91 Part 1

  1. Romance in Maiden Game


Marineforest – the kingdom loved by fairies.

It is usually a comfortable place basked under the sunrays, but snow is falling incessantly right now, indicating the arrival of winter. The snow did not accumulate that much but making a small snowman is very much possible with the current amount.


Tiararose looked outside of her room’s window and muttered ‘it must be cold’.


“Speaking of winter, it’s the season when we crave for chocolates…!”


If there’s heated table, she would also crave for ice cream, but unfortunately there are no heated tables in this world. Therefore in winters, she would start craving for the seasonal chocolates which were sold in places like convenience stores.

Tiararose counted with her fingers the types of chocolate she wanted to eat; Aquasteed, who was sitting on the sofa, and Philiane, who was preparing black tea, smiled at her.


“I guess we will be having chocolates for desserts these days?”

“Lord Aqua! I can’t help but crave for them in winter.”


Tiararose gave a wry smile at Aquasteed who was teasing her.


“I have prepared the black tea, so please enjoy it slowly. You will end up catching a cold if you sit too close to the windows.”

“That’s true. Thank you, Philiane.”


Sitting down next to Aquasteed, she sipped the hot black tea.

She let out a breath and leaned against Aquasteed’s shoulder.


She is Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

Her fluffy swaying honey pink hair is very adorable and her warm smile will touch the heart of anyone.

She is the villainess of the game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”, and has married into the neighboring Marineforest family from the Lapis Lazuli kingdom.


“What’s wrong, Tiara? Are you playing a baby?”

“It’s a little too cold so I decided to warm up with Lord Aqua.”

“…You are saying such cute remarks again.”


Aquasteed said that and gently rubbed Tiararose’s head as she leaned against his shoulder.


He’s her husband and the king of Marineforest.

Aquasteed Marineforest.

He has golden irises with dark blue hair. His body possesses incredible strength and he has supported this country as both the king of the starry sky and king of the fairies.

He may be calm and strict but he has a sweet side when it comes to Tiararose.


Looking at the both of them with a smile was Tiararose’s servant, Philiane.

She has always put Tiararose’s matters with utmost priority and has started serving her since a young age.


“I cannot prepare the chocolates immediately but if you are okay with chocolate cookies, I can prepare that.”

“Really? That makes me happy!”


After Philiane said that, Tiararose’s face brightened up.

Tiararose really loved maiden games and sweets; there are many people who send her sweets as gifts.


She did worry about gaining fats from overeating but she will handle that with exercises and stretches.

Philiane left for a moment to prepare the chocolate cookies and Aquasteed began the conversation with ‘Speaking of which’


“Do you know of the country Sandrose that is located southwest from here?”

“Sandrose? Of course I know it.”


Nodding at Aquasteed, Tiararose thought of all the information she knows about Sandrose.

It is a huge kingdom with territories that are on equals with that of Marineforest, but it is a scorching hot country with deserts for half of its lands. However, in the middle of the desert, an oasis was beautifully created and has a good reputation for its mystical nature view.

If one were to depart for Sandrose from here, it would take at least 2 months for a one-way trip by horse carriages.


-Speaking of which, I have also read in the book that it’s a country overflowing with romance.


“If I’m not wrong, it has a polygyny system, right? Apparently the culture there is totally different from that of Marineforest.”

“As expected of Tiara, you’re knowledgeable.”

“No, that’s not true…”


However, Tiararose was curious about the reason for him asking about Sandrose that she tilted her head.


“Actually, there’s a deal raised by them. Apparently, they really wanted Tiararose’s flower.”



Upon hearing the unexpected content, Tiararose was puzzled. She did not expect that a country, which they have no relationship with usually, would request for Marineforest’s national flower.

‘Tiararose’s flower’ is a flower that’s grown using Tiararose’s magical power. It is carefully treasured by the civilians and the city is overflowing with the flowers.

However, it’s a little difficult to look after them- that problem was settled with the forest fairies diligently taking care of them.


After knowing the reason, Tiararose was worried about whether it can be grown in Sandrose.

If the flower, which is sent in the name of the Queen Tiararose, ends up withering… it will probably cause an awkward situation between the two countries.

Even so, it is not a good idea to send cut flowers of the national flower. It will not last as long as the potted ones, and in the first place it might not be able to last before reaching Sandrose.


Having considered the various options… to be honest it is pretty difficult.


“As expected, it’s difficult to send the flower to Sandrose?”

“…Yes. It’d be alright if there are forest fairies there, but there aren’t.”

“I see. Let’s politely refuse Sandrose.”


Aquasteed said that and letting his fingers flow through Tiararose’s hair. His playful gesture made Tiararose smile and she said ‘it’s ticklish’.

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