Doted Villainess

Chapter 209 – The birth of a countess

Fourteenth Arc – Fourteenth chapter


Olivia glared at Levy, who was brewing tea with a smile on his face.

‘I think he is hiding something.’ Olivia thought.

They were at Olivia’s room at the Ariadale house.

Olivia had suddenly been given a day off, so she was currently relaxing as she did not need to go to the royal castle today.

She woke up and drank herbal tea brewed by Levy, got dressed, ate breakfast, played with sweets fairies that came over to play, had lunch, and was now having some tea time before dinner… And Levy was in too much of a good mood the whole time.

“Olivia, after this, we’ll be fitting a dress.” Levy told her.

“Alright.” Olivia replied.

She didn’t remember asking for any dress to be tailored for her though, so she wondered if Levy had ordered it.

Even though Olivia is the daughter of a duke, she doesn’t have that many dresses. She has as many as she needs, essentially.

From time to time though, Levy feels like she could use a new one, so he requests a seamstress to tailor a new one.

Olivia thought that this fitting session would be the same as the previous ones, but… “Levy, when are you planning to have me wear this dress?” Olivia asked him as she looked at the extremely extravagant dress she was currently wearing.

‘This dress must be at least five times as expensive as the ones I usually get.’ Olivia thought. She really had no idea where she’d be using this.

However… Levy gave her no reply, “Levy?” Olivia asked again, but he still refused to give her an answer.

Olivia didn’t know what to take of this, but she still went along with the fitting session.

Then, once the seamstress finished taking notes of the appropriate measurements, and Olivia changed back to her usual clothes, the seamstress said, “It seems to be almost perfect. It shouldn’t take too long for this one to be finished. I’ll go ahead and start doing the finishing touches.”

“Yes, please go ahead.” Levy said as the seamstress hastily left.

Seeing how Levy still refused to answer her, Oliva started pouting, “I really don’t know why I’d need to wear such a gorgeous dress… Did father decide to get me engaged!? But I’m already twenty-six! It’s way too late for an engagement, so is he perchance trying to compensate for it by making me look good…?”

Olivia was feeling really upset, similarly to the time when she was engaged to Aquasteed back when she was young.

She did not want her father to decide on her engagement without her consent.

‘I don’t want to marry anyone!’ Olivia thought.

Staring at Levy like that, Olivia started to tear up. She didn’t want to get married at first because she wouldn’t be allowed to keep making her pilgrimages to the ‘holy lands’, so when someone asked her about it in social gatherings, Olivia jokingly said that she’d like to marry a second son of an earl.

But now she had a good reason to not get married, so Olivia did not want to marry anyone for the rest of her life.

But then, as she was lost in thoughts, Olivia heard the voice from the seamstress say, “It’s finished.” as she had completed doing the final adjustments on the dress.

“What is done?” Olivia asked, without paying attention to what the seamstress was carrying, as her eyes were too blurry to focus.


Even though one can’t easily enter the audience room of Marineforest’s royal castle, Olivia was now standing in such a place.

Aquasteed and Tiararose were at the end of a deep red carpet. By their sides were Elliot, other close aides of them, then other nobles who play a central role in the country.

‘Eh? What kind of event is about to start?’ Olivia wondered.

Olivia then thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to dirty this place with blood, so she held her nose with a handkerchief just in case.

Aquasteed smiled wryly as he saw that, especially because she actually got a nosebleed right after that. A moment later, Levy rushed to her with a new handkerchief.

Tiararose chuckled as she saw the scene. Even in this regal atmosphere, the two of them are still the same as usual.

Olivia will receive her noble title today, but it seemed like she didn’t know about it at all.

“Is lady Olivia alright?” Tiararose muttered.

“I’m not sure…” Aquasteed smiled wryly, “All things considered, miss Olivia probably doesn’t know what this ceremony is about, even though I did tell duke Ariadale about it already.”

Tiararose went silent at that, then paid more attention to Olivia’s behavior. Olivia really did seem confused right now, so Tiararose could only shrug her shoulders while wondering if it was really alright to proceed like this.

But eventually, Olivia finished wiping her nosebleed off, then started walking on the red carpet.

Olivia’s dignity and determination could be seen on her eyes, so she was either told about it by Levy, or figured it out on her own. Either way, Tiararose was relieved about it and released a deep breath.

Then, once Olivia got close to Aquasteed, she knelt down in front of him, “Thank you for granting me the honor of coming here today.”

“Be at ease, miss Olivia. Today, I would like to honor your deeds for this country, and reward you for all that you achieved.” Aquasteed told her.

“I am grateful and happy to hear that, your majesty.” Olivia replied.

Seeing Olivia being dignified and calm, as opposed to being incredibly excited like usual, made Tiararose think that Olivia was finally acting like the daughter of a duke.

It was a nice change of pace when compared to the regular nosebleeds, Tiararose thought.

