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Doted Villainess

Chapter 203 – Grimoire

Fourteenth Arc – Eighth chapter


“Oh, you’re back?” Keith commented.

“Lord Aquasteed, lady Tiararose…! I’m so glad you’re safe…!” Elliot exclaimed.

“Welcome back.” The librarian said.

Once Tiararose and the others came out of the book, they saw Keith elegantly drinking tea, Elliot teary-eyed with worry, and the librarian observing the book.

Judging from Elliot’s state, it didn’t seem like much time passed since they left. Especially because the teacups that Tiararose and the others were using were still on the table.

And next to that, was a strawberry cake that wasn’t there before.

“Elliot, did anything happen while we were in the book?” Aquasteed asked.

“No, nothing in particular. It took you about three hours to come back, but the book was quiet the whole time.

“Oh, and the sweets fairies delivered this delicious strawberry cake in the meanwhile.” Elliot smiled as he replied.

Seeing Elliot’s expression, Tiararose started wondering about the cake, but now was not the time to think about that, so she endured it, “I’m glad to know nothing troublesome happened.” She said.

“And we got out safely too, so, is the history book complete now?” Aquasteed looked at the book as he asked this question.

“It’s finished!” The librarian exclaimed.

Tiararose had thought that it would take longer to be finished, but since this book was made with magical powers instead of being written on by human hands, the process was probably faster.

Then, the librarian closed the book and wrapped it up with an ivy, it would now only be possible to open it with a flower key, so the book wouldn’t be able to eat anyone again.

<The contents are already complete, so I won’t do anything selfish.> The book said.

“I think we can believe in these words, the book even has a title now, after all.” Olivia commented.

Before anyone had realized it, the book’s cover now had ‘History of Marineforest’ written in it. It truly looked like it was finished.

“Actually, I wanted to use the ivy to prevent anyone from trying to read you without permission, but you’re not okay with that?” The librarian asked the book.

<I don’t like being cramped.> The book replied.

“Is that so? I never worked with a book with a will before, but I suppose it wouldn’t feel good to be restrained like that.

“This is going to be your home, will you behave?” The librarian asked.

<As long as you treat me properly.> The book replied.

Everyone was relieved to hear that reply.

If the book went out as it pleased, it would start flying through the skies, which could make the people in the city panic.

Then, with this out of the way, Olivia commented, “Isn’t it kinda tasteless to just refer to it as ‘book’?”

Tiararose too thought it wasn’t ideal to keep referring to it as ‘book’, as it wouldn’t be particularly distinguishable from other books like that.

But calling it a history book wouldn’t help much either, so Tiararose was at a bit of a loss.

At that moment, Olivia clapped her hands, “I know! Since it’s a living book, then why not call it Grimoire!? It’s a fantasy staple!”

Tiararose nodded, “It’s easy to remember, and I’ve never seen any other book being referred to as Grimoire.” she then looked to Aquasteed, Keith, the librarian and Elliot to see if they had anything to add, but as nobody did, she stated, “I think it’s a good name.”

<I think that’s a pretty name.> As the book agreed too, it was now officially named as Grimoire.

Tiararose then took a deep breath, “Ah, seems like we can finally settle down.” then sat on her chair.

“What are you talking about?” The librarian shook her head.

“Eh?” Tiararose didn’t get what else was left to be done.

“I will now start making new books based on the knowledge of Grimoire. Those books will have filtered content and will have a history of Marineforest that anyone can read.” The librarian explained.

“I see… Because only a limited number of people would be allowed to read the content of Grimoire, you’ll make books that take out the confidential information to make them available for everyone?” Tiararose asked just to be sure.

“Indeed! That’s where the fun starts!” The librarian giggled, then started picking up some leaves to start making a new book, “Grimoire, I’m going to be making many others nice books, so can I ask for your help?”

<Mmm… Well, that’s fine.> Grimoire replied.

“Thank you very much!” The librarian giggled, picked up the Grimoire, then flew away to the back room while saying, “Let’s get started!”

Apparently, she was going to work alone this time, so she left Tiararose and the others behind.

Only Olivia reacted in time to say anything, “I’ll be rooting for you!”

“You must be tired by now, so how about some tea? You can also eat the cake that the sweets fairies brought.” Levy suggested.

“Yes, thank you. Please prepare it, Levy.” Olivia replied.

“Very well.” Levy nodded and quickly started preparing the tea.

The cake was decorated with cute flowers, and the black tea contained a small amount of honey instead of sugar.

“Wow, it looks delicious! As expected of the sweets fairies.” Tiararose commented.

Until just now, Tiararose was quite troubled, first about making the ring, and then about saving Olivia, but now that she had sweets right in front of her, all her troubles could be washed away by the delicious cake.

Then, while Tiararose ate the cake with a smile on her face, Keith told her, “By the way, I had forgotten about it due to all this mess, but you should leave the ring you just made on the Sweets Castle as soon as possible.

“Normally, it should be impossible for someone else to take it away once it is inside its storing location. Unless they have your blessing, of course.

