86 Part 3


She had to rush to beat the time limit.


A door finally emerged into their view after running frantically and almost out of breath. For sure this time, Tiararose was hoping the door would lead to the Prayer Room. She opened the door with a great expectation.


“Huff, huff … this is the Prayer Room … huh, Miss Akari?!”

“Miss Tiara! And Lady Pearl as well!!”


They seemed to have made a roundabout trip back to the original room, where the pedestal was placed. Slumping in disappointment, Tiararose was stricken by the despair that there wouldn’t be enough time.

Akari displayed the complete opposite reaction by raising her excitement, seeing Pearl, the Queen of the Sea fairies sudden appearance.


Akari tilted her head at the sight of Tiararose’s state, and asked, “What happened?”


“… I had to find the Prayer Room, but somehow I end up where I started.”

“Prayer Room …, is it the space created by the power of the Sacred Prayer?”

“Huh? Oh, that’s right, that’s it …!!”


     — How could I forget?


Prayer Room is the space manipulation magic that was used by the heroine. Tiararose had used this magic in the game many times, an orthodox magic in the game known as “the ring of Lapis Lazuli.”

It was such a debacle for that to slip her mind.


However, the only one who could utilize that magic was the game heroine.

In other words –- Akari and Aishira were the only two people who could utilize that.


     — Well, does this mean that from the beginning, this event could only be cleared by using the magic that a villainous daughter like me couldn’t use?

Despite having come this far, the full realization of how powerless she had been, overwhelmed Tiararose.

In frustration, Pearl squeezed her fist and blurted “Do it fast!” Her voice echoed throughout the room.


“That person Akari could create the Prayer Room, right? If that’s the case, hurry up and pray right there.”

“Eh, but ….”


Tiararose was speculating whether it would work for the Prayer Room to be created by someone else’s power — but Akari was already starting to use her magic, allowing no time to speculate.

The atmosphere of the Prayer Room that Akari created was so serene. It felt so easy to breathe and made the body feel as light as a feather.


The created Prayer Room was coincidentally located where the pedestal was.

It was similar to when Tiararose took an oath at the beginning of the match. She could clasp her hands on the pedestal and pray away.


All she needed to do was to combine all the kings’ rings of the Forest, Sky, and Sea fairies.


Slowly, Tiararose wrapped the three rings with her magical power. The blazing power would cause a scald had it been someone other than Tiararose that touched it.

While praying, she took off the ring from her finger and held all three rings in her palm. She then placed that hand on her forehead and prayed for peace to be bestowed upon the rings and Marineforest.


About five minutes elapsed since she started praying with the rings wrapped in her magical power.

A faint light was emitted from Tiararose’s body. In her hand was only one ring. The three rings had been unified successfully.


There was hardly one minute left before the time limit expired.


The platinum ring that appeared in her hand was engraved with Tiararose’s flower. The three rings had been unified into one that could control the power of the king of the Starry Sky.

In this effort, Tiarasose had exhausted almost all of her magical power. However, her exhaustion was well worth the result that Aquasteed and the others would be able to control the enormous power of the Starry Sky.


“It’s a beautiful ring, isn’t it?”

“Miss Akari … thank you very much.”

“Hmmh, you did pretty well!”

“Thank you very much, Lady Pearl.”


While the three of them were appreciating the unified ring, the atmosphere shook and transferred back Aquasteed and the others back into the crystal room.

The taking of the fairy king’s encampments had concluded.


“Prince Aqua, Your Highness Pheles, Lord Keith and Lord Crail!”

“I’m glad Tiara is safe as well.”


Aquasteed seemed to be smiling happily, but his expression was a bit more painful than usual. He might not be accustomed to the increase in territory and power of the king of the Starry Sky that manifested in more magical power.


“So, please tell me what Tiara has been doing –-.”

“Aquasteed, isn’t there something you need to do before that?”

“Your Highness Pheles … indeed.”


Pheles gave Aquasteed a sarcastic smile for trying to prioritize Tiararose over everything else.

Pheles scanned the room and said, “Thank goodness,” when seeing Pearl’s presence.


“You are the Queen of the Sea fairies, are you not? I’m Pheles, it is my pleasure to be able to meet you like this.”

“I’m Pearl, the third generation Queen of the Sea fairies. I’m honored to have met the first king of this country.”


The two people, who had just met for the first time, exchanged greetings. Swiftly, the magic square on the floor started to glow faintly. It was the light of the blessing that Aquasteed and the others had earned during the taking of the encampments.

The light gathered on the pedestal and transformed into a crown.


The crown was made by crystals with plant ornaments similar to that on the pedestal, and the design was accented by corals. The top part, where it became gradually transparent, appeared as if it were the sky.


“This is the king of the Starry Sky’s crown. Come, Tiararose.”

“… Yes.”


Tiararose, who took the oath at the beginning of the event, was to give the victor this crown.

She hadn’t heard who the victor was, but she believed from the beginning who that would be. There was no mistaking it; it would be the person who loved this country dearly and swore to win to become the king.


As Tiararose took the crown in her hands, Keith and Crail moved aside to make way for her.

The person standing in the middle was Aquasteed.

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