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Doted Villainess

Chapter 200 – The Librarian Requests for Cooperation

Fourteenth arc – Fifth chapter


Tiararose was writing responses to invitation letters to evening parties, when suddenly, a sealed letter appeared on her desk.

“Is this… A letter?” She muttered.

“Looks like it…” Olivia peered in from behind her.

Levy too looked at it, from behind Olivia.

It was a cute letter drawn on leaves, rolled up and tied with a flower ribbon.

‘Is this from the forest fairies?’ Tiararose thought.

However, she never received a letter from the forest fairies before, so she tilted her head in confusion.

“Just in case, let me check it.” Levy picked up the letter.

“Thank you, Levy.” Tiararose replied.

It was unlikely for this to be dangerous, but since Levy can also serve as a bodyguard, it was better for him to do it.

He took out the flower ribbon and checked the contents of the letter, “Seems like it’s from the librarian. You said you met her the other day on the forest castle, right?”

“Yes. Though I didn’t expect to get a letter from her.” Tiararose received the letter from Levy, then started reading it.

The librarian’s letter said that she wanted to create a new book with the story of Marineforest, so she wanted Aquasteed and Tiararose to cooperate with her.

“To make a book with the history of Marineforest…” Tiararose muttered.

‘Coming to think about it, the librarian had mentioned something about making a new book when we were there. I’ll do my best to cooperate with her then!’ Tiararose thought.

And then, just as Tiararose thought about rearranging her schedule, Olivia got excited and exclaimed, “A history book!?”

Her nose immediately started bleeding a lot as she said those words, but Levy quickly brought a handkerchief to her.

Tiararose looked at Olivia worriedly, as she had thought that the nosebleeds had calmed down recently, “You’re quite knowledgeable about Marineforest, lady Olivia, so if you’d like to come with me… That would be fine-”

“Of course! I would be overjoyed to be able to witness the historical moment of a history book of Marineforest being created…!” Olivia exclaimed.

Tiararose could only smile wryly at her and say, “Let’s go together then.”


A few days later, Tiararose brought a round leaf pie with her as a souvenir and went to Keith’s castle.

Together with her were Aquasteed, Olivia, Levy and Elliot.

Tiararose’s children were playing with Philiane, who came visit the castle together with her own children.

As soon as Tiararose and the others arrived at Keith’s castle though, Olivia started hyperventilating and fell on her knees. She was having a hard time breathing and her nosebleed was coming out in full force.

“Olivia…!” Levy exclaimed as he held her and gave her handkerchiefs.

“I… I… F-f-f-f-f-forest castle of the Fairy King! I’m in the forest castle of the Fairy King!” Olivia exclaimed. Her excitement was at the maximum.

Not knowing what to do, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Elliot only looked at each other, then turned their stares towards Levy. He was the only one who could handle this situation.

“Your nosebleed is too severe. It might be life-threatening if we don’t return home immediately.” Levy said.

“N-no way! I’ll be going to the forest archives to witness the creation of a history book…! Those nosebleeds won’t stop me!!!” Olivia was trembling heavily and many handkerchiefs had already been bloodied though.

Everyone thought it would be impossible for her to keep going.

However, Olivia yelled, “Haaa!” put all her focus into it, and stopped her nosebleeds.

“Amazing, Olivia! As expected, the special training was worth it!” Levy exclaimed.

‘What kind of special training did she go through?’ Tiararose thought, but decided to not comment on it, as she preferred to not know the answer to this question.

As for Keith, who watched the whole situation, and was quite confused at it, he muttered, “Are you sure you’re alright?”

He was troubled as he saw his castle almost turn red, but Levy was fast to act with the handkerchiefs, so not a single drop of blood reached the castle’s floors.

“Oh! I’m very sorry for my unsightly appearance when in front of you!” Olivia exclaimed.

“No, that’s alright. Just help the librarian.” Keith tapped Olivia’s shoulder with his fan.

