tiararose with bright shining eyes.

“Wow, fairies! So cute!” Akari exclaimed.

“Is she a friend, Tiara?” A fairy asked.

“Yes, she’s my best friend, Akari!” Tiararose replied.

“A best friend! Amazing!” A fairy shook hands with Akari.

Akari got quite excited at this chance of getting along with the fairies, as the forest fairies don’t interact with people for the most part.

But as Akari is Tiararose’s best friend, they decided to be friendly with her too.

As for Olivia, she is hated by the fairies, so she decided to watch from a distance while holding her nose with a handkerchief.

“Well, I’ll need to make some for the fairies too, so I’ll put my all into making the sweets!” Tiararose put her apron and immediately went to the kitchen.

“Yes!” The fairies happily exclaimed.

As this is Tiararose’s store, she can use the kitchen freely, but… Well, she’d be a hindrance if she came during business hours, so it was a good idea to come at night instead.

Also, as she may become a cat if she lets her guard down, she thought she should make the utmost of this sweet-making opportunity.

Tiararose then started wondering about what to make. She could make cakes, macaroons, cream puffs, some other baked goods… There were too many options that she wanted to make, so she was a bit lost.

Though as she was using the kitchen of the store, she wanted to make something a bit luxurious, like the sweets course that the store serves.

… Except that she didn’t have enough time to make a full sweets course, so she decided to try going for something simpler.

“Cakes, some baked sweets… And a gorgeous parfait would be nice!” Tiararose exclaimed to herself.

If she added some chocolate to it too, then it would be like a work of art, she thought.

But then, as Tiararose started making sweets, she suddenly heard someone say, “Tiara”, so she turned around towards the entrance.

There, she saw Aquasteed standing on the doorway, “Aqua!” Tiararose exclaimed.

“I heard from Levy that you were here, so I came once I was done with work.” Aquasteed told her.

“Thank you for all your hard work today. Please take a seat.” Tiararose pointed towards a nearby round chair.

“Thank you.” Aquasteed sat down.

Tiararose then started telling him about how the day went, “I was able to pour my magic into the flowers, but no fairy was born at all… I don’t understand why.”

“Well, we don’t really know much about what is needed, as the only precedent we know of came from that picture book.” Aquasteed was also troubled about it, but he tried being considerate with Tiararose.

Tiararose felt reassured just by having Aquasteed with her though. She felt happy and a warm feeling was spread throughout her chest.

Right now, she could put all her excitement into making sweets.

At that moment, she remembered that she had a lot of the magic of the Starry Sky within her, so she figured she could make even better sweets than normal by using that.

Usually, Tiararose just used her limited magical power to make sweets that could help restore one’s stamina or improve their strength a bit, so now that she had this huge amount of Starry Sky power, she couldn’t help wondering how amazing the final result from the sweets would be.

She thought that she’d maybe get something that could even cure a cold or something like it.

And with those thoughts in mind, she started using her magic.

She was currently making a strawberry cake. The sponge was being baked right now, and as she made the whipped cream, she slowly and carefully pulled the Starry Sky magical power into it.

Once she had mixed it enough and the sponge was ready, she put a strawberry mousse in-between the sponge cakes, and decorated the rest with lots of chocolate and more strawberries.

Finally, she put plenty of Starry Sky magic onto it, and now Tiararose’s special strawberry cake was completed.

“Alright, it’s done.” She happily said.

And then… Just as she finished saying it, something unexpected happened in front of Tiararose.

Aquasteed opened his eyes wide, stood up from his chair, then came to Tiararose’s side.

Stars started flooding the finished cake.

“Mmmm, it smells good.” They heard a voice come from the cake’s direction.

Her eyes were wide open and sparkled like flowers. On her head was a pastry chef hat with a strawberry motif. A honey-pink tie was tied around her chest.

A new fairy had been born from Tiararose’s sweets.


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