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Doted Villainess

Chapter 204 – A Party To Celebrate The Issue Being Settled

Fourteenth Arc – Ninth chapter


After Tiararose put the Ring of the Fairy Queen of Sweets in the sweets castle, the sweets fairies started delivering invitations for tomorrow’s sweets party.

They invited not only the people who were there, but also everyone else, like Philiane.

When Elliot got the letter, he exclaimed, “Everyone!? Then today we’ll have to work overtime to compensate the schedule…” and started going pale.

Aquasteed ended up doing his best too though, so Elliot was able to finish his work without needing to stay until too late.

Then, once they were done, Elliot met up with his wife, Philiane; his son Christoa; and his two daughters, Fin and Elaine, who had fallen asleep from playing, and returned to their mansion by carriage.

Upon arriving at their mansion, Philiane, while holding Christoa in her arms, instructed the maids to put the two sleeping daughters on their beds, then turned to Elliot, “Thank you for your hard work. I’m looking forward to the party at the sweets castle tomorrow.”

“Me too. And I’m sorry that I came home this late, Philiane.” Elliot then picked up Christoa from Philiane’s arms, put him on the ground, and asked, “Did you enjoy the time there?”

“Loved it!” Christoa smiled broadly and nodded.

Christoa was Elliot and Philiane’s eldest child. He was playing with Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio today. He is one year younger than the twins, so he is two years old.

Right now he seems to enjoy playing with all sorts of things, so Philiane is always paying extra attention to him as he runs around the mansion.

Philiane then crouched down and looked at Christoa’s eyes while gently caressing his head, “Tomorrow we’ll be going to the sweets castle, so let’s dress up in a lovely way, alright?”

Philiane thought that this was a good opportunity to put matching clothes on her three children, since they almost never have an opportunity to match.

Once Philiane made that suggestion, Elliot immediately nodded, “That would be a good idea.

“Also, tomorrow, lord Aquasteed will be doing an inspection. So please wait for me at home. I’ll come pick you up as soon as we’re done.”

“Wouldn’t it be hard for you to come pick us up though?” Philiane asked.

There should be no problems in just taking the three children with her to the sweets castle and meeting up with Elliot there, but Elliot shook his head at this suggestion, “To escort his wife is a privilege of the husband, so please don’t deprive me of this opportunity.”

Philiane blushed a lot at Elliot’s words, as she never thought he would say such a thing.

Elliot does care a lot for Philiane and their children, but as he is very busy with work, Philiane tries not being a burden to him usually.

Due to that, she was quite happy with Elliot’s desire to be by her side.

Though when he saw Philiane’s reddened cheeks, he too started blushing, as he didn’t expect her to have such an intense reaction, “Philiane…” Elliot slowly reached out his hand and touched Philiane’s cheek.

Her cheek felt a bit hot, and that alone made Elliot’s heart start beating faster.

“Ah! Uhn… Elliot, that is…” Philiane’s heart was beating quickly too, and Christoa was right next to her, and he was looking up at his parents with a dumbfounded face, so… This whole situation just made Philiane get even more embarrassed.

At this moment, Elliot seemed to have noticed what was troubling Philiane, so he said, “Let’s go back to our rooms and relax.”

“… L-lets.” Philiane breathed out in relief, then nodded at Elliot’s suggestion while blushing even more than before, “Also, we already ate dinner at the royal castle, so could you help Christoa with the bath, Elliot?”

“Of course.” Elliot nodded.

“Thank you. In the meantime, I’ll go prepare a souvenir for tomorrow.” Philiane told him.

“Alright, then please excuse me.” With those words, Elliot took Christoa with him to the bath.

And then, Philiane called the Coralsia’s family butler to help her prepare the gifts for tomorrow.


“Mother, hurry up, hurry up!” Luciarose exclaimed as she jumped out of the carriage and ran towards the sweets house.

“You don’t have to be in such a hurry, Lucia.” Tiararose told her, but Luciarose ignored it.

“Wait!” Stiluca and Stirio immediately ran after their sister.

Right after that, sweets fairies started coming out of the sweets castle, said “Welcome!” to the children and started giving them sweets.

Aquasteed giggled at that, “Well, it seems like it will be fine.”

