The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 76

Aquasteed’s Anxiety




“Oh, Princess Tiararose. Have you caught a cold?”

“My throat hurts a little…”


It was now the end of spring. And Tiararose seemed to have caught a cold.

Summer flowers were starting to grow, and the fairies went out in the warm sun every day and played happily.

The forest trees bore fruits and the fish in the sea grew larger. And the sun watched over them from high in the sky.

This was the most prosperous season of the year for Marineforest.


Tiararose put on a thin stole while her maid, Philliane, poured some tea for her.


“I put some honey in it as well.”

“Thank you.”


A sweet, gentle scent rose from the teacup as she accepted it, and her heart relaxed.

She was Tiararose Lapis Marineforest, the Princess of this kingdom.

She had honey pink hair and soft eyes. Some would say that she looked harmless, but she was in fact—-the villainous daughter in the game, ‘The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.’


“I will prepare your bed so you can rest.”



As she sipped her tea, Philliane made preparations so she could sleep. There would be no problem if she let her brilliant maid take care of her.


“Still, it seems early for sleep…”


It was a good time for afternoon tea. The sun felt so nice and warm. To be honest, it was actually the perfect time for a nap. Of course, as she was not feeling well, it wasn’t exactly a nap.

She continued to drink her tea as Philliane made preparations.


—Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I last caught a cold.


She had caught colds as a child, but had been very healthy these past few years. Philliane managed her strictly, and so she lived a healthy life and rarely became sick.


“They say that colds last longer with adults. So you should go to bed before it gets worse.”


Philliane had finished now, and so Tiararose quickly crawled into bed. The lace curtains were opened, allowing plenty of warm sunlight to come into the room.

As it was so comfortable, she quickly started to feel drowsy.


“Ahh, it’s so warm…”

“Princess Tiararose, I will bring you a doctor to check up on you before dinner.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


Tiararose hugged her pillow tightly and then happily drifted off to sleep.



◇ ◇ ◇


The interior of the room was off white, and there was a window that was open just enough to let in a little air. All of the furniture was made of wood and by the hands of skilled craftsmen, which served to enhance the elegance of the master.

Of course, this was Aquasteed’s office. But it was currently the opposite of calm.


“Tiara has a cold? Is she all right!?”


Once she had confirmed that Tiararose was sleeping, Philliane had come to make a report to Aquasteed. He became frantic at the news of his wife’s health, and immediately began to ask questions. Did she have an appetite? How was her coloring?

Philliane chuckled when she saw this.


“It is only a light cold. I think she will be better tomorrow. I have called a doctor and he will check on her later.”

“I see…”

“She is sleeping soundly now. She will likely be fine tomorrow.”


After hearing about Tiararose’s symptoms from Philliane, Aquasteed sighed with relief.


“Still, she shouldn’t be allowed to push herself. You must alter her schedule for the coming days.”



While it was just a light cold, he was still worried.

The person who had made the order was Tiararose’s husband, the Crown Prince of Marineforest. Aquasteed Marineforest.

He had dark blue hair and a slender body. His handsome face usually wore a serious expression, but he was always kind and sweet in front of Tiararose.


“Prince Aquasteed. As you have finished most of your work today… Why don’t you go and see how she is doing?”

“…Indeed. No, I need to go out first.”


Elliot had made the suggestion after seeing how worried Aquasteed was.

He was Aquasteed’s attendant and also managed his schedule. He had gentle eyes and sepia hair. While he was not romantically linked to anyone, he was quite popular with the maids in the castle.


As Elliot had assumed Aquasteed would want to go to Tiararose right away, he looked at his master with surprise.

There had never been anything that Aquasteed prioritized over Tiararose, until now.


“Where are you going?”

“To Grail. I’ll be back soon.”



He actually did want to go to Tiararose. …However, there was something else that he desperately wanted to check first. And so Aquasteed left the rest of the work to Elliot, and left his office.




As he was the Fairy King of the sky, Grail’s palace was in the sky.

And so Aquasteed was the only living human who was able to go there, as he had been blessed by the Fairy King. Even Aquasteed’s attendant could not accompany him.

There were exceptions, of course. Grail could offer people invitations to come.


The air was clear and the room and all of the furniture were white. One of the walls of the palace was all glass, allowing you to look down at the kingdom from the sky.


“Aquasteed. What is it?”


Of course, it was Grail who welcomed Aquasteed.

He had hair that went up to his shoulders in a blue gradation. His eyes were gold and he had all the authority of a king. At the same time, his face was so beautiful that you might mistake him for a woman. In any case, almost everyone would fall for him.


“I have something I want to ask you.”

“Ask me? I don’t think there is any big problem that is happening now…”


Grail said as he tilted his head with a puzzled expression. As he controlled the sky, his weapon was information. He listened to the sounds of the wind and learned about what was happening in the kingdom.

Currently, the kingdom was at peace. There was no problem.


‘What is it?’ Grail asked him with a sense of amusement. But then Aquasteed looked at him with dead seriousness.


“…It’s about Tiara.”



Grail then remembered that he had heard from the fairies about her taking to bed after catching a cold. However, it was only a light cold and should not have posed much of a problem.


Perhaps there was something that Grail did not know about it, and so he opened his mouth to ask—but then a wind began to blow, and a swirl of petals and leaves descended.


He had beautiful, long hair and a strong build. A fan was attached to his waist and he had a stole around his neck. Like Aquasteed and Grail, his eyes were the color of gold. He was Keith, the Fairy King of the Forest.

As he had blessed Tiararose, he had visited out of concern for her.


“What is it? What happened to Tiararose?”

“Keith… You didn’t even ask to come.”

“Who cares about that.”

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