90 Part 1


  1. The Promise


“In that case, does that mean that there is a chance that the fairies will also come to Lapis Lazuli once the school exchange system is set up?”

“There is a possibility but we wouldn’t know for sure before we actually implemented it.”


There is a discussion over meal with our neighbouring country Lapis Lazuli today.

Only one night has passed since the coronation but Aquasteed’s schedule has already been packed to the brim.


Two people from Marineforest participated in it – Tiararose and Aquasteed.

Akari, Hartnight and Sirius have also participated in it. As we are all close acquaintances, the atmosphere was filled with warmth like usual, even though it’s a serious discussion over a meal.


The topic of which is about the school exchange system.

Aquasteed himself has experiences of being an exchange student in Lapis Lazuli, and he wanted a thriving education system where civilians will not only study in our own country but also other countries.

Also, the person most invested in his idea was the number one heir candidate of Lapis Lazuli King – Hartnight’s younger brother Sirius.


“While I came here for Lord Aquasteed’s coronation, I got the opportunity to see fairies in person for the very first time; they were very cute and I could tell that they are really fond of this country.”

“Thank you very much.”


Aquasteed smiled at Sirius’ excited voice, and continued his words.


“Even so, it’s quite difficult for it to happen immediately. There are many fairies that came to the city after my coronation. I am sure there are some fairies that will get along well with the civilians of this country.”


For these fairies, there might be a possibility that they will follow the civilians for the school exchange.

Of course, this also applies to the adults but it seems like the younger fairies are preferred more. For that reason, we think that the fairies will follow them and join their school exchange journey in other countries.


Tiararose also planned on showing her parents the fairies.

She thought that it’d be good if her wishes will be realized; the quickest way to realize her wishes is to directly invite the fairies along with her when she returns.


“Elder Sis Lady Tiara, it seems like you are loved by many fairies. I also want to become close to many fairies after I come to Marineforest for school exchange.”

“Oh, will Prince Sirius be coming here for school exchange?”

“Of course! I received permission from my elder brother yesterday.”


Sirius grinned and looked at the somewhat exhausted-looking Hartnight.


“I gave him the permission… Well, it’ll be good for deepening the relationships with Marineforest too.”

“Is that so? Well then, let’s hold a welcome party after Prince Sirius has arrived. I will also invite the fairies.”

“Is that so? You promised, Elder Sis Lady Tiara.”


Looking at how happy Tiararose and Sirius are in their conversations, Akari joined in with a remark ‘That’s great!’


“Lady Akari, we will do that after Prince Sirius school exchange commences, you know?”

“Of course, I know that but you guys looked so happy so I just couldn’t help myself. I wonder if I should also go on a school exchange…”

“What are you talking about?”


While it is difficult to tell whether Akari is joking or serious from her words, she’s basically serious about it. If she’s not being stopped at this point of time, she will probably really go on a school exchange.


“You can’t do that. You have to be in Lapis Lazuli. I will drop by to have fun.”

“Is that true? In that case, I can’t wait for that. Let’s invite Lady Olivia too, alright?”


Akari was a little sulky earlier but her expression brightened up after hearing what Tiararose has just said.

After that, Tiararose and Akari planned to have a tea party with Olivia being invited too. Aquasteed looked at Tiararose, thinking that the three of them are really best friends.


With that, Marineforest and Lapis Lazuli’s discussion over the meal came to an end; it was mainly about the school exchange.



Today’s tea party is a ‘Forest Tea Party’ that will be held in Tiararose’s garden.

It is a casual party with the three people- Tiararose, Akari and Olivia. Philiane and Levy were the servers; they knew Tiararose and the others’ favourites very well so they were very comfortable.


The black tea prepared by Philiane was extremely delicious so Olivia has been requesting for Philiane’s black tea recently, but this sparked Levy’s rivalry spirit.


“Olivia, please allow me to prepare the black tea today. I’ll request for Ms. Philiane to prepare the sweets.”

“…I got it.”


For some reason, Levy has started to assign the roles; Philiane nodded reluctantly and started preparing the sweets.

Levy has had prepared teapot and tea leaves so that he could make the black tea for Olivia.


“I have conducted researches after researches so that Olivia will be able to enjoy delicious black tea. I will be using the hot spring water from the mountain where the fairy king resides, and warm up the teacup beforehand with slightly-hot water. I will add in the hot water to the teapot after that so that you can enjoy the fragrance of tea leaves while it is steaming…”



After Philiane prepared the sweets, she looked at Levy with cold eyes and left the room. It’s clear that she’s thinking to herself that she hopes she doesn’t end up like him in the future.

Levy also managed to prepare the black tea without any problem and left the room after bowing.


“As usual, Lady Olivia’s butler is interesting!”

“Levy gets revved up with competitiveness easily. He just hates losing.”


Akari drank the black tea and smiled as she said ‘Delicious!’


“However, this black tea is really delicious.”


After taking a sip, Tiararose has also ended up smiling at the delicious taste.


“If we are in Japan, Levy will be extremely popular with ladies. He’s handsome and um devoted? He does his job well too and he’s tall too.”


Akari said ‘There’s nothing to complain about.’

Tiararose and Olivia agreed with her. In this world, one’s social status is taken into account so no matter how skilled Levy is in his job as a butler, there are probably a lot of hopes and love that cannot be realized.


A love between two of different social standings is something mostly not acknowledged in this world. There are some cases where males of a higher social standing take commoners as concubines, but it’s extremely difficult for the opposite.


“Social status… I think it’s necessary in order to establish the governance of the country. However, it’d be wonderful if everyone will be able to accomplish their goals freely in the country some day.”

“That’s true.”


Olivia verbally agreed with Tiararose, and Akari also nodded.


“Oops somehow the topic has become quite heavy. I wanted to ask about the Strategy Book, Lady Olivia.”

“Oh the one you read at the villa, right?”

“Eh, Strategy Book!? What’s that?!”


Akari was the most excited one.

Tiararose told her how she discovered Olivia’s handwritten Strategy Book when she went to Olivia’s villa. Right after, Akari immediately shouted ‘I want it~!’


“You have to publish that! And make it into an heirloom!”

“I can’t do that. The castle blueprints and hidden paths are all written in it.”

“Eh… Lady Olivia’s memory is sure monstrously good.”

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