90 Part 2


Akari thought that it’s a fun strategy book with profiles of targets. When she heard about how deep the content was, she showed vigilance at how dangerous Olivia’s memory is.

Even so, she’s not particularly serious. She was just going along with the flow.


They were having fun talking about the game.

They left their guards down and didn’t realize that there’s someone around.


“That sounds interesting.”


Right then, they heard someone’s voice coming from their back.

Someone with a gentle smile approached them from behind and it’s Aquasteed.


The three girls glanced at each other as though trying to telepathically check if their conversation has been overheard.


-Did Lord Aqua hear about the earlier conversation?

-Based on the timing, he probably did…

-I totally did not sense Lord Aqua’s presence!


The three of them concluded that it’s probably too late.

That conclusion was also affirmed by Aquasteed’s action as he came to their side and slowly opened his mouth.


“Hey, Tiara. Will you tell me about what you’ve been hiding from me now?”

“Eh, that is…”

“What does Tiara know about?”


Akari and Olivia immediately realized at that moment.

That the cat was out of the bag-

Both of them faced each other and nodded. They then said to the flustered Tiararose.


“Lady Tiara, there’s no use trying to hide it anymore. Isn’t it better to give up?”

“I agree.”

“E-Eh!? Are the two of you serious about it?”


She did not think that they would tell her that it’s okay to tell the truth, and was shocked that they did.

After Aquasteed listened to what the both of them have said, he decided to take Tiararose away from the tea party.


“I’m sorry, the three of you have finally come together for a tea party but I’ll borrow Tiara for a while.”

“Go ahead, go ahead~”


Akari and Olivia immediately gave responses of approval.

Rather, ‘a while’ would definitely not suffice so they said the misleading phrase ‘Take your time till morning’ and sent them off.


They looked at Aquasteed’s back as he left and said ‘Well it was obvious’. Both of them then ate the delicious cake and continued the tea party.



Aquasteed did not know that Tiararose retained memories from her previous life, but he has always thought that she was hiding something. He always wondered when she will finally tell him her secret. However, no matter how much he waited, that moment did not come and anxiety has started to bubble up within Aquasteed.


At the beginning, he thought that only Akari knew about it, but somehow Olivia knows about it too- even Levy seems to know about something.

Even though Aquasteed is quite an open-minded person, he has reached the limits of his patience.


-Why am I the only one who doesn’t know about Tiara’s matter?


“L-Lord Aqua!”

“Keep quiet until we reached the room.”



Aquasteed brought Tiararose to his room.

The knight guarding in front of the door was instructed to not let anyone in, and the door was locked.

They were usually in Tiararose’s room and it’s rare for them to be in Aquasteed’s room.

The interior of the room is in a simple monochrome theme, and clearly reflects the prioritization of functionality. It is a mirror of Aquasteed’s steadfast personality.


Aquasteed let go of Tiararose’s arm and sighed.


“I’m sorry for forcibly bringing you here.”

“No, that’s fine. It’s wrong of me for keeping a secret from Lord Aqua all these while… I’ll talk about everything.”



Both of them sat on the sofa and Tiararose started talking about her story slowly.

The story has far surpassed Aquasteed’s imagination and various thoughts of ‘Is that even possible?’ churned in his mind like whirlpools.


However, Tiararose looked very serious and sorry for keeping it a secret so it’s probably not a lie.


-To think that she has been carrying such a huge secret.

However, at that same time, he thought that’s the reason why so many outrageous things happened.


After Tiararose spilled about everything, she lowered her head at Aquasteed.


“I’m sorry for keeping silent about it all these while. You might think that I’m the lowest of the lowest woman…”


“Even so, I wanted to be together with Lord Aqua. I thought that I might be able to become happy if I’m with Lord Aqua.”


Tiararose’s voice was firm but at times she sounded tearful.

Tiararose probably thought that she might be hated or abandoned by Aquasteed, or he would choose the heroine if she tells him everything.

Aquasteed of course figured that out too.


“Tiara, please lift your head.”


“Your cute face is ruined by tears.”

“T-That’s because…!”


Aquasteed grinned and placed his lips on the tear streaming down Tiararose’s cheek. He then licked it and said ‘it’s sweet’.


“It’s not sweet… or rather, aren’t you angry?”

“Angry? Why?”

“I have been hiding the truth from Lord Aqua all along…?”

“But, rather than that… I can tell that you love me from what you’ve said.”



She did not want to be hated by Aquasteed.

She wanted to do something by herself for the sake of Aquasteed.

What should she do if Aquasteed was snatched away by Aishira?

She was so happy that Aquasteed chose her.


Tiararose did tell him that she’s a person who reincarnated, but her words were overflowing with her love for Aquasteed.

How is it possible for one to become angry at a beloved person who only says these cute words?


-In the first place, it’s clear that he loves her.

How cute it is for her to become so anxious.


“Tiara might have retained those memories for the sake of Marineforest.”


“This country, along with Highness Pheles, Lady Liliarge and I, are all saved by Tiara.”


That’s why it’s fate that Tiararose encountered Aquasteed as the villainess.


“Furthermore, you promised that you will spend the rest of your lifetime with me; if this isn’t fate, what is?”


-Ah, but-


“The fate that Tiara was speaking of, does it refer to me and Princess Aishira…? If that’s true, I will choose to abandon that fate.”

“Lord Aqua”

“That’s because I’m so madly in love with Tiara like this.”


He insists that no matter what happened from now on, she should tell everything to him.

Tiararose nodded frantically and said ‘I promise’ and hugged him tightly. Tiararose’s hair touched his cheek and it was a little ticklish.


I did not know that a villainess could be this cute.


“Tiara, lift your head. I want to kiss you.”



Tiararose was startled by how Aquasteed expressed his honest feelings and jumped back within his arms. They always had this atmosphere but she was probably embarrassed at how blatantly she was told that.

She wanted to kiss him but it’s embarrassing, what should she do? The sight of Tiararose squirming with such thoughts was extremely cute.



“W-Well- you usually don’t say that out loud, right…”

“Is that so? But Tiara, I will kiss you if you lift your head.”



-Well then, how long will it take before Tiara will lift her head?


One minute – that’s how long it took for the lovable villainess, whom he took away from the neighbouring country, to be honest with her true feelings.

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