88 Part 1

  1. Ringof the Villainess


After returning to the royal castle, they went to visit the King… but before that, Tiararose bore the brunt of Philiane’s lightning.


“Lady Tiararose!! Please give me a notice before you head out for some matter. I was very, very worried…”

“I’m sorry, Philiane.”

“…Am I not suited to be by Lady Tiararose’s side?”


Philiane said it in a tone where she was asking to be fired if she’s not needed, and Tiararose hurriedly shook her head. They spent their lives like sisters since a young age. She trusts Philiane more than anyone else.

Gripping onto Philiane’s hand tightly, she apologized from the depth of her heart.


“I couldn’t tell it to anyone. Of course, that includes Sir Aqua. I’m sorry for worrying you, Philiane. And I love you, Philiane, the person who tells me off like this.”

“Lady Tiararose…”


The two of them hugged each other tightly and after which, Tiararose explained to Philiane about what happened. She let out a smile without realizing, at Philiane’s panicked look.


“Eh, something like that happened!? I will immediately prepare for the visit of the King…”

“No, this is fine.”

“I got it. If that’s what Highness Aquasteed desires.”


While Tiararose was talking to Philiane, Elliot made the preparations so that they can meet the King.

Since they don’t have the time to change their outfits, they received prior permission for their current attires. Akari was still in her horse-riding outfit.


Tiararose requested for Philiane’s help in preparing both Akari and her dresses so that they can change into it after their visit to the King, and they left for the audience with the King.



The group of four which consists of Tiararose, Aquasteed, Pheles, and Akari, and Liliarge who just joined them earlier, headed in the direction of the King.

Keith and the others said that they were going to make arrangements in their newly obtained territory, and left.


It was still early in the morning and there was only the King himself in the room. If it was later in the day, he will be accompanied by Queen Lavina.

A maid was instructed to deliver a message to Lavina to come here quickly so her presence was probably important here right now.


“Aquasteed, and…”


King Sotiris Marineforest, who was informed of the emergency early in the morning, received the visit of his son with a pretty iffy dress code. He looked at everyone who gathered and wondered what was going on.


It’s fine if it was just his son and daughter-in-law.

However, Akari, the wife of Lapis Lazuli’s Prince Hartnight and also the wielder of the scared power, was there too. All the first founders of this country have gathered as well.

There was probably no one who would think that nothing has happened after looking at them.

Furthermore, Aquasteed has instructed someone to call on Lavina immediately, and this signifies something.


After Sotiris lifted his upper body from the bed, Tiararose gave a ladylike greeting.


“Good morning, King. I’m terribly sorry for appearing in front of you in this outfit.”

“No, I don’t mind. You probably came here because someone happened, no? I’m the one sorry for my appearance when Lady Akari too has come from far lands to visit me.”


Sotiris shook his head to express that he’s fine with it. Rather, he apologized to Akari, the guest, for his sleepy appearance. Akari, of course, did not mind that at all.


“It is fine, King. I am the one who came here without official notice because I’m worried about Lady Tiara.”


Akari said that radiantly but she’s probably 90% curious and only 10% worried about Tiararose.

While having such conversations, Lavina arrived in a hasty manner. Her hair was not tied up and her dress was simple too. She probably rushed over here, in accordance with Aquasteed’s words.

After looking at the people who have gathered, she immediately told her maids to retreat.


“What on earth happened?! There are so many people gathered here early in the morning…”

“Mother. I have obtained everyone’s cooperation and managed to acquire the medicine to cure Father’s disease.”

“Is that true!?”


After hearing Aquasteed’s words, Lavina raised her voice. She immediately noticed that her own action was not proper and tried to control her breathing.


“I apologize for losing my composure. …What is that medicine that you speak of?”

“It’s this.”

“Wow, beautiful…”


Aquasteed took out a petal of crystal flower. With just this, Sotiris’ disease can be cured. The remaining flower will be carefully stored in the castle.


This flower blooms with blessings. For that reason, the magical power will be condensed into a small droplet after coming contact with the blessings gathered within the crystal. It produces a miraculous medicine that can cure all sorts of diseases.

Sotiris and Lavina both wondered how he managed to acquire it. However, both Aquasteed and Tiararose, one a rare possessor of the sacred power, and the other blessed by the Fairy King, were around.

Thus, it is no longer strange for a miracle to occur.


“Mother, please put into this your magical power. By doing that, it will condense into a droplet, so please let Father drink that.”

“I got it.”


Lavina was entrusted with this task as Tiararose and the other’s magical powers were a magnitude higher than that of the average human being. There was a chance that it might affect Sotiris in some way so they left it to Lavina.

Lavina immediately took the crystal petal and dripped the droplet into Sotiris mouth. After that, a warm light flooded the room and it was soon clear that Sotiris face has regained its healthy red complexion.


“Ah, ah… Sotiris. I’m glad- I’m glad…”

“Don’t cry like that, Lavina.”


Lavina was so overwhelmed with happiness by his recovery that she cried; Sotiris gently comforted her by stroking her. It’s a good thing that they are like this, but it seems like Tiararose and the others are being in their way right now.

There’s no problem since his disease has been cured of, so they silently left the room without any farewells, leaving the two behind.



“Aren’t you glad? The King has become well again!”

“Yes. Lady Akari has helped me a lot, thank you very much.”


After changing their outfits and having calmed down, Philiane has prepared for black tea and sweets. With this, everything has been settled! She can finally let her hair down- or so she thought, it was still a little too early.

Akari was lazing around as she sunk herself into the sofa, but Tiararose told her that there’s one important thing left that they have to do.


“The matter with Highness Pheles and Lady Liliarge has yet to be settled.”

“Speaking of which, you did say that they might die after Sir Aqua has become the King.”


Right now, there were only Tiararose and Akari, the two of them.

Aquasteed went to look through the documents that require immediate attention, Pheles and Liliarge went to the Star Festival of the fairies.

They were still energetic, but who knows what was waiting ahead of them.


“It is not like I can decide on their happiness, but I want them to live.”

“I also agree with that but do you have any clue on how to do that?”

“…I do. I received a hint from Highness Pheles.”


She thought about the time when he secretly whispered to her.


“I am thinking of making a ring too.”

“Eh, Lady Tiara would!? That would be the villainess ring, right? Somehow it might be cool!”

“I will put in my own power into the ring too. By doing so, I will be able to create a ring which contains the Fairy King power too.”

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