88 Part 2


After listening to Tiararose, Akari excitedly said ‘Sounds invincible!’

‘However, if that’s the case, you would need a place to make the ring?’ Akari tilted her head. Akari tapped onto her chest and said that she could leave it to her if she needs any help.


“Thank you, Lady Akari. However, this time round, I’d be fine alone. I can make it once night has come. I will take some nap now, alright?”

“Is that so? In that case it’d be bad if I disturb you… I guess I will hang out with Lady Olivia.”

“I’m sure Lady Olivia will be happy about that.”


I feel bad for taking a nap while Aquasteed is busy with his work, but I cannot be in an exhausted state when in the middle of some important stuff.

Tiararose bade farewell with Akari and went to sleep for now.



By borrowing the power of falling stars in the sky, Tiararose can make a ring.


Tiararose was informed of that fact by Pheles, and she went to the roof of the castle right before midnight. The Star Festival of the fairies was still ongoing, and it was very bright due to the stars that were continuously falling from the sky.

The rooftop, where Tiararose went to, was a place where entry is only allowed to those who received the permission from the royal family. For that reason, she was able to enjoy the luxury of having the entire starry sky to herself, with no one around.


“The night breeze feels really good…”


She felt like sleeping right then and there, but of course that would be inappropriate.


“Well then, let’s make the ring!”


Tiararose still have the platinum of the Fairy King ring.

By using this, she will be able to control the powers of King of the Starry Sky, but she’s not contented with this. Even if she managed to control it, there will be no meaning if Pheles and the others end up dying.


She wished for the happiness of everyone.

At first, they were just her favorite game characters, but she now sincerely likes them as actual people.

“I will put in my hope of a happy life into this ring.”


In other words, she meant a happy ending.


“The falling stars from the sky, please receive this platinum that will become the base…”


She put the ring on top of her palm and lifted it high up into the sky. By doing this, the power of the Fairy King will be able gather the stars.

She wondered what will happen, and the star falling from the sky started to change its direction suddenly and headed towards Tiararose.




The impact far exceeds her imagination and she closed her eyes shut and turned her face away instinctively. The large star was falling right into her face and of course it is not easy to face that upfront directly.

‘Wouldn’t it hit me!?’ Her fears were revealed by her cold sweats but they were unnecessary.

The falling star has shrunk when it came right in front of Tiararose, it was then gently absorbed into the platinum.


-That scared me.




Without thinking, her legs gave way and she collapsed onto the ground.

However, the platinum in Tiararose’s hand has obtained an even more radiant shine. It seems like she managed to achieve that power of the Star and completed the basic part in the making of the ring.


After that, it will be completed once Tiararose puts into it her own magical power.

She still remembers the vow that is required in making the ring, so that would not be a problem. She repeated the same thing Aquasteed has said when he made the ring.


“O stars that watch the lands of Marineforest. I, Tiararose Lapis Marineforest, hereby make this vow. Even if the land that holds this kingdom should fall with the stars, the shine of this ring shall never fade…”


After which, the white-gold ring turned into honey-pink. It was the same color as Tiararose’s hair with a luster shine.


“Hah. Amazing, I really made my own ring.”


She was moved by it.

After staring at the ring for a while, the door linking the rooftop and room made some noise, and it opened wide. Coming from the door was Aquasteed whose breath was slightly unsteady. It was apparent that he rushed his way here.



“Sir Aqua?”

“Why are you so nonchalant…?”



Tiararose tilted her head at the sight of Aquasteed’s frightened look.


“Did anything happen? Or rather, Sir Aqua, weren’t you catching up on sleep?”

“I rested for about one hour so that’s fine. …There’s a huge commotion down there about the star which has crashed into the castle.”



She jumped back into surprise at Aquasteed’s words.

It was true that was quite impactful. From afar, it might look like a meteor has just collided into the castle! It cannot be helped that would be in the minds of everyone.


“I’m sorry, Sir Aqua. Everything’s fine.”

“It does seem so.”


After being relieved, Aquasteed sat down beside Tiararose and asked her ‘What are you doing here?’

After that, he turned his sight to the honey-pink… villainess ring in Tiararose’s hand.


“Um, I want to present this ring to Sir Aqua.”

“To me?”

“That’s right. I put in the wish of happiness into this ring.”


With a shy smile, Tiararose explained about what happened from the beginning.


About why she brought out Aquasteed’s ring of the Sky Fairy King, and how this ring was made and what kind of effect it contains.


“This ring has the ability to control and stabilize the power of the starry sky. Also, by putting my own power into it, it can build relationships between precious people and its owner.”




The villainess ring, which Tiararose made, was a ring that builds relationships between its owner and people who are important to its owner.

For that reason, through the villainess ring, Pheles and Liliarge’s power will somehow be controlled.

In other words, Pheles and Liliarge will be granted the happiness by Aquasteed, the King of the Starry Sky, through the ring.


“I see, in that case, Highness Pheles and Lady Liliarge will not need to die because of the change in generation.”

“Yes. They will become Sir Aqua’s underlings… or rather something similar like that.”

“Thank you, Tiara. You will put it on me, won’t you?”


Looking at Aquasteed who put out his left hand, I of course, nodded.

Since forever, I thought that it was lonely that only I have a ring on my left ring finger. I always had the dream that we will one day put on rings onto each other, like marriage rings.


-This is like a second marriage ceremony.


Stars fell from above as though they were trying to congratulate us.

It was a totally different situation from the time we witnessed it when we have yet to be officially engaged. However, my heart could not stop throbbing loudly as though it has reached its maximum speed.


She put on the ring onto Aquasteed’s ring finger and gently rubbed his hand. It was a much broader compared to Tiararose’s hand, and it was the hand that has always gently protected her.



“Sir Aqua… hn”


Having been kissed gently, she closed her eyes and accepted it.

They kissed repeatedly and Aquasteed hugged Tiararose with her sitting on top of his knee.

They deepened their kiss further in this position and Tiararose was in bliss.



“…Ha, nn.”

“Nn… Now that we have both put on rings for each other, it feels like we own each other and that feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Sir Aqua, how cheeky of you to have such thoughts”


However, Tiararose also thought of that too.

Aquasteed looked at his own left ring finger and gave a satisfied smile.


“Tiara’s ring which was made for my sake”

“It makes me extremely embarrassed if you say it again like that…”

“The shy Tiara is also cute”

“Stop it, nn…”


After saying that, Aquasteed once again kissed Tiararose gently- under the sky of falling stars.

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