Doted Villainess

Chapter 196 – About being a queen

Fourteenth Arc – The Queen’s Job – First Chapter


Spring is over and summer is now here. The early summer feels quite comfortable, and the kingdom of Marineforest has become livelier due to the sweets fairies.

The endlessly clear blue sky meets up with the deep blue of the ocean in the horizon. The trees grow with a vivid green, and the sweets castle in the royal capital livens up people’s days.

“When I finally thought it was finished, they ate it again…” Tiararose muttered.

She was looking at the recently-eaten roof of the sweets castle from the window of her room in the royal castle.

The sweets castle is her castle, as she is the Fairy Queen of Sweets, but she still lives in the royal castle.

And the sweets fairies are always busy making this sweets castle, but as soon as they finish it, they always say ‘looks delicious’ and start eating it up again, so the castle most likely won’t ever be truly finished.

“I hope the castle can withstand the rainy season…” Tiararose muttered as she happily looked at the sweets castle.

She was currently wearing a white frilly dress that had light-blue flowers around the waist area. Tiararose could look good in almost any clothes, so many noble ladies admired her.

There was a recent incident where she was no longer able to properly control the power of the Starry Sky properly and almost became a monster, but this was solved by giving part of that power to the sweets fairies, so her days are fairly peaceful now.

And although only a handful of people know it, Tiararose is someone who reincarnated as the villainess of The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.

Then, as she watched the sweets roof being re-made, she heard a knock on her door, “It’s Olivia.”

“Please come in.” Tiararose replied.

“Excuse me.” Olivia opened the door and started going inside while pushing a teacart filled with tea sets and sweets.

Behind her were Luciarose, who was holding hands with Aquasteed; and Levy, who was holding hands with Stiluca and Stirio.

Tiararose giggled a bit when seeing the long line of people entering, “You all came together?”

“His majesty Aquasteed seems to have finished his work for the day, so he wanted to have some tea time together.” Olivia smiled and nodded as she answered.

“Lucia’s practice just ended, and Luca and Rio just woke up from their nap, so I brought them too for tea time.” Aquasteed added.

Aquasteed always looks forward to some tea time with his family.

He looked at his family with gentle eyes and always tried his best to be a kind husband and a good father.

He also tries finishing work early whenever possible, so as to spend as much time as he can with Tiararose and their children.

“Mother!” Luciarose rushed over and jumped onto Tiararose’s dress.

Tiararose caught her and gently stroke her head.

After that, Stiluca and Stirio also came to Tiararose’s side.

Tiararose crouched down and stroke the hands of the twins and smiled, “Let’s eat some snacks.”

Luciararose was a princess who wished to be a knight. She had straight dark-pink hair, and golden honey-pink eyes. Her hair was currently split in two buns on the side, and decorated with ribbons.

She’s a tomboyish girl who loves climbing trees and constantly gives Tarmo trouble.

Then there are the twins.

Stiluca has ash-pink hair and eyes of different colors. With the right eye being gold and the left being light-blue. His golden eye is the proof of the power of a king, and Stiluca has the magic of the moon.

His magical power is too large, so he wears a moon bracelet on his left arm to control it.

Stirio has ash-blue hair and eyes of different colors. With the right eye being light-blue and the left being gold. Stirio has the magical power of the sun, and is on good terms with his brother.

Similarly to Stiluca, he has too much magical power, so he wears a sun bracelet on his right arm to control it.

“Haaaa… To see the villainess and her family find happiness like that… It’s just like a painting! This scene is a national treasure!” Olivia exclaimed while she tried preparing the tea.

“Olivia, handkerchief.” Levy put a handkerchief on her nose.

“Thank you, Levy.” Olivia said as she fell on her knees after getting on the verge of hyperventilating.

The handkerchief was already reddened with blood by now.

Olivia Ariadale loves the otome game world of The Ring of Lapis Lazuli way too much, as well as all of its characters.

She has rose-red hair and sparkling honey-green eyes. She was wearing a deep-red dress and fancy glasses.

Olivia is filled with happiness each day simply from living in this world, and when she gets too excited, she starts getting nosebleeds.

Right now, she is working as Tiararose’s aide in the palace due to Philiane being on maternity leave.

And then there is Levy, Olivia’s butler that can perfectly predict when she’ll get a nosebleed.

He has black hair and rose-red eyes, the same color as Olivia’s hair. He is elegantly dressed in a butler’s outfits and has many handkerchiefs hidden in his pocket.

Seeing Olivia, who had a nosebleed, and Levy, who was treating her, Tiararose smiled wryly… Well, she was already used to it by now.

“Today I made some small sponge cakes that even prince Stirio and prince Stiluca should be able to eat.” Levy said.

“I tasted them, and they’re quite delicious.” Olivia nodded.

Levy arranged the plates with the sponge cakes, while Olivia finished brewing the tea with a smile.

Sitting on the sofa, Luciarose quickly ate one of the sponge cakes and made a ‘Mmmm’ sound while putting both hands on her cheeks. She seemed to have enjoyed it quite a bit.

