Doted Villainess

Chapter 210 – Peaceful everyday life

Fourteenth Arc – Fifteenth chapter


After Tiararose and Aquasteed came home from the Ariadale mansion, the first thing they did was to check up on their children.

However, the children were already asleep, so the two of them went to their own room.

Tiararose prepared some fruit water and sat on the sofa with Aquasteed. She drank way too much alcohol during the party, so she felt like she needed rest.

“I didn’t expect lady Olivia to make a sudden proposal, but I’m relieved that things worked out alright.” Tiararose commented.

“Miss Olivia is a good woman, even if she is a villainess, just like you.” Aquasteed chuckled.

Tiararose lowered her eyebrows a bit when being compared to Olivia, but then she remembered that she did do quite a few unreasonable actions, so it’s not like the comparison made no sense.

So, Tiararose dejectedly drank some of the fruit water and leaned on Aquasteed’s shoulder.

It was the first time in a long while that she drank this much alcohol, so Tiararose was more wobbly than usual. She slowly started sliding down after leaning on Aquasteed’s shoulder.

“It’s unusual to see you this drunk, Tiara.” Aquasteed commented.

“I guess so… I haven’t drunk much ever since I got pregnant of Lucia.” Tiararose replied.

She doesn’t need to breastfeed her children anymore though, so Tiararose can now drink without worries.

That said, as it would be impolite to become drunk at balls, Tiararose rarely drank enough to cause a visible change in her complexion.

“We were celebrating lady Olivia’s new title, and then she was already drunk too, so… I might have gotten a bit carried away…” Tiararose muttered.

“It’s true that the amount of alcohol miss Olivia drank was truly outstanding.” Aquasteed replied.

“Yeah…” Tiararose started giggling as she remembered what Olivia looked like late in the party.

At the same time, she prayed with all her heart that Olivia and Levy would get their happily ever after.

“Is this… The end of the game?” Tiararose wondered out loud.

“Tiara?” Aquasteed asked.

“I mean… Lady Aishira got married, lady Olivia found a partner too, and we’re married as well, so like…” Tiararose was thinking that both heroines and villainesses were able to find their happy endings, “You know, even after we got married, I sometimes still worried if I was really worthy of you, Aqua. Or if you wouldn’t end up giving up on me and going for lady Aishira instead…

“Lady Olivia too. Even if she didn’t say it, she was probably a bit uneasy even to this day.”

Tiararose hadn’t really noticed any anxiety in Olivia, but she felt it was possible for her to feel it anyways.

“So well, with how things turned out for lady Olivia… I think we’ll all be truly happy now.” Tiararose smiled brightly as she said that.

Aquasteed hugged Tiararose tightly after hearing those words.

“A-Aqua!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

“You say some really cute things at times, Tiara.” Aquasteed said.

Tiararose is pretty shy, but sometimes she boldly speaks her feelings, and Aquasteed always gets entranced by her when this happens.

He hugged her tightly and felt a strong urge to not let go… And well, there was no problem in not letting go.

“That is… Uh…” Tiararose’s face went bright red.

At the same time, she was truly happy to be with Aquasteed right now, so she hugged him back without hesitation.

At this point, Aquasteed chuckled.

“This isn’t something that should make you laugh…” Tiararose pouted.

“Well, it’s just that seeing you hug me with all your might makes you even cuter than usual.” Aquasteed replied.

Tiararose felt like Aquasteed would call her cute regardless of what she did.

At this point, Tiararose puffed her cheeks, said, “I’m not a small animal.” and kissed Aquasteed.

She was being more aggressive than usual today, as she was drunk, so she put her weight on Aquasteed and pushed him down on the sofa.

Placing her hands on Aquasteed’s chest, Tiararose blinked her eyes at his firm muscles, ‘It’s so hard.’ she thought.

It’s not something you can see through Aquasteed’s regal clothing, but he had a very strong body due to his daily training.

“When you hug me, I feel relieved…” Tiararose muttered and laid her cheek on Aquasteed’s chest, snuggling up to him.

She felt a sense of stability when she was with him. He made all of her anxiety disappear, ‘If I wasn’t with him, I would definitely be trembling right now.’ Tiararose thought.

At this moment, Tiararose loosened her expression, closed her eyes as she used Aquasteed’s chest as a pillow, and focused on hearing his heartbeat, “I’m happy, Aqua.”

“Me too… I’m sure I’m the happiest person in the world right now.” Aquasteed gently hugged her, and then, after receiving no response, he sighed, “Well, I expected that to happen…”

Seeing his wife peacefully sleep on top of him, Aquasteed could only smile wryly. He knew she could fall asleep at any time when tipsy, but he didn’t expect it to happen at this specific timing.

So, Aquasteed carefully moved out of the way, so as to let Tiararose sleep comfortably on the sofa, then he started gently caressing her honey-pink hair.

Even now that she was asleep, Tiararose still felt that she was incredibly cute.

Leaving the asleep Tiararose there, Aquasteed picked up the fruit water from the table, drank it in a single gulp, then exhaled a heavy sigh.

Tiararose didn’t notice it due to how drunk she was, but Aquasteed too drank a lot today.

So, seeing Tiararose fall asleep first ended up making him just a bit dissatisfied, “Sleeping with such a defenseless face…” He muttered.

