Grail sighed. He would have preferred it if Keith sent a word in advance.

Still, Keith was a free soul. He would end up forgetting about it, even if he was warned now.

And with that, both of them turned to look at Aquasteed.


“So, what about Tiara?”

“She got sick. …And I was wondering if it could have been caused by the power of the king of the starry sky.”

“I see.”


Both of the kings nodded as Aquasteed explained this to them.


The power of the king of the starry sky was the power that Aquasteed held.

As the first king, Pheles Marineforest was also able to use it. However, it was immense, and a huge burden for the body of a human.

That’s why the power was inside of the ‘Ring of the Starry Sky King.’ And Tiararose wore the ring that Aqusteed had made. Aqusteed was worried that it was affecting her health…


After all, Pheles’s wife, Liliarge, had turned into a monster because of the power in her ring.

It was impossible for Aquasteed not to be worried.


“You’re overthinking this, Aquasteed. Her health has nothing to do with the king’s power.”

“Yes…it’s true. There is no disturbance in your or Tiararose’s power.”


Grail and Keith insisted that it was just a coincidence, and Tiara ‘merely had a cold.’


“I see. That’s good. If anything happened to Tiara because of my power…”


He would have nothing but regret.

And so he was very relieved by their answer. Now he wanted nothing more but to return to Tiararose. Grail detected this with a chuckle and said, ‘You should go then.’


“You’re worried about her, aren’t you? Tiararose. I will go and visit as well. You should hurry and return.”

“Maybe I’ll go and visit her too.”

“Excuse me then. And thank you.”



◇ ◇ ◇


After leaving Grail’s temple, Aquasteed headed for Tiararose’s room. But when he reached their bedroom, Tiararose was not there.




At first, he became worried over the fact she was not resting in spite of being ill. But then he realized that she was probably in a different room.

This was the room she used with Aquasteed, the crown prince. She had probably been given a different room so he would not catch a cold too, and so she could rest soundly.


And so he quickly left and went to the second bedroom that had been made next to Tiararose’s private room. He went quietly, making as little noise as possible as he approached the bed and looked down at his wife.

However, Tiararose then opened her eyelids and smiled.


“…Prince Aqua.”

“Did I wake you?”

“No. I slept a little, but then I woke up. The sun feels so nice in this room. It’s comfortable just lying here like this.”


She assured Aquasteed that she felt better now.


“I see. But please don’t push yourself.”

“Yes. I’m sorry to make you worry.”

“It’s nothing. A lot has happened recently. You have probably been very tired.”


Aquasteed sat down on the bed and gently stroked Tiararose’s hair. Then he softly kissed her on the forehead before whispering, ‘get well soon,’ into her ear.


“…! I will.”

“Oh. I really was worried about you.”

“Prince Aqua. You’re exaggerating.”


Aquasteed smiled and Tiararose felt her heart start beating faster. His deep voice whispering in her ear had done this to her.


Just then, there was a knock on the door.

After she was given permission, Philliane poked her head into the room.


“Please excuse me.”

“What is it? Philliane?”

“Yes. Lady Olivia has come to visit you. When I told her that you weren’t well, she said that she wanted to see you…”


Olivia had probably come to the castle on some business.

And she always visited Tiararose when she was here. They would usually drink tea and spend some time together.


“Prince Aqua. Do you mind if I talk to her for a while?”

“Of course I don’t mind. But are you really well enough?”



Tiararose decided that she could meet Olivia for a short while.

Philliane brought Olivia in immediately. An incredibly delicious smell accompanied her, and Tiara’s eyes shone as she looked at the sweets.


Olivia quickly bowed after entering.


“Princess Tiararose. Prince Aquasteed. It is an honor.”

“Ah. It is good to see that you are well, Lady Olivia.”

“Lady Olivia. Welcome. I’m sorry to have to greet you like this. But please enjoy your visit.”


Tiararose said to Olivia. Olivia put a hand to her mouth and nodded. She was thinking about how wonderful it was that the hero was so worried about the villainous daughter, that he stayed by her side.

She had the sudden urge to bang on the floor in excitement, but Olivia held the urge back.

If she got any more excited, her nose would start to bleed.


As for this girl, she was the villainous daughter of the sequel to the ‘Ring of Lapis Lazuli.’

She had long hair that was held together with an accessory made of string. The framed glasses she wore were colored and went well with her face. She was the over-excited daughter of a duke.

Like Tiararose, she had memories of her past life, when she had been Japanese.


“I’m glad to see that you are better than I was expecting.”

“Yes. I was probably just a little tired. I’ll be better soon.”


Olivia smiled with relief and said, ‘Yes, do get better soon.’

And then she offered the Baumkuchen that had been wrapped up prettily.

Tiararose could not hide her delight at this.


“I’m sure I’ll feel better once I eat this.”

“Princess Tiararose… Oh, I have an idea… Why don’t you go on a journey as part of your recuperation? You can use a villa that I always use.”

“A villa?”


Olivia’s suggestion sounded very appealing to Tiararose.

However, if it was also for recuperation, then it would take several days. Aquasteed had a lot of work, and would likely be too busy to come. That being said, Tiararose did not feel like going alone.


–It’s a wonderful invitation, but I don’t think it will work.


Tiararose was just about to say this, when Aquasteed opened his mouth first.


“That’s great. I will adjust my schedule so I can go too.”

“But Prince Aqua, I am sure you are too busy…are you sure?”

“Of course. The most important thing is that you get better, Tiara.”


As she had already given up on it, Tiara was very happy to hear Aquasteed say this.

As they were the crown prince and princess, it was usually difficult for them to go out like this. It would be difficult to make time for it, and yet Aquasteed showed none of it in his expression.


“In that case, I shall make preparations. Levi will return later to confirm the date with you.”

“Thank you, Lady Olivia.”


And like that, it was decided that Tiararose and Aquasteed were to travel together.

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