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Doted Villainess

Chapter 195 – Let’s make a sweets castle!

Thirteenth arc – Fifteenth chapter


“Aah!” Attracted by the sweet scent, Haruka stretched out his hands.

He was trying to grab the many sweets in front of him, as even the two-years old Haruka already knew how delicious they were.

Akari hugged Haruka and stopped him though, “No, that’s going to be a fairy house.”

Akari and Haruka were in a location that was not too far from the royal castle, and they were watching the construction of a residence for the sweets fairies.

Each fairy king has their own residence. Keith has a castle in the forest, Grail a temple in the sky, and Pearl a palace under the sea.

The sweets fairies are going to be living in a castle made of sweets.

Doors made of chocolate, bricks made of cookies, pillars of pretzels and candy being used as decoration.

Everything there is edible, but those sweets were made with the intent of being durable, so they were not as tasty as most sweets.

The design of the candy castle was made by Tiararose, and she was overseeing its construction.

The fairies were diligently making and assembling the sweets, and a large number of pastry chefs also helped them out by making more sweets.

Little by little, the candy castle was being completed with the help of many people.

Though well, Akari could understand why Haruka wanted to eat it, since it looked really tasty.

Also… “Aren’t the fairies eating it too!?” Akari exclaimed.

If one looks closely at it, they’ll see that the sweets fairies are often saying things like, ‘wow, this looks delicious!’ before eating the sweets themselves.

They immediately repair the eaten parts, but then they start thinking about how it might taste better, so they try making tastier replacement sweets.

“… Well, we still shouldn’t try getting in their way, so let’s go back and eat some sweets made by Tiara, okay?” Akari told Haruka.

“Aah!” Haruka replied.

Akari then kissed Haruka’s forehead and returned to the royal castle.


“My name is Luciarose, a knight of Marineforest! Heya!” Luciarose swung her toy sword.

“Uuuuh… I was bea… ten…” Levy fell to the ground after being hit.

They were playing pretend, and she, the knight, had just defeated him, the villain.

However, Levy scared Luciarose a bit when he collapsed and had his eyes turn white. It was a bit too much.

And not too far from those two, Olivia was playing with some toys together with Stiluca and Stirio, “Aaawn, aren’t they such good kids!? As expected of lady Tiararose and his majesty Aquasteed’s children!”

As she saw they rolling a ball around, Olivia felt like she was going to heaven.

“Olivia, let’s take a short break. I’ll prepare the tea.” Levy told her.

“Okay, please do.” Olivia replied.

While Levy prepared the things, Olivia helped the children wash their hands, then moved them to the tea table.

Olivia then looked up to the sky and heaved a sigh, “I wonder if lady Tiararose is still making the sweets castle…”

Just as she thought of all the fun she was missing out on, Levy brought the tea together with a mini house made of sweets. It seems like he made it himself.

“Wow! A sweets house!” Luciarose exclaimed.

“Thank you, Levy.” Olivia told him.

“I’m your butler, Olivia, this is only natural.” Levy replied.

The candy house made of cookies and chocolate was very cute and tasty. It ended up being very popular with Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio.


Tiararose held her head in trouble as she saw the sweets fairies repeatedly make sweets and eat them shortly after.

“Well, the sweets they make keep getting tastier each time, so… Maybe that’s a good thing?” Tiararose muttered to nobody in particular.

But because of that, the candy castle was still far from being completed.

And until it is completed, the sweets fairies will continue sleeping in Tiararose’s room.

“Mmm, this chocolate wall is delicious!” A fairy said.

“This window frame could be made with cocoa flavor!” Another fairy said.

“Great idea!” The first one replied.

Regardless of Tiararose’s troubled inner thoughts, the sweets fairies continued to eat the sweets at their own pace.

“I suppose this will take a while to finish.” Aquasteed commented.

“Aqua… I’m sorry that you took the trouble of preparing a nice piece of land for them, only to have this happen…” Tiararose replied.

“Don’t worry about it. The people will be happy to have the fairies living right next to them. That alone is plenty.

“So, take your time to finish this.” Aquasteed told her with a smile.

“Thank you.” Tiararose replied.

She thought that it would truly be great if the fairies had a nice house just for them.

Though well, even if the castle is completed, it will probably be constantly eaten and remade.

“Wait, hold on…” Tiararose muttered.

“Tiara?” Aquasteed asked.

“Those children will surely keep on eating and remaking the house even after it’s completed…” Tiararose said.

Aquasteed thought that this much was true, but that too was part of the freedom of the fairies.

