87 Part 1


  1. The Star Festival of the Fairies

After proving his power, Aquasteed was recognized as the King of the Starry Sky.

When Tiararose placed the crown upon Aquasteed’s head, the generational change for the King of the Starry Sky would be complete. However, Aquasteed delayed it for a moment.


“First of all, I have something to tell you, Tiara. It’s an important issue I heard from His Highness, Pheles.”

“… Yes.”


Tiararose adjusted her posture in response to Aquasteed’s intense expression. She could feel her heart beating harder, wondering about what he was going to tell her.


     — Could it possibly be because of the event I forcibly caused?

She anxiously awaited what would befall upon her after causing such malady.

However, the issue Aquasteed was trying to convey had nothing to do with Tiararose’s actions.


“When I become the king of the Starry Sky, His Highness Pheles would no longer be king. … Do you realize that?”


Tiararose nodded in response to Aquasteed’s quiet voice.


“Meaning, there’s a possibility that His Highness Pheles and Lady Liliarge would die. Of course, I have no idea what would truly happen if I had become king. This is only a speculation.”

“… No way, the two of them would?”


She gasped upon hearing the matter.

Pheles and Liliarge had been living for such a long time only because they were under the influence of the Starry Sky’s power. That went against the very notion of being human, and the effect of the disappearing power was unknown.


“It’s not for Tiara to worry about. I have considered it and decided to become king.”

“Prince Aqua … but I ….”


     — I want everyone to be happy.

Would it help if she could say that? Because the three rings had been successfully unified, it was possible to stabilize the king of the Starry Sky’s power.

However, she couldn’t nonchalantly blurt out that everything would be all right at that point. It would be ignorant of her to say something so thoughtless since the future state of the ring was still unknown.


Pheles smiled gently at Tiararose who was discouraged with the issue.


“It’s all right. This isn’t something for you to worry about. We have lived for far too long.”

“Your Highness Pheles ….”

“… Tiararose, what is that ring?”


Calmly, he handed the crown to Aquasteed. Pheles asked Tiararose while admiring the unfamiliar ring on her finger.

At the same time, he also realized that the three fairy rings Tiararose had earlier were no longer in her possession.


“I didn’t expect you to possess that kind of power, Tiararose.”

“What …?”

“It’s a very beautiful ring. But the ring seems to have some space remaining to receive more magical power.”

“You knew that from just one glance?”


Pheles immediately realized that Tiararose had unified all the fairy rings, just by looking at it. He could also tell the state in which the ring was in.

While laughing happily, he said, “That’s the Tiararose I know.”


“Did you create this ring in hopes that it would save both Lilia and I? … For that thought alone, I shall reciprocate a little.”


Pheles whispered something in Tiararose’s ear.

Hearing his words, she became wide-eyed in astonishment. The existence of such a possibility had never crossed her mind.


She thanked Pheles for the information and etched it into her memory so she wouldn’t forget.


“I’ll try my best. I definitely won’t fail.

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it …. Well, it’s time for the coronation.”


After the conversation between the two of them finished, everyone’s gaze turned back to Aquasteed.

After Tiararose picked up the crystal crown, Aquasteed knelt and closed his golden-colored eyes.


     — I never would’ve thought that being born as a villainous daughter would bear such an important role.


A role to crown someone to become king was certainly not befitting of a villainous daughter. Had Akari been absent, she wouldn’t be able to prepare for the unification of the rings.

She might be a villainous daughter who was powerless all by herself, but she had many friends who would support her in a heartbeat. Those were comforting thoughts that let her see and rediscover the warmth of this world.


The crystal room was enclosed in quietness, creating a ceremonious atmosphere.


“Aquasteed Marineforest. May the blessings of Marineforest fairies be with you in ruling this land as the king of the Starry Sky.”

“I shall do my best to fulfill my duties, to live up to their blessings.”


Tiararose gently placed the crystal crown upon Aquasteed’s head.

Then the fairies appeared from nowhere and said, “Congratulations!” Soon after, Pheles and the others were applauding in celebration of the newly born king of the Starry Sky.


“Congratulations, Prince Aqua. I shall always be by your side continuing to devote myself to and support you.”

“Having you by my side would have been enough, Tiara. To receive your devotion and support makes me feel invincible.”

“Gee, Prince Aqua ….”


Both smiled at each other upon hearing those passionate words.


“Congratulations, Prince Aqua! As expected of the main character prince —. You are amazing.”

“Yes, thank you. Miss Akari, thank you for coming all the way out here from Lapis Lazuli.”

“I’m Miss Tiara’s best friend, after all.”


There’s nothing more delightful like the holy prayer of the heroine be useful, Akari smiled.


“Congratulations, King of the Starry Sky.”

“I expected nothing less from the human I blessed.”


Crail and Pearl who were standing next to each other conveyed their blessings to Aquasteed.


“Lord Crail, Lady Pearl … thank you very much. Lady Pearl, how is your condition?”

“I received plenty of magical power from Tiararose, so no problem at all.”


Pearl opened the folding fan and covered her mouth. She was covering her bashfulness, but Crail realized it and gave her a gentle smile while looking at her.

Keith, who had been watching from the background, finally came forward. He crossed his arms and let out a sigh.


“My goodness, I thought I really would’ve won the match.”

“Is Lord Keith —.”

“That’s unnecessary.”



Keith interrupted Aquasteed with a sullen face.


“Just call me Keith.”

“But that’s …!”

“Are you trying to make me repeat myself?”

“… No. Thank you, Keith.”


Keith, the king of the Forest fairies who had only bestowed his blessing to Tiararose, had finally acknowledged Aquasteed and gave him a blessing. Keith also let Aquasteed address him by name.

Aquasteed received Keith’s blessing, as the warmth flowed in.



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