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Doted Villainess

Chapter 193 – Sweets Fairy

Thirteenth arc – Thirteenth chapter


‘It’s true that I poured a lot of the magic of the Starry Sky, but… I never thought that a fairy could be born out of the strawberry cake I made.’ Tiararose thought.

A sweets fairy was born from Tiararose’s cake.

It had light blue flower-like eyes and a cute patissier hat and uniform with a cake motif on it. The fairy looked adorable while it held a confectionery tool in its hand.

Tiararose glanced at Aquasteed for a second, then her cheeks relaxed while looking at the cuteness of the sweets fairy.

“Hello, fairy, I’m Tiararose.” Tiararose said.

“And I’m Aquasteed.” Aquasteed said.

After the two of them introduced themselves, the fairy gleefully made cookies for them. Tiararose was surprised by how fast the fairy was.

“Please have those sweets so as to mark us becoming acquaintances!” The fairy said.

“Thank you.” Tiararose took a bite of the cookie and noticed that it had strawberry jam inside it.

A gentle sweetness spread over her mouth as she enjoyed it. There was a nice balance between sweet and sour that made it have a wonderful taste.

Tiararose may not be Olivia, but right now, after eating this cookie, she felt like she was ascending to heaven, just like how Olivia felt when visiting event spots.

“Delicious…” Aquasteed muttered.

“I’d be able to eat this all day.” Tiararose said.

The simple taste of the cookies could appeal for both men and women, and it made Tiararose feel nostalgic somehow.

“I’m glad you liked it!” The fairy grinned, then gave a blessing to both Tiararose and Aquasteed.

“T-thank you!” Tiararose exclaimed.

“I didn’t expect to be blessed… Thank you.” Aquasteed said.

“With my blessing, you’ll become better at making sweets.” The fairy told them.

“How lovely.” Tiararose smirked.

She started thinking about what would happen if more of those fairies spread throughout Marineforest. The country may start being called as the country of sweets at that point, and Tiararose couldn’t help smiling when thinking of that.

But even without that, Tiararose thought that she’d be really happy if sweets lovers could get along with the sweets fairies.

And then, just as she was thinking about that, Akari and Olivia entered the kitchen.

“Lady Tiara, did something happen… Wow! What is that child!?” Akari exclaimed.

“Eh!? That little girl is… A fairy!?” Olivia exclaimed too.

The two that had just come inside were astonished by the sudden appearance of a fairy.

No wonder, since Akari and Olivia were both expecting a new fairy to be born out of the Tiararose flower, not out of sweets.

Olivia was so taken aback, that she actually fell to her knees, “It’s an honor to make your acquaintance, new fairy, my name is Olivia Ariadale.”

“Eh? Ah… Okay.” The fairy slowly moved away from Olivia.

“And I’m Akari! I’m so lucky to see a new fairy with my own eyes!” Akari exclaimed.

“I see, I see.” The fairy bowed to Olivia and Akari, then gave cookies to the both of them.

Right after that, blessings rained down on the two of them, just like how they were given to Tiararose and Aquasteed.

Olivia froze in place, while Akari exclaimed, “It happened! A blessing!”

Tiararose worried about the frozen Olivia, so she said, “Lady Olivia…? Oh, right, lady Olivia has never been blessed by a fairy before.”

Therefore, Tiararose realized that Olivia may have been overloaded with happiness right now, so she is moving like a broken machine.

Regardless of that, the fairy looked around the kitchen happily, “This is a nice place.

“Although… Where is the king?”

“Eh?” Tiararose said.

Where is the king? The fairy made Tiararose feel a bit impatient, but… Only one fairy has been born from the cake, and Tiararose saw no other fairy so far.

“Well…” Tiararose muttered.

“Is there no king?” The fairy asked.

Tiararose had thought that this fairy was the king, actually, but now that she thought about it, the eyes of this fairy weren’t golden.

Not to mention that fairy kings are human-sized, so Tiararose felt at a loss. There were too many unknowns about fairy kings, so Tiararose thought that she should have asked more about them to Keith.

But then, next to the worried Tiararose, Akari smirked, “If you were born from lady Tiara’s sweets, then isn’t lady Tiara the queen?”

“O-of course!” The fairy exclaimed.

“H-hold on!?” Tiararose exclaimed, then said that they shouldn’t suddenly try pushing the role of fairy king onto people.

To begin with, Tiararose had no awareness of herself as a fairy queen, and she still thinks of herself as a human being, so she had a hard time imagining herself suddenly being a fairy queen without even realizing it.

“I thought it was a nice idea…” Akari pouted, but didn’t press the issue further.

“I think we can try thinking more about the Fairy King of Sweets later. For now, the first thing we should check, is if Tiara can give her magical power to the fairy.” Aquasteed said.

“Oh, right!” Tiararose replied.

“Magical power?” The fairy tilted its head while looking at Tiararose.

