Doted Villainess

Chapter 199 – A day off

Fourteenth arc – Fourth chapter


Although it was nice to have a place to store the ring in the sweets castle, Tiararose was at a loss about what kind of ring she should create.

She tried drawing a design on paper, but it didn’t work out very well.

It’s not like there was a specific deadly for making the ring, but she somehow felt like she needed to hurry up with it.

So, while Tiararose was groaning at her desk, Olivia suggested, “Why don’t you go window shopping to look at rings?”

Levy, who was standing behind her, nodded, “That’s a good idea.”

“Of course, there should be no problems with you buying them. Or rather, if you ask his majesty, he will surely collect rings from all over the city…!” Olivia’s eyes were sparkling as she said that.

“Stop!” Tiararose exclaimed, “I don’t need more rings! I don’t even wear any rings aside from those two…”

Tiararose looked at the two rings on her left ring finger. One was her wedding ring, and the other was the Ring of the Starry Sky that Aquasteed made for her.

Aquasteed also wore only one ring, the villainess ring made from three fairy rings.

Therefore, she doesn’t need any other rings, ‘Besides, it would be inconvenient to wear too many rings while making sweets.’ Tiararose though.

Moreover, the reason behind Olivia wanting more rings for Tiararose was… “Is that so? Such a pity. I wanted to dress up lady Tiararose more.”

“Don’t I get dressed up enough?” Tiararose replied.

Her dresses were tailored just for her, made by her personal designer who constantly thought about what would look good on Tiararose and who also made sure to only use materials of the highest quality to make her dresses.

That, paired together with the tremendous amount of accessories that Tiararose receives, she thought that she was pampered more than enough.

“If anything…” Tiararose started muttering, ‘I’d rather dress up Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio instead.’ she thought.

She wanted to buy everything for her children, dressing them up in cute dresses or cool outfits.

“Luca and Rio are twins, so they have a lot of matching outfits, but they don’t have much that matches with Lucia… I’d like to give them something that matches as a gift.” Tiararose said.

“That’s a wonderful idea! The three of them lined up would raise their cuteness to the maximum! Ugh, just by imagining it, I…!” Olivia said.

“Lady Olivia!?” Tiararose hurriedly took out a handkerchief.

Levy, who was at the ready, just shook his head though, “It’s alright. She’s just excited, there is no nosebleed.”

“Is that so? Good for you… I think?” Tiararose replied.

Due to Olivia’s nosebleeds, Tiararose started always carrying handkerchiefs with her.

Sometimes she wondered who was serving who when she remembered those things.

“Oh… It seems like his majesty and your children have come.” Levy looked towards the door.

Tiararose then paid attention to it, and she started hearing the happy voices of Aquasteed and of her children coming her way.

Shortly after, she heard a knock on the door, and a cute voice saying, “Mother!”

Levy opened the door, and then Luciarose immediately jumped inside. She was wearing a cute dress and a round white bag.

She seemed like she was ready to go out.

Tiararose turned her gaze to Aquasteed, and he nodded with a wry smile to her, “Lucia wants to go to town.

“I already finished my work for today, so I thought we could go together if you’re fine with it.” Aquasteed explained.

“I’ll gladly go, or rather… I’m pretty lost about what kind of ring I should make, so I think going out with my family would be a wonderful change of pace, so I’m grateful.” Tiararose replied.

Olivia had also recommended window shopping, so she nodded strongly.

Therefore, they decided to go out on a family trip to the city.


The three children almost never left the royal castle.

They did visit Elliot and Philiane’s mansion quite a few times before, but walking around town like this was a rare occasion.

Luciarose had come a couple of times before, but it was the first time for Stiluca and Stirio.

“Wow, so many people!” Stiluca exclaimed.

“Amazing!” Stirio exclaimed.

They were looking at the cityscape with sparkling eyes while pointing here and there asking, ‘What’s that?’, to which Tiararose and Aquasteed answered each time.

“That is a store. They can sell a variety of things. That one sells bread, the other one sells flowers, and this one sells sweets.” Tiararose told them.

The twins were nodding in admiration at the explanation, but when they heard the last word, they exclaimed, “Sweets!” and ran towards the confectionery store. They were growing up to love sweets as much as their mother.

“Me too!” Luciarose chased after the twins.

Tiararose and Aquasteed just giggled at that, then moved after their children.

