Doted Villainess

Chapter 208 – Keith’s Blessing

Fourteenth Arc – Thirteenth chapter


Flames were bursting out of the Grimoire, and screams echoed in the forest archives. But even in such a situation, Keith’s quiet voice was clearly heard.

Tiararose and Aquasteed opened their eyes wide and looked at Keith, but he wasn’t even paying attention to them.

With a calm expression, he moved towards Aquasteed, who was currently holding Luciarose, and touched Luciarose’s forehead with his index finger.

At this moment, Luciarose shone with a pale yellow-green light and started sparkling. The light overflowed from Luciarose and enveloped the fire-breathing Grimoire too.

Then, the flowers on the Grimoire’s cover started shining brightly, and an ivy started growing from them, stretching itself towards Luciarose and wrapping itself around her arm.

“You should be able to control your magic with this.” Keith patted Luciarose’s head, “It’s okay now. Just calm down.” Then, he turned towards the Grimoire and continued, “Lucia’s magical power is certainly great, but it’s not something that can’t be controlled.

“My blessing should have made it easier to handle. You’re a proud book of these forest archives, and one who has a will of your own. I won’t allow you to say you can’t handle it.”

<I am a history book that tells the whole story of Marineforest! I won’t run out of control due to the magical power of the princess!> As the Grimoire roared, yellow-green light burst out from it.

If one paid careful attention to it, they’d notice that the ivy that was coming out of the grimoire was now directly connected to Luciarose’s magical power.

“W-what’s going on, Keith!?” Tiararose asked.

“With my blessing, I made Lucia become the master of the Grimoire. Since that ivy is now connected to Lucia’s magical power, she should be able to use magic without losing control in the future.” Keith explained.

“What!?” After hearing those outrageous words, Tiararose felt like she didn’t know what to do, so she fell down on the spot.

So now, Luciarose was able to not only use her own magic, but also Grimoire’s… Won’t she become the strongest knight if she tries to?

Those thoughts took Tiararose’s breath away, but then… She remembered that Keith helped Luciarose with this blessing. And Tiararose had nothing but gratitude for that.

Keith was the only one who didn’t bless Luciarose when she was born. It seemed to be just because he was sulking as he wasn’t the first one to bless her, but he said he’d give his blessing once she became a proper lady.

Luciarose was still pretty far from becoming a lady, but Tiararose was glad that Keith blessed Luciarose in her time of need.

‘Well, I guess I might give her the blessing of the Fairy Queen of Sweets once she becomes a proper lady then. This way, Keith’s promise would be kept true to some extent.’ Tiararose thought.

At this moment, Tiararose got up, moved towards Aquasteed and Luciarose, then gently hugged Luciarose.

“Mother… I’m sorry… I tried using magic with Grimo and… I wanted to be stronger, to be useful, but…” Luciarose tried her best to explain that she wanted to use fire magic with the Grimoire in order to help out Levy, who wanted fire.

Tiararose understood that Luciarose was kind and caring, but this was still too bad for her heart.

Still, Tiararose gently stroke Luciarose’s back and smiled, “You did your best, didn’t you? Just be more careful next time, alright?

“Magic can be very dangerous if you make a mistake, so please consult with your father before using it.”

Tiararose considered trying to help Luciarose with that too, but Aquasteed was better at handling magic, so she thought it would be better for him to help Luciarose.

After hearing Tiararose’s words, Luciarose nodded, “Okay.”

“You’re really a wonderful girl, aren’t you, Lucia?” Tiararose said.

“It doesn’t need to be just about magic, by the way. You can talk to me about anything that you wish to talk about.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s about what to eat, or saying you want to take a break. I’ll always make time for you no matter how much work I need to do.” Aquasteed told Luciarose.

Luciarose smiled with relief when hearing those words.

“Also… Don’t forget to thank Keith for his help.” Tiararose told Luciarose.

“Okay.” Luciarose nodded, stood up on her own, then looked towards the flying Grimoire who was connected to her arm by an ivy.

<Princess… I apologize. I wasn’t strong enough… Even though I was arrogantly talking about things such as what kind of knight you can be…> Grimoire said to Luciarose.

“Uun, Grimoire… It’s not your fault, Grimo! I had a lot of fun talking to you about being a knight!” Luciarose’s smile returned to her face, then she turned towards Keith, “Let’s go together!”

Grimoire agreed and followed Luciarose. The ivy that connected them made it look as if they were holding hands.

“Thank you, Keith, but… Is it okay to give a blessing like that?” Luciarose asked.

“I don’t care about that, kid. If it helped save you, then a blessing is no big deal.” Keith replied.

“… Y-yes!” Luciarose hugged Keith tightly and started crying, “Thank you…” She muttered over and over again. She had been really scared.

She was usually able to wield magic just fine, but this time, trying to also manage the Grimoire’s magic proved to be too much for her, so things didn’t work out well, and that troubled Luciarose.

Then, while Keith comforted Luciarose, Grimoire flew to Keith’s side and its top part bent forward, as if it was bowing its head, <Thank you for helping me when I failed.>

“… If you’re this stuck up about it, then make sure to practice properly to not let this repeat itself.” Keith said.

<We’ll do so.> Grimoire replied.

Keith and Grimoire were talking easily about that, but Tiararose was panicking inwards when hearing about practice.

Sure, learning how to use Grimoire’s magic properly would make things safer for Luciarose in the long run, but it would still be too dangerous to actively practice magic after all this just happened.

