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Doted Villainess

Chapter 194 – Loving the lovely happiness

Thirteenth arc – Fourteenth chapter


The news about the new fairies have quickly spread throughout Marineforest, as the fairies started blessing any sweet lovers that they found.

The cute fairies dressed as pastry chefs were quickly accepted by the population, and it became common to see human and fairies making sweets together.

As for Tiararose, her magical power stabilized now that she could regularly give her power of the Starry Sky to the sweets fairies. Due to that, she can now freely change between human and cat form.

So now, she uses the power of the Starry Sky to make sweets, which ends up giving birth to more fairies, without worries.

Also, Tiararose has recently taken a liking to sitting on Aquasteed’s lap while on her cat form so as to be pampered by him.

“Can I brush you, Tiara?” Aquasteed asked.

“Meow!” She nodded and rolled over the sofa.

She really enjoyed being brushed, and wanted Aquasteed to do it all the time, as he was quite gentle when he did it.

But there was one problem… And that problem was quickly approaching with loud footsteps.

‘Here comes…!’ Tiararose thought as she twitched her ears at the sound.

“Mother!” Luciarose entered the room.

She also liked the cat Tiararose and wanted to cuddle her as much as she could.

However, she was quite rough when brushing Tiararose, so Tiararose felt troubled about it.

So, before Luciarose had a chance of asking to brush her mother, Tiararose started snuggling up to her daughter.

“Mother, how cute! I’ll become a strong knight and protect you!” Luciarose exclaimed.

“You’re very reliable, Lucia.” Tiararose replied.

Luciarose giggled and started swinging an imaginary sword around. She often watched the knights train, so her movements actually felt somewhat decent.

When seeing that, Tiararose thought, ‘I need to think carefully about Lucia’s future’.

It’s not like they didn’t have female knights in Marineforest, but a princess knight was another thing altogether. Tiararose didn’t want to oppose it, but she also thought that it would be tough for Luciarose to pursue this path.

And then, while Tiararose watched Luciarose brandish the imaginary sword, Tiararose started hearing more running sounds. The steps were heavier, so it was probably an adult.

She concluded that it was probably Akari that was coming, since she couldn’t think of any other adult that would be running around the castle.

Either that, or an emergency happened, so Elliot and the knights might be running their way.

Then, when everyone turned their eyes to the door, they started hearing voices that seemed to be arguing with the guard knight, Tarmo.

“That’s why I want to see Tiara and Aqua as soon as possible!” A girl’s voice exclaimed.

“I heard nothing about your visit, and I don’t know who you are. I’m sorry, but I have to ask you to leave.” Tarmo replied.

“No way…” The girl said.

Tiararose was surprised that it was not Akari who was at the door.

The girl’s voice was high-pitched and cute. She wanted to enter, but Tarmo was stopping her… Since Tarmo is already aware of who are the people that regularly come to see Tiararose, then it was probably someone who doesn’t have a close relationship with her.

Tiararose then returned to her human form and sat down on the sofa.

“If you leave it to the knights, they’ll deal with it, so don’t worry about it. They’ll probably give us a report about it later anyways.” Aquasteed told her.

Tiararose would be fine with that idea usually, but she felt like the voice outside was somewhat familiar, so it bothered her, “I know that, but… That voice is… Ah! Isn’t it lady Lilia’s voice!?”

“Lady Liliarge’s?” Aquasteed replied.

He tried thinking about it, and the voice certainly sounded similar, though it was also a bit different.

“I guess I’ll go take a look. Wait here, Tiara.” Aquasteed decided.

“Okay.” Tiararose answered.

Once Aquasteed went outside the door to check, the girl’s voice immediately exclaimed ‘Aqua!’ and Pheles’ voice came soon after, ‘You saved us.’

“It was lady Lilia, after all.” Tiararose muttered.

“Doggy!” Luciarose exclaimed.

“… She’s lady Lilia, Lucia.” Tiararose reprimanded her.

“Lady Lilia!” Luciarose exclaimed.

“Yes, that’s good.” Tiararose patted Luciarose’s head.

Luciarose felt a bit embarrassed at that.

“Let’s go say hello.” Tiararose stood up.

“Yes!” Luciarose also stood up.

And just at this moment, Aquasteed and the others entered the room.

But there was one girl there that they didn’t know.

Tiararose didn’t remember that girl at all, so it was probably their first meeting.

However, once the girl saw Tiararose, she grinned wildly and rushed towards Tiararose, “Tiara…!” The girl hugged Tiararose.

“Eh…!?” Tiararose was confused as this black-haired girl who was slightly shorter than her hugged her.

Tiararose wondered what just happened, so she looked towards the door. Both Aquasteed and Pheles were smiling at them.

“Uhn…” Tiararose didn’t know what to say.

“It’s me, Tiara!” The girl exclaimed.

“That voice… Eh!? Lady Lilia!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

“You got it!” Liliarge smiled.

Her black hair was curly and her eyes were shining. She also wore a purple dress that made her look really cute.

“When I woke up today, for some reason, I had returned to my human form! That’s why me and Pheles rushed here!” Liliarge explained.

Liliarge also said that she probably returned to her human form due to Tiararose creating the sweets fairies and giving the power of the Starry Sky to them.