“Olivia Ariadale will now receive the title of countess, and a territory of her own. From now on, you shall be known as Olivia Rubyaria.” Aquasteed said.

“I humbly accept this honor, your majesty. As Olivia Rubyaria, I swear that I will continue to be loyal to Marineforest.” Olivia replied.

“I look forward to seeing you continue prospering in the future, miss Olivia.” Aquasteed told her.

“I will, your majesty.” Olivia said.

Now that Olivia officially received her title, a burst of applause erupted. Among the people applauding, Duke Ariadale, Olivia’s father, and Claude Ariadale, Olivia’s older brother, were being the loudest.

Once she reunited her family, Olivia quietly left the room while staring at them with a gaze that said ‘why did you keep quiet about it!?’


“Lady Tiararose…!” Olivia hugged Tiarararose.

“Lady Olivia… Could you be drunk?” Tiararose asked.

“I can’t handle this without drinking!” Olivia replied.

Tiararose looked towards Aquasteed after hearing that, but he only smiled wryly in response.

They were currently at the mansion of the Ariadale family, where a party was being hosted to celebrate Olivia receiving the title of countess.

It’s only been a few hours since the ceremony.

“When I got home, everyone except me knew that a congratulations party was going to happen! They didn’t tell me anything…!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Maybe they just wanted everything to be a surprise?” Tiararose asked.

Olivia narrowed her eyes in response, “No.

“They just didn’t want to leave me any escape route… I couldn’t do anything when I was already in front of his majesty.” Olivia drank another gulp of wine, then heaved a heavy sigh.

Seems like Levy did all the ground work in advance to make sure things went well.

And so, Olivia closed her eyes for a bit and seemed to be contemplating something. After a small while, she opened her eyes and smiled.

“Lady Olivia?” Tiararose asked.

“Ah… I just thought that I’ve been spoiled by Levy a lot, so I guess I shouldn’t be getting angry at him. I’m now countess Olivia Rubyaria and that’s all there is to it.” Olivia said with renewed determination.

Tiararose chuckled at that, “Well, what are you going to do now, then?”

“First of all, I wanna thank Levy for his continued support. Now that I became a countess, I don’t have to worry about being separated from Levy…” Olivia’s cheeks started getting reddened as she talked, possibly because of the alcohol.

If Olivia, the daughter of a duke, got married to someone else, then Levy, who is a man, would not be allowed to be taken along.

Therefore, if Olivia wanted to stay together forever with Levy, she’d either need to stay single for the rest of her life, get banished at the end of the game, or marry Levy.

Tiararose smiled when looking at Olivia who seemed to be really happy about being able to stay together with Levy, ‘You really like Levy, don’t you, lady Olivia?’ Tiararose thought.

Tiararose then wondered if Olivia would actually want to marry Levy. The two of them always had a nice relationship, but would that mean they would go well as lovers? Tiararose was unsure.

It’s up to Olivia and Levy to decide on their future, but Tiararose thought it would go well if it’s the two of them.

“If you need anything, please feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to cooperate.” Tiararose told Olivia.

“Thank you very much, lady Tiararose. The Rubyaria family loves Marineforest very much, and we’ll do our utmost for this country for the rest of eternity!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Eh?” Tiararose said.

Sudden huge words came out of Olivia’s mouth. Tiararose was astonished by that, though perhaps it was normal when considering it was Olivia who was talking… Still, Tiararose worried about how would Olivia’s future children handle all that excitement.

Meanwhile, Aquasteed was staring at Tiararose and Olivia, and he couldn’t help having a premonition that something big was about to happen, and they’d be swayed by that.

And then, Aquasteed was approached by Levy; Audrey Ariadale, Olivia’s father; Claudia Ariadale, Olivia’s mother; and her older brother, Claude Ariadale.

“Your majesty, thank you very much for joining us today.” Audrey said.

“You don’t need to thank me for that. I’m glad to celebrate that one of our best people has received a new title.” Aquasteed replied.

“It is reassuring to hear that.” Audrey said, then stared at Olivia with a wryly smile. His loving gaze made it clear that he loved her very much.

Olivia and Aquasteed had been engaged in the past, but ever since the engagement was broken up, Audrey has worried a lot about Olivia’s future.

“Your majesty Aquasteed, lady Tiararose. It’s been a while. Thank you for coming today.” Claudia said.

“Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful party.” Aquasteed replied.

“It’s been a while, lady Claudia.” Tiararose said.

Tiararose had met Claudia several times at balls and tea parties, and Claudia was quite the beautiful woman. It was hard to believe she was old enough to have two adult children, and her translucent skin made she always look adorable.

“My sister seems to have had a lot of fun since she became your attendant, lady Tiararose, but I hope she hasn’t caused you any trouble… Especially not with the handkerchiefs thing…” Claude worriedly told Tiararose.