However, Tiararose’s thoughts were going in a completely different direction from Aquasteed’s, “So, basically, won’t this sweets castle always be on the top of the sweets hierarchy…!? The fairies are good at making sweets, and they’ll keep on trying to improve the castle non-stop…”

Even if the sweets fairies have only started being born recently, their knowledge and skill in sweets have increased at an exponential speed as they interacted with many more people.

So, with this knowledge in mind, Tiararose became extremely excited about the sweets castle… And if possible, she’d like to come eat a bit of it every day.


Leaving the sweets castle to the fairies, Tiararose and Aquasteed returned to the royal castle. And as their children were still being taken care of by Olivia, the two of them could take some time for themselves.

There were some sweets fairies taking a break at Tiararose’s room, so they went to Aquasteed’s room instead.

“I’ll make you some tea, so sit down.” Aquasteed told her.

“Then, I-” Tiararose started replying.

“It’s alright. You’re tired from directing the construction of the sweets castle, so just take a break now, Tiara.” Aquasteed then forced Tiararose to sit down on the couch.

Since she was already forced to sit, Tiararose decided to be obedient and wait.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve last been in Aqua’s room.’ Tiararose thought.

She usually stays in her room, and she doesn’t have many chances to come to Aquasteed’s room.

While Tiararose’s room is filled with children’s toys, Aquasteed’s room is tidy and simple.

It’s an adult man’s room. And even though said man was Tiararose’s husband, she couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous while in it.

“Thank you for waiting.” Aquasteed poured her the tea.

“Thank you.” Tiararose drank his tea, then finally started relaxing, “Aqua… Thank you, for everything.”

“Yes…?” Aquasteed replied.

“I mean… I became a cat, and you had to cover for my official duties during all that time. Not to mention all the things with the sweets fairies…” Tiararose really felt like Aquasteed helped her a lot throughout those troubling times.

She wanted to thank him for all that, but to Aquasteed it felt like it was only natural for him to do that, so he didn’t feel like he needed to be thanked.

Or rather… “If anything, the cause of all those troubles was the power of the Starry Sky, so… I’m sorry, Tiara.” Aquasteed told her.

“No! It’s not Aqua’s fault!” Tiararose immediately exclaimed.

Aquasteed laughed at Tiararose’s instant objection, “Then, there is also nothing to blame you for, Tiara.”

“Ah…” Tiararose didn’t know how to reply.

“Also… I was quite impatient this time around.” Aquasteed said.

“Eh?” Tiararose said.

“Because there was a precedent of lady Liliarge becoming a monster. I was trying to act calm when in front of you, but I was really worried inside.” Aquasteed leaned his head on Tiararose’s shoulder, feeling a bit relaxed from speaking about his worries frankly.

Aquasteed then told her that he was happy for as long as he could stay right next to her.

‘Aqua thought about the possibility of me becoming a monster as soon as I started becoming a cat…’ Tiararose thought.

She realized that he thought of Tiararose more than anybody else. Prioritizing her even before himself.

His early mornings and late nights were all because of Tiararose… When she thought about it, she couldn’t help falling even more in love with Aquasteed.

Tiararose then hugged Aquasteed, who was leaning on her.

“Thank you very much, Aqua. If it was just me, I don’t think I’d have been able to manage this crisis properly.” Tiararose said.

Tiararose felt that being next to Aquasteed was like being enveloped in silk. A gentle comfortable sensation that gives her comfort, as he always tried helping her in whatever way he can without even letting her notice it.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ve decided that I’ll always protect you, Tiara, so you can let your guard down if you want, alright?” Aquasteed then chuckled, lifted Tiararose’s bangs with his fingertips, and kissed her exposed forehead.

He then kissed her nose, temples, cheeks and finally the lips.

Tiararose relaxed as he did that, so she was easily pushed down onto the sofa.

She stretched out her arms and hugged Aquasteed’s back, gently accepting his kiss. With their kiss growing deeper and sweeter with each passing moment.

Tiararose then tried saying something, but Aquasteed blocked her words with his lips.

Once they separated, Aquasteed said, “Sorry, but I don’t think you can afford to talk.”

A shiver ran through Tiararose’s body when looking at him from this close. His golden eyes were looking directly at her blue eyes, and her heart started beating faster and faster.

Lately, due to Tiararose often times becoming a cat, or due to Akari visiting them, she and Aquasteed haven’t had much time alone for each other.

“Cat Tiara may be cute, but I can’t do this when you’re like that.” Aquasteed said.

“Th-that is-” Tiararose started talking, but he blocked her words with another kiss.

He really wasn’t going to let her speak.

Tiararose thought that Aqua was eating through all of her words, but… As his partner, she also wanted him, so she hugged him tightly and responded to his deep kiss in kind.

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