Doted Villainess

Chapter 205 – Time for two

Fourteenth Arc – Tenth chapter


The party was really fun, and time quickly flew by.

The children got too tired and fell asleep on the flower beds.

Pearl, who drank too much sake, had passed out and was now sleeping while laying on Grail’s shoulder.

Keith had been drinking sake while eating sweets, but he was now drinking some flower tea leisurely while teasing Grail.

Olivia’s eyes were sparkling as she spoke to the sweets fairies. She had always been hated by the forest, sky and sea fairies, so she was really enjoying this opportunity to talk to fairies.

Unfortunately, the other fairies still showed no signs of wanting to get close to Olivia, but it was fine, because Levy was right next to her, and he was smiling from the bottom of his heart right now.

Elliot and Philine were staring gently at one another, talking about how much they ate, and gently stroking the heads of the sleeping Fin and Elaine.

Christoa was sleeping together with Tiararose’s children, and they were all having pleasant dreams.

As Tiararose saw how everyone was doing, she couldn’t help smiling at how well the party went.

On top of talking about the Grimoire and Olivia’s knowledge, they had also talked about many other things, such as what sweets they could try making next, or how beautiful the forest was and other things like it.

At this moment, Tiararose looked at her side, and saw that Aquasteed was quite relaxed as he watched their children, “Aqua.” Tiararose quietly muttered.

“Mm? What is it, Tiara?” He replied in an equally low voice.

“The fairies are watching over the children, and everyone is taking it easy, so… Why don’t we leave our seats for a bit?” Tiararose suggested while pulling on his sleeve.

“Of course.” Aquasteed nodded, “Where are you taking me?” he seemed to be having fun.

“It’s a secret until we arrive.” Tiararose mischievously replied.

Then, the two of them sneaked out of the party venue while the party was still ongoing. But since everyone was busy with their own matters, Tiararose thought that nobody would notice that the two had left.

So, Tiararose opened a cookie door, moved through a corridor, and started climbing the stairs to the second floor, “This way” she muttered while still holding Aquasteed’s hand.

Their goal was at the far end of the second floor’s corridor.

But as far as Aquasteed could see, there was only a wall there, so he wondered why Tiararose brought him here.

“This place can only be entered by those that received permission from the Fairy Queen of Sweets.” Tiararose told Aquasteed.

Immediately after that, Aquasteed saw a faint door appear on the previously empty wall.

Unless one is aware that there is a door in this location, it is impossible for it to be noticed.

“It’s amazing that you can do something like this.” Aquasteed praised Tiararose.

Tiararose smiled in response, “I did my best.

“Now come on, Aqua, this is our secret room.”

This room couldn’t even be noticed by the sweets fairies themselves.

“Our?” Aquasteed asked.

“Yes. It’s a room that nobody else knows about, and that only me and Aqua can enter.” Tiararose replied.

The walls of the room were still made of sweets, but there was furniture made of other things inside it, such as a flower sofa, a table made of leaves, and Tiararose Flowers decorating the place.

There was also a window that pointed towards the ocean there, so they could forget about everything and relax while they were here.

In the royal castle, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for the two of them to be alone together, but Tiararose thought that it would be nice to have a special place with a special mood just for the two of them, hence why she made this room.

Of course, they might feel uneasy if they don’t know what the children are doing or what is going on outside, but for as long as she’s inside the sweets castle, Tiararose, the Fairy Queen of Sweets, should be able to know everything that is occurring within the castle.

It’s easier when she is in cat form, but she can still do it in her human form.

Aquasteed looked around the room for a bit, then commented, “It’s like a secret base.”

“It’s fun, isn’t it?” Tiararose replied.

A secret base known only to the two of them. A place where they could bring their favorite things to and spend some time relaxing together.

“Aqua, is there anything you want to bring here? Maybe something you like or have fond memories of?” Tiararose asked him.

While waiting for his reply, Tiararose also thought about what she would like to put in this room.

Maybe some ornaments that she brought with her from Lapis Lazuli, or maybe a painting of their whole family.

The room also has a kitchen in it, so she could bring some tea leaves too. Maybe some flower tea from the forest fairies, or coral tea that she received from Pearl.

While Tiararose thought about all that, Aquasteed pulled her by the hand and sat together on the flower sofa, “It is fun.

“I thought secret bases were something mainly for children, but I suppose we can also get excited about it as adults.

“After all, in the future we visited, Luca and Rio had a secret base in the forest, right? And they were adults by that point.”

Using wooden tableware, enjoying the warmth of handmade dishes… Tiararose thought it would be nice if she and Aquasteed could create such a special place in this room.

