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Doted Villainess

Chapter 206 – Reading time

Fourteenth Arc – Eleventh chapter


<Mmmm… Being alone in the archives is more boring than I thought it would be…> Grimoire sighed.

Usually speaking, Grimoire spent its days talking to the librarian, but as the librarian was now in a party organized by the sweets fairies, the Grimoire was currently alone.

There were some forest fairies around, but it was hard for Grimoire to hold a proper conversation with them for long, as they felt a bit too childish.

<Now that I have a will, I want to do something… It would be a waste to just stay stored in a bookshelf.> Grimoire thought.

Its role was to be a history book of Marineforest, and it certainly has a lot of knowledge stored within it.

One of the things that drew most of the attention of Grimoire, is the fact that fairies only exist within Marineforest, though Spirits may exist in other countries.

<I have plenty of magical power, so I should probably be able to use magic, but… There isn’t any magic I want to use. Not to mention how it would be terrible if I burned the books in the archives when using magic.> Grimoire then started thinking about how it would be nice if someone could become its wielder.

While thinking about this kind of thing, Grimoire sighed.


“Lady Tiararose, your schedule is fairly free today.” Olivia happily told Tiararose.

It had been a small while since the sweets party, and Tiararose and Aquasteed were both relieved that their schedule had calmed down a bit, as they have been fairly busy recently with creating the Grimoire and attending the sweets party.

“I see. Then I might use the day to play with my children and make sweets.” Tiararose nodded at Olivia’s words.

She then started thinking about what she could do together with her children. Maybe they could take a stroll on the garden, or perhaps ask Tarmo to show them the training of the knights.

But Olivia seemed to have different thoughts, as she started fidgeting a bit, “Uhn… Can we go to the forest archives today?”

“The archives…” Tiararose replied.

It was visible in Olivia’s eyes that she truly wished to go. It was understandable, as Olivia’s gamer heart was thrilled about the idea of reading more books that had information on this world.

“I wish I could go alone, but… The fairies don’t like this villainous me.” Olivia explained.

“Lady Olivia…” Tiararose muttered.

Olivia did have permission to enter the forest archives at will, but as she doesn’t want to cause trouble by going there with just Levy when the fairies dislike her, she decided to ask for permission to go together.

‘It’s not like I have anything in particular that I want to do, so I suppose it should be fine to take my children with me to the archives.’ Tiararose thought.

Keith’s castle also had a kitchen anyways, so Tiararose could use it to bake some sweets while the children played with the fairies.

“Let’s invite my children then go to Keith’s castle together.” Tiararose decided.

“Thank you, lady Tiararose!” With a bright smile, Olivia stated, “I’ll go get approval immediately then!” then quickly left the room with Levy.

Tiararose giggled, “Things are certainly lively with lady Olivia here.”

Then, while she waited for Olivia’s return, Tiararose started preparing some sweets to take as souvenirs with her.


“It seems like things are going quite well.” Elliot commented.

“Indeed.” Aquasteed replied.

They had just finished one batch of paperwork, so both Elliot and Aquasteed were relaxing a bit.

But just as Elliot put this batch of paperwork away, someone knocked on the room’s door, and a voice came from outside, “It’s Olivia.”

“Come in.” As soon as Aquasteed gave the permission, Elliot opened the door, letting Olivia, and of course, Levy, enter the room.

“I’m sorry for bothering you in the middle of your work.” Olivia said.

“It’s alright. What’s the matter?” Aquasteed asked.

“I’d like to receive permission to go to the forest archives.” Olivia explained.

“The archives?” Aquasteed was a bit surprised.

Olivia then explained that she wanted to go read the books there, but as she wasn’t liked by the fairies, she wanted to go together with Tiararose and her children.

Aquasteed saw no problem with it, so he turned towards Elliot and asked about his schedule.

“There is a small break planned now that this batch of paperwork is finished, but there are still more documents that need to be sorted before the day ends, so I think you might need to join them later, your majesty.” Elliot said after quickly checking Aquasteed’s schedule.

“… I suppose it can’t be helped then. Miss Olivia, Levy, please take care of Tiara. And you’re taking the children with you too, right?” Aquasteed said.

“Yes! Then, I’ll go meet up with lady Tiararose now!” Olivia gave Aquasteed a quick bow, then left the room.

After watching she leave, Aquasteed stretched a bit. He was planning on taking a long break and drink some tea, but now that he decided to go to the forest archives too, he figured it was better to go back to work right away.

“There isn’t that much left, so we should be able to finish it quickly.” Elliot stated.

“Oh, right. Sorry to keep you all the time, Elliot.” Aquasteed said.

“No worries, I’m used to it, after all.” Elliot smiled as he made this reply.


A peaceful and quiet time in the forest archives… That’s not what was happening.

<Mmm, I want to eat sweets too.> Grimoire commented.

“The book spoke! Have a cookie!” Luciarose shoved a cookie onto Grimoire.

“There’s also flower tea!” A fairy said.

Grimoire was supposed to be stored in the innermost part of the archives, but Keith and the librarian gave it permission to move around freely within the archives, as Grimoire would feel too lonely otherwise.