“I’m doing fine, brother! And with Levy there, I’ll never run out of handkerchiefs!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Via, that’s not it…” Claude thought that the real problem was her having too many nosebleeds in front of the king and the queen, but he also knew it couldn’t be helped, since it was Olivia that they were talking about, “Just… Don’t push yourself too hard, and consult me if something comes up, alright?”

“I will. Thank you, brother.” Olivia replied.

Seeing Olivia and Claude talk to one another while smiling, Tiararose couldn’t help smiling too. She was happy that they seemed to have a good relationship.

“Though now that you’re becoming a countess, you’ll be moving to a new mansion… I will be lonely without you.” Audrey said.

“Father, I’m twenty-six already. Had I married someone, I’d have left home long ago, you know?” Olivia replied.

“… Of course.” Audrey’s gaze became distant when hearing those words. He didn’t want his daughter to get married and leave home to live with any random man, but he also didn’t want her to not get married, so he was troubled about it.

As if reading Audrey’s mind, Claudia looked at Olivia and Levy and said, “Since you’re now a countess, whoever you marry will move in to your house, Olivia. Is there any gentleman you’d like to marry?”

Claudia then chuckled as she saw Olivia become bright red.

“Olivia!?” Audrey exclaimed as he saw Olivia’s reaction, even if Claudia looked very happy.

“You’re already twenty-six, right? And your determination is stronger than Audrey’s and Claude’s, so I’m sure you’ll be able to reach the future you desire.” Claudia smiled at Olivia.

At this moment, Olivia held Levy’s arm with hers and said, “You really know everything mother…”

“Olivia!?” Levy was surprised by her sudden action, but Olivia didn’t look back at him.

Olivia wanted to get revenge for him not answering her questions today, so she openly and clearly stated, “I will marry Levy!”

Olivia’s bold declaration resounded throughout the room. The lively chatter and the music all stopped in an instant, and now everyone’s eyes were focused on Olivia and Levy.

Claudia smiled happily, while Audrey and Claude had their mouths agape.

‘No way! A public proposal!’ Tiararose thought and turned red as she held her own cheeks with her hands.

Tiararose’s heart was pounding and she started fidgeting, wondering if she should really be watching this, but she also couldn’t take her eyes off Olivia.

“Olivia I-” Levy started saying.

“This is my decision, Levy. Unless… You hate it?” Olivia asked him.

“I’m not good enough for Olivia.” Levy stated.

Olivia let out a bit sigh before continuing, “Then listen to me, Levy. When considering that I am a countess, are there many people who are worthy enough to become my husband?”

Levy was at a loss for words when hearing her question.

At the same time, Tiararose gasped. In this mood, she felt like a single wrong word might ruin everything, so she worried about what to do, “Aqua…” She muttered.

Aquasteed smiled wryly in response, “I think miss Olivia will be fine.”

“Is that so…? Levy certainly wants her to marry someone that is good enough for her, but…” Tiararose was still worried, even if Aquasteed seemed to be sure of Olivia’s victory.

‘Levy thinks he doesn’t deserve to be with Olivia because he is a commoner, right?’ Tiararose thought.

She then thought that things could be easily solved if Levy received a noble title, but then she remembered that he doesn’t have any outstanding achievements that would make him receive a title. Otherwise, he would have already been granted nobility at the same time that Olivia became a countess.

So, Tiararose couldn’t help wondering why Aquasteed was this confident, but things became clearer once Levy finally gave his reply, “No… There are only a handful of men who deserve Olivia.”

Olivia smiled triumphantly at the troubled Levy.

“Eh? Is that so!?” Tiararose muttered.

“It is. There aren’t many men in Marineforest who would be willing to marry Olivia at her current age… And even without taking the age into account, it would still be hard for her to find anybody.” Aquasteed replied.

Olivia was a countess now, but she was formerly the daughter of a duke. She was also Aquasteed ex-fiancee, which can make some see her as used goods. Even after receiving the title of countess due to her achievement, it would be hard to find a partner.

Levy was aware of that… There was no way she’d be able to get a good partner amongst the people who would be willing to marry her.

Tiararose smiled as she realized all that. When taking all this into account, aside from Levy, the only type of person Olivia would be willing to marry, would probably be a member of royalty. As anybody else would probably be people who are up to no good and only want her for her title.

“You’re the only person whose specs are higher than those of my ex-fiance, his majesty Aquasteed. Levy, you’re the only one.” Olivia stated clearly.

And it was true that Levy’s specs were amazingly high, as he had put a lot of hard work into becoming the best possible attendant for Olivia.

“Don’t make me say it again, Levy. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Let’s have a honeymoon trip on Lapis Lazuli and tour all the ‘holy lands’ together!” Olivia told Levy.

Olivia was already talking about honeymoon while in the middle of her proposal… Tiararose couldn’t help being astonished at how sure Olivia was at the result of all this.

“… As you wish, Olivia. I’ll be by your side for the rest of my life.” Levy told her.

“Yes. Let’s stay together forever, Levy.” Olivia hugged Levy.

And then, a big round of applause broke out from the audience.

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