Tiararose’s Ring of the Starry Sky was serving not only stabilize her own power, but also to stabilize Liliarge’s and Pheles’ power, so when Tiararose used the fairies to further stabilize her own power, it must have also helped Liliarge returned to human form.

“I had already given up on becoming a human again, and yet, such a miracle… Thank you, Tiara, you’re truly my benefactor.” Liliarge started crying.

“Lady Liliarge…” Tiararose gave her a gentle smile as she saw Liliarge cry.

Liliarge had always been lonely back when she was a monster sealed underground. She couldn’t even talk to the person that she loved during that time, so… It couldn’t be helped that she was overwhelmed with happiness now that she was back to human form.

So, after making some tea and sitting down, Tiararose and the others started talking about the Sweets fairies to confirm some things.

“Since the sweets fairies were born, the magical powers of us four has been very stable. I think we should have no problems on the future for as long as Tiararose doesn’t forget to give her power to the fairies.” Pheles stated.

Tiararose nodded at his words.

The number of sweets fairies is currently small, but as they’re born from Tiararose making sweets, their number should increase in no time.

And right now, there were some sweets fairies relaxing by the window while eating cookies.

“It’s alright! If the queen forgets it! I’ll remind her!” One fairy said.

“Magical power is important for making sweets.” Another fairy said.

The sweets fairies were in a pretty good mood and were waving their confectionery tools around.

Tiararose wondered if they would come collect magical power with their wooden spatulas… She thought it would be cute if that happened.

“Thank you, you’re truly helpful, but…” Tiararose started saying.

The fairies seemed to be confused by that.

“Could you stop referring to me as ‘queen’?” Tiararose asked.

“Eeh…?” The fairies muttered.

Tiararose felt troubled when they called her ‘queen’ when in front of a lot of people, as she didn’t really feel like a Fairy Queen for the most part. *

It was different from when she became a cat, because her eyes became golden during those moments.

After Tiararose explained her reasoning, the fairies accepted it, even if they also did some booing.

“Then, when you’re a cat, we’ll call you ‘queen’, because you’ll really be our Queen then!” One fairy decided.

“You can’t take that away from us!” Another fairy said.

“The cat Tiara is our queen!” A third fairy pointed at Tiararose with a confectionery tool.

“Okay, I guess that can work…” Tiararose gave in.

With Tiararose’s agreement, the fairies said ‘Yay!’ and started dancing around, as they were quite happy from having their queen properly acknowledge her position.

Then, with this solved, Pheles stated, “We’ll stay here for a few months, then we’ll go back to traveling around Marineforest and to the surrounding countries.”

The reason behind staying for a while, was to make sure the power of the Starry Sky would remain stable… And also because they wanted to interact with the children of Tiararose and Aquasteed.

Basically, both him and Liliarge felt like grandparents who wanted to pamper their grandchildren.

“It still feels a bit awkward to having the first king look over the country…” Aquasteed muttered.

“Really? I’m quite proud of you after all I have seen.” Pheles replied.

He then also said that he wanted to see more things and that he was looking forward to the future development of the country.

“Also… We came back here in part to see how was the condition of you two.” Pheles told Aquasteed.

It took them some years to come see the effects of the Starry Sky magic on Tiararose and Aquasteed.

And what came of it, was that Aquasteed’s magical powers became much stronger, and his physical abilities had also improved.

Tiararose only receives magical power from Aquasteed through the ring of the Starry Sky, so it took longer for a difference to be shown on her, but then the phenomenon of her becoming a cat started happening.

Though the biggest change, was that the two of them did not age.

“As you can see from me and Lilia, the power of the Starry Sky can easily make you deviate from what is considered human… We don’t really know everything about it, but it’s possible that death is no longer a concept that can be applied to us.” Pheles said.

Are they immortal or are they just unable to age anymore? They won’t actively try dying, so they don’t have a way of being sure of it.

“Are you scared?” Pheles asked.

Tiararose was the one who answered his question, “No. I’m the queen of Marineforest. Ever since I decided to stand next to Aqua, I have already prepared myself for my role as royalty.”

“… I see.” Pheles smiled at her response.

Just like how she was when she first met Pheles, Tiararose stood straight, with unwavering determination.

Liliarge then took Tiararose’s hand and said, “Thank you. I have nothing but gratitude for you showing such love to the country that Pheles and I created.”

“Thank you for making such a wonderful country, lady Lilia, your highness Pheles.” Tiararose replied.

“Tiara…!” Liliarge jumped at Tiararose and hugged her again.

Tiararose giggled at that. Liliarge doesn’t seem to have lost her habit of jumping onto people even though she isn’t a little monster anymore.

Nonetheless, Tiararose liked her warmth.


* Translator’s Note: The actual problem here, is that the fairies actually refer to Tiararose as “King” in Japanese, so Tiararose feels troubled about it because Aquasteed is the king of Marineforest, not her. Basically, neither Tiararose nor Pearl are ever referred to as Fairy Queens in Japanese, but always as Fairy Kings instead. This was adapted during the translation because it just made more sense in English (alternatively, a gender-neutral word for Fairy King, like Fairy Ruler, could have also worked), but the adaptation now caused problems in this scene, hence why I had to adapt the scene a bit.


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