Tiararose nodded, “Yeah. Lucia, Luca and Leo seem to be pretty happy right now.”

After Tiararose and Aquasteed got off the carriage and started talking, the second and third carriages arrived, bringing Olivia and Levy in the second one, and Philiane and her family in the third one.

Olivia was breathing heavily, “The sweets castle! It’s evolving again!” and then, she immediately started taking notes about what has changed on the sweets castle.

There is hardly anyone who can compare to Olivia in knowledge related to Marineforest, and Olivia is also able to read through all the knowledge on Grimoire, as she was one of the people who helped with its completion.

“Olivia, the window frame is of marble chocolate.” Levy said.

“It is! And it looks delicious!” Olivia replied.

Levy was making quickly making sketches on a notebook as he examined what changed on the sweets castle.

It looked like this was going to take a long time.

In the meantime, Philiane and Elliot got out of their carriage. Phliane smiled at Olivia and Levy for a bit, but then turned her attention back to her children.

Currently speaking, Philiane was holding hands with Christoa, and Elliot was escorting them.

“Wow! Big!” Christoa opened his mouth wide as he looked at the sweets castle.

The sweets fairies made use of this opportunity to throw candy at Christoa’s mouth.

“Hm!? Tasty!” Christoa exclaimed.

“There are more delicious things! Come here!” The fairies started guiding Christoa inside.

“I’m coming!” Christoa eagerly let go of his mother’s hand and started following the fairies inside, probably to the same place that Luciarose, Stiluca and Stirio were at.

Seeing that, Philiane picked up Fin from the carriage, while Elliot picked up Elaine, as their two daughters were currently asleep.

Tiararose went to Philiane and smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you.

“And they’re both sleeping soundly, aren’t they?”

“Yes. It was certainly a relief that they slept throughout the whole trip.” Philiane nodded.

“I can understand.” Tiararose replied.

Then, the both of them started giggling a bit at Philiane’s luck, as they both knew very well how hard it was to be on a carriage when a child was crying and making a fuss.

And then, while the two of them talked, a sweets fairy and a forest fairy came to them and said, “Welcome!” together.

“Thank you for inviting us.” Tiararose and Philiane replied.

Then, they started hearing some lively voices coming from inside the sweets castle, so Tiararose told Philiane they should enter it already, to which Philiane agreed.

Aquasteed and Elliot followed them, and once they all came inside, they saw that Keith, Grail, Pearl, as well as the fairies of both sky and sea were there too. Apparently, the sweets fairies really invited everyone.

Tiararose’s eyes shone as she looked at the sweets party that was even bigger than she imagined, but she also felt troubled that the cake she brought as a souvenir wouldn’t be enough for this many people.

That said, there were various sweets on the table right now, like cakes, cookies, madeleines… And the fairies seemed to be making even more.

Even though she wouldn’t be able to eat everything there, Tiararose was still delighted to see this many sweets.

“Grimoire completion party!” One fairy exclaimed.

“Have fun!” Another one said.

“Eh? This is a Grimoire completion party?” Tiararose asked when hearing those unexpected words.

The one who answered, was the librarian, who was together with the forest fairies, “Yes! Once I came to thank the sweets fairies for the cake they gave us and told them that the grimoire was completed, they decided to celebrate it together today!”

“Indeed!” A sweets fairy nodded, “Our queen worked hard, so we gotta party to celebrate!”

“Even the important ring was finished!” Another sweets fairy said.

“This issue has now been settled!” A third sweets fairy exclaimed.

“Yes yes!” A fourth one said.

As the fairies talked to each other, it became clear to everyone that this party was to celebrate the completion of the Grimoire.

Tiararose and Aquasteed smiled at that

“Thank you for taking care of us.” Elliot told the fairies.

“We are the one to thank you! Due to all your help, Grimoire was finished!

“From now on, I’ll be properly managing the library, so please come visit whenever you wish.” The librarian replied.

“Alright.” Tiararose nodded.

Then, she remembered something, “Oh right!” and took out the package she brought with her, “This is a souvenir cake. Let’s eat it together.”

“Me and Elliot also brought this moderately sweet fruit tea, which should go well with what we’re eating today.” Philiane said.