Tiararose and Aquasteed sat next to each other on the sofa, with Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio sitting on the sofa right across them.

Olivia was sitting on a one-seat couch, and Levy was serving her. She may be Tiararose’s aide, but she still has her tea served to her like this.

Stiluca and Stirio also picked up the sponge cakes and brought them to their mouths.

“You’re eating quite well.” Tiararose told them.

“Delicious!” Both Stiluca and Stirio said while smiling brightly.

They stared at Levy, who had made the sweets, with sparkling eyes as they ate more sponge cakes.

‘The power of sweets is truly great, after all…!’ Tiararose thought.

As expected of the children of the sweets-lover Tiararose, they were also quite fond of sweets, and she was sure that they would keep on loving sweets in the future.

In the meantime, while she leisurely enjoyed a cup of tea, Olivia took out a notebook and called out to Tiararose, “Regarding lady Tiararose’s and his majesty’s Aquasteed schedule, I have talked with Elliot about it, and we were able to get you some free time in three days from now.”

“Really? Thank you, Olivia.” Tiararose replied.

“You’re going to Keith, right?” Aquasteed asked.

“Yes.” Tiararose nodded.

Aquasteed was already aware of it. Tiararose was going to meet up with Keith to ask more about what is the role of a Fairy King, as she has now become the Fairy Queen of Sweets.

Tiararose usually has light-blue eyes, but her cat form has golden eyes, proof of her status as Fairy Queen.

“I hate you asking Keith though…” Aquasteed muttered.

Tiararose soothed Aquasteed, who was a bit down.

She knew that Aquasteed would prefer if she went to talk with Grail or Pearl instead, after all.

So, Tiararose told him, “Between Keith and Pearl who have blessed me, Keith is the one who has a library within his castle, so I think it’s better to go to him, as we’ll be able to do some research there if needed.”

“You’re right… I don’t want to cause you trouble with my selfishness…” Aquasteed gave in, and started moving his fingers through Tiararose’s hair.

Seeing that, Luciarose exclaimed, “Me too!” got off her sofa, then came to Tiararose, “Mother’s hair is really fluffy!”

Luciarose really liked Tiararose’s hair. Luciarose had straight hair, just like Aquasteed, but she thought the wavy hair of her mother looked really lovely.

So, Luciarose grabbed some of Tiararose’s hair and diligently started braiding it… However, as a five years old girl, she was still a bit clumsy, so she couldn’t do it properly.

“Mmmm, it’s not working out…” Luciarose pouted.

Tiararose smiled at her, “If you practice it enough, you’ll be able to do it.” Then she started braiding her own hair to show how it’s done.

Not only Luciarose, but Aquasteed too stared intently at Tiararose as she slowly braided her hair… It made it a bit embarrassing for Tiararose, “Aqua, you’re staring too much… I’m not that good at it, you know?” She said.

“Really? It feels like you’re plenty good.” Aquasteed replied.

And before they knew it, Stiluca and Stirio also came closer and started touching Tiararose’s hair.

The twins were still pretty small, so they couldn’t even tie their own hair, but they seemed to enjoy playing with their mother’s hair anyways.

With a smile, they mimicked Luciarose and said, “Fluffy!”

Olivia held a handkerchief over her nose as she enjoyed watching the family reunion.


Tiararose and Aquasteed came to Keith’s castle to learn more about Fairy Kings.

There were many rare plants in Keith’s castle, so it was always nice to visit it. Seeing the forest fairies diligently watering the plants was also quite cute.

When the forest fairies noticed that Tiararose had arrived, they said, “Let’s go welcome her!”

Tiararose happily gave them some sweets as they came near.

Then, as Tiararose and Aquasteed kept on walking forward, they eventually reached Keith’s room and told him what they came here for.

“So you want to know what the Fairy King is supposed to do?” Keith asked.

“Yes, I mean, I don’t really know anything about the Fairy Kings…” Tiararose answered.

Even though she is the Fairy Queen of Sweets, she doesn’t really know what she should do, so she came to consult with Keith.

It would have been nice if there were some books about it in the library of the royal castle, but there was no such thing as a book about the work of a Fairy king.

“It can’t be helped, I’ll tell you.” Keith told her with a happy expression.

“Thank you, Keith.” Tiararose replied.

Keith had waist-length dark-green hair and golden eyes that were proof of his status as a king. He had a fan on his waist and wore relatively loose clothing.

He was a Fairy King who had blessed Tiararose, and he often teased her.

So, Keith sat on the flower sofa and started muttering, “Let’s see…”

In the meantime, as Tiararose watched him, she started trying to remember what she had seen Keith do that felt like official duties, but… She couldn’t remember anything.

Keith seemed to usually spend his time freely, so it was actually hard for her to imagine him working.

If anything, she could imagine him teaching the forest fairies how to take care of the plants, but that was more like a teacher’s job than a king’s.

“Oh, right, you need that.” Keith said.

“That?” Tiararose and Aquasteed looked at one another while wondering what he meant with those words.

Once they looked back at Keith, he continued, “You need the ring of the Fairy Queen of Sweets.”

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