“Of course!” Olivia cheerfully exclaimed. She was looking very forward to the creation of the history book.

And so, they went to the forest archives.

“Welcome! Thank you for coming today!” The librarian bowed her head to them.

Olivia, Elliot and Levy, who were meeting her for the first time, immediately introduced themselves. It felt a bit strange, since it was rare to have this kind of exchange with fairies.

“Thank you for inviting us, librarian, this is a souvenir leaf pie that I baked this morning.” Tiararose offered the pie.

“Wow, it smells so good! Let’s eat it at the tea time!” The librarian giggled and happily accepted the gift before guiding everyone to the back.

In there, there was a large tree that hadn’t existed on their last visit. One could tell at a glance that it was a special tree, as it had pale yellow-green leaves that shone brightly.

And also because it had magical powers in it.

‘If it was the me of not long ago, I might have not noticed the magical powers.’ Tiararose thought.

The powers of the Starry Sky and of being the Fairy Queen of Sweets had considerably increased her magical powers, and Tiararose had also gotten better at handling these powers, so she was now able to notice things she wasn’t able to before.

Then, while everyone was looking at the tree, Keith touched it, and the tree started shining as Keith poured his magic into it.

“Beautiful… That’s your magic, right Keith?” Tiararose asked.

“Yes, this is how I make special leaf books. I use the leaves of trees grown with magic. Tiara, Aqua, and you over there, Olivia. Infuse the tree with magic.” Keith told them.

“Me too!?” Olivia was incredibly surprised at it.

She was willing to give all her knowledge for the creation of the history books, but she never thought she’d also need to use magical powers.

Or rather, she was quite confused that she was allowed to participate in it.

Tiararose saw the confused Olivia, then lightly grasped her hand, “Your knowledge is enormous, lady Olivia, so please cooperate.”

“I-i-i-if you’re okay with me, then of course! I’ll pour all my knowledge into this tree…!” Olivia nodded her head many times.

Tiararose too was fired up with fighting spirit, with a desire to not lose to Olivia, “I’ll do my best too! Let’s grow a nice tree!”

“Let’s!” Olivia exclaimed.

Both Tiararose and Olivia could easily get very excited about anything related to this world. Aquasteed could only smile wryly at their actions.

Aquasteed had heard from Tiararose about her previous life and about the game, so he knows that they have a lot of detailed information about both Marineforest and Lapis Lazuli, which are the countries that the games are set on.

“Since they’re trying this hard, I guess I’ll have to do my best too.” Aquasteed said.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of tree it will grow into.” Tiararose smiled as she said that.

Aquasteed nodded at those words.

“Then… You first, Olivia.” Keith said.

“Y-yes!” Olivia exclaimed, then started walking closer to the tree.

Her right hands and legs were moving together, so she was clearly pretty nervous.

Levy and Tiararose both cheered for her in their hearts as Olivia beautifully knelt in front of the tea.

“Oh, to think it’s okay to put my tiny magical power into such a beautiful tree… I’m worried, but also honored that my magical power and my knowledge may be of use to you…” Olivia then touched the tree with both of her hands.

Slowly, gently and carefully, she treated the tree like a treasure.

“… I can see lady Olivia’s magic flowing in.” Tiararose commented.

The amount of magical power wasn’t large, but Tiararose could see that Olivia was pouring it very carefully. Her devotion to this tree was evident not only on her actions, but also on her words.

Because she was muttering something too… Tiararose strained her ears to try listening in to it.

“I will tell you everything that I know of the history of Marineforest. First of all, the fountain in the center of the royal capital has a logo of the Ring of Lapis Lazuli, and is sometimes used for meeting dates. There are also several top-secret passageways leading to the royal castle…” Olivia was saying.

“Lady Olivia! Stop! Stop!!” Tiararose hurriedly stopped her, wondering what was going through Olivia’s mind.

It was fine for the people who were there to listen to her words, but even then, that was not something she could mutter this casually.

