91 Part 2


“However, to think that they wanted the flower… it’d be better to send Marineforest sweets over there so that it can become popular in Sandrose too.”

“It’s so Tiara to think of that.”


It’d be good to give flowers but sweets are better! Tiararose tried to put a pitch.

However, it’s true that Aquasteed also have some questions about that. He’d understand if they made the request after seeing the actual flower, but the royal family of Sandrose has not visited Marineforest before.


“Ah, but…”


“It could be a present for a lady.”

“It’s a country of romance after all, hm?”


If that’s the case, it’s understandable – Tiararose thought.


“However, it’s not as though they do not have the social statuses, right?”

“In the kingdom of Sandrose, there is one royal king… under him there are the nobles. I heard that the royal king has five concubines.”



Tiararose grimaced at Aquasteed’s words.

To Tiararose, monogamous romance is the standard, so she could say outright that she’s definitely against him having other wives.


-Seems like the royal king is a playboy.


They have never met before but she’s probably not mistaken.

It seems like there will be fights between the concubines and the human relation dynamics will be a mess.


“Ah but the treatment of the concubines probably differs depending on their family’s social standing.”

“There are nobles concubines, but apparently there are also commoner concubines.”



Tiararose imagined of a cesspool, but her eyes widened at what Aquasteed has just said.

In both Marineforest and Lapis Lazuli, the lady has to be of sufficient social standing in order to marry into the royal family. However, it seems like that’s not necessary in Sandrose.


-In other words, they can choose to love freely?


-Even though she hates the idea of polygyny, she has favorable opinion on this matter.

Aquasteed noticed the change in Tiararose’s expressions and asked ‘is there anything that bothers you?’


“Not limited to political marriages, I think that a culture where one could love freely like that is good.”

“You did say before that ‘Japan’ where you lived before was a place like that, right?”

“Yes… It is also a place that esteems lineages though.”


It is a very difficult problem.


-However, as expected, if we were to think of it as a maiden game…


Indeed, a character with a certain esteemed lineage would definitely be popular in maiden games. However, it’d be a different story when it comes to reality.

Around Tiararose, there’s probably only Olivia and Aishira who are in political marriages. Elliot is not a noble but he fell in love with noble lady so it must definitely be hard on him.


“I’ve brought the chocolate cookies.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


While she’s being engrossed in thoughts, Philiane brought the chocolate cookies in. However, it’s clear from Philiane’s expressions that she’s not very well.

She looked normal just earlier though.


-She took quite a while to prepare too, did something happened?


However, Aquasteed was there so she could not ask ‘What’s wrong?’

It will end up being an order and it will probably trouble Philiane.


“I have also brought hot milk together with the cookies; I have not added sugar yet, how would you like it?”

“Wow, it looks like it will warm me up. There are cookies so you can just leave it as it is.”

“I got it.”


Aquasteed nodded in agreement with Tiararose and took the hot milk. It’s such a luxury to have hot milk and sweets in a warm room during winter.


Philiane smiled after looking at how Tiararose was grinning from side to side.

She then proceeded to the windows and grabbed the curtain to draw it before it gets too cold. Right at that moment, she noticed that the snow has started piling up.


“Lady Tiararose and Lord Aquasteed, it seems like the snow has started to pile up.”

“Really? I have never seen snow piling up before in the years after I’ve arrived at Marineforest.”

“It is hard for snow to pile up in a warm climate. It is really rare.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed stood up and looked outside of the windows.


“Wow, amazing! It’d be fun if we build a snow hut and eat cheese fondues in it.”

“Snow hut?”


Aquasteed tilted his head at Tiararose’s high spirits.


“It is a cave-like house made of snow. In fact, people eat hotpots in it.”

“Eh… That’s interesting.”


After enjoying the sight of snow, Tiararose returned to the sofa and her fingertips were still slightly cold from touching the window panes. Tiararose unconsciously warmed them with her breath, and Aquasteed took her hand.

Aquasteed did not give her the opportunity to object and placed his lips onto Tiararose’s fingertips.


“…! Lord Aqua.”

“Tiararose’s fingertips are cold”


With a slight smile, Aquasteed rubbed Tiararose’s hand against his cheek.


“Lord Aqua’s cheek is warm.”


Tiararose smiled with a hint of embarrassment. When she tried to tickle Aquasteed’s cheek with her fingertips, he laughed.


“It’s ticklish.”

“That’s because I’m tickling you.”

“In that case, shall I do the same in return?”



Tiararose immediately tried to withdraw her hands from Aquasteed after hearing his words- but Aquasteed firmly grabbed onto her and she could not escape.

Tiararose was tightly hugged by Aquasteed and she resigned.


“Lord Aqua’s fingers are also cold so I’ll warm them up.”

“Thank you.”


Aquasteed warmly smiled at Tiararose’s offer and gently kissed her cheek.

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