“You see, I have the magical power of the Starry Sky within me, but it’s too big and I can’t control it very well…” Tiararose explained.

“I’ll take it! Leave it to me!” The fairy exclaimed.

“Thank you.” Tiararose was happy that she got permission this easily.

“Please take care of me.” The fairy held out its small hand.

Tiararose then put her fingertips on the fairy’s hand, and as soon as she did that, her power started quickly being transferred directly to the fairy. It was completely different from the feeling of pouring her magic onto a Tiararose Flower.

‘Incredible! With this I can release a considerable amount of Starry Sky power easily!’ Tiararose thought.

In the blink of an eye, the magical power inside Tiararose had drastically decreased. The physical sensation that it gave her was similar to what she felt when giving birth to Luciarose.

“So?” The fairy asked.

“It’s amazing. My body feels lighter, and I think I can now handle my magic much more easily.” Tiararose replied.

“I’m glad.” The fairy said.

Tiararose now wondered if she could change between human and cat forms at will.

Tiararose had been worried about not knowing when she’d change, but if she was able to control the transformation freely, then things would be quite different.

“Then, let me imagine my magical power circulating through my body and… Eh!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

Everyone gasped as they saw what happened.

“Whoa!” The fairy exclaimed.

Tiararose became a cat, so everyone started staring at her, even more than normal. She had already become a cat quite a few times before, but this time she didn’t feel restless.

Tiararose giggled, “Seems like things went quite well… Huh?”

“Lady Tiara spoke!” Akari exclaimed.

“She certainly did, but… Lady Akari, isn’t there something even more surprising!?” Olivia said.

“Eh?” Tiararose was confused. Other than freely becoming a cat, she couldn’t think of anything else that would be surprising.

Her body didn’t feel strange, nor did she feel any other weird aftereffect.

And while Tiararose wondered about that, Aquasteed picked her up and stared directly at her with his golden eyes, “Tiara, your eyes… Are golden.” He said.

“Eeh!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

Her eyes were of a light-blue when she was human, but now that she changed into a cat, her eyes became golden.

Tiararose got a bit frightened by what Aquasteed said, so she hurriedly returned to human form. When that happened, her eyes became light-blue again.

“Aqua, I…!” Tiararose was quite flustered, wondering what she should do.

“It’s okay, Tiara. Calm down…?” Aquasteed replied.

“Ah, sorry… I’m just…” Tiararose started replying.

Aquasteed then took her hand and gently pulled her closer. He kissed her forehead, and that managed to calm her down.

“It seems like you become the Fairy Queen of Sweets when you become a cat, but not when you’re a human.” Aquasteed told her.

“To be the queen that rules over sweets, isn’t that very Tiara-like!?” Akari exclaimed.

“I had given up due to being a villainess, but maybe if I could actually receive a blessing from the Fairy Queen of Sweets…” Olivia muttered.

Neither Akari nor Olivia seemed to be troubled about Tiararose becoming the Fairy Queen of Sweets.

Or rather, they both seemed to be quite excited about it.

Then, the sweets fairy sat on top of Tiararose’s head, “You’re not the queen anymore? I wanted to be together for longer!”

Tiararose felt guilty when hearing the fairy’s dejected voice. If she had really become the Fairy Queen of Sweets, then she wanted to help out this fairy, especially because this fairy had helped her by taking the excessive magical power away.

Tiararose didn’t know what she could do though, so she decided to ask, “Fairy, is there anything you want me to do?”

“Yes! I want more sweets fairies to be born!” The fairy replied.

“Eeh!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

‘Isn’t this too much of a big responsibility!?’ Tiararose thought.

But then, after the initial shock passed, she realized something, “To birth more fairies… Does that mean just making more sweets?”

“Indeed!” The fairy gave her a big round of applause.

Since this fairy was born from Tiararose’s cake, other fairies should also be born from Tiararose’s sweets if she uses the powers of the Starry Sky on them.

“Then, I guess I’ll do my best.” Tiararose clenched her fists.

“I’ll help you too. It would be hard for you to do it all by yourself.” Aquasteed said.

“I’ll help too!” Akari exclaimed.

“I’ll gladly help you too. I received a blessing from a sweets fairy, after all, so even I should be able to make sweets easily!” Olivia said.

“I’ll do my best too!” The fairy said.

So, the five of them started making sweets.

From simple sweets like cookies, to more complex and bigger things, like cakes.

They also made macaroons, cream puffs, and a really big parfait that Tiararose had been thinking about making since earlier on.

And as Tiararose used the power of the Starry Sky to bake those sweets, the stars filled up the sweets and more fairies started being born.

Each of them wore a patissier hat, but the motif on them seemed to differ depending on what sweet the fairy was born from.

The sweets fairies happily ran around the kitchen while happily exclaiming, “This is the best environment!”

And thus, a new kind of fairy was born in Marineforest.

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