And so, Grimoire was enviously flying around the cookies that Tiararose brought as a souvenir.
And despite this noisy atmosphere, Olivia was fully focused on her reading.

Luciarose was currently playing with Grimoire, while Stirio and Stiluca were sitting on Keith’s lap.

Seeing such a scene, Tiararose decided to pick a picture book for her sons.

“What book do you want to read… We don’t have only boring records here, I think. Do we have any picture books?” Keith asked the librarian.

“Yes, we have!” The librarian happily replied, then brought some picture books, ‘The Fairy’s Great Adventure’; ‘How To Make Delicious Sweets’; ‘My Hedgehog Friend’.

“How to make sweets…?” Tiararose picked up the book that got her attention and started excitedly turning the pages.

Since fairies don’t need to eat, they didn’t have any habit of eating up until the time they met Tiararose.

Therefore, Tiararose was quite curious about a fairy book talking about cooking. Especially one that focused on sweets! She couldn’t help being excited about it.

But then, as she saw the contents of the book, she blinked her eyes in surprise, “Those are… Sweets I’ve made for the fairies before.”

“Oh, the book of Tiara’s recipes?” Keith started laughing, “I made that one.”

Tiararose was a bit disappointed because she thought she could learn about some new forest-fairy-unique recipes, but at the same time, if her recipes were put together in a book like this one, then it might not be impossible for a sweets-loving forest fairy to eventually become a patissier.

“If there is anything you don’t understand while making the sweets, I’ll help you!” Tiararose told Keith.

“Even if you say that… Fairies don’t read in the first place, you know?” Keith replied.

“Eh…?” Tiararose was in disbelief for a second.

Even if there was a recipe book, it was pointless if the fairies wouldn’t read it… But when Tiararose tried thinking about it, she realized that she never saw a normal forest fairy reading.

Even now, the fairies were actually playing with Luciarose instead of reading.

‘Perhaps we should start with a picture book on sweets before trying a picture book of recipes?’ Tiararose thought.

With this, the details of operation ‘Forest Fairy Patissier’ started taking shape within Tiararose’s brain.

“Picture book?” Luca asked, waiting for his mother to read it for him.

“Oh, right. Sorry about that, Luca, Rio. Shall we read a picture book?” Tiararose picked up the book called ‘My Hedgehog Friend’ and started flipping through the pages as she read them out loud.

The book had cute illustrations and short sentences, so it was good for the children.

Stiluca and Stirio had their eyes glued to the book, and they seemed to be quite excited about what was going to come next.

“Once upon a time, when a forest fairy was playing, she met a hedgehog.” Tiararose read.

The story was about a forest fairy befriending a hedgehog and exploring the forest together with it.

A fairy that normally flies in the sky was now walking on the ground side by side with a hedgehog. She looked at the forest from a different than normal perspective and ended up making various discoveries in the process.

The hedgehog and the fairy ate some tasty fruits together, drank water in a shallow river, and played plenty together.

The both of them had a lot of fun, and before they realized it, the sun was already setting. The fairy smiled when thinking about such a nice friend that she had made.

And that was the end of the story.

“It’s pretty fun to play together with your friends, right? You enjoy playing with Christoa, don’t you?” Tiararose asked her children.

“Yes!” Stiluca nodded.

“It’s fun!” Stirio nodded.

“I wanna play in the forest!” Stiluca exclaimed.

“I want to too!” Stirio exclaimed.

Keith stroke the head of the two excited children, “In that case, take the fairies with you. They know the forest well, so they can guide you.”

“Okay! When can we go!?” Stiluca and Stirio asked together.

Keith then started talking to the twins about when would be a good day for them to play on the forest.

“Thank you, Keith.” Tiararose told him.

“This much is fine. They like Luca and Rio too, after all.

“And of course, I like them too.” Keith chuckled as he said that, but them he turned his gazed towards Olivia and stopped laughing “… And coming to think of it, for how long will you stay here today? Differently from fairies, you need food, you know?”

Olivia was still engrossed on her reading… It seemed like it would take a long time for her to finish.

Or rather, she would probably start a new book as soon as she finished that one, so she’ll probably want to come here regularly to read more.

Tiararose pondered about what to do then, ‘Aqua did say he would join us later, but even after waiting for him, we still should have enough time to go back to the royal castle and eat dinner there.

‘But wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat dinner here instead?’

Unfortunately though, there are no chefs nor the right ingredients here. There are only ingredients for making sweets stored.

“If you don’t mind it, I can prepare it or you.” Levy interrupted Tiararose’s thoughts.

“Levy?” Tiararose was surprised.

“Olivia is quite obsessed with books, and she had always dreamed of coming to the forest archives, so I’d like to let her enjoy it up until the last minute, if possible.” Levy explained, then suggested that he could return to the royal castle and prepare all the food there, and also check up on Aquasteed in the meanwhile.

“Then, please go ahead and do it, Levy.” Tiararose decided.

“Leave it to me.” Levy replied.

Once he received Tiararose’s permission, Levy bowed and left the forest archives.


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