Doted Villainess

Chapter 198 – Where to store the ring

Fourteenth Arc – Third chapter


“Wow, amazing…” Tiararose muttered.

“Seems like it’s forbidden to take it out.” Aquasteed commented.

The underground walls seemed to be fairly sturdy and filled with exposed tree roots. The branches of those trees stretched out and filled the ceiling with their leaves and blooming glowing flowers which illuminated the room.

Tiararose was a bit overwhelmed and asked if it was okay to approach it.

On the other hand, Keith didn’t even seem to mind it and said, “Why is this even locked?” as he used the flower key to unlock the book.

“Keith, you should treat it with more care…” Tiararose told him.

“It’s just a leaf book, so it’s easy to repair it.” Keith replied.

The librarian widened her eyes at those words though, “Your majesty, don’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into reparation!

“Surely it may look easy from your point of view, but if you put the damaged leaves on a tree, then the sun might further harm them!

“Moreover, if you don’t pay careful attention to how the book is being repaired, the leaves might grow in a distorted shape and completely change the meaning inside it! This is a kind of work that requires a lot of nerve and-”

“Okay, I get it! I’ll treat it with care, so shut up!” Keith put his hands at his ears when hearing this machinegun-like talk.

Tiararose could only wryly smile at that, but she decided to not mind it and sat on a chair.

Only, in her cat form, she wasn’t tall enough.

“It will be hard to read like this.” Aquasteed picked her up and sat her on his lap.

“Aqua!” Tiararose embarrassedly exclaimed.

It was true that she was able to read it now though, so she accepted this embarrassing situation and moved her attention back to the book.

And now, with her heart pounding with the possibility of learning the secret of the Fairy Kings, Tiararose touched the book with her paws. She was sure that the information she wanted to know was there.

‘I have to be careful when handling it.” She thought.

And at that moment, she realized something, so she turned her head back towards Aquasteed and asked for his help, “I can’t turn the pages well with a cat’s paw…”

She’d probably be able to do it, but she’d need to be a bit rough, which might end up tearing or damaging the book.

“I’ll flip the pages for you.” Aquasteed told her.

“Thank you.” She smiled brightly as Aquasteed started turning the pages for her.

“There is a table of contents here… It starts from the birth of a Fairy King, it seems?” Tiararose muttered.

She thought it would be fine to read from the beginning, so they started from there.

What was written in the book, was that once one becomes a Fairy King, they’d need to prepare their residence and make a ring.

It was also noted that it was important to build a relationship of trust with one’s own fairies.

As they read through that, Keith remembered that he did teach the fairies about the rings and how to read maps.

‘So, it’s important to tell the sweets fairies about what I want to do, and about what is common sense too…’ Tiararose thought.

The fairies are currently on good terms with the people, and no issues in particular have been raised so far.

However, they do keep on eating the sweets castle and rebuilding it. The fairies seem to think only of sweets, so… Maybe that could actually be troublesome in the long run if Tiararose left them alone.

“Here, it’s showing how you make a ring.” Aquasteed pointed towards a paragraph.

“Oh, it’s there.” Tiararose nodded.

The book said one first needed to prepare a room to store the ring, to then make the ring itself.

Tiararose was a bit troubled about it though, because both tasks required the use of magic, which was something she wasn’t good at handling.

But then, as she was worrying about this, Aquasteed started laughing and tickled her forehead.

“Aqua?” Tiararose was confused.

“I get it. You think it might be hard to use the power of the Fairy Queen.” He gently told her.

“Yeah…” Tiararose nodded, and wished she was as good at magic as Aquasteed.

But then, the swirly of thoughts in Tiararose’s head were suddenly interrupted by Keith clapping his hands, “It’s more about trying than thinking, so let’s go to the sweets castle.”

And so, Keith left the librarian to organize the archives, and teleported everyone to the sweets castle.

Since Tiararose was still in her cat form, she went there while being held by Aquasteed.

As soon as they arrived, the sweets fairies immediately started gathering,

“It’s the queen!” A fairy exclaimed.

“Welcome!” Another fairy said.

“Here are some sweets!” A third fairy said.

“Let’s have tea together!” A fourth one said.

The fairies happily started making preparations for a tea party, as eating sweets was their favorite way of greeting others.

Sweets fairies born from Tiararose sweets… They had honey-pink hair and light-blue flower eyes. Each one was dressed in a patissier uniform that reflected the sweet they were born from, and they all carried a confectionery tool too.

The first one was born from a cake, and the following ones were born from all sorts of sweets, like cookies or macarons.

They were also quite friendly to humans and easily blessed them. The effect of their blessings improved a person’s sweet-making skills, so Tiararose couldn’t help looking forward to the fact that Marineforest’s confectionery capabilities would further improve.

So, with her eyes sparkling, Tiararose thanked the fairies as she sat down on a tall cookie chair that the fairies prepared for her. It was tall enough for her to reach the table properly even while being in cat form.

This was a castle made of sweets, so not just the building, but the furniture too was made of sweets.

“You came here to properly claim the castle as yours, right?” Keith asked her.

“That’s true, but it’s also important to deepen the relationship with the sweets fairies, isn’t it?” Tiararose replied.

“So basically, you want to eat sweets…” Keith muttered.

Aquasteed laughed at that, “Well, isn’t it fine? It’s important for her to interact with her fairies.

“Besides, you also like the sweets made by the fairies, don’t you, Keith?”

“… I suppose it can’t be helped.” Keith scratched his head and sat down at the table too.