“Wow, thank you!” A fairy exclaimed, then immediately started re-arranging things on the table to make room for the souvenirs, but it was a bit hard to find space for them, because the table was too full.

“Please excuse me.” At this moment, Olivia entered the sweets castle, as she seemed to have finished analyzing what changed in it.

And unlike before, Levy was now carrying a huge object wrapped in linen with him. It was pretty big, easily exceeding two meters.

Everyone wondered what it was, and the fairies quickly gathered near it and exclaimed, “It’s big!”

“This is our souvenir to thank you for inviting us today, please accept it.” Olivia told the fairies.

“Thank you!” A sweets fairy exclaimed.

Then, with Olivia’s signal, Levy took out the linen cloth and showed the hidden contents.

“Wow! Such a great chestnut tree!” A forest fairy exclaimed.

“It’s gonna provide great ingredients for sweets!” A sweets fairy cheered.

‘I never heard of anyone using a tree as a souvenir!’ Tiararose blinked her eyes in surprise at that unexpected occurrence.

Olivia then, proudly stated, “This chestnut tree bears very large fruits, and if you use them as an ingredient, it will make your Mont Blancs so delicious that your cheeks will fall off!”

“Ooh!” A loud applause erupted from the sweets fairies. Apparently, that was the souvenir they liked the most.

“Let’s plant it on the sweets garden!” One fairy exclaimed.

“Over here!” Another said.

“Yes!” A third one said.

With the beckoning of the sweets and forest fairies, Olivia and Levy went to the garden.

“Aqua, I’ve brought some good sake! I made it by trial and error using petals and fruits.” Keith raised a bottle of sake and beckoned Aquasteed to come closer as he said that. The bottle was thin and fashionable, and it had a flower lid in it.

Pearl stared at Keith in disbelief, “Absolutely not! Since we’re eating sweets, then we definitely need to drink tapioca milk tea! You’re gonna ruin the taste with alcohol!”

“You’re the one who is still too much of a kid and doesn’t understand the wonders of sake.” Keith replied.

“Say what!?” Pearl opened her eyes wide at Keith’s words, then grabbed the bottle, poured the sake in a glass, then drank it all at once, “I can drink this easily!”

“Pearl!” Grail hastily prepared some water and gave it to her, but she was already getting red by now.

“It’s hard to enjoy it if you drink it all at once… Grail, you teach her how to drink.” Keith said.

“Alright…” Grail smiled wryly at that. He hadn’t ever thought that he’d need to teach Pearl how to drink, but it was better than her getting drunk by herself, so he decided to prepare something nice to drink slowly with her.

“Looks like it’s gonna be hard to mingle there.” Aquasteed wryly smiled.

Tiararose also smiled wryly after hearing Aquasteed’s words. She did think that the sake might be tasty, but trying to get close to it would mean getting tangled up with a drunk Pearl, so it was better to not do it.

So, instead, Tiararose started wondering about what her children were doing, and started looking around for them.

She quickly found a place that seemed to have been prepared specifically for the kids. It was filled with sweets, and Luciarose, Stiluca, Stirio and Christoa were playing there.

There were toys like balls and rattles nearby too, and some fairies were accompanying them.

Right next to the play area was a small table with child-sized chairs next to it. On top of the table were bite-sized cakes and fruits that were already cut in small pieces too.

It seemed like the sweets fairies prepared everything so as to make it easy for the children to eat.

Luciarose then laughed out loud, “Knight Luciarose will not forgive evil!” and made a gesture of swinging a sword around.

“Uwaaa! We were hit!” The others exclaimed, then collapsed.

They seemed to be playing pretend with being a knight and the villains.

“Uugh… I won’t hand over princess Elaine!” Christoa exclaimed.

“I will rescue the princess!” Luciarose exclaimed.

Elaine, who was sleeping in Elliot’s arms, seemed to have been assigned as the princess.

After some time playing, the children seemed to have gotten tired, so they went to the table and started drinking tea and eating cake together.

“The kids are having plenty of fun.” Tiararose commented.

“That they are. So, shall we also relax and eat some sweets?” Aquasteed suggested.

“Let’s.” Tiararose nodded, then went to the seats that were prepared to her and Aquasteed by the fairies.

Then, they were able to eat plenty of delicious sweets, as the party lasted until night.

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