“And… I think we could put some of our favorite books here?” Aquasteed suggested.

“Books! That’s a good idea, I love them too!” Tiararose replied.

“I think I used to read them more when I was younger, but nowadays I only read official documents, so I think it would be nice to come here to read every now and then.” Aquasteed said.

Most of the books in this world had hardcovers and were elaborately decorated. And as the books couldn’t be mass produced, some people had a hobby of collecting pretty books.

And now, the librarian had told them that it would be okay to borrow the leaf books of the forest archives, so Tiararose thought they could read whatever books they borrow in this room.

‘If we’re going to be reading books together, then we definitely need some sweets and tea too.’ Tiararose thought.

She then thought that it might be a good idea to prepare some tea leaves and a refrigerator as well. This way they could have hot tea in winter and cold iced tea in summer. She could also try getting a freezer and make ice cream.

But as Tiararose thought of all those things, she suddenly felt a gaze.

Once she looked up in its direction, she saw Aquasteed staring intently at her, “Aqua?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. It’s just fun to see you thinking hard about something, Tiara.” Aquasteed giggled, then said he couldn’t help staring at her.

“While I was thinking of all the fun things we could prepare in order to have a pleasant reading time together, you were just looking at me…” Tiararose pouted.

Aquasteed then kissed Tiararose’s forehead and said, “Sorry, sorry. It’s just that I can keep watching you for hours on end, and strangely enough, I don’t grow tired of it at all.”

“I too can watch you for hours without getting bored, you know…?” Tiararose replied.

She definitely thought of that many times while she was within the Grimoire. She really could have stared at the adorable baby Aquasteed forever.

She wondered if she could try sneaking out alone, so as to visit the Grimoire again, just so she could enjoy baby Aquasteed to the fullest.

But when she thought of that, Aquasteed pinched her cheeks, “Tiara, what are you thinking about?”

Tiararose replied in disbelief as she saw Aquasteed staring hard at her, “Can you read my mind?”

“If I could, I’d probably lock you up, so as to stop my beloved princess from suddenly going somewhere without telling me.” Aquasteed replied.

Tiararose groaned in response. She couldn’t argue back to his statement, because she had previously used a secret route to escape the royal castle in order to obtain a Fairy King’s Ring… And yesterday too, she had jumped into the Grimoire to save Olivia even though she knew that it could be dangerous.

‘If he read my mind, it would have surely been hard to sneak out’ Tiararose giggled as she thought of that nostalgic day.

Aquasteed, on the other hand, just got nervous as he thought of the future, “And then, there is Lucia, who is just like you. I feel like she might jump out of our sights at any moment…”

“Well, she dreams to be a knight in the future, and she’ll probably be good at it when considering that she is your daughter. Differently from me who am not good at exercising at all…” Tiararose replied.

Ever since her previous life, the main things Tiararose thought about were sweets and Otome Games, so she almost never exercised.

Therefore, from the bottom of her heart, she felt thankful that, as far as exercising goes, Luciarose seemed to be much closer to Aquasteed than her.

While Tiararose thought of that, Aquasteed put his hand on his chin and pondered, “On the matter of Lucia, right now she’s just being taken care of by our maids, but Lucia will probably need her personal maids and aides eventually. Perhaps we should ask Elliot and Philiane to assign their children to serve Lucia?”

Tiararose nodded at his words, “That would be good. Lucia’s wishes come first, of course, but as she’s in good terms with Christoa, and also loves Fin and Elaine, she’ll probably be very happy about having them as her aides once she grows up.”

Until Luciarose grows up though, Tiararose and Aquasteed will be the ones who decide who are Luciarose’s maids, aides and escort knights.

Currently speaking, Luciarose is accompanied by an escort that stands a certain distance away from her at all times, even when inside the royal castle, just in case something ends up happening.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of our children.” Tiararose commented.

“Me too” Aquasteed nodded.

At this moment, Tiararose stretched out her hands, hugged Aquasteed, and rubbed her cheek against his.

Of course, she enjoys talking about her children, but she also wanted to enjoy her time together with Aquasteed a bit more, hence why she went for this approach.

“Your hair tickles.” Aquasteed commented.

Even though he said that, he still hugged Tiararose back.

“Mmmm…” A sweet breath exhaled from Tiararose’s lips, heard only by herself and Aquasteed in this private space of theirs.

Tiararose certainly enjoys sleeping close to her children, and right now she did feel a bit lonely because the children were a bit far, but… She also thought it was nice to be pampered to her heart’s contents, so Tiararose just relaxed and let Aquasteed pamper her as much as he wanted.

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