“I thought I should give it all my knowledge…” Olivia told Tiararose.

“Just magical power is enough…” Keith told her.

Tiararose wondered if Olivia was actually planning on keeping on pouring magic throughout the whole time she talked. She’d definitely run out of magical power long before she finished speaking though.

“Ah, I thought magical power alone wasn’t enough…” Olivia muttered.

And just as she said that, she finished pouring her magical power, and a red rose bloomed from the tree.

“A rose tree?” Tiararose blinked as she looked at the tree.

The tree itself looked normal, and the leaves were not akin to roses.

Tiararose wondered what was going on, but before she could voice her concerns, Keith explained it, “I said it was going to grow with magic, didn’t I? This red rose bloomed due to that person’s magical power.

“Tiara and Aqua’s magic should also alter the way the tree grows.”

“I see…!” Tiararose exclaimed.

She thought the tree would only grow bigger, but it seemed like the way the tree grew depended on who gave it magic.

Excitedly, Tiararose looked at Aquasteed and asked, “Is it okay if I go next?”

“Oh, of course.” Aquasteed replied.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how it will grow!” Tiararose exclaimed.

Nobody commented on that, as everyone other than Tiararose already knew that her powers would make the tree start growing sweets.

Unaware of their thoughts, Tiararose knelt in front of the tree just like Olivia did, then touched the tree’s trunk with her hands.

Immediately after that, the tree started shining brightly, something that didn’t happen when Olivia touched it.

“Amazing… My magical power is being sucked.” Tiararose opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Then, the red rose that bloomed from Olivia’s powers started growing bigger, and a sweet scent started filling the surroundings.

‘Is it because of my magical powers that the flower grew even more?’ Tiararose wondered.

“It’s a Tiara-like growth alright.” Aquasteed commented.

“Definitely.” Keith nodded.

Tiararose had yet to understand what they were talking about, ‘Will I comprehend it if I pour more magical power?’ she wondered.

So, she decided to actively push more magical power onto the tree, and this time, a white rose bloomed from it.

“A new flower bloomed!” Tiararose exclaimed and took her hands off the tree while staring intently at the new rose, “Oh…?”

Curious about it, Tiararose instantly decided to touch the white rose with her fingertips, then tapped it lightly, paying attention to the sound, “This white rose has hard petals… It doesn’t seem much like a flower. It’s more like a floral ornament, I think?”

“Let’s see…” Keith moved closer, picked a petal of both roses, then ate them.

“Keith!?” Tiararose exclaimed, “What are you doing!?”

Keith laughed at her reaction, “They’re sweet.

“The red rose tastes like honey, and the white one like candy.”

“Eh?” Tiararose replied.

Until just a moment ago, they were normal flowers, but Tiararose’s magic turned them into sweets.

Tiararose was surprised at it and turned her gaze to Aquasteed, who just nodded at her. Right after that, Elliot, Olivia and Levy also nodded.

‘They all think that the only thing in my mind are sweets… Though they have a bit of a point.’ Tiararose thought.

But then, she looked at the roses and nodded to herself, thinking that it was okay to have sweet flowers there. She even wanted to eat a bit of them, but she gave way to Aquasteed instead.

“Then now is my turn.” Aquasteed said.

“Thank you!” The librarian started happily flying around the tree, “You look all grown up already!”

Keith picked the librarian up, “Calm down.”

Aquasteed smiled wryly at that, knelt in front of the tree, then started pouring in his magical power too.

A change immediately started appearing on the tree.

It started quickly growing taller and taller. It reached the ceiling in no time, then started sparkling and change the shape of its branches to one of a star.

Then, shining star-like fruits started growing too, making the tree look like a Christmas tree.

Tiararose immediately went to Aquasteed’s side and started looking at the beautiful glowing tree together with him.

‘Aqua’s magical power of the Starry Sky is warm…’ Tiararose thought.

As they both smiled while looking at the tree, the Librarian happily exclaimed, “I think I can make a history book with this!”

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