A bit behind them, Tarmo and other knights were secretly escorting the whole family. Since children were with them this time, they brought more escorts than normal. Tarmo was in charge, commanding the whole group.

“Such cute cookies!” Stiluca exclaimed once he reached a stall that sold them.

There were cookies in all sorts of shapes there, such as hearts, diamonds, animals, houses… They seemed to be quite popular with women and children, so there was a long line in front of the stall.

“Lucia, Luca, Rio. You need to line up. You can buy them when it’s your turn.” Tiararose told them.

“Okay!” The children cheerfully exclaimed, then moved back towards their mother.

But at that moment, the people in their surroundings became noisy, “E-e-e-e-eh!? Lady Tiararose and his majesty Aquasteed!?” One person exclaimed.

“D-does that mean those are their children!?” Another person said.

“They’re even cuter than in the paintings!” A third person exclaimed.

They weren’t in disguise this time around, so the townsfolk instantly recognized Tiararose and her family.

Tiararose and Aquasteed looked at each other, smiled, then waved lightly at the people.

The townsfolk smiled and waved back at them.

Stiluca and Stirio hid behind Tiararose, while Luciarose waved in the same way her parents did.

Aquasteed then crouched down, made eye contact with his sons, and smiled, “You don’t need to be scared. They all love you two, Luca, Rio.”

Luca hesitated a bit, but nodded at his words.

“Love!” Rio exclaimed shortly after.

Then, Stiluca and Stirio waved their hands to the crowd too, which made everyone fall in love with their cuteness.

Some even said, “They looks just like his majesty when he was a child!”

And then, while they were waiting in line to get to the stall, a woman who was in front of them nervously said, “Uhn… Please go ahead, your majesty.”

“There’s no need. We’re just in a family trip today, so don’t worry about it.” Aquasteed replied.

“A-alright!” The woman nodded many times. She still seemed to be quite tense.

Stiluca and Stirio then waved at the “Big sister”, which seemed to calm her down a bit, so she could smile naturally at them.

And after lining up for a while, it was now Tiararose’s turn.

The children were looking at the cookies while wondering, “Which one should I choose…?”

The shop owner tensely replied, “W-welcome…!”

And while Tiararose watched over her children, Aquasteed asked her, “Which one do you want, Tiara?”

“Eh? Me? I…” Tiararose thought it would be nice if the children just bought whatever they wanted today, but she wasn’t planning on getting anything for herself.

However, she had been staring at the cookies for a while, so she decided to just reply honestly, “I want to eat too…”

Aquasteed giggled, “It’s okay to be honest. Just choose what you want, and we can eat on the bench over there.”

“Okay.” Tiararose replied, chose a cookie for herself, then turned towards Luciarose, “Did you decide on one, Lucia?”

“Yes!” Luciarose picked a sword-shaped cookie.

It was fairly thin, but it was able to maintain its shape without breaking somehow.

It was the perfect cookie for Luciarose, who dreamt of becoming a knight.

Stiluca and Stirio picked a moon-shaped cookie and a cat-shaped cookie, respectively.

“Then, for the bill… Why don’t you pay for it, Lucia?” Tiararose said.

“Me?” Luciarose replied.

“Yes. When you buy something, you need to pay money for it.” Tiararose explained.

Luciarose had already learned about how money worked from her classes, but she didn’t have many opportunities to actually handle transactions herself.

So, Tiararose gave Luciarose a brief explanation and handed her the money.

With the money in hands, Luciarose’s eyes sparkled and she nodded, “Leave it to me!” She was burning with a desire to clear her mission.

Tiararose and Aquasteed just smiled at that.

“Then, give me this too.” Luciarose took a heart-shaped cookie, then gave the money to the clerk.

“Wasn’t one enough, Lucia?” Aquasteed laughed as Luciarose picked a second cookie.

However, since Stiluca and Stirio only had one cookie, Tiararose started worrying that they’d be bothered if Luciarose had two, “Lucia, why don’t we get just one each? There are more stores to visit, and we will eat dinner later, you know?”

Tiararose tried explaining that she could get too full for dinner if she snacked too much.

However, Luciarose shook her head, “This one is for father!”

“Eh…? For Aqua?” Tiararose replied.

“For me…? Thank you, Lucia.” Aquasteed picked up the cookie.

“You’re welcome!” Luciarose happily exclaimed.

Luciarose’s words had warmed not only Tiararose’s heart, but also the hearts of everyone who was watching.

And so, they sat on the bench and ate cookies together as a family.

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