At this moment, Aquasteed, who had noticed Tiararose’s worries, hugged Tiararose and said, “It’s alright. Lucia is our daughter, so she’ll surely learn how to handle it soon… Besides, it’s safer for her if she learns how to handle magic properly, in case something happens.”

“You’re right… As a parent, I’ll do my best to watch over Lucia!” Tiararose exclaimed.

Of course, not only Lucia, but also Stiluca and Stirio too, since they might also have problems with their magical powers in the future.

But for now, Tiararose and Aquasteed moved closer to Keith, then gently caressed the crying Lucia and kissed her forehead while saying, “Let’s work hard together.”


A few months later, in the knights’ training grounds of the royal castle, a cute, but powerful voice shouted, “Lets go, Grimo! A page of water to splash a rainbow into the sky!”

As Luciarose exclaimed that, Grimoire quickly flipped through its pages until it stopped at the desired one. The letters on this page were glowing with a pale light blue.

“Grant my wish, water!” Luciarose’s words activated the Grimoire’s magic, causing a water splash, that created a rainbow in the sky as it reflected the sunlight.

<Great work, princess!> Grimoire exclaimed.

“Amazing! Amazing!” Seeing the splendid rainbow, Luciarose jumped up and down while holding Grimoire on her hands.

Meanwhile, Tiararose and Aquasteed were sitting on a bench, watching the situation.

“It’s amazing. Lucia’s skill with magic is growing so fast…” Tiararose commented.

“It’s because lady Pearl’s blessing has strengthened her control of water magic.” Aquasteed replied.

“I see.” Tiararose was surprised by how fast her daughter was growing, but she was also quite relieved at it, since Luciarose wouldn’t have to struggle with being unable to use magic properly like Tiararose had.

Luciarose’s problem is, in fact, the exact opposite, as she has too much magic, so she can have trouble if it goes out of control.

In any case, Luciarose, who had successfully cast her spell, ran towards her parents with Grimoire in toll while waving her hands and smiling, “Father, mother, I… I will become a magic knight!”

“Magic knight!?” Tiararose was a bit startled at those words, but she also understood that, as Aquasteed’s daughter, Luciarose definitely had the right aptitudes to become a magic knight.

Tiararose understood that this was a tough path for a princess, but Tiararose still wanted to support her daughter’s dream. She had talked to Aquasteed about it before, and they both wanted Luciarose to do whatever it is that she wanted to.


After Luciarose finished her training for the day, Tiararose went to Aquasteed’s office and sat on the couch.

A maid prepared tea for her, then left the room. So it was now only Aquasteed, Tiararose and Elliot on the room.

“I’m going to get this approved at a conference this afternoon, but I thought I should talk to you first about it, Tiara.” Aquasteed told her.

“At a conference?” Tiararose asked.

Since it was something that required an official conference to be decided upon, then it was definitely something important.

Tiararose wondered if it was about Grimoire, or perhaps about the sweets fairies.

She then wondered if something troublesome happened, but Aquasteed’s expression and tone were soft, so it was probably a good thing.

“I think you’ll be happy with it too.” Aquasteed told Tiararose as he handed her a document that had the main topic of today’s conference written out.

“… Lady Olivia will receive the title of countess!?” Tiararose opened her eyes wide as she read through the document.

The reasons given were her great contribution to the creation of a history book of Marineforest, as well as providing information on things like the secret underground passages of the royal castle.

Moreover, Olivia had also done a lot of research on the geology of Marineforest and compiled her findings on books, which was greatly appreciated too.

‘She is already from a duke’s family, but it’s still great that she is receiving a title of her own!’ Tiararose thought.

“Miss Olivia has helped us many times, even before me and you married… Also, Olivia has access to too much confidential knowledge of Marineforest, so it would be no good for her to marry into another country, so I think it’s important for her to receive her own noble title.” Aquasteed explained.

Essentially, other nobles wanted some kind of reassurance that Olivia would not become a liability to Marineforest, hence why she’ll receive a noble title of her own.

“… Lady Olivia truly loves every nook and cranny of this world.” Tiararose chuckled and put the documents back on the table, “I think that’s wonderful. Lady Olivia deserves to receive recognition for her knowledge, but… I’m not sure how she’ll take these news.”

Olivia had said in the past that if she were to marry, she’d like to marry the second son of an earl, as she wouldn’t want to become too busy, to the point she’d become unable to make her pilgrimages to the ‘holy lands’ of this world.

But becoming a countess would certainly get her busy, so maybe she might decline it… After thinking this far, Tiararose became anxious, “I mean, I think lady Olivia might dislike the idea because it will reduce her free time.”

At this moment, both Aquasteed and Elliot smiled wryly, as they had the exact same thoughts as Tiararose.

“That’s not a problem.” Aquasteed told Tiararose.

“It is not? Those are certainly good news, but…” Tiararose muttered.

She wondered if Aquasteed had already checked it with Olivia, or maybe it was because Levy would certainly be delighted at Olivia receiving a nobility title.

After all, Levy truly cared for Olivia.

Sure, he wished to protect her first and foremost, and he always tried his best to grant any wishes that Olivia might have, but there is also one thing he really wished of her.

Levy wished for Olivia to forever remain a noble.

Tiararose remembered talking to Olivia about it some time back. She remembered hearing that, Levy once said that, if Olivia were to ever be exiled from Marineforest, then he would do everything in his power to end the exile and bring Olivia back, so that she could inherit the title of duchess from her parents.

As Tiararose remembered this, she got a bad feeling about what would happen in the future…

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