89 Part 2

Elliot said that and looked as though his stomach has started aching. Sotiris and Lavina burst out in laughter along with Aquasteed too.


The setting sun has stained the streets of Marineforest orange.

Today, there are many various fairies out in the streets. That’s because it is the important day where the King of the Starry Sky, who wields the power of themselves, will also be enthroned as Marineforest’s king.


It could be the first time since the founding of Marineforest that humans and fairies were this close together.


Aquasteed’s coronation will be held at the plaza where the previous speech was delivered. Huge constructions were undergone to make sure that the coronation will take place without any hitches.

To ensure Aquasteed can be seen more clearly, a crimson-red carpet was laid out on the balcony and stairs as a stage. At the side, Aquasteed’s crown was prepared.


“Sir Aquasteed Marineforest is taking his entry now!”


After being told that, the civilians cheered so loudly that the entire place vibrated. Everyone said words of congratulations and tried to have a clear look of Aquasteed.


Aquasteed entered from the entrance near the bottom of the stairs and slowly climbed up the stage.

He straightened his back and pulled his chin in, and his beautiful golden eyes gazed straight ahead without wavering. His official costume was in the base color of white with golden and dark-blue stitches, it made Aquasteed look even more outstanding than ever.

It is the epitome of what a king should be.


Aquasteed walked up the stairs and kneeled down.


“Aquasteed Marineforest. Make this country, which will be built up in your hands, happy.”


After being told that, the crown was placed on top of Aquasteed’s head.

At that moment, loud applauses surrounded Marineforest. Mixed in the overflowing applauses were cheers of “Long live, King Aquasteed!” and repeated chants of “Aquasteed”.


Aquasteed waved his hands at the civilians and revealed a smile.


“I’m so glad for Sir Aqua.”

“It was all thanks to the hard work of Tiararose, wasn’t it?”

“It was all thanks to Highness Pheles and Lady Lilia’s help.”


Sitting on the seat that was prepared, Tiararose was looking at the coronation with Pheles and Lilia. It was Aquasteed’s request to have them prepare a seat for Pheles on the royal family side.

Other nobles or royal family members of other countries might not know who he is, and they do not plan to reveal Pheles’ existence in the future. They will probably think of him as an important friend of Aquasteed and Tiararose.


“Ha, I’m touched. It is a wonderful coronation, Pheles and Tiara.”

“The sight of fairies scattering flowers from the skies is very beautiful too.”


Liliarge was wrapped around by Pheles’ arm and tears started dripping on top of his knees. It was the coronation of Aquasteed who was like her son, so she cannot help but watch it with tears.

Pheles wiped that away with handkerchief but it seems like no amount of handkerchiefs will be enough so he smiled wryly.



There were seats for the guests – all of the fairy kings who gathered and many royal family members from various countries who were invited.

Such a grand and splendid coronation must be the first in history. –No, there is probably the first time since the first generation since there was a king who was blessed by all of the fairy kings.


Aquasteed’s coronation will probably be a story that will be talked about for eternity-



The coronation ended without issues and there was a dinner party with guests from various countries at night.

The friendly ties with Lapis Lazuli kingdom has existed since some time ago, and there were active talks about school exchanges in the future with the hopes of furthering the development of Marineforest.


And the person who plays the main role in that returned to his room with an exhausted look.

He quickly took a bath and slipped onto his sleeping wears. Tiararose was reading on the bed so Aquasteed headed towards her.


“Welcome back, Sir Aqua.”

“I’m back.”


She patted Aquasteed’s slightly wet hair with a towel, and cautioned him with the advice ‘you will catch a cold like this’.

He really wanted to be spoiled by Tiararose in this manner… of course he could not say that aloud. Aquasteed thought that he always has to be cool in front of his own wife.


After wiping his beautiful hair, Tiararose took several deep breaths and corrected her posture.

Her actions indicate that something has happened, and Aquasteed felt a little unnerved by it. However, it seems like his worries were unfounded.


“Congratulations on your enthronement… Aqua”

“Thank you, Tiara. I really love it when you call me like that.”


She was just preparing herself to call Aquasteed’s name without the honorific “Sir”, something which she is not used to yet.

Her actions were too lovable to Aquasteed that he could not help but pull to hug her. With the force, they fell over with Tiararose on top of Aquasteed.


“Kya! It’s dangerous if you pull me towards you like this suddenly!”

“It’s fine, I will train you to get used to it.”

“Tsk, Aqua…”


Aquasteed gently shifted his lips downwards from her forehead, eyes and then cheeks.


“Umm… It was embarrassing but I like calling you ‘Aqua’. When I call you ‘Aqua’ even though you are the king… it makes me feel like you are mine alone, and that makes me happy.”




Looking at how Tiararose said that reservedly, Aquasteed breathed a deep sigh.

The sight of that made Tiararose worried if she has said anything that hurt him. He is probably experiencing more fatigue than ever with today’s coronation and party with the guests.


He hugged Tiararose tightly and pushed her down, pressing down both of his hands on the sheets.


“Ah tsk, why are you saying such a cute thing, Tiara… I am not going to restrain myself, you know?”




Aquasteed’s lips touched her neck and left a hickey.


“Aqua, um…”

“No. I’m not going to hear any of Tiara’s excuses.”


He once again kissed her as though to stop Tiararose from saying ‘wouldn’t it be better for you to rest early?’

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