Doted Villainess

Chapter 201 – The Fairy Queen’s Ring and the Greedy Book

Fourteenth arc – Sixth chapter


Keith’s magical power created the tree; Olivia’s magical power made the red rose bloom; Tiararose’s magical power made the white rose bloom and turned the roses into sweets; Aquasteed’s magical power made the tree shine with the power of the stars.

This tree is going to become a history book that records the new history of Marineforest.

When seeing such tree, Tiararose came to a realization, “I… I decided on what kind of ring I want to make.”

As soon as she said that, a glittering magical power danced around Tiararose, and she transformed into cat form. Immediately after that, the process of making the ring came to her mind on its own.

Now that she knew what kind of ring she wanted to make, she became relieved to have the process of creating it naturally come to her head.

At this moment, Aquasteed picked up the cat-Tiararose and rubbed his nose with hers, “Congratulations on deciding on the ring, Tiara.”

“Ah… Thank you, Aqua.” Tiararose nodded and blushed at Aquasteed’s sudden action.

“Then, while we work on the history book, you should work on the ring.” Keith told her.

“Really? Thank you, Keith.” Tiararose was fired up now that she had his permission.

Meanwhile, the librarian was carefully tearing off the leaves of the tree one by one, then processing them into the necessary shape that would become a history book.

A flower table was then set in place, and Tiararose stood on it as she concentrated on the process of creating the ring.

Olivia lost her breath as she witnessed such a serious atmosphere, “We’re witnessing a historical moment…

“It would be extremely unlikely… Or rather, it should be impossible for me to attend something like this.”

Aquasteed just nodded at her words.

And then, everyone went silent. The only sounds that could be heard, were that of the librarian making the history book, and the occasional heavy breath from the people watching it.

Tiararose had closed her eyes and was focusing a lot, not moving even the slightest bit as she made the ring.

Aquasteed was staring at her and looked forward to what kind of ring she’d create, but he also wished he could help her somehow.

Though he doesn’t really know how to make a Fairy King Ring other than the fact it is made with magical power, so he couldn’t really aid Tiararose on that.

So, he simply stared at the concentrated Tiararose.

As for Keith, he snapped his fingers after a small amount of time passed, “Looks like this will take a while.”

A wooden desk and a few leaf chairs grew out of the ground.

“Tiara brought a souvenir, right? Let’s eat it. The fairies can make us tea.” Keith told them.

Keith picked up Tiararose’s homemade leaf pie that the librarian had received, as the librarian was too focused on her work to hear Keith.

Soon after, the forest fairies arrived with the tea sets.

They brewed flower tea in flower cups and prepared them with sweet honey instead of sugar. There was also some milk next to the cups too.

Elliot was surprised at the fairies’ hospitality, “To think I’d have fairies make tea for me… It’s truly an honor.”

“I know, right!? I never thought they’d be able to make tea with such small bodies!” Olivia happily exclaimed, then started praising the fairies for it.

Keith gave a triumphant smile to the two of them, “It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? The castle now has a kitchen so as to let Tiara use it whenever she wishes to, but during the times Tiara wasn’t here, the fairies used the place to learn how to make tea.”

“You did that…?

“Tiara doesn’t need a kitchen here, so please remove it.” Aquasteed glared at Keith as he said those words, but then he turned towards Tiararose, “Tiara, the tea is ready, what will you do?”

It took a while for her to respond, “… I’m almost done, so I’ll drink later.”

“Got it.” Aquasteed decided to not interrupt her concentration any further, so he sat down on a chair created by Keith.

Everyone, except Tiararose and the librarian, started having a leisure tea time.

Then, while enjoying the flower tea, Levy asked a question, “How long does it take to make the ring and the history book?”

“Well, the ring depends on how good one is at handling magical power, so it will probably take a few more hours for Tiararose.

“As for the book, it depends on the skill of the librarian, which well…” Keith stared at the librarian.

She was moving her hands without hesitation, as if her body knew how to make history. Her speed was so fast that it was hard to believe she was doing a very precise work.

“… The book will probably be completed soon. That librarian is second to none when it comes to books, so if you leave it to her, she’ll surely write a splendid history of Marineforest.” Keith said.

Everyone nodded at those words, as they could all see how passionate the librarian was when it came to books.

And so, Olivia decided to ask something that she was curious about, “By the way, what will be the contents of the history book? I think it would be nice if it had a detailed description of everything in Marineforest…”

Olivia had always wanted to one day write an, ‘Everything about Marineforest’ book, so she thought it would be wonderful if this history book could be it.

Keith had a hard time answering her question, “Well… It will probably won’t go in-depth on all the details? There will probably be things like the name of kings, descriptions of big incidents and the like, but not much more than that.”