He wrapped his fingertips around Tiararose’s hair, then gently kissed it. After that, he watched her hair slowly fall from his fingers, and then kissed her forehead.

“Mmmm…” Tiararose made a small noise, perhaps because she was tickled.

Seeing that, Aquasteed started smiling, then kissed Tiararose’s on the forehead, between her eyes, on the tip of her nose… Each time, Tiararose seemed to be tickled a bit, so he had a lot of fun.

Aquasteed then stroke Tiararose’s cheek and traced her lips with his thumb. He unconsciously gasped before muttering, “Tiara…” And sticked his forehead to hers.

They were close enough to kiss whenever they wished, and Tiararose’s long eyelashes drew him in.

Aquasteed slowly pressed Tiararose’s lips with his thumb. They were so soft, begging to be touched more.

‘Her mouth always calls my name.’ Aquasteed thought.

She used to refer to him as ‘your highness’, then after a while it changed to ‘lord Aqua’, and eventually she overcame her shyness and started referring to him as just ‘Aqua’.

Back then, his heart pounded each time she referred to him as ‘Aqua’, her embarrassment at those times just made it even more thrilling.

‘Of course, I’m still very happy that I can now take her calling me Aqua for granted.’ Aquasteed thought.

Aquasteed wanted her to call him by his name as many times as she wanted, just like how he wanted to refer to her as ‘Tiara’ forever and ever, “Tiara…” He muttered, then slowly kissed her.


“Grimo, a wind page!” Luciarose exclaimed.

<Understood, princess> Grimoire replied.

Luciarose raised her wooden sword and kicked off the ground. Grimoire used the magic of that page to further accelerate Luciarose’s movement.

Ahead of her was Tarmo, who easily blocked Luciarose’s strike with his own wooden sword, then pushed her back, making her fall on her butt.

“I even used Grimo’s magic, but… Tarmo is way too strong.” Luciarose dejectedly commented, as she realized she gave no trouble to Tarmo at all.

It’s been three years since Olivia became a countess.

Luciarose is now eight years old, and she has been earnestly training to become a magic knight.

Her opponent is usually Tarmo, but Aquasteed and Keith also practice with her when they have time.

And happily following behind Luciarose is the five years old Stirio, who also seems to want to be a knight, and regularly watches Luciarose’s practice.

Stiluca, on the other hand, seems to be more interested in reading books or playing with magic.

Grimoire has completely settled into the position of being Luciarose’s companion and is always by her side.

Of course, it’s still a history book of Marineforest, but for as long as neither Keith nor the librarian need to check any specific thing written within the Grimoire, it can freely fly around Luciarose.

And so, while Luciarose, Stirio and Tarmo were resting, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Stiluca arrived.

“Mother, father!” Luciarose exclaimed.

“Good seeing you again, Lucia. How was your day?” Tiararose asked.

“Tarmo is too strong! I can’t beat him at all!” Luciarose rolled on the ground while she complained. She was a bit grumpy that no matter how hard she tried, she still wasn’t able to beat Tarmo.

Tiararose giggled at this sight, “Well, Tarmo is my personal escort. It’s normal that you can’t beat him.”

“And before that, he was my personal knight, you know? You’re gonna need to improve a lot before you can land a blow on him.” Aquasteed added.

Tarmo is very loyal, and Tiararose and Aquasteed trust him fully. Others may have a hard time seeing how good he is, mainly because he is surrounded by incredibly amazing people, like Aquasteed and Keith. Still, Tarmo is one of the best knights in Marineforest.

“Alright! I’ll do my best!” Luciarose exclaimed. Her current goal was to land a hit on Tarmo.

To do that, she’ll need to both improve her cooperation with Grimoire, and also hone her swords skills, so Luciarose decided to put her all into that.

“I’m not against you becoming a knight, but make sure to properly devote yourself to your education as a lady, alright? You don’t want to embarrass yourself when facing the high society, right, Lucia?” Tiararose told her daughter.

“Okaay…” Luciarose reluctantly nodded.

Rather than wearing a dress, Luciarose would much rather wear a knight’s uniform that is easy to move around in. To her, it was much more fun to study swordsmanship than to study manners.

“Lucia cares a lot more for the sword than about romance… I wonder if she’ll have trouble finding a partner for herself?” Tiararose mused, “Are you relieved about that, Aqua?”

“Tiara…” Aquasteed let out a troubled voice.

Tiararose chuckled, “Our daughter has once said that she wanted marry a man who is just like her father, so maybe she might one day bring someone who is just like you home.”

Though it’s not like there are many people who are as handsome as Aquasteed out there, so Tiararose wondered if her daughter would be okay if her standards are this high.

“More importantly than that, should we go to the sweets castle today?” Aquasteed asked Tiararose.

“Yes… Let’s go to our secret hideout.” Tiararose replied.

As the chlldren grew up, Tiararose and Aquasteed started going to the hidden room in the sweets house a few times every month.

Tiararose really enjoys the time there, and it makes her feel as if they’re newlyweds again.

So, Tiararose moved closer to her children and waved at them, “I’ll be going out, okay?”

“Alright, have a good time!” Luciarose said.

“Take care!” The twins said together.

“We will. And we’ll be back by dinner, okay?” Aquasteed told the children.

With that said, Tiararose and Aquasteed left the training grounds together.


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