89 Part 1

  1. The Coronation

Right after the end of the Star Festival of the fairies, the civilians received a notification from the country.

The news was sudden but everyone took it with acceptance, and buzzed with great excitement with joy for the birth of the new Marineforest.


The news was of Aquasteed Marineforest’s king enthronement.


“Haa, everything is progressing so quickly that I cannot catch up!”


Olivia raised her voice in the tearoom that Tiararose has specially designated for tea talks.

The fact that she managed to reincarnate in her favorite game was a great blessing enough, but to actually witness her favorite character’s enthronement, it no doubt made her so happy that she exceeded her climax.


Right now, in this room, there were Tiararose and Akari.

The weather has transited into autumn, and Marineforest’s forests looked extremely breathtaking with the color of autumn leaves.

Aquasteed’s enthronement was decided, and she came here from Lapis Lazuli for the coronation. Hartnight and Sirius also came, but they were having discussions with Aquasteed and the others in another room.


“Well~ I was wondering what was going to happen next at first, but it seems like everything turned out fine in the end!”

“Lady Akari, you are too much at ease…”


Akari, who was eating cookies and laughing simultaneously, was relaxing as everything has settled down.


“However, after the coronation, I have to leave for Lapis Lazuli. It’s so lonely, too lonely, that the two of us cannot meet each other anymore!”

“Well, that’s because we are part of the royal families from different countries.”

“That’s right. I cannot freely come over to meet you, it is tough being part of the royal family.”


‘What are you talking about? You were the one who came rushing here on a horse’ Tiararose thought with a wry smile.

Looking at the two of them, Olivia nodded her head energetically to show her agreement. There are many, many places in Marineforest and Lapis Lazuli that she wants to visit. ‘Of course the second son of the Count is the best’ Olivia nodded her head again.


“Lady Olivia’s ideal is too low~! Shall we strategize and capture his character? ”

“If I’d that, I will die of nosebleed!”


Akari said it with laughter but Olivia shook her head repeatedly.

There will be a fun future waiting ahead with the decision to strategize for the capture of his character, but Olivia finds it too high a hurdle to overcome. The character that one aims to capture is implied to be the love of the one who is doing the capturing.


She took a glance at the time, and it is soon the time for Aquasteed’s coronation.

Tiararose stood up and called out to the two.


“Shall we go soon?”

“Yes, I have to imprint the sight of Sir Aquasteed deep into my mind. I have requested Levy to do a sketch of him.”

“I want that too!!”

“Me too!!”


At Olivia’s words, Akari raised her hands with impetus. Of course, Tiararose did not lose out to her, and also raised her hand. No one cared to remark about how Levy can also draw.

That butler is too much of a talented person, and can probably fulfill any of Olivia’s requests even if they are difficult.



The coronation is about to start soon.

In the preparation room were the three of them – Aquasteed, Sotiris and Lavina. Looking at how his son seems nervous, Sotiris called out to him.


“I’m sorry that the enthronement came so out of the sudden, Aquasteed.”



Sotiris has always been thinking of what is best for the Marineforest. However, after hearing about the earlier incident, he has decided to abdicate the throne.

Sotiris had been thinking that there are way too many mysterious things that kept occurring in Aquasteed’s surroundings.

The interaction with the first generation king, who they are not even supposed to meet, the blessings from all the fairy kings. And, above all, the existence of the mysterious flower which cured Sotiris of his disease-


No matter what, these do not seem to be achievable for a normal person.

And that thought has always, always been in the mind of Sotiris. However, he cannot possibly let the young Aquasteed be the king, and he has been judging about the right time by looking at the reactions of the civilians, fairies and other countries.


“I have always thought that you are the person who is fit to the King. And, it seems like my judgment was right.”

“I’m still inexperienced. …Still, to have such opinions of yours, I will do my best to be a great king who will not bring shame to the fairy kings who blessed me,”


It seems like his nervousness has loosened up a bit.

Aquasteed’s face became a little calmer and he could even smile.


Standing up from the chair he was sitting on, Aquasteed looked at the time and said ‘It’s time, right?’


“Yes. My son has become this wonderful and that makes me proud.”

“Thank you. Ah, that’s right. I am thinking of inviting Mother to have tea with Tiara, but I was so occupied by so many emergencies that I could not take the time to do so, that was so frustrating.”

“That sort of thing can be done anytime.”


As long as Tiararose is around, it seems like things will go in the right way so… Aquasteed showed a smile.

Lavina also thought of the time when Sotiris was lying down in sickness. With such an accomplished son, he gives others courage just by being the best version of himself.


A knock echoed through the room, and there was a voice coming from the other side of the door, prompting them as it was time. When they entered the room, Elliot revealed his nervous face.

It seems that rather than Aquasteed, the main character, Elliot who was beside him, was more nervous than him. Looking at that, he laughed uncontrollably.


“What am I going to do when you are the one getting nervous?”

“No no, there is nobody who won’t be nervous in this position… probably except for Sir Aquasteed.”


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