Aquasteed was sat next to Tiararose, while Keith was right across them.

After confirming that everyone was seated, the fairies arrived with a forest wagon that carried a lot of sweets.

The wheels were made of round tree branches, a flower lamp illuminated it, and the handle was made of a hard tree branch.

“Wow, it’s so cute, but… It’s not made of sweets? How come?” Tiararose asked the fairies.

“We got it from the forest fairies in exchange for sweets!” A fairy explained.

“So it was made by the forest fairies…” Keith muttered.

Tiararose would like to thank the forest fairies for that. She has been indebted to them since the first day she came to Marineforest, back when she was still engaged to Aquasteed.

“And now, a full sweets course for the queen!” A fairy exclaimed.

Lined up in front of them were fruit jelly, macarons, scones, cakes and creme brulee.

Inside the fruit jelly were cut apples with small flowers inside them, and it looked like a flower garden.

The macarons had chocolate on the bottom part of the dough, giving it a rich flavor.

The scones were made with Earl Gray tea leaves and had a nice aroma.

The cakes had plenty of strawberries in them.

The creme brulee had a shiny surface that made Tiararose want to taste it as soon as possible.

“Oh wow, you even used flowers from the forest to decorate it! It looks gorgeous!” Tiararose leaned over the table and its full course of sweets. Not only did it smell delicious, but the appearance also captivated her completely.

‘As expected of the sweets fairies.’ Tiararose thought.

Keith, who was a bit wary at first, quickly started eating once the tea party started, and even asked for seconds. It seemed like he really enjoyed the fairies’ sweets.

Aquasteed was also eating the jelly and commented, “It looks beautiful.”

As for Tiararose, she couldn’t eat sweets well in her cat form, so she returned to human form and had a normal-sized cookie chair prepared for her.

And then, while Tiararose thought about bringing Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio here next time, a sweets fairy stared at Tiararose and asked, “By the way, can we do something for you?”

“Oh, right! I was so engrossed with the sweets that I forgot…” Tiararose wiped her mouth and stared at the sweets fairies, “I want to make a room in this castle where I can store the Sweets Ring.”

“Ring?” One fairy asked.

“Ah! I heard about it from the forest fairies!” Another fairy exclaimed.

“Make it!” A third fairy said.

“Is it gonna be made of candy?” A fourth fairy asked.

‘They’ll eat the ring if it is.’ Tiararose thought.

Though she then giggled while thinking about how it would be nice to have a ring made of sweets.

“Thank you for your permission, fairies.” Tiararose told them.

“This sweets castle belongs to the queen!” The fairies told her.

They giggled and told Tiararose that she could do whatever she wanted here, and that if she needed help, they could always use sweets to expand the castle.

Tiararose nodded at their words, then went back to her cat form.

She closed her eyes, focused on her magical power, and started trying to move it around the sweets castle.

‘A place to store the ring…’ Tiararose thought, ‘Where would it be good? Underground? Upstairs? At the kitchen?’

As she thought of various places, an image with the entirety of the sweets castle came to her mind.

Tiararose had thought that the sweets castle had only three floors, but it turns out that there was an attic too.

With her magic, she was able to understand the intricacies of the castle, and as such, she was able to conclude that, ‘The attic doesn’t have any use, does it?’

It had a small round window, and one could see the royal castle from it. The view was spectacular, so Tiararose fell in love with that attic right away.

“… I’ve decided it.” Tiararose muttered.

She then started pouring her magical power on the sweets castle.

At first, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it properly, but after she went into her cat form, as in, her Fairy Queen of Sweets form, she ended up being naturally able to control this magic.

Perhaps this was what Keith meant with naturally knowing how to do it.

And so, in the blink of an eye, the attic became the storage room for her ring.

With a strong sense of accomplishment feeling her, Tiararose heaved a sigh of relief and let her weight fall on the chair. Using her Fairy Queen powers drained her more than she thought it would.

Aquasteed picked up the slumped Tiararose, “Are you okay, Tiara?”

“Yes… I’m just a little tired, but… I made a room to store my ring.” She smiled as she told him that.

Aquasteed then patted her head, “Great work.” and then gently kissed her forehead.

At this point, Keith interrupted them, “Don’t go flirting in public.”

“Meow!?” Tiararose exclaimed as Keith almost grabbed her by the neck.

Aquasteed took a step back to avoid it though, “Tiara is my wife, so this much is fine, isn’t it?”

“I’m a Fairy King who blessed her, so I have the right to interrupt.” Keith replied.

As usual, sparks started flying between the two of them.

“What are you doing, you two!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

“Let’s give them a cookie to calm down!” One fairy said that.

Immediately after that, the sweets fairies thrusted cookies into both Aquasteed’s and Keith’s mouths.

The two who were interrupted by the sweets fairies could only smile wryly as they ate the cookies.

Once Keith finished eating his, he looked at Tiararose and said, “Well… You now need to decide what kind of ring you want to make.”

“I’ll think carefully about it.” Tiararose nodded.

She wasn’t sure what kind of ring would be good. It wasn’t something that easily came to her mind.

Would it better be something to help the country? Or perhaps something to help individuals? There were many possibilities, so she needed to be careful with choosing what her ring did.

“It’s not something you need to hurry on. Take your time deciding it.” Aquasteed told her.

“Thank you, Aqua.” Tiararose nodded.

Aquasteed then told her that they could think about it together, and that made Tiararose feel relieved, as to her, Aquasteed’s help was worth more than a hundred people’s help.

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