87 Part 2

Keith rested his hand on Aquasteed’s shoulder while declaring with a deep voice.


“Let me warn you, I won’t accept if you make Tiara cry.”

“Of course.”



Keith laughed in satisfaction upon hearing Aquasteed’s answer.

Seeing the two of them had taken a good step forward in their friendship, Tiararose realized that it was somewhat impolite of her to assume they wouldn’t since they had never seen eye to eye in the past.




     — They would be the strongest allies if the two could team-up.

Crail and Pearl were giving logistical support, the ones who clashed in the match were Aquasteed and Keith. If only there were members like him, no enemies would stand a chance.


While lost in thought, Tiararose’s gaze met Aquasteed’s, and he smiled at her.


“Well, as the King of the Starry Sky, shall we have you do your first duty?”


“I believe you’ve seen it together with Tiara in the past. It’s the announcement for starting the Star Festival of the fairies.”


When the king of the Starry Sky was around, the king would let the stars rain, Aquasteed explained.

At the same time, what Pheles mentioned earlier would also have something to do with this festival. Tiararose nodded strongly because she loved the Star Festival of the fairies.


During the year when the king of the Starry Sky was replaced, he and the kings of the fairies announced the starting of the festival. Since then, it has become a tradition for the king of the Starry Sky to always announce it.

In the absence of the king of the Starry Sky, the fairies would call upon the tiny stars based on their judgment and start the festival. Up until then, the fairies had been working hard in Pheles’ place to announce the starting of the festival, because he had not been able to do so.


“In that case, shall we witness it from here?”



Pheles assumed his position as an observer, followed by Akari.

Since there was nothing Tiararose could help with, she went to where Pheles and Akari stood. She lined up with them, while attentively watching Aquasteed and the others.


Aquasteed, Keith, Crail, and Pearl, the four of them gathered around the pedestal.

Each of them rested their hands on the pedestal and concentrated on their power to call upon the stars.


Recollecting the time when she was still in the kingdom of Lapis Lazuli, Tiararose felt nostalgic.

During the night, when she was in her room, Aquasteed visited her. He came to fetch and show her the Star Festival of the fairies.


“With the power of the King of the Starry Sky, I hereby announce the starting of the Star Festival of the fairies.”

“From the King of the Forest fairies, a blessing of clear air.”

“From the King of the Sky fairies, a prayer where you can see the stars as high up as the eye can see.”

“From the Queen of the Sea fairies, a still water surface for the stars to shine upon even brighter.”


Receiving the strong power of the voices, the crystal pedestal glowed.

The light focused into a streak, penetrated the ceiling, and rapidly ascended high into the sky of Marineforest. Eventually, it reached the peak of the sky and burst into a shower of stars that rained incessantly to the ground.

The ceiling of the crystal room became more transparent and projected the night sky of Marineforest, displaying the sight for Tiararose and the others to appreciate.


The stars were shining ever so brightly and exhibiting more power than the original festival that was started by the kings of the fairies of the Starry Sky.


“… It had bloomed.”



Pheles’ voice reached Tiararose’s ear unexpectedly, who was gazing at the night sky through the ceiling.

She traced Pheles’ line of sight wondering what had bloomed. Intently observing the crystal pedestal, Tiararose discovered a flower had bloomed, where the announcement for starting the festival was being performed.

The flower was as if made of crystal with a very high degree of transparency.


While she puzzled by the flower, Pheles started to explain.


“That flower is a flower of illusion that only blooms when a new king of the Starry Sky is born. And … it’s the miracle flower that can cure Lilia’s disease.”


“Oh, is it such an amazing flower?!”


Tiararose gasped, while Akari became very excited thinking it was a super rare item.


“I see, Prince Aqua can use that flower to ….”

“Yes. It had been his intention to help all along. But, there’s a possibility that Lilia and I would die, so he was deeply concerned.”


The king who was still bedridden due to illness can finally be saved.

Tiararose took comfort in such a fact but realized that it was still too early to feel relieved. From then on, she had to give it her all one more time to save both Pheles and Liliarge.


Tiararose picked the flower that bloomed after the birth of a new king, then returned to the surface with the others.




◇ ◇ ◇



Upon returning to the surface, the bright circle in the sky had disappeared. Instead, countless stars were raining down incessantly.

Even though it was time for sunrise, the stars were shining ever so brightly, competing with the sun. No, it would be more precise to say the stars were dancing in concert with the sunrise.


People who knew about the starting of the Star Festival were gathering around the public square.


“Wow, look at all the stars! There are twice as many as usual …. and don’t they look even more brilliant than before?”

“This is the most magnificent Star Festival I have ever seen.”

“Perhaps something good would happen this year.”


Aquasteed felt content since all the comments he heard were those of happiness.



“Prince Aqua … it’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I’m very happy enjoying the Star Festival while being held in your arms like this.”


She cuddled close to Aquasteed who came to her side while gazing at the sky.


“But the glowing circle that was there all along had gone. Doesn’t it feel a little lonely somehow? What was that circle anyway?”

“Oh … if you’re talking about that circle, it’s here.”



Aquasteed pointed at the crown he was wearing.


“Is that the true identity of the circle?”

“Yeah. That ring was requesting a new king.”

“I see, so it was a demand for a new king.”


She spontaneously laughed upon hearing the fact.

The crystal crown on Aquasteed’s head was very beautiful and eye-catching because it reflected the sparkles of the stars. The people around noticed it as well and were looking appraisingly at Aquasteed.


“As expected this is very eye-catching, huh …?”

“It’s a crystal crown, after all. Moreover, I think because Keith and the others are here too, making us even more eye-catching.”


While wearing the crystal crown, the crowned prince of this kingdom and the main characters of the sequel were lining up there. A group of beautiful people was an eye-catching picture after all.


Aquasteed took the crown off, handed it to Tiararose, and said, “Please take it.”


“Huh, isn’t it a bit disrespectful …?”

“This is how you deactivate it.”


The crown disappeared as soon as it rested in Tiararose’s hands.


“Huh?! It disappeared?! W-what did I do …?!”

“No, no, you didn’t do anything, Tiara. The crown is right here.”


Aquasteed pointed at the ring she received from him earlier, the king of the Starry Sky’s ring. The crystal crown was added into the ring in the form of a silhouette line.

She was very surprised because of the unexpected ability for it to fuse with the ring. At the same time, she was relieved knowing the crown was safe.


“Well, shall we return to the castle?”



While holding hands, Tiararose and Aquasteed returned to the royal castle together with the others.


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