The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 80 – The Ring of Light



After some time had passed since Tiararose and the others returned from their trip, a certain rumor began to spread.

It was that the king was gravely ill and that it would be for the good of the country for Aquasteed to ascend to the throne. While they had predicted such a rumor to spread, it was no less pleasant to hear.


“Tiara. You’re scowling again.”

“Oh! I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”


She touched her cheeks as if to massage them. Aquasteed looked at her and chuckled. Tiararose became even more embarrassed at what she had done.


–I am always doing things like this without realizing it!


As her ears started to turn red, she heard someone cough. It was Elliot.


–That’s right. This is Prince Aqua’s office!!


So, now she knew that Elliot had been watching. She wished there was a hole somewhere that she could crawl into.

Tiararose was currently helping Aquasteed in his office. That being said, it wasn’t anything difficult. She helped look through the many letters from the citizens and decided which ones they could take action on, which they couldn’t, and which should be saved for another time.


“Uhh. The next letter… ‘I’m happy that there are more cafés that serve cake.’ Yes, I am happy as well.”


These kinds of letters went in a different pile.

Aquasteed watched her and smiled.


“You do seem very happy.”

“Yes. You can’t separate people from their greed for food. High satisfaction for food, housing and clothing are very important.”


Tiararose wanted to help improve all of it.


It was actually Elliot’s job to look through the letters, but Tiararose wanted to hear the voices of the people, and so she helped Aquasteed.

Other letters included requests to restore damaged facilities and roads or contained safety concerns. As it gave you a good idea of how the people felt about the country, it was very rewarding work.


As Tiararose, Aquasteed, and Elliot continued to work, a bright light suddenly shone into the window.




Tiararose looked towards the window in surprise. But she was unable to tell what it was. Were the knights practicing with magic? Or was there an accident?

Elliot quickly ran to the window. His gaze went to the garden first and then towards the town. Then he looked up—and his jaw dropped.




Aquasteed and Tiararose’s voice overlapped as they looked at the stunned Elliot.

Then they looked up at the sky as well and saw that a bright ring of light was floating in the sky.

It was glowing brightly as if made of sparkly particles that had gathered together.


“I’ll go inspect it at once! Actually, no. It’s not possible. But I will send the knights to go and search the castle and town to see if anything strange has happened.”

“Yes, thank you.”


While Elliot was a brilliant attendant, he couldn’t fly up there and inspect the ring of light.

Tiararose stared at it and tried to understand what was happening. She had studied the history of Marineforest and knew that nothing like this had happened before.


–Could it be a game event?


However, she hadn’t heard anything about this from Akari or Olivia. And the guide she had read at the villa didn’t contain anything about a ring of light in the sky.

In that case, the only thing she could think of was that it was an irregular development, just like Pheles and Liliarge. In the games, you were supposed to defeat the monster that was Liliarge and reach the ending. However, Liliarge had been saved.


Perhaps this was a new route in the game.


◇ ◇ ◇


Several days passed without being able to identify the reason for the ring appearing.

The knights had gone around questioning people, and it was determined that no one had been injured and no property damaged. As for the fairies, all they said was ‘It’s such a pretty ring!’ And so people were starting to feel that it was not a bad thing.


It must be a crown to bless Aquasteed, the next king! Who had been the first person to say it?

But such rumors tended to spread quickly, and it was not long before it was the only thing that people talked about in town.


“Damn it. Rumors are so troublesome.”

“Well, it just shows how much support you have from the people. But of course, you cannot accept it too willingly in front of His Majesty…”


Aqausteed sighed. Then he leaned his head on Tiararose’s shoulder.

They were currently riding a carriage and headed towards the central square. There had been a report that the fountain symbol there was glowing.

They felt that it must be related to the ring, and so they had come to inspect it.


“I have been so busy with so many reports lately. And so I haven’t had enough of you, Tiara…”

“Prince Aqua.”


She chuckled at the sight of him cuddling up to her.

Tiararose leaned back on him so they were supporting each other. The warmth from his shoulder was comforting and she wished that they could just stay like that.


“Tiara. Did you want more of me as well?”



Aquasteed laughed teasingly. He twisted her honey pink hair between his fingers and enjoyed its softness. Then he brought his lips to her hair, but it quickly moved to her temple and then her eyes and cheek. Finally, they brushed against Tiararose’s light pink lips.

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