“But considering it is Tiara that we’re talking about… Perhaps she might give it away in exchange for some snacks.”

“Keith! No matter how much I love sweets, I would never do that!” Tiararose exclaimed.

Sweets may be attractive, but she can make her own delicious sweets herself, so there is no point in worrying about that.

Besides, with time, the fairies might even develop new lovely sweets that have yet to be tasted by anyone else in the world anyways… Just thinking about it made Tiararose look forward to the idea.

“It’s okay, Tiara. Since I’m with you, the ring won’t be stolen regardless.” Aquasteed told her.

“Thank you, Aqua.” Tiararose nodded at his words.

Olivia then exclaimed, “I’ll also protect lady Tiara and the ring! I’ll defeat any bandits that come our way!”

It would be unlikely for thieves to try coming after them, but Tiararose smiled and thanked Olivia anyways.


After leaving Keith’s castle, Tiararose and the others went to the sweets castle.

The sun was already setting, and the area was getting dark. If they took too long to go back to the royal castle, Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio might feel lonely, so Tiararose was planning on returning as soon as she put the ring down.

She also didn’t want to cause any more trouble to Philiane, who was watching over her children.

Then, as she came inside, Tiararose waved to the sweets fairies, “Please excuse me.”

“Oh, queen!” One fairy exclaimed.

“Welcome to the sweets castle!” Another exclaimed.

“Let’s have a sweets party!” A third fairy exclaimed.

“Sweets party!?” Tiararose was charmed by this sudden proposal, as there would surely be very special sweets when it is prepared by sweets fairies.

Her legs staggered towards the sweets fairies, but then she was hugged from behind by Aquasteed, “Tiara?

“I’m sorry, but we can’t afford to participate on a sweets party today.” he stated.

“No way…” The fairies were shocked by Aquasteed’s words.

“But there is a new treat ready…” Another fairy said.

“Special sweets…” Tiararose unconsciously muttered, but then she shook her head, so as to rid herself of her worldly desires, “I’m very happy about the invitation, but today I have to leave after dropping off the ring, as it is too late already. My children will miss me otherwise.” Tiararose stated.

“I see…” A fairy dejectedly said.

“Then what about tomorrow!?” Another one suggested.

“We can prepare the new sweets and bake some cookies!” A third fairy exclaimed.

The fairies then got very excited and started discussing what sweets to bring to the party, even though Tiararose and the others had yet to say if they were available tomorrow or not.

Olivia and Elliot immediately took out their notebooks and checked the schedules of Tiararose and Aquasteed for the next day.

“Tomorrow… There will be some measuring for a new dress, but that will only be in the morning, so you should be fine to attend by lunch time.” Olivia said.

“Lord Aquasteed only has one inspection to do in the morning, and the rest is paperwork, so the schedule can be adjusted.” Elliot said.

Due to the help of their aides, it seems like Tiararose and Aquasteed will be able to attend tomorrow’s sweets party.

Tiarararose and Aquasteed smiled at each other once they heard that. They were sure that Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio would be happy to come to a sweets party too.

“Well then, I’ll be in your care tomorrow.” Tiararose said to the fairies.

“Yes! We’ll have the best sweets ready for you!” The fairies exclaimed.

“Thank you.” Tiararose replied.

Tiararose’s heart was pounding heavily as she thought about the sweets of the sweets fairies, and she was hoping tomorrow would come as soon as possible.

‘I came to store my ring!’ Tiararose suddenly remembered.

She had an important duty to fulfill as the Fairy Queen, but the power of sweets was truly terrifying, as it made her completely forget about it.

So, Tiararose cleared her throat, looked at Aquasteed and said, “I’ll go store the ring.”

“Alright. I’ll be waiting here, so don’t worry about the time and go.” Aquasteed replied.

“Okay. Thank you, Aqua.” Tiararose nodded at his words.

She had already made a room for the ring at the attic though, so it wouldn’t take long.

The attic of the sweets castle had a window that let you see the royal castle from it. Tiararose thought it would be nice if this could convey the idea that the Fairy Queen of Sweets would always be thinking of Marineforest.

She climbed the sweets ladder to the attic. The walls were covered with cute round windows, and the roof was made of cookies.

The attic, however, had only a single room in it, and it was empty aside from the pedestal to put the ring on.

When compared to the lively sweets castle, this room might feel lonely, but Tiararose thought that this place was good enough as is.

“… I wonder if someone will get this ring one day…” She muttered to nobody in particular.

She couldn’t help smiling when thinking of that. This was a secret place that could only be reached by those that received the blessing of the Fairy Queen of Sweets, after all.

“Oh, but I haven’t blessed anyone, so…” She muttered.

Tiararose smiled wryly when she realized nobody would be able to reach it at the moment, but at the same time, she was sure she’d give someone a blessing someday.

But it’s rare for a Fairy Queen to bless someone, so… It might take a while.

With those thoughts in mind, Tiararose gently put the ring on the pedestal, then left the attic.

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