Olivia was shocked at his words, “B-but what about the things connecting to the dwarves!? Like after the discovery of the Eluty Kingdom, we’ve also been investigating the underground of Marineforest, you know!?

“Moreover, we also made hidden passages in case the topography of the city is changed by emergencies and-!!”

“Miss Olivia!?” Aquasteed exclaimed, not wanting to hear any more of it.

“Ah…! I was going to report about it once the passages were completed. Levy is the only one working on their creation though, so don’t worry, nobody else knows about the passages.” Olivia replied.

Aquasteed and Elliot just sighed as Olivia started praising her amazing butler.

“For the time being, I’ll reject writing about secret passages on a history book. It’s too dangerous to have this information recorded, as someone might find it and misuse it.” Aquasteed told her.

“Oh!? Of course! That’s right… What a stupid proposal I just made, even if it’s for the sake of my dream of collecting all information about Marineforest, this was… I apologize, your majesty.” Olivia got on the ground and kneeled in front of him.

“No, it’s alright, no need to kneel!

“You too, Levy, you can stand up.” Aquasteed told them.

Aquasteed didn’t understand why both Olivia and Levy kneeled in front of him at this moment, but he could at least feel that their apology was sincere.

Aquasteed sighed once more, then turned his gaze to the librarian, “I think it might be better to just let the librarian decide on the contents. She has been managing those books for a long time, so she probably knows what should and shouldn’t be put in the history book.”

“Understood!” Olivia nodded at Aquasteed’s decision.


Two hours later, “I did it!” Tiararose gave a big smile to Aquasteed, and then to everyone else.

She had struggled for quite a while, but she managed to do it. It was the first time she had to focus for this long when using magic, so she was feeling quite tired now.

After Tiararose heaved a sigh of relief, Aquasteed, Keith, Olivia, Levy and Elliot, who were all having tea, came near Tiararose.

“Thank you for your hard work, Tiara.” Aquasteed told her.

“Thank you, Aqua. This is the Ring of the Fairy Queen of Sweets that I made.” Tiararose had a cute ring on her little cat paw.

The glittering ring looked like it was made of stained glass, and it also emanated a faint sweet scent.

Aquasteed paid careful attention to the ring before saying, “Is this…?”

Tiararose replied to his unvoiced question, “It is. The ring was made not just with my magical power, but also with your power of the Starry Sky, Aqua.”

Originally, Tiararose made the sweets fairies specifically to receive the overflowing powers of the Starry Sky, so, in that case… Wouldn’t it be fine to use the powers of the Starry Sky when making the ring too? That’s what she came up with after she saw everyone pour their magical powers onto the tree.

“The power of this ring is recovery. Things like minor injuries should be healed quickly if one has this ring.” Tiararose said.

“This is… You made something amazing.” Aquasteed took a deep breath, then stared at the cat-Tiararose.

If the existence of this ring was revealed, then many people would surely desire to obtain it.

Healing magic does exist in this world, but only a few people can use it, after all.

Tiararose then put the ring on the flower table and took a deep breath, “There’s a nice smell.”

“Ah, the flower tea and leaf pie. The fairies also made tea, Tiara-” Aquasteed started saying.

“Whoaaaa!” The librarian suddenly exclaimed.

“What happened!?” Keith asked.

He looked at the desk the librarian was working at, and he saw that the librarian was sitting on top of the completed book.

‘Did she scream because she was too happy about finishing it?’ For a moment, those thoughts went through Tiararose’s head, but then she looked more closely at it.

The Fairy Queen Ring and the History Book were glowing, they were resonating with one another somehow.

“Eh!? What’s going on!?” Tiararose tried moving towards her ring.

“Too dangerous!” Aquasteed hugged her and stopped her dash though.

He didn’t know what was happening, but he couldn’t let Tiararose get closer to a potentially dangerous ring, so he told her, “Tiara, calm down.”

“But Aqua…!” Tiararose was worried that something might happen with the ring and harm someone.

“Tsk, so that’s what’s happening. Both the ring and the book have the magical powers of Tiara and Aqua, so they’re resonating with one another and their power is expanding!” Keith told everyone.

“Eeeeh!?” Tiararose screamed once she realized that her well-intentioned actions had backfired on her.

And then, the book, which had been closed until now, suddenly opened up, blowing the librarian away.

“Whoa!?” The librarian exclaimed as she was thrown.

“Librarian!” Tiararose worriedly shouted, then turned to Keith, “What should we do!?”

“I don’t know-” Keith started replying.

“But-” Tiararose started saying something else.

But the book started moving before anyone could figure out what to do. Nobody was able to react in time when faced with its extremely quick movement.

The book created by the librarian floated in the air, and opened its pages like a mouth, “A treasure trove of knowledge…!” The book exclaimed as it moved.

And then… It ate Olivia.

“O-Olivia…!” Levy exclaimed.

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