“Or, have you had enough?”


After the kiss, his golden eyes looked into hers.

Tiararose’s heart was beating so fast that it felt like it would explode. Enough? Never. She knew that no matter how much she had, she would always be greedy for more.


Their faces were so close that their lips could touch at any moment.

As they were alone, they could be a little bold. That’s was Tiararose thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

He held her in return and they kissed again and again.


“…Hah… Oh…that was a long one, Prince Aqua.”

“Was it?”


Now that she was released, she leaned limply onto him. He seemed perfectly fine, and she was reminded that he was indeed the main capture target of the game.

As they teased each other inside of the carriage, it arrived at their destination.


As it could be dangerous, the whole town square had been blocked off from the general public.

In fact, with the exception of Elliot and Tarmo, everyone else was waiting at the castle and was not allowed near the area. The only people close were the knights who guarded the entrance.


They quickly made their way to the fountain and towards the glowing symbol mark.

As this was usually a lively place, the fact that it was empty and closed off felt a little sad. The fountain included stone statues of fairies of the forest, sea, and sky. It was made to show that the town was blessed.


“Oh, it really is glowing…?”




“I must be related to the ring.”


The symbol mark was at the foot of the statue of the fairies. It was usually obscured, as water would be covering it. But perhaps the fact that it had been glowing had drawn people’s attention.

However, Tiararose recognized that very mark.


–It was the game’s logo!!


And then she remembered.

This place had been written about in Olivia’s guide. The town square where it all began.


–So, does that mean it definitely is a game event?


This place where the game logo was, was a place where the player would wait during dates with capture targets. It was a place where a lot of events occurred that resulted in acquiring special pictures.

While it may seem indiscrete, she could not help but be excited at the possibility of an event starting.


“Elliot. Stop the water.”



Aquasteed gave the order and Elliot immediately turned the switch that was next to the fountain. And then, the symbol mark became clearer.

Not only was there a glowing symbol, but there was something written underneath.




Tiararose was standing behind Aquasteed, and she had to hold her breath so that he wouldn’t notice.

Everyone else likely thought it was some kind of pattern. And so she stepped closer in order to look at the words.


‘Without anyone else knowing, carry the rings of the kings of the forest, sea, sky and starry sky, and offer a prayer.’


Tiararose currently had three rings of the kings. As for the ring of the sky fairy, Aquasteed was wearing it.

She didn’t know what would happen if she gathered all of them, but she was stuck here until she did. Aquasteed might help if she asked him, however, there was an annoying rule here that she could not tell anyone.


“It is glowing, but that doesn’t tell us anything. But since nothing like this has happened before, it must be related to the ring…”

“We can do nothing but make a record and return.”



As Elliot wrote down the shape of the mark and how it shined, Aquasteed stood there and stared at it. She could tell by his expression that he was in deep thought.


“Prince Aqua…”

“Ah, I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m fine.”


He smiled as if to comfort her.




Upon seeing that expression on her husband’s face, she had a vague…suspicion that he was hiding something from her.

They had lived closely together for years now. She could tell when he was desperate, when he found an answer, or when he was really worried.


–Prince Aqua. He’s not blinking very much.


This usually occurred when he had come to some conclusion within himself.

On the other hand, he blinked a lot when he felt frantic over not having anything to go on. And so, judging from his gestures and facial expressions, she felt that he was still confident. That was Tiararose’s conclusion.


But what was he thinking about?


“Prince Aqua. Is there anything that I can do? Maybe I can help you.”

“Thank you, Tiara. But, right now… No, I am fine.”



After hearing him speak in this way, she became sure that he knew something related to this town square. ‘Right now.’ He seemed to believe that something would happen later.


–Something he can’t tell Elliot or even me?


Or was it related to the Japanese words that were written here? She didn’t know, and different thoughts swirled in her head.


Elliot finished writing everything down, and so they made their way back to the castle. But Tiararose still felt uncomfortable about it all. At the same time, she couldn’t stop thinking about the words written in Japanese.

The reason that Aquasteed was worried and seemed stuck. Maybe it was because he knew that those were words but he couldn’t read them.

If that was the case